Zari Hassan and sons holds prayers to pay tribute to late husband Ivan Don

South African beauty Zari Hassan has paid tribute to her ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga aka Ivan Don who died in 2017.

The two were married for about 12 years before they separated after Zari accused Ivan of domestic violence.

They sired three sons, Pinto, Raphael and Quincy.

Zari and her boys paid tribute to the late Ssemwanga by holding prayers for him.

Zari shared photos with her sons and captioned;

“Held prayers for Ivan since his passing 4years ago. Keep resting in peace Don 🕊” she wrote

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Ivan reportedly suffered a heart attack. He was in a critical condition at Steve Biko Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa where Zari took care of him.

No more drama! Wema ends social media beef with Zari Hassan

Former Miss Tanzanian Wema Sepetu and Diamond’s Baby Mama Zari have been beefing for the longest time now.

Diamond dated Wema before he met Zari.

Early this year, Wema announced on Instagram that her dog had disappeared.

Zari insinuated that the former Miss was just pulling a stunt.

A fan reached out to Zari on Instagram with reports that Wema had talked ill of her weeks after Zari said she was clout-chasing by reporting that her dog had gone missing.

Zari responded;

“It’s ramadhan na natoa msada. She could use some free food, naona kabakisha kichwa tu. lyo ni nja, let her eat some food she will be fine.”

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Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan

Wema then shared a video of her dinner table filled with food to show she had enough of it.

She then said she wasn’t going to argue with older people like Zari.

“Kugombana na watu wazima ni kujitafutia laana… Na mimi nina heshima sana kwa wakubwa zangu… Pia ni mskivu… Nafanyia kazi ushauri… ☺️☺️☺️”

Well, Wema has asked her fans to leave her alone as she is not ready for any drama. She added that Zari is the one who starts every drama.

“Naomba niseme hivi, Sipendi chokochoko… Maana Kunya anye kuku, akinya bata kaharisha sio… Kama maneno always yanaanziaga upande wa pili but ilivyo ada Wema ndo huonekana mwenye tatizo… Nimechoka… Cause mi mdomo mchafu ninao haswaaaa but kuamuaga kukaa kimya nisionekane mjinga basi… Its Eid at the end of the day… Sitaki chokochoko…‼️ Ifike point niachwe jamani…. Akhaaa…‼️Jus wanted to address this na sitohitaji maoni ya mtu yoyote… Mkadiscuss huko kwa page zenu na sitaki kuziona… Nitakuwa busy na Eid yangu mie… Hope everyone has fun… Too much Love from me to You…”

Zari Hassan’s son comes out clear that he is not gay but now he feels famous

Zari Hassan’s second child Raphael Junior has denied claims that he is gay.

Speaking on an Instagram Live, he said that he felt good after the little attention he got after he confessed he is attracted to men

“I am not gay. It’s not that I care what people say but it is making me feel famous man.”

Raphael became the talk of the town after taking to his social media saying that he loves gents and that it was not a joke

“I’m just letting you guys know here first that like hold the brakes I don’t know why my whole 13 years on this earth I was taught that females are the only way for gents and you know for me personally I don’t see it that way and I like boys, men you know what I’m saying and that’s how it is.”

“I’m serious. I’m gay hundred per cent gay and not bi or anything and I don’t know why you guys are laughing at this, it’s not funny.”

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Zari took her time to defend his son revealing that her son even has a girlfriend.

“Raphael is not gay, he is dating. He started dating when he was 14 years, he’d ask for money to go to the Mall with his girlfriend”

She, however, said that if he ever turned to be gay, she would give her the support he needs

“But for instance, if he was gay, its something that I’m gonna support him through, it’s my duty as a parent but for now we just clear the air to say Raphael is not gay.”

“”I am here for the kids” Zari says after visiting Diamond’s family in Tanzania

Zari brought Tanzania to a standstill after her arrival with Diamond’s two kids Princess Tiffah and Nillan.

The bongo star, who has not been able to see his kids for two years, was excited to receive them at the airport.

He showed up with his crew to give Princess Tiffah and Nillan the best reception.

In one of the videos shared by Wasafi Media, the two kids were supper excited to have their daddy hold them in his arms. Speaking to the Tanzanian media, Tiffah said she missed the bongo star and her grandmother Mama Dangote.

Zari addressed the rumours that she and Diamond were going to mend their broken relationship and made it clear that they are just co-parenting.

