Tahidi High’s Omosh served with eviction notice for Sh100k rent arrears

Omosh has been one of the renowned actors in very many households for many years.

All millennials know this man, but the reality is, when their time is up on a show, it is hard to find another job in that field.

Not only Omosh from Tahidi High but we have seen young ones like Govi from Machachari lament that after their time ended on the show, they have not landed a gig.

In a recent interview, Omosh opened up that he is broke. Yap!

Omosh said that he has not paid rent in his Eastlands house for the past year with the arrears accumulating to over Ksh100,000.

“Providing food and other basic needs for my family has been a major problem. The landlord wants to collect everything from me.”

A group of friends visited him in that home and dropped off some money to help him pay off the debts.

It is not new to hear that once there are financial issues which of course come from lack of a means i.e a job or a business then there will be issues at home.

As we speak, Omosh says he is having family issues.

“Maisha imekuwa ngumu na hata watoi wanakuwa affected na vile maisha yangu imekuwa,” said Omosh.

It is tough in these streets especially the entertainment ones. There needs to be some sort of plan to help these guys because the concern is now serious.

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