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Would you take a sabbatical leave from your marriage? Kenyans discuss

Today’s morning conversation was based on why Kenyan couples should take marriage sabbaticals or a break from each other to ease tension in marriages.

The debate was based on an article on the Star where a city professor Edward Kairo left his Kileleshwa home after his wife threatened to kill him and take over his wealth.

According to Maina Kageni, sabbaticals help one miss the other person and they are a necessary evil.

On the other hand Mwalimu King’ang’i is against it because he does not understand what a man would be doing for two months while the wife is on a sabbatical leave.

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Here is what some of the callers had to say about the topic

Maina please stop sugar coating infidelity in the name of sabbatical leave.

Another  caller adds

Taking a sabbatical leave in marriage is a no no because I do not trust myself. Look for me date me and do everything we did when we were dating.

If you are away for two months you cannot trust yourself.

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Another caller  adds

This cannot work in Kenya because mafisi ndio wengi. I tried it once and it did not work.

A male caller goes on to add if a woman is ‘bad’  whether she goes on leave or not she will not change.

If a lady really annoys you even if she goes for six months or an year she will still annoy you. Kwama kwa hio marriage and everything will sort itself out.

Marriage ni kuzoeana and kuvumiliana. Instead of going for two moths just take a break for four hours and come back otherwise taking a sabbatical leave in marriage is a No! No!.

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