I thought of jumping from my 8th floor house! Former Churchill comedian Zeddy says

The contrast between the lives most comedians live (have lived) and their comedy routines can be jarring for anyone who keenly looks at the topic.

Their stories might be the reason they become so funny-maybe they are trying to run away from their many problems with the commonly used phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine”.

Zainabu Zeddy

One of those close reminders of the tough lives that some comedians have had is former Churchill Show act, Zainabu Zeddy. During an interview with Grace Msalame, Zeddy spoke about her failed marriage and how she overcame depression.

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy speaks of pain of having a stillborn baby

Her husband left her for another woman about a year ago, which is the second time he was doing so. The worst part of it was that he left her when she was 2 months pregnant which resulted in her experiencing depression.

That wasn’t all, her ex also took the only gas canister they had when he was leaving his kids and pregnant wife bereft. That whole experience made her have suicidal thoughts, but her kids and the unborn child that she had kept her going.

Zainabu Zeddy

Her suicidal thoughts took her to the point where she contemplated jumping off her 8th-floor balcony. She went on to open up saying;

“Nilikuwa natamani kwa sababu hiyo time nilikuwa naishi 8th floor. Nilikuwa natamani saa zingine venye nimepanda huko nijirushe. Alafu kama mwanamke kitu inaniambia kuna watoto wengine wananiangalia.”

Zainabu Zeddy with her kids
Zainabu Zeddy with her kids

Zeddy credited her friends for helping her during that period in time and helping her pull through. The mother of 3 has become a lynchpin in the movement trying to help comedians who are dealing with harsh economic times and the resulting depression that many are experiencing.

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“Wameblock page yangu siezi post!” Zeddy alleges about Churchill Show management

2020 has been a tragic year for most people in the country with Covid-19 showing many who is boss (and I mean that in a bad way!)

For the Kenyan comedic industry, Covid-19 hasn’t been the worst of it’s problems.  The industry suffers a more insidious affliction-that it is cannibalising itself.

The deaths of a few comedians the last couple of years have made for close self-reflection in the industry with Churchill Show comedian Zainabu Zeddy leading the charge.

Zeddy with a huge smile

Zeddy has been unapologetic in her attacks on Churchill Show director, Victor Ber accusing him of being the cause of most of the ills in the industry.

And many other comedians have backed her claims that there is something seriously wrong in the industry with even comic Njoro confirming the same.

Njoro and Zeddy had a conversation where Njoro explained that things had been rough on his side; considering the fact that he has not been earning for the past few months.

Zainabu Zeddy with Njoro the Comedian
Zainabu Zeddy with Njoro the Comedian

With no job, no money, Njoro claimed that he tried taking his own life 3 times but had never succeeded! And there was more!

Zeddy explained that she had allegedly been blocked from accessing one of her social media accounts by someone within Churchill Show.

According to Zeddy, she cannot access her Facebook as it has been blocked by someone she knows! Apparently this is not the first time that person is pulling such a move on a comedian trying to expose what happens at the show.

Zainabu Zeddy
Zainabu Zeddy

The mother of 3 wrote;

Niliwambia hawa watu si wazuri!wameblock Facebook yangu toka jana..siezi post chochote kama kuna Mtu anaeza nisaidia ntashukru sana 🙏uzuri tunajua ni nani ameblock,aliwai block fb ya Celeb mwingine ili asiongee ukweli.

Victor Ber is a big problem! Chipukeezy and Zeddy speak about sad state of comedy industry

This comes shortly after Churchill Ndambuki addressed the claims that had been directed at his company the past month saying that it had taken a solid 20 years of sweat and blood to raise himself to where he currently is and nothing will bring him down.

Watu wanaongea sana hadi unashindwa where do you start. Everything is a journey and it has taken me almost 20 years now to do these journey series and we are not stopping.

Churchill Ndambuki
Churchill Ndambuki on stage

He hoped a majority of comedians would take advantage of online platforms to grow their own brands without having to queue at Churchill Show for auditions and all that.

10 years ago you had to audition to become great but right now you can use social media. Now we are not in that era where unasema “mtu amekukazia kukua kwa stage”, oooh “sasa huyu hanitaki”. We did time for you guys. Now you are a brand, you even don’t need to be a brand, you just need to have great content to change that social media to media.