‘Please don’t cry,’ Zari Hassan begs Diamond’s kids as they plan to visit their him in Tanzania

Zari who addressed the media said she was there for the kids.

“There is a whole lot of things happening on social media but I think for me I just brought the kids because the father wants to see them. He really misses the kids for he has not been able to see them for two years. We are not together and I am just here for the kids. Hoping to have a good time with them. We do not know for how long we will be here,” she said.

Check out Zari’s grand reception at the Airport in Tanzania;

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‘Please don’t cry,’ Zari Hassan begs Diamond’s kids as they plan to visit their him in Tanzania

Diamond Platinumz will soon re-unite with his children Latiffah and Nillan sired by his baby mama Zari Hassan.

Diamond will be meeting up with his kids after he ironed out his differences with his South African based baby mama Zari Hassan and is now in talking terms with his kids Tiffah and Nillan.

Diamond has not been seeing his kids for over a year but promised to see them after corona.

This was after Zari referred to his as a clown after he pledged to pay three months’ rent for 500 Tanzanian households who have been affected by the stringent measures put in place to fight Covid-19.

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The mother of five, on her Instastories, said there is no need of pleasuring others while your own are not happy.

Without mentioning names, she pointed out that the father of her two children did not know what his kids ate.

 “… but you don’t know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. You’re selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us,” she wrote.
Zari and Diamond party
Zari and Diamond party

Diamond then reached out to his Baby Mama and promised to see them after the pandemic.

The two have been in communication, and in a video shared today by mama Diamond’s bae ‘Uncle Shamte’, he captioned;

Mipaka imefunguliwa Allhamdullillah…Tushanunua dictionary bin kamusi zetu na mkewangu, waje tu kwa kweli.”

In the video Zari is chatting with Tiffah and Nillan asking them not to cry when they visit their papa.

She then says she will not go with them but will visit later.

‘I am ready to be friends with Zari,’ Hamisa Mobetto reveals in an interview

Tanzanian model and business lady Hamisa Mobetto seems to want peace with her  fellow baby mama.

After making peace with Tanasha, she is now ready to extend an olive branch to Zari Hassan after years of feuding over Diamond, the father of their children.

The two have been beefing for years after Hamisa sired a child with Diamond while he was still dating Zari Hassan.

During an interview with a Wasafi TV, Hamisa said that if being friends with Zari was her fate then she would gladly welcome her with open arms.

“Kama itakuja kutokea mimi am here, mimi ni mtu ambaye huwanga ni mzuri sana kwenye kupokea watu ni mkarimu. So kama imepangwa itakuja kutokea sawa I will be here,” she said.

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Diamond was in a publicised relationship with Zari when he cheated on her with Hamisa.

The two have been throwing shade at each other on social media.

Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids
Hamisa Mobetto with her two kids

During the interview, Hamisa also revealed that Diamond had impregnated her thrice but she miscarried before giving birth to Dylan.

“Before I gave birth to Dylan I got pregnant three times. when I got my first pregnancy, we traveled I don’t know what country we were going to and I had a miscarriage. I got the second one, it came out, the third one came out. It’s a period in which we were together. Dylan was the fourth and when I was pregnant, we were together until the day I was going to give birth.”


‘If something happened to me,’ Read Zari emotional message to her ‘chosen one’

Zari Hassan has penned an emotional message to firstborn Pinto, saying he is responsible enough to take care of his siblings even when she will not be there.

Pinto is the firstborn son of Zari with his ex-husband the late Ivan Ssemwanga.

The mother of five proudly celebrated Pinto referring to him as an angel sent to her by God.
She wrote;

“I’d seen love and but when I had you I felt and experienced something different; Real love. Today if something happened to me, I know with all my heart you’d take care of the situation. Today, I celebrate you; Your different, you’re chosen, you’re God’s angel/God’s greatest. I love you to the moon, Mars to the moon to mention a few.”

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Zari with her son Pinto
She added;
“Gona leave this here in case mummy is no more just know mummy knew from day 1, you will be MVP, world’s greatest. I love you, and no, mummy aint going soon but sometime later😜I LOVE YOU @pinto.tlale #FirstSon #FuturePresudent.”

Pinto was named the deputy president of the school he studies in a few days ago as well as the most disciplined student in the school.

Excited Zari shared the news with her fans on her Instagram page.

