Zuchu responds to accusations she avoided Zari over jealousy


Zari’s visit to Tanzania brought out all kinds of feelings in people.

Her fans were elated she is ‘finally getting back with Diamond, her haters were envious that she was getting so much attention, and finally his exe girlfriends were somewhat ‘jealous’ of her heroes welcome and lavish praise from the singer.

One such person accused of being jealous of the presence of Zari is Zuchu.

The cute singer kept away and the only time we saw her near Zari was while they were attending the football match, the derby between Yanga and Simba at the International stadium in Dar es sallam.

I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me – Wema Sepetu says

Zuchu was also at the stadium and seated quite soem distance from them.Neither acknowledged each others prescence fueling specualtion of bad blood and rivarly.



In an interview on Sunday November 15th Zuchu was confronted in a TV interview with Rick Media, about those allegations. She denied having ill feelings and even called Zari ‘family’.

“Zari is family, she is my bosses family, her presence has not affected anything at all, and anybody who is my bosses family is automatically family yangu because boss ni kakangu so automatically Zari is my family. I’m so happy that watoto wamekuja naona kwanza kina Tiffah tumefurahi we are all enjoying the family “

Hoping for a reaction? Zari cooks chapati to seemingly troll Diamonds exes

Fans don’t buy her story and reacted as much:

Hassanova junior..
Zuchu she tried to give a distance to let her Boss Chibu Dee to enjoy short moments with his Children that’s my thoughts 🤷‍♂️😊😊

kamusiime dorcus…
The eyes are saying it all,,, jealous,,,

Y’all in the comments are actually sick in the head. All this is speculation! You can’t prove anything you’re saying. Tulieni Zari amerudi South. Diamond is single and you can’t police who he chooses to date or sleep with. If he’s with Zuchu, there’s nothing any of us, even Zari, can do about it. He’s a grown man he makes his own decisions. Wacheni machungu mob haha diamond is not zaris husband! He can do who he wants! Period!

Marcy Peri..
Zuchu ‘s happy bcz zarri is leaving,
You zuchu why you never great zarri and her kids that day of football game?
You are so jealous of Zari and a liar. You love Diamond so much but him is  just playing with you. Atakulala kabisa kabisa

It is worthwhile to note that Zari during the same visit to Tanzania told another Tv interview -Wasafi TV- that she will not rekindle her love with Diamond, and that that chapter is closed.

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Fans take Diamond and Zuchu message about jealousy as dig at Tanasha and Ali Kiba


Attention attention, ladies and gentlemen the video for the song ‘Litawachoma’ by Diamond and Zuchu is finally out.

Please don’t pull this one down, there is so much to love about it.

Zuchu is looking lovely as per her usual and Diamond has decided to go another direction when it comes to his dress code, but it works for the video anyway.

When the song starts, the songbird comes in looking like Beyonce, from the gown to the gloves. But we are not surprised, they are the kings of borrowing concepts.

The lyrics can easily be assumed to be directed at her nemesis Tanasha, who coincidentally has really been going at them. The rumors in Tanzania are that her relationship with Diamond ended because of his interest in Zuchu.

“Kipenzi Changu Cha Ngama mi Ma Wewe Hadi Milelee Komesha Wachokozii Wabaki KututazamaTuwatoe Jasho La Nywele”

Compared to the other video, Cheche, this time Diamond and Zuchu demonstrate that they really do have serious chemistry.

They look like such a cute couple just like what has been said about them. They are not afraid to touch and even get too close.

Watch the video below to  see just what I am describing:

Zuchu Ft Diamond Platnumz – Litawachoma (Official Video)

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Tanasha attacked by Zuchu’s fans over song being pulled from Youtube


Diamond and Zuchu’s song has been pulled down from Youtube and fans are outraged at the wrong person.

Zuchu’s Tanzanian fans are outraged blaming Tanasha without proof of her having done so.

Tanasha was minding her own business sharing a picture in a blue outfit when Tananians flooded her IG age to troll her, claiming she had something to do with pulling down the song.

The song was pulled down over copyright claims by one Tony Anthony.

