Esma Platnumz with Diamond and Tanasha

Tanasha had converted to Islam when in Kigoma – Esma claims

Tanasha Donna and Diamond are rumoured to have split up. I say rumoured because both have been cagey about where their relationship is at the moment although a betting man would say the picture-perfect couple are no longer together.

A lot of speculation has been going around the past week since Tanasha’s flight back to Kenya last week. Not only that, the light-skinned beauty also wrote a bunch of erratic and cryptic messages on her Instagram account that many theorised surrounded the doomed relationship.

Diamond with Tanasha
Diamond with the Kenyan beauty

A recent revelation by Esma, Diamond’s sister might put light to why Miss Donna was so upset at the rumoured end of she and her baby daddy’s relationship.

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According to Esma, Tanasha had converted and become a Muslim, just like Diamond. Esma explained this on Instagram when she corrected a fan that had theorised that Tanasha had been forced to become a Muslim.

Tanasha Donna and Esma Platnumz

What was also interesting was that Tanasha had even been given a new name to coincide with her conversion, the chosen name, Bi Asha.

This claim by Esma goes against the earlier message that Miss Donna had issued in early 2019 when she said that she would never change from her Christian roots.

Original east screenshot
Original east screenshot

If what Esma is saying is true, that the Kenyan mother of one did this all for her Tanzanian superstar baby daddy, one must understand her frustration at him not returning the favour as far as commitment goes.

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