“My baby (coughs I meant boy) out here making mama proud. He is Deputy Head of school come 2021 and also awarded disciplined kid. So proud of you son @pinto.tlale Class of 2020 St Albans,” She wrote.

Si lazima nipost! Zari explains why she did not send Diamond a birthday message

Zari Hassan has been forced to explain why she did not wish her baby daddy Diamond Platinumz a happy birthday as he turns a year older yesterday.

Zari posted a photo on her Instagram page and a fan identified as Mrisho Brown, reached out to her trying to find out why she had not posted her baby daddy on social media.

“Hiiiii, Ujamwish Baby father kwelii? 

Zari responded saying that she called him to wish him a happy Birthday and that it was not a must for her to post to please the fans.

“@MrishoBrown. Tumepigiana simu, kwani ni lazima nipost to please you. Smh,” she wrote.

Simba Ameghuruma! Has Diamond Platinumz responded to Alikiba’s ‘Mediocre’?


Diamond was celebrating his 30th birthday and celebrities flocked on his social media pages to celebrate with him.

Tanasha and Hamisa did not share anything. We hope they also called to check on how he was doing and to celebrate his birthday with him.

Diamond also called Zari Hassan during her 40th Birthday party that happened two weeks ago.

Zari shared a video chatting with her baby daddy in the company of her friends.

 “Baba Tee has never forgotten to check on his Queen” adding “Diamooooond…. sawa Baba Tee tutaongea baadaye”.

Wanampendea? List of the sexy women Diamond Platnumz has dated

Diamond Platnumz is a pro not only when it comes to producing music but also when it comes to selecting women, his taste for women is unmatched.

His latest catch in 2020 is Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi, and the rumors are spinning really fast.

in 2019 he hooked up then later broke the heart of Kenyan lass Tanasha Donna in 2020 and going by his confession they loved each other, just their stars didn’t align. They have a son together. Tanasha is not the first nor the second woman has dated.

No offense but this dude is a pro but also a dodge as well. While dating Wema Sepetu, he cheated on her by sleeping with her BFF’s Jokate Mwegelo and Penniel Mungilwa.

He is a father of two kids with Zari – a son and daughter and he also has a son with Hamisa Mobetto.

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Below is a list of women he has dated.

1.Tanasha Donna

She is Kenyan and a former radio presenter. She is now active in the music industry and runs a charity.31761244_219272538663772_2109436701683220480_n

2. Zari Hassan

She is known to many as the boss lady, she is mother to two of Diamond PLatnumz’s kids Nillan and Tiffah.


‘He called me another woman’s name’ Kenyans confess of most embarrassing things during s#x

3. Hamisa Mobetto

She has a son with Diamond named Dyllan


4. Jacqueline Wolper


5. Jokate Mwegelo


6. Upendo Mushi

‘I was forced to breastfeed my husbands snakes’ Narrates woman

7. Penniel Mungilwa


8. Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu

And his most recent conquest according to rumors coming from Madale is that he is possibly romantically linked to Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi. she has been warned not to get pregnant if indeed she is having a thing with him.

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Positivity! Zari Hassan urges her fans to criticize positively (video)

Diamond’s ex Zari Hassan is about positive vibes only.

She has taken her time to urge her fans to start embracing positive criticism.

The Boss Lady also acknowledged that she has in the past clapped back at online users.

She urged them to use positive criticism to all celebrities as they are also human beings.

In a video on Instagram, the mother of five said;

‘We are celebrities, famous but we are also human as you guys. There are people who get into the comment section and they just wanna crush you.They have so much hate for themselves that they’d rather transfer this hate onto you.’


‘Sometimes I claps back, I send you to hell on a one way ticket but the question is, if we keep doing this to you, would you like it?’

Check out the post;

View this post on Instagram

let me hear your views

A post shared by Zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on




You might move in with a rapist, Zari tells women who get hooked up in DM’s

Zari Hassan has called out women who get hooked up with men on social media.

She advised women to be more cautious and take time to know their partners before starting a relationship.

In a recent live session, she said;

“Nowadays you meet once and he starts to like you. The second day he slides in your DM , the third day you give him your number, the fourth day you’re in his house and on the seventh day you move in. Aaa from DM to bedrooms. You might be moving in with a serial rapist, a murderer… you just met via DM and you’re already dating,” she said.

