People believe there is something going on between Zari and Diamond


Photos of Diamond Platnumz looking a little too comfortable in Zari’s house in South Africa have brought murmurs to social media.

Many say they believe there is more to the two co parents than they have us believe.

Even Zari’s smile in family pictures shared during his second visit have served to spur the rumors. But Zari certainly doesn’t mind the attention they are drawing.

In a cheeky post, Zari responded to this allegation with a ‘LOL’ comment.di in zari houise 3 (1)

One person even noted that Zari smiles alot when she is with Diamond, because other times she never shows her teeth.di in zari house 2 (1)

And even as Diamond danced at her fireplace with Prince Nillana and Tiffah, Zari cutely told the world that their situation ‘issa mood’.di in zari house 5 (1)

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Hamisa flirts with Zari’s rumored ex boyfriend P-Square’s Peter Okoye


They say the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Hamisa is in Lagos and having a grand time meeting Nigerian celebrities and other business contacts.

This is after she launched a music label and hinted she will drop new music.

She recently jetted off to Lagos and been living it up. She shared cute moments with Koredo Bello and P Square, gushing over Zari’s rumored ex boyfriend.hamisa and koredo bello (1)

P Square was alleged to have had an affair with Zari while she was with Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond in 2019, threw out these allegations as well as with her gym trainer. Zari blasted Diamond as “a liar and a serial cheater whose word cannot be believed.”

hamisa and p square (1)

But besides flirting moments, we hope Hamisa is receiving career tips from these two major musicians and entertainers just like baby daddy Diamond did with Snoop Dog while in the USA for the BET awards ceremony.

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Zari mocks Fayhma for being dumped by husband for a teenager 


Zari has been slammed for making degrading comments to Rayvannys ex wife Fayhma after her husband celebrated his new girlfriend online.

Rayvanny and Paul are now dating and showing off their cute couple moments online.

Paula celebrated her birthday on Friday July 16th and during the party he serenaded her and cut cake with her. ayvannya nd new cathc (1)

Rayvanny and Paula during the celebrations dubbed themselves the Bonnie and Clyde much to the amusement of  fans.

Zari now appears to have been following their scandal and in a new post on Instagram mocked Fayhma for being dumped for a teenager.

Zari ridiculed Fayhma in an Advert for tissue paper saying “Mchongo uko ivi..sikuizi hartuende kurpga tena wanaume zetu, ni mwendo wa kuwafulia nguo kwa #kleesoft.. Usichekwe huko mitani kama shogaangu aliyeibiwa mume ni mwendo a #kleesoft tuu, yeney harufu nzuri povu kama lote kwa buku moja tu”

However, Zari has been slammed and reminded that she too lost her man to a younger girl Hamisa.

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Here’s a timeline of Zari’s short relationship with Dark Stallion


Perhaps this years unexpected breakup news is that of Zari and her bae, Dark Stallion.

The Ugandan businesswoman signaled the end of that brief romance on Sunday July 4th, writing that

“I miss him, but I had to let him go. If it doesn’t build me I won’t Keep it,” read Zari’s message

Trouble in paradise?! Zari deletes all photos with new man Dark Stallion

The split comes after a few months of dating. Here is a timeline of how they met and fell in love.

  1. In January 2021, Zari hinted she was in love with several happy and thriving message. She showed hands of a man, but cynical fans said it was because of Tanasha’s visit to Diamond that supposedly made her jealous.

    Zari's screenshot
    Zari’s screenshot

2. On Valentines 2021, Zari in a Valentine’s Day post on social media revealed him writing

“Happy Valentines day 💘,”

“Most miserable people will want to see you in their WhatsApp group. Don’t count me in that category a beg. I refuse to be one of you. Happiness lives here. If it ends in tears let it, what will you as a person lose? Don’t break my little hand eer I mean my (love) Mr man. Call him the Dark Stallion,”


3. In March she let him move in according to multiple blogs.


It was said she let him raise Nillan and Tiffah, Diamonds kids.

4. In May,

Zari’s new love is confirmed to be in Real estate in Eastern and Southern African. Online detectives said he was a  mineral broker and a youth development consultant. His real name? Jerry Ebyherithei Jerry.


5. On July 4th

The socialite posted on her socials confirming their break up saying that she was not benefiting from the relationship so she had to let go of him.

“I miss him but I had to let him go, if it doesn’t build me I won’t keep it..” she captioned a short video clip of herself.

