Jackie Matubia before and after

I needed to heal – Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia says about weight loss

Stories of losing weight and improving one’s life are something that we love covering on Classic105. This one you are about to read is no different.

Former Tahidi High actress Jackie Matubia has come out to speak out about the girl she was when she was overweight and the one she became after her amazing physical transformation.

Jackie Matubia looking good in nice dress
Jackie Matubia looking good in nice dress

Using her Instagram page, she confessed the change and shift of mind that she had had before she undertook the process of shedding the extra layers of fat.

‘I will always be by your side’ Former Tahidi High actress Jolene showers her BFF with love on her birthday

The actress who is popularly known as Jolene wrote,

The girl on the left had so much going through… So much happened to her that she forgot who she was and where she wanted to go… But one day she woke up and remembered who she was as she decided to HEAL so that the girl on the right can be born ☺️☺️☺️… Trust me the girl on the right knows who she is where she is going so NOTHING can stop her… She’s coming to buy that building b***tches 

Jackie Matubia looking good in pink
Jackie Matubia looking good in pink

Jackie’s weight loss plan included waist training, doing a lot of outdoor activities, including road trips. She isn’t the only Kenyan female celebrity who has lost a lot of weight.

Kalekye Mumo
Kalekye Mumo

Kalekye Mumo lost 40Kgs after weighing 124 Kgs at her heaviest. Kalekye’s weight loss regime did not involve visiting the gym. Instead, the program was properly crafted with regards to what she ate and how often she did it. Her diet-based weight loss regime relied on the concept that 80 percent of a person’s weight is determined by what they eat.

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