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Victor Ber is a big problem! Chipukeezy and Zeddy speak about sad state of comedy industry

The comedy industry is at a place that will either break it or make it better for the future. The recent death of one of their own has unleashed a torrent of controversy as to what is causing the early and suspicious deaths in the industry.

One person who is at the center of the controversy is Victor Ber. Some in the industry have come out to place a lot of the money and depression issues facing comedians in the industry at his feet.

Victor Ber posing

Popular comedian Zeddy, who featured on Churchill Show and heavyweight Chipukeezy have weighed in with Victor coming out as the chief antagonist in the whole industry.

Zeddy exposed creative director Victor Ber and video director J Blessing for being heartless, blaming them for ‘killing’ talents.

“Victor Ber creative director wa churchill show “depression maker”. Kama ushaiwai enda auditions za Churchill show, hakika unajua huyu msee.huwa hearltess, roho chafu kuliko ya firaun (farao) yaani atakuthalilisha na maneno yake makali kuliko moto wa jehanam (hell) atafanya ujidharau maisha yako yote!

Zeddy with a huge smile

She went on to explain that Ber allegedly has so much power on who will perform on the show that most comedians are sure they are going to perform even mere hours to the show.

This despite the fact that they may have used money to commute to the show for 3 days; “Ngai hapa ndo unaonga msanii ameanza kupata stress coz umekam three days umetumia fare, ukabuy nguo ya kuchapa show ama ata ukakopa,unapata msanii amefanyiwa hivi like three months,” Zeddy wrote.

In her post, the comedian described his tyrannical ways that left most artistes fearing Ber. “Anaeza pata umeandikwa kwa program tayari umepakwa makeup na akutoe bila sababu, yaani ber hua ameweka wasanii na baridi utadhani tuko (netherlands)”

Victor Ber posing

Other comedians have also spoken of the frustration that they faced when dealing with Ber. Videos of comedians Chipukeezy and Njoro talking about how Ber frustrated them during past interviews have resurfaced.

Chipukeezy narrated how Ber discouraged him during an audition at Churchill Show. “Victor Ber, the reason why I mention victor is because I will never forget him. so I tell them, Churchill ameniambia I am the future and I need to audition. so they tell me to tell a joke….then after that Victor laughed and was like “kijana ukona talent ingine kama mbio kumbia, boxing….comedy wacha!”

Chipukeezy seating

Njoro also added the other that Ber laughed at his jokes while on stage but later shut him down after his performance. He told him he wasn’t meant for comedy and should go back home and continue with his studies.

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Soon! Nyce Njeri excitedly reveals baby plans after nasty split from hubby


Former Aunty Boss actress Shiru has previously spoken out about a hard childhood and what she will do differently for her kids.

She wrote

As a child, I grew up around a lot of negativity. I vividly remember the number of times I’d overhear some relatives claim that I would not amount to anything. They didn’t care that I could hear them and that they are speaking to my spirit. “Kaschana kana macho kubwa na kamwili ni kijiti, mdomo kiherehere tu.”


‘Whatever has a beginning must have an end’ Nyce Wanjeri announces her decision to quit playing Shiro in Aunty Boss

This really messed up my self confidence. At a young age, I vowed to bring up my young ones in an environment full of positive vibes, letting them know that they do not need people’s approval to know their worth, intelligence or beauty. I went through it so that they don’t have to. The cycle had to be broken, break yours too

She has revealed her plans to have a second baby after congratulating Churchill show comedian Zeddy who is heavily pregnant

Nyce wrote



Wow mama this is so awesome… Next year ni Mimi nayo majaliwa ya maulana… Happy for you mama

It has been a rough time for Nyce, what with traded accusations with her ex, Titus who in January revealed she has been an absentee mother and wife to the family.

“I started working during the day so I could take care of our daughter because I noticed that most of the time, we were both away,” he said.

In a previous interview, Nyce said the two separated because Tito disrespected her, and they couldn’t seek her family’s intervention because he has never visited them.

“We had planned, in the course of the relationship, that he would visit my parents and formally ask them to bless our union. I asked him, several times, why he hasn’t even mentioned to me about plans of visiting my parents… On my end, however, he introduced me to his parents.”

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