In the video clip, Zari doesn’t look happy as she normally does infact her eyes look swollen as though she had spent a full night crying.

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“Can’t flex on me” Tanasha’s cryptic message as Zari visits Diamond

Diamonds third baby mama and Kenyan songstress Tanasha Donna is deep in music making mode, teasing fans to expect something exciting.

However there seems to be a distraction that got her writing a cryptic message to someone who seems to be showing off.

Zari her nemesis and Diamonds first baby mama, jetted into Tanzania for a CSR activity and it got all our attention. Videos and photos of Zari sharing a meal with Diamonds mother and the singer were shared by his entire family.damdn and kds(1)

So it appears that Tanasha could be silently keeping up with the Dangotes and commented on Intagram stories to someone that “You can’t flex on me, because I’ll just be happy for you. We are not the same”.

The word flex means to show off, to boast, to gloat, or to fake it. One thing we know for sure about Zari is that she loves to show off and hurt others to prove that she s better than them, more so hen it come to her rivals.

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Tanasha and Hamisa ignore Zari in mothers day messages to each other


Diamond Platnumz’ baby mamas may still have frosty relationships, with two of them choosing to honor each other leaving out the third.

Tanasha, the Kenyan baby mama fired off a cute mothers days message to Hamisa on Instagram, paying glowing tribute to her co wife.

Tanasha mothers day message May 9th
Tanasha mothers day message May 9th


The show of appreciation was reciprocated by Hamisa who reposted the message with her own cute words. And that’s where it ended.

Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th
Hamisa mothers day notice May 9th

None of them wished Zari a happy mothers day, and neither did Zari acknowledge any of them.

Zari had her hands full spending time with Diamond who is in South Africa working on finalizing his album.

Diamond in the latest photos has bought Tiffah and Nillan Range Rover toy cars that they drove around their home showing off how proud she is of Diamonds effort at being a present dad.

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“You’re late” Zari jokingly scolds Diamond for delaying dinner plans


Zari and Diamond on Wednesday April 21 proved that they are successfully co parenting and doing it for the kids.

Diamond jetted into South Africa and shared behind the scenes of his first moments hugging Tiffah and Nilan who were excited to see their papa.

Teh family moment showed fans that they can separate any issues they have with one another for the sake of their children’s best interests and well-being,

Diamond with Zari in South Africa April 21
Diamond with Zari in South Africa April 21

And a feast was laid out for Diamond with Zari scolding him that he was late for dinner.

But Diamond cheekily responded that there was a delay beyond his control,”actually we were supposed to be here at six, I don’t know what happened, but we got lost”

An excuse Zari dismissed happily saying “that’s your story” while insisting that Diamond and his team are” the latecomers”.

We are happy Zari and Diamond have put aside their differences for the sake of their children.

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“You deserve all good things” Zari tells son about buying car for his 18th

‘You are a good kid’ Zari promises his son a new ride for as his birthday gift

Zari Hassan has promised to buy her first-born son Pinto Ssemwanga a car for his birthday as he has been a good boy.

Pinto, who is Zari’s first-born son with the late Don Ssemwanga, will be turning 18 this year.

18 in August…Mama needs to get you a ride 🚘 You are a good kid. You deserve all good things @Pinto tlale.

During his birthday last year, Zari had hinted that he is the heir to his late fathers property in a beautiful post below.


Zari’s son Pinto

Zari, a mother of five is never shy to flaunt and celebrate her kids on social media.

She and her late husband Don had separated by the time of his death and she went along to date Tanzanian artist Diamond Platnumz.

The ex couple has two kids namely Tiffah and Nylan.

Zari is a woman of means and she promises to gift her son a car she will.

So before useme hakuna pesa ask yourself kama ni wewe hauna pesa.

Some of us don’t even receive a gift on our birthday na wengine wanabuyiwa a car for their 18th birthday? smh

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“If it ends in premium tears let it” Zari tells haters about new mystery lover


Zari has been showing off the hand of a man she claims is her new lover when she attended a birthday party in South Africa. During the all white affair she cozied up to a man, and has been showing small snippets of him. za 1(1)

The new man was shared after Tanasha visited Diamond in Tanzania for him to bond with his son Naseeb Junior. Many fans speculated that Zari was jealous and so to distract from the happenings in Tanzania, she had to show she had moved on from Diamond and was dating again.

