Zari sends Diamond final message a year after dumping him


Diamonds ex Zari seems to have moved on, and on Valentines day she seemed to take a swipe at the singer in a final and heavy message.

She has suggested she has a new man in her life called King and is happy in her new relationship.


For Valentines he gifted her roses and a teddy bear, and she gloated about it saying

Abso-freakin-lutely….. xoxo Happy valentine’s ❣đŸŒč

A fan then asked her if she was done with Diamond and her quick but swift response tells us she is completely over the singer.

The fan commented: No black roses this year. Love is in the air.

To which Zari responded ‘RIP to 2018’

Zari The Boss Lady

Th two parted ways a year ago on Valentines 2018, after she posted a long message with a black rose to signify the end of her relationship.


It Is A Black Affair! 7 Times Zari Was Seen Slaying In Black Dresses

Every girl needs a little black dress in their closet and Zari Hassan has proven that you can rock these dresses anytime.

She is quite a fashionista and we can’t help but admire her sense of style especially when it comes to wearing black dresses.

You know, with black dresses sometimes it is hard to tell the difference since they almost look the same especially if they do not have a specific pattern.

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However, she is the boss lady in nailing this.

It doesn’t matter how the weather looks like or what prints are on her black dresses. She is always slaying in them.

Here are 7 times she has proven that you can never go wrong when i comes to rocking that black dress in your closet;

1. Everyone loves leopard prints and so does the boss lady. She posted a picture of her in this sexy black dress with the leopard print at the bottom, well matched with some grey heels. She absolutely looked stunning.

zari b1

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2. Zari was seen wearing this sexy black dress during the Mercedes Benz fashion week and the hot mama looked brilliant. Matched with black boots and some see through stockings, she definitely rocked in that outfit.


3. Even on a chilled out and sunny day mama Tiffany couldn’t leave her black dress in the closet! Matched with sandals, she still looked amazing.

zarib8 - Copy

4. Here she goes again with another black dress! This time matched with a pair of sunglasses and sexy animal print heels. You’ve got to love this!


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5. Even in the streets of Europe, Zari didn’t forget to carry some of her black dresses with her. Matched with a grey kimono, black bag and gorgeous white-gray fur boots, I bet you will agree she looks hot!


6. Isn’t this skater dress beautiful? The combination of those tip-toed black heels with that dress is superb!


7. Ignore the fact that she looks like she had just woken up, did her make up hurriedly and posed for a picture and see how beautiful this dress looks like.


Diamond Platnumz’s Wife Celebrates Her Baby Shower As She Finally Reveals The Baby’s Name (Photos)

Zari Hassan has always looked stunning while pregnant even when she was heavy with Tiffah. She has mastered the art of being pregnant and looking sexy all at once. We have seen her even working out and looking fit while pregnant; something that many woman have not yet mastered.

Zari Pregnant

Her daughter Tiffah has been on the limelight for a long time even before she was born and her little brother is following her footsteps closely.

Zari has been preparing for the coming of her son and we’ve been keeping tabs with her journey. Well, a pregnancy is not a pregnancy without your friends and family throwing you a baby shower.

Zari has quite the clique as she was thrown a baby shower fit for a goddess. With the theme colour being blue, of course, everything looked amazing and from the look of things, the shower must have been expensive. But money isn’t a problem for Zari or her friends. They are literally swimming in millions.


Apart from celebrating the coming of the baby boy, Zari and Tiffah also revealed the baby’s name and it’s a name that no one would have guessed. The little ninja will be called Prince Riaz. Quite a catchy name, right?

Anyway, check out the photos from the glamorous baby shower;


Diamond Platinumz Sends Sweet Message To His Lover Zari On Her Birthday

Tanzania music king, Diamond Platnumz may have just given us a snippet of why he fell in love with top businesswoman and socialite Zari The Boss Lady with his latest Instagram post.

Diamond has shared a sweet message for his lover Zari as she celebrates her birthday today. The celebrated power couple have one daughter together, Princess Tiffah whose face was unveiled for the first time to the public last Sunday.

She Is Adorable! Diamond and Zari Unveil Face Of Their Daughter Tiffah

The couple started making headlines late last year after Diamond ditched his then girlfriend Wema Sepetu. Diamond and Zari have been inseparable since.


There is speculation that Zari who is a mother to three other children may be turning 35 or a bit older but Diamond has proved that age is nothing but a number.

He shared a sweet message in Swahili about his lover Zari on Instagram saying, “I respect, treasure and love you and my actions are proof of that.”

Read his full post below