‘I’ve been through hell,’ Tanasha Donna reminisces relationship with Diamond

Zari Hassan in white
Zari Hassan in white

Fans speculated that her message was directed to Tanasha, who got pregnant for Diamond three months after they met.

In previous interviews, Tanasha revealed that Diamond sent her a DM and that’s how they hooked up.

“He slide into my DM, we started talking. We exchanged numbers, I was single and he was too. So I went to Tanzania, He invited me as a friend. He was doing Wasafi festival. Things happened quick and when we were in Mtara thats where the chemistry started.”

The next thing, Diamond posted Tanasha and revealed that the two were in love. A year later they broke up leaving Tanasha raising his son.

‘Acheni kutukana wanangu!’ Zari Hassan calls out social media haters

Diamond’s Ex Zari Hassan has called out to haters who keep on insulting her children online.

The mother of five addressed the issue saying she has really been annoyed about it.

She asked her haters to keep off insulting her children adding that they would rather insult her as she is already used to it.

“Hakuna mtu anataka/ anapenda watoto wake watukanwe.
miaka na miaka mnanitukania wanangu na nilikua nimekaa kimya, mimi kama mzazi nimeumizwa sana ni sawa na vile nyie mnaumia kua nimewatukana watoto wenu, hakuna mzazi anapendezwa na haya mambo ya kutusi watoto tena wadogo,” she said
“kama umeumizwa na insta live yangu then ndo ujue na mimi hua naumia kama wewe wote tuna roho za kibinadamu au mnadhani mimi siumii?
acheni kunitukania wanangu kwani kama shida ni mimi then nichambeni/ nitukaneni mimi vyovyote mtakavo taka kwani bado sjaona tusi jipya toka mmeanza kunitukana.
Mimi sio mwendawazi eti nianze tuu kusema vitoto vyenu hivi na hivi… mmenianza tena miaka na miaka ila nimechoka mimi ni mzazi pia.”

She looks just like my late mother! Zari Hassan says about daughter Tiffah (photo)

Zari Hassan looking glam
Zari Hassan looking glam

Zari recently went on live on Instagram revealing that she is in good terms with Diamond and people should stop the mentality of thinking that neither Diamond or her is desperate.

“I do not have to prove a point to him that I need to get back to him. Whatever we are doing right now is for the best interests of our children. My kids are very happy, Papa calls all the time. Especially Tiffah gets very excited, that’s my papa calling, he speaks to them, plays Piano for them, he is doing everything, he bought her a Kitchen, a puppy for his son. The problem is mbona nyinyi mnaumia?” she posed.
“Sasa nimewapa jibu moja tuu mnaharisha week nzima mbona mimi huaga siharishi hivyo mkinitukania wanangu?
Pia sicheki kwa dharau ila ni vile mnaharisha uko🤣🤣🤣 mkuki kwa ngurue kwa binadamu mchungu,” she said.

Zari with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah
Zari with Prince Nillan and Princess Tiffah

Earlier this week, the mother of five wrote a letter to her daughter reminding her how great she is becoming. This is after a section of her followers said that she coaches her daughter before she talks to her dad.
She wrote;
Dear beautiful daughter of mine, your beautiful, confident, intelligent, smart, special, different. You’re gifted. You were born to stand out not to fit. Your talented and the whole world is ready for you. You are everything they are not and that makes them fear because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing, if its an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be, the world already has so many fakes/copies. The world needs naturals like you…… mama gatchu always💕.
When they come for you, ill go after them but then again it’s just a matter of time before you handle ya business. God built you strong, you’ll concur✊. And when you do, it will be the same people sitting back watching your success in dismay. Do you, don’t let them tell you otherwise. 98% of the time never take advice from failures…..
Ps; mama loves that personality👌

View this post on Instagram

LETTER TO MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER @princess_tiffah Dear beautiful daughter of mine, your beautiful, confident, intelligent, smart, special, different. Your gifted. You were born to stand out not to fit. Your talented and the whole world is ready for you. You are everything they are not and that makes them fear, because people fear the unknown. You are the next big thing, if its an attitude that you have, then so be it. Never let anyone determine who you should be, the world already has so many fakes/copies. The world needs naturals like you…… mama gatchu always💕. When they come for you, ill go after them but then again its just a matter of time before you handle ya biness. God built you strong, you'll concur✊. And when you do, it will be the same people sitting back watching your success in dismay. Do you, dont let them tell you otherwise. 98% of time never take advice from failures….. Ps; mama loves that person–ality👌

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‘You’ll forever be bae,’ Zari pens down a message to her teenage son

Zari Hassan’s third-born Lil Quincy is not little anymore.