The accusations against Zari being jealous didn’t stop there, with other critics saying she only shows off a new man, whenever Diamond pays attention to his other baby mama’s. That her jealousy creeps up and so to deflect she shows off a new mystery man.

And it seems she has heard all these accusations because for a second time on her Instagram Stories, Zari revealed a closer look at his hand, and what she thinks about him being dark skinned.

She now calls him AKA Dark Stallion in a new cryptic message that suggests if the relationship ends, then so be it.

She told hater that even if it ends in premium tears, it’s not your 2(1)

One thing we shouldn’t expect is Zari showing us his full face just like the time when she dated and eventually ‘married’ the first King bae.

With King Bae she showed off the gifts he gave her and other lavish treats, praising him for being a good man. So it just might follow that she will do this in the coming weeks.

And so with Dark Stallion she will probably do the same until the relationship fizzles off.

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“So now you’ve nothing to write about me?” Zari mocks trolls


Diamond Platnumz and his multiple baby mama’s including Zari have been our source of entertainment from December 2020, until the end of January when Kenyan baby Mama Tanasha left Tanzania to return home.

Their high profile relationships and the drama between them has cooled down and Zari has taken note of this. Is she missing the limelight?

We cant help but soak up rumors about Zari and the drama in her life. She is newsworthy and knows it all too well.

And now it’s been well over a week since anyone wrote moshene about her and she is wondering ‘ did the well of information run dry?”

After being in the news for two straight months, and now it’s February and there’s nothing, she seemingly answered to this apparently mocking the persistent rumors. The mother of two even added that ‘tumekaukiwa kama maji ya mtungi”

Zari and Diamonds relationship has been nothing short of smooth-sailing resulting in a breakup in 2018 with a black rose and long message about having had enough.

zari silent(1)

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Fans claim Zari is seething over Tanasha and Diamond’ cosy photos



Trolls be warned. Zari the boss lady will clap back if you attempt to mock her about Tanasha and Diamond being all boo’d up in Tanzania.

Fans claim she is green with envy and that is why she is responding to trolls about the cosy moments in Tanzania.

Zari is not catching a moment to breath as cruel keyboard warriors are tagging her in all the photos, forcing her to respond in equal measure.


Zari has unfollowed Diamond, his mother Sandra Dangote and other family members, perhaps she doesn’t want to see them sharing those happy moments with Tanasha.

zari trending(1)
Zari January 25th, 2021

The question though, is didn’t Zari say that she wants to see Diamond move on and be happy with someone else, because she had closed the door on them rekindling their love? So why is she so bothered about Tanasha?

zari react sharply(1)
Zari 26th January 2021


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Zari finally gets Maina Kageni’s advise about Diamond Platnumz


Zari Hassan is out here throwing subliminal messages to men who aren’t ready to settle down. Yes, we are just going to assume it’s Diamond Platnumz.

What Diamond Platnumz confessed to Maina Kageni about being a serial cheater

This shade comes after Diamond and Tanasha broke up yet he made us in-laws believe he will have a forever after with her especially after she got a son with him.

The mother of five shared a series of gorgeous photos from a recent photoshoot she did which were accompanied by the caption below,


Harmonize claims Zari is still crazy for Diamond Platnumz

The caption got us confused because there was a rumor that her relationship with King Bae was on the rocks. Could she be saying she was a perfect woman for Diamond or King Bae?

So many people have been warned against Diamond because of the rate at which he hops from one babe to another. Memes have even been made calling him father Abraham.

Maina Kageni who is a very close ally to Diamond has echoed Zari’s caption by warning girls saying,


In as much as he is no longer with either of the ladies (Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha) they are all doing quite well in their hustles.

So ladies listen to Zari, do not be so perfect for a man who is not ready to settle down with you.

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Fans roast Diamond about ‘Ninachukua Ninaweka Waah’ lyrics


Music fans are roasting Diamond Platnumz for what they say are appropriate lyrics in his latest song Waah featuring Koffi Olomide.

To be honest it’s pretty funny.

The lyrics in his latest song are nice, but he mentions something that Kenyans say fits him quite well, and it all has to do with his multiple baby mamas.

Diamond Platnumz’s latest hit song ‘Waah’ featuring Congolese music veteran Koffi Olomide has reached 5.6 million views on YouTube.

Some of the lyrics include, ninachukuwa ninaweka waah. Meaning I take, I put and waah here is the result of my work – babies.

