Taking Shots At Zari? Diamond Platnumz Professes Love To The Only “REAL WOMAN” In His Life (PHOTOS)

It’s been an emotional roller coaster at the Chibu family for the last two weeks.

This was after his wife, Zarinah Hassan’s ex-husband and baby daddy Ivan Ssemwanga died after being hospitalized at Steve Biko Hospital in South Africa, after suffering a heart attack.

Ivan was admitted for almost 2 weeks until he was pronounced dead, with Zari sharing the sad news on social media, which came as a shock for to the family, friends and his fans.

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Zari and Ivan were blessed with three sons, Pinto, Raphael, and Quincy, during their union. Until the time of his death the Rich Gang president had full custody of the three boys.

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Ivan was buried in his home country in Uganda, where Zari traveled with the sons. She was attacked by his family, who called her an opportunist who’s after the wealth he left behind.

In the midst of all this drama, Diamond Platnumz tried to put a brave face and even managed to give an electric performance during his Nairobi show, where he talked about Zari and Ivan’s death.

Chibu Dangote also revealed that he would attend Ivan’s funeral, but this did not happen, raising eyebrows as to whether there was tension between him and Zari.

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The two have not been posting about each other on social media, and a little bird revealed to us that Diamond Platnumz was drinking himself silly after his performance, more like stress drinking. It’s hard to see your woman cry for her ex-husband for days, and still act like it’s normal, right?

During a recent interview, Zari revealed that she requested Diamond Platnumz not to come to Uganda owing to the family drama, convincing fans that the two are good.

But now, the Nana singer has gone to appreciate the first woman in his life, his mother Kendrah Michael, calling her “the real” woman as if he’s indirectly taking shots at his baby mama Zari.


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He shared two different pics as they celebrated Ramadan, and in one photo, he simply wrote; “Love you Mom…” and in another sweet photo, he put up this cryptic caption;

Me and the Real woman of my Life…

Could this have been meant for Zari, since she hasn’t gone back home to be with her daughter Princess Tiffah and son Prince Nillan? Maybe, maybe not. Time will tell.


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