He is now a teenager and his mother Zari shared a photo to show how grown up he has become.

The Boss Lady described her son as her forever bae. Quincy is the last born to the late Ivan Ssemwanga, who had three sons with Zari

“Happy birthday to my LilQ aka Don Ivan Junior. You’ll forever be mummy’s bae no matter how big you get. 13 these days looks like 18,” She wrote

On his Instagram page, Quincy wrote;

“Happy birthday to me. thank you all for the birthday wishes.”


On Zari’s birthday, Quincy described his mother as the best woman his father ever got.

“The truth is mum you do give the best hugs, kisses, head scratches, back rubs, care and support.

You are the most beautiful, graceful and wonderful woman in the world. Dad was blessed to have met you, and your children all know we owe you everything. A day does not go by that I don’t appreciate everything you have done for us.

Happy Birthday zari the boss lady I Love you,” he wrote

Zari with her kids
Zari with her kids

Zari Hassan has five kids, Pinto, Raphael and Quincy who were fathered by Ivan Ssemwanga.

Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan are fathered by Diamond Platnumz.

Things Diamond should do for his relationship with Tanasha to survive

Diamond Platnumz recently welcomed his fifth child with Kenyan damsel Tanasha Donna and we can’t help but notice his excitement.

He recently turned 30 and being a father of five is a huge responsibility, He has made his mistakes and below are things he should learn.

1. To keep his relationship off social media

If you haven’t noticed Diamond has in a way matured, he no longer blasts his critics on social media and he does not over post his bae Tanasha as he did in his previous relationship.

Now that he has turned 30 he needs to style up and avoid giving critics something to talk about.

2. To be engaged in his kid’s life.

Time and time again we have heard Diamond being accused of being absent in his kid’s lives.

He should try to make changes in his life by making himself present in the life of Tanasha’s son otherwise we will be on his case like a tick sticks on a cow.

‘Sleeping with other people’s men really excites me’ Brags city woman

Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit
Diamond Platnumz in his crazy suit

3. To zip up.

We have all heard the phrase the internet never forgets, Being a celebrity means that things will be written about him every day.

Much has been written about him being ‘Father Abraham’ and fathering kids left, right and centre. It’s time he learnt to zip up.

4. Condomize it

No one gets a kid when all wrapped up unless your sperms are stronger than missiles used by North Korea to disrupt countries.

So one thing Diamond should do is to use condoms or advice Tanasha to get on family planning, she is still young asituzeeshee msichana wetu kwa kumzalisha.

5. Blasting his ex’ on the media and in his songs

Diamond has in the past blasted his ex’ on interviews and in his songs and that’s a habit he should drop ASAP.

The one thing he should keep doing is giving us dope music.

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Zari promises new bae twins after her sister delivers baby boy

Zari’s younger sister Ashutalal is now a proud mother of two! The lovely lady welcomed her second born a few days ago and to announce the good news.

An adorable photo of the cute chubby baby was shared online.

Hottest married couples that are giving single people sleepless nights!

This comes days after Zari swore she is ready ti deliver twins for her new man who she fondly refers to as Mr M.This was after a she shared a photo captioned

Road to being Mrs M aka KingBae 👰

Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan


A fan wrote

We are looking forward to baby number 6

To which Zari responds


Zari' twins

Her confirmation that she is ready to give her new man twins comes at a time when Tansha Donna  who is dating Diamond  refuted claims that she is pregnant for the Tanzanian artiste.

Don’t go telling people I’m pregnant. I actually suspected it too. But, I’m not mentally ready.To clear that rumour once and for all, I tested and I’m not.

My body is adjusting to all this traveling and climate change moving from Dar es Salaam which is warm to the cold Nairobi nights.

Zari is a mother of five.She has three sons with the late Ivan Ssemwnga and two kids with Diamond Platnumz .

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‘I will sacrifice my kids souls if I ever cheated on you’ Zari to ex Diamond

Zari Hassan has responded to Diamond Platnumz’ allegations that she cheated on him with her gym instructor and Nigerian artist Peter Okoye of P Square.

Zari says that Diamond’s words should not be believed.