Diamond celebrates mom and his baby-mamas in hearty Mother’s Day message

He has two kids with Zari, one with Hamisa and Tanasha Donna. Yeah so I guess anachukua, anaweka, waah!

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to put ‘Waah’ on full blast to get enjoy these good vibes.

With the new hit, Tanzania’s Diamond has now broken Davido’s YouTube record for most-viewed video in the first 24 hours.

Tanasha Donna with her son
Tanasha Donna with her son

It garnered over one million views within 8 hours of its release.

With this rare feat, Diamond has broken the record set by Nigerian artiste Davido earlier this year when his song ‘Fem’ attracted one million views within 9 hours of release.

Hamisa Mobetto with her son
Hamisa and son

Diamond took to his Instagram page to thank his fans for always supporting his music.. Rapper Octopizzo has however blasted Kenayns for supporting Diamond at the expense of their own artistes like Otile Brown.


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Zari gulps down smoothies after being fat shamed in Tanzania


When Zari landed in Tanzania early November to take her kids to visit baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, many noticed that she appeared bigger in person.

They remarked that she photo shopped alot to hide her weight.

Even Diamonds mother commented that she was noticeable bigger ‘amenona’.

Netizens shocked after huge difference in Zari’s appearance during Tanzania visit

“And you have grown so big,” Diamond Platnumz’s mother commented when she first saw Zari to which Zari said that quarantine had made her take a lot of trips to the fridge.

So as she was leaving Tanzania journalists from Wasafi Tv asked her about this and she said it is quarantine weight, adding that she will do something about it.

A week after going back to South Africa, Zari is sharing what she is doing about intentions to lose weight.

She shared a video in her kitchen making a green smoothie.

I thank God that I had kids with her- Diamond Platnumz’s high praise for Zari

zari smoothie kitvhen(1)

Guys see what you’ve done to Boss lady. Give her some breathing space won’t you?

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“Please if it’s possible” Diamonds mum begs Zari for another grandchild

When Zari left Tanzania after a two week visit with baby daddy Diamond, she indicated that his family was pressuring her to reunite with him and perhaps make things official this time.

In an interview with Wasafi Tv, Zari said she listened tot heir requests but has no intention of having such a relationship with Diamond other than co-parenting.

Zari shuts door on loving Diamond again “The chapter for us is closed”

“I think personally I don’t wanna go back there things happened and I don’t want tot speak about it,  so I’m just ta a point where I’m moving forward, at leas the is back in the kids life. alot of things happened in the past, I’m just glad they have their father back in their life”

So it appears the family pressure to re establish a relationship with Diamond is from his mother Sandra Dangote, who is said to have recently told Zari that

“kama itawezekana naomaba unipatie mjukuu mwingine “

Mama Dangote gladly welcomed Zari back to Tanzania after two years apart, and did everything that a loving and adoring mother in law could do to make one feel welcomed. During the visit she gushed over Zari and her two kids Tiffah and Nillan and videos of the family moments are proof.

I thank God that I had kids with her- Diamond Platnumz’s high praise for Zari

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

So it will be interesting to see if Zari and Dimaond do get back together silently and what the moshene will be right?

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“What is life?” Zari questions after visiting Ginimbi fatal crash scene


Days after departing Tanzania for her home country South Africa, Zari and friends visited the accident scene where her rich kid friend Ginimbi died.

The rich Zimbabwean man Ginimbi Kadungure died in a car accident after partying all night and eye-witnesses said his Rolls Royce rammed into a tree and caught on fire

Zari’s close billionaire friend Ginimbi dies in tragic road accident (video and pictures)

Zari got emotional at the scene of the accident and wrote

“In Zim, visited my G’s grave this hurts different. Live your best life. Tmrw is not guaranteed #Ginimbi..Can’t sleep tonight knowing you lost your life here “

zari at scene(1)
Zari cries at Ginimbi crash scene

She also shared a video where a friend was wiping away her tears with dollars. She spoke emotionally about crying the whole time she was in Zimbabwe.

“:This has been me all day, my tears keep dropping, can’t control it. Lord give my soul peace”

She added asking for prayers.

Zari and her friend later hang out at an undisclosed spot where they each commiserated about Ginimbi.

“Life has no meaning wallahi. Make sure you live your best life..when all is said and done, no regrets”

Rest in peace #Ginimbi

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Zuchu responds to accusations she avoided Zari over jealousy


Zari’s visit to Tanzania brought out all kinds of feelings in people.

