Drama! Is Diamond Platnumz’s Mother Attacking Zari With This Cryptic Message About Their Daughter Princess Tiffah?

There has been a lot of talk about Diamond Platnumz and Zaris’ relationship in the last couple of weeks, with claims that their marriage was on the rocks, and even after making it clear that they were very much together, trouble still looms for the celebrity couple.

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Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond recently accused Zari of cheating after he got hold of a picture where a man was holding her derrière in a suggestive manner, with a caption regretting being a one woman man.

“The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man,” captioned the photo below, with a lot of rage.


Later on, the two would reconcile after Zari revealed that the man in the picture was an uncle to the late Ivan Don, while attacking those who had leaked the photo, adding that it was taken by the man’s wife who was present in the spa.

Other than that, Chibu Dangote is also rumored to have impregnated model and video vixen, Hamisa Mobetto, who appeared in his music video Salome, claims that he has vehemently denied, saying that he has never been with the hottie.


But just when we thought that the dust had settled, Zari shocked her fans when she corrected a fan who called her daughter Tiffah Dangote, after commenting on a photo the fan had shared on social media, by saying; “Lattifah Hassan correction.”

Zari is currently in Uganda after her mother fell ill and was admitted after a heart complication, and it looks like the kids are with their grandma for now.

Diamond Platnumz’s Mother Defends Son After Cheating Allegations Emerge


Now, Diamond Platnumz’s another Kendrah Michael has gone ahead to put up a post that seems to contradict Zari. She shared a lovely photo of Princess Tiffah, with a caption that read; “Shkiki tiffah dangotee.”  

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Could she be trying to say that the girl’s name is still Tiffah Dangote and not Hassan, and is there trouble between her and daughter-in-law Zari? I bet we will just have to wait and see.



Trouble In Paradise? Diamond Platnumz Hangs Out With This Beauty But His Baby Mama Zari Is Nowhere To Be Seen (VIDEO)

Rumors of Diamond Platnumz breaking up with his Ugandan baby mama Zarinah Hassan have been going round for a while now, and the two have just been fueling the claims in the last couple of weeks.

It all started when Zari’s ex-husband Ivan Semwanga died and during that period, the two did not spend any time together, with Diamond not attending the burial as he had promised before, to show support to his lover.

Things then got worse when Diamond posted a photo of her in a spa with another man, who seemed to be touching her inappropriately, but later on, Zari came out to reveal the man is her son’s uncle, a relative to the late Ivan.


This happened just a few days after Diamond Platnumz was accused of impregnating Hamissa Mobetto, a video vixen who was featured in his music video, Salome, claims he refuted, saying that he didn’t even know that the model was pregnant.

After the whole saga and rumors spreading that they had separated, the love birds later shocked us by sharing photos spending quality time together with their children, confirming that all is well in paradise.

Wenye Wivu? Diamond Platnumz’s Hot Wife Zari Shuts Down SEPARATION Rumours In The Most Epic Way (MUST SEE)

However, Zari is currently in Uganda with her siblings, monitoring their ailing mother, but interestingly, Diamond has not sent out any get well soon messages to his mother-in-law nor commented on her illness.


Recently, Zari shocked her fans when she called out her daughter’s name as Tiffah Hassan and not Tiffah Dangote, raising questions on whether the two have fallen out again.

But despite all that, it seems that nothing will keep Diamond Platnumz from doing what he does best, and that’s making good music for his fans. This time around he has decided to show us that he has been taking his English classes seriously.

‘I Meant Everything I Posted’ Diamond Platnumz Speaks Out About Zari Going Out With Another Man


Chibu Dangote has dropped a new song dubbed Eneka,  partly sang in English and a bit of Igbo (Nigerian language). Another thing that’s noticeable is the beautiful video vixen in the music video, which has been shot by Director Sesan.

As usual, Chibu doesn’t disappoint at all and brings out his best moves, showing his masculine chest and amazing voice as he praises love in the new song, showering praises at his beautiful ‘Tanzania lady’.

Here’s the new video Eneka. Is it a hit or a miss?




Wenye Wivu? Diamond Platnumz’s Hot Wife Zari Shuts Down SEPARATION Rumours In The Most Epic Way (MUST SEE)

Diamond Platnumz’s family has faced a lot of drama in the last few months, but it looks like the power couple has finally resolved their marital issues.

Diamond Platnumz and his Ugandan wife Zarinah Hassan seem to have patched things up after falling out.

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The celebrated Bongo singer shocked everyone when he posted a photo of Zari with another man in a spa, and from the picture, it looked as if the man was grabbing her backside, but what got people talking was the caption.

“The reason why sometimes I prefer being a player than a committed loyal man,” revealed a mad Diamond after posting the picture.


Basically, Diamond was accusing Zari of cheating on him, but the mother of five did not let it go responding to the allegations with an explanation. According to her, the man was her son’s uncle, a relative to her late baby daddy Ivan Semwanga.

‘I Meant Everything I Posted’ Diamond Platnumz Speaks Out About Zari Going Out With Another Man

The two would, later on, pull down the photos, which included one where Zari was with her sister and girlfriends, to prove that she was not in the company of another man. To the surprise of many, they shared photos of each other the next day, spending quality time with the kids like nothing happened.

Before all that drama, Chibu Dangote had been accused of impregnating a Tanzanian model by the name Hamisa Mobetto, his alleged lover ever since she appeared on his video, Salome.


The Number One hitmaker recently commented on the claims, saying that he had not impregnated Hamisa nor has he ever cheated on Zari with her, clarifying that they are very professional and that all those are just rumours, adding that he didn’t even know that she was preggers.

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Zari and Diamond have put their beef aside and seem happier than ever, and Zari decided to quash breakup rumours by sharing adorable photos as she cuddles the top artiste.


“Sunsets are better on roof tops Boo&Bae thang,” wrote Zari in one of the photos. Clearly, these two are not going anywhere, at least not anytime soon.

Diamond and Zari are blessed with two kids, one daughter, and a son, who are only a year apart. She has three other children (boys) with her late husband, the late Ivan Don Semwanga.

Check out Zari and her baby daddy getting cozy in South Africa.