View this post on Instagram

It’s a blue affair… 💙🧚🏽‍♀️

A post shared by Tanasha Donna (@tanashadonna) on

Even Harmonize has been pulled into the drama and he responded saying these things happen in the music industry, so let it be.

Here are some reactions from the trolls on Tanasha’s page:


Acha roho mbaya Tanasha wew na management yako umefuta video ya zuchu 🤔🤔

@wcbzuchuwasafi acha umbea… Si Tanasha ni nyi wenyewe 😂😂😂😂

@wcbzuchuwasafi Tanasha is not that ordinary girl like Zuchu… she is an exceptional… Toka hapa…chezeeni kwa class ya Zuchu…atse!

We wifi,…mwenzako wimbo umefungiwa kule sijui unatushauri nn sisi ndg za mume😢

Ile ngoma ulosema yako imefutwa kule mjini yutubu now tegemea kupigwa makombora na Dabliyusibi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 …..afu ukitaka kuishi na amani mwambie meneja wako aache vijembe vingi mpige kazi

Msenge wewe unafungia wimbo wadadaetu pumbsvuu shenzi kabisa

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Diamond Platnumz cradles Zuchu in cute moment after gifting her a car

Diamond Platnumz on Sunday gifted his new WCB signee Zuchu a V8, that he proudly showed off before an array of guests.

Zuchu is the new face of the music record label and was treated like a Queen as she showed up for the biggest live show dubbed #BigSundayLive.

Zuchu broke down in tears, and Diamond comforted her as she looked at the V8 he had gifted her.

Zuchu attributed the tearful moment to being patient in the pursuit of her musical dreams.


During the unveiling of the car, Diamond closely held Zuchu as she cried on seeing the gift. The photo of the moment have many speculating once again about their relationship.

It was a memorable evening as even Diamonds exes Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto were present to see her be treated like a queen


Zuchu was introduced to us in April and released a new song after being unveiled that served as a debut song at the WCB.

The song Wana was a love song produced by Lizer Classic.

Zuchu following this was romantically linked to Diamond, and she came out to deny this in an interview with Wikienda where she said

‘I was warned by my mother that netizens can lead me astray and stop me from achieving my dreams. Don’t believe everything that’s being said because there’s freedom of expression and people say what they want to. I was not involved in Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond, I’m at Wasafi for work only,’.

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Was Zuchu the cause of Diamond and Tanasha’s break-up? Singer comes clean

After Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha’s split, many rumours as to why they broke up were released. One was that the Tanzanian superstar had cheated on his baby mama with his new WCB Records signee Zuchu.

As of now, we still don’t know the truth of why the power-couple split up but Zuchu has come out to allay any fears that she was responsible for their end.

Zuchu cover for her new song
Zuchu cover for her new song

The rumours spread when she was spotted shopping with Diamond soon after he was she was unveiled as the first female signee on Diamond’s record label.

The budding female Bongo artiste made the headlines soon after her unveiling by the Wasafi team, additionally being alleged to be the crooner’s girl.

Diamond and Zuchu walking together
Diamond and Zuchu walking together

Zuchu recently spoke to Tanzanian publication Ijumaa Wikienda revealing that she had foreseen such kind of reports getting thrown her way, prior to her unveiling at WCB.

Fake man! Tanasha throws shade at Diamond for supporting Zuchu

The singer explained that she had been warned by her mom on what would ensue and was prepared.

I was warned by my mother that netizens can lead me astray and stop me from achieving my dreams. Don’t believe everything that’s being said because there’s freedom of expression and people say what they want to.

Zuchu posing
Zuchu posing


I was not involved in Tanasha’s relationship with Diamond. I’m at Wasafi for work only.

The dark-skinned musician added that she had unrealised dreams that no man was going to prevent her from getting to.

According to her, she is still young and time for dating will eventually come. Just not now.

I need to pursue my dreams and don’t have time for people who want to break my heart. Most importantly, I respect all my bosses at WCB and I also respect Diamond and Tanasha.

Zuchu posing
Zuchu posing

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