Never believe a man who once too many times denied HIS OWN blood, I mean HIS OWN. What other truth can come out of his mouth?

I will sacrifice my kids souls if I ever cheated on you. Own your mistakes and use them to grow and change into a better man. You can still reform.

Celebs married to spouses younger/older than them by almost 10 years

Zari blasts Diamond
Zari blasts Diamond

‘She was dating her gym instructor’ Diamond on why he dumped Zari

When your music is no longer enough…… Kik ni nani… Z.A.R.I Nyt fam

Zari Hassan's message to Diamond
Zari Hassan’s message to Diamond

‘I rejected my husband for 5 years before I gave in’ Naliaka confesses

She adds

By now my ex will be telling hi! new girlfriend, how bad I was and the girl too will be feeling pity for him… thinking she’s a Saint two idiots.

Zari's message
Zari’s message

Well the drama between the boss lady and her ex seems to be getting crazier by the day, keep it Classic as we watch this unfold.

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‘She was dating her gym instructor’ Diamond on why he dumped Zari

Diamond Platnumz has revealed the reason why he broke up with Zari Hassan, the mother of his two kids Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan.

Among the many reasons is the fact that Zari had been dating Nigerian singer Peter Okoye and even bringing other men into their home.

Zari Hassan was dating P-Square’s Peter [Okoye] a few months before she and I got our first baby, Latiffah Dangote.

I read [love] messages that she and Peter sent each other via mobile phone.

The late Wambui Otieno’s husband weds again 8 years after her death

Peter Okoye (P Square)
Peter Okoye (P Square)

‘I suspected it too’ Tanasha Donna clears the air on pregnancy rumors

I even confronted her.

Zari also brought her gym instructor into our house [in Madale, Tanzania]. She started secretly seeing her gym instructor after we had already gotten our first baby.”

Among the other reasons why Diamond strayed is because his baby mama refused to relocated to Tanzania so as to be closer to him.

Zari refused to relocate to Tanzania where we could be close to each other.

As a young man, who is a superstar; and my sexual urge is still high, there was no way I could stay for close to three months without being intimate with someone.

What were you expecting me to do; especially with all the attention I am getting from women, given my superstar status?

Kenyan female politicians giving men a hard time in parliament – Photos

Diamond platnumz


The power couple broke up last year with Zari stating that she was tired of being disrespected.

I loved him so much and everyone knows about that.

You can go cheat there as a man but when it comes in with madharau that is when it become too much.

I felt that my integrity was so low. Like, when my big boys see trolls, Diamond misbehaving on social media, they will not have respect for women when they grow up.

I asked myself, why do I have to settle low for this? My children were insulted on social media.

Being the fact that they do not have a father, they will know that in future they need to respect women and that is why I left.


The father of three has since moved on and is currently dating Kenyan heartthrob Tanasha Donna whom he plans to wed.

I love Tanasha and she loves me equally. She is mature and does not have the habit of fighting with my Exs online.

She is loving, she is disciplined and she is not after something. She is not with me because of my money but love.

She can fund herself because her mother is in Belgium and her dad is in Italy so they are well off. She is not hungry for money.

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‘It will be a private affair’ Zari on her upcoming wedding to her new man

Zari Hassan, who wears many hats as a boss lady, businesswoman and mother, has hinted that she will be getting married soon.

In a video she posted on social media, Zari said she would only invite close friends and family members.

“Oh my wedding is gonna be so Private…I´ll only release details once it´s been done. Only Family and Friends,” she captioned the video.

Photos of Diamond Platnumz grown up kids with Zari and Hamisa Mobetto


Fans sent in comments, saying he is the man she deserves after such a terrible breakup with Bongo star Diamond Platnumz.

King Bae has assured her that she is all he needs, and he will love her with all that she comes with, which includes her five children.

‘I suspected it too’ Tanasha Donna clears the air on pregnancy rumors


Recently Zari received a bouquet of flowers wrapped with 200 notes of South African Rands.The roses are roughly 65 and a total amount of notes wrapped around each flower is Sh100,000.

She was left in awe going by her post below

What did I do to deserve all this? My heart is so thankful & full my Love.
Love is a precious thing and am blessed to love and have the love from a great man like yourself. I love you Bae❣💕

Zari's gift from her new man Mr M
Zari’s gift from her new man Mr M
 Diamond, her ex and baby daddy, is also set to walk down the aisle with Kenyan model Tanasha Donna.