Her fans were elated she is ‘finally getting back with Diamond, her haters were envious that she was getting so much attention, and finally his exe girlfriends were somewhat ‘jealous’ of her heroes welcome and lavish praise from the singer.

One such person accused of being jealous of the presence of Zari is Zuchu.

The cute singer kept away and the only time we saw her near Zari was while they were attending the football match, the derby between Yanga and Simba at the International stadium in Dar es sallam.

I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me – Wema Sepetu says

Zuchu was also at the stadium and seated quite soem distance from them.Neither acknowledged each others prescence fueling specualtion of bad blood and rivarly.



In an interview on Sunday November 15th Zuchu was confronted in a TV interview with Rick Media, about those allegations. She denied having ill feelings and even called Zari ‘family’.

“Zari is family, she is my bosses family, her presence has not affected anything at all, and anybody who is my bosses family is automatically family yangu because boss ni kakangu so automatically Zari is my family. I’m so happy that watoto wamekuja naona kwanza kina Tiffah tumefurahi we are all enjoying the family “

Hoping for a reaction? Zari cooks chapati to seemingly troll Diamonds exes

Fans don’t buy her story and reacted as much:

Hassanova junior..
Zuchu she tried to give a distance to let her Boss Chibu Dee to enjoy short moments with his Children that’s my thoughts 🤷‍♂️😊😊

kamusiime dorcus…
The eyes are saying it all,,, jealous,,,

Y’all in the comments are actually sick in the head. All this is speculation! You can’t prove anything you’re saying. Tulieni Zari amerudi South. Diamond is single and you can’t police who he chooses to date or sleep with. If he’s with Zuchu, there’s nothing any of us, even Zari, can do about it. He’s a grown man he makes his own decisions. Wacheni machungu mob haha diamond is not zaris husband! He can do who he wants! Period!

Marcy Peri..
Zuchu ‘s happy bcz zarri is leaving,
You zuchu why you never great zarri and her kids that day of football game?
You are so jealous of Zari and a liar. You love Diamond so much but him is  just playing with you. Atakulala kabisa kabisa

It is worthwhile to note that Zari during the same visit to Tanzania told another Tv interview -Wasafi TV- that she will not rekindle her love with Diamond, and that that chapter is closed.

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Zari shuts door on loving Diamond again “The chapter for us is closed”


Zari insists once again she will not be getting back together with Diamond saying “I think whatever happened it was meant to be. The chapter for us, that is how God wrote it, so no regrets we good, we are co parenting, inatosha tuu ?

Zari revealed her deep thoughts in an interview with Wasafi Tv as she was heading to the airport to return to South Africa, having spent several days with baby daddy Diamond and his family after a two year separation.

Zari, people aren’t mad at you for being fat…it’s for the lying

Diamond with Zarinah and Tiffah
Diamond with Zarinah and Tiffah

She insisted their relationship as a couple is irreparable, and that they were not immune to the complexities of love and its problems that include breaking up and moving on.

“I think personally I don’t wanna go back there things happened and I don’t want tot speak about it,  so I’m just ta a point where I’m moving forward, at leas the is back in the kids life. alot of things happened in the past, I’m just glad they have their father back in their life”

She has been in Tanzania and rumors have been rife that she is back with Diamond and photos of them seemingly to have spent the night together used as proof they are on again. She dismissed these allegations she is keeping things low key.

“I’ve ever actually sat down and said i wanna get back with him, i think at this moment in time if i tell you we are at a a co-aprentign moment which is suitable with us, he gets to to be in their lives, he gets to emotionally support them and financially, and I’m just at a point where I’m happy to have him back in our lives, so if this thing of saying oh we want to get back together it’s something that has not really crossed my mind. I don’t even think about it, and honestly people are saying oh there is something but for me honestly I wish him well, if he gets someone who is gonna really settle him down someone who is gonna grow him good. I see he is doing great musically now he is doing his fatherhood part as well so I think if he really gets someone everybody will be happy. He is just a good guy, he has a good vibe and I think whatever happened it was meant to be the chapter for us that is how God wrote it, so no regrets we good, we are co parenting inatosha tuu”

Diamond Platnumz posing
Diamond Platnumz posing

I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me – Wema Sepetu says

Dear Classic 105 fam, let’s wish this family well in their co parenting journey.

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