Zari and Hamisa react after fellow baby mama Tanasha’s visit to see Diamond

Singer Diamond Platnumz knows how to change the news quickly so as to suit his preferredd narrative. Just a few weeks after his mother revealed the shocking news that Abdul Juma wasn’t his biological father, the Tanzanian singer decided to allow his 3rd baby mama, Tanasha to come and visit him with their son in tow.

That is all everyone is focusing on now as Tanasha who left Tanzania in a huff in early 2020 took their beautiful son, Naseeb Junior to see a father he hadn’t seen for close to a year.

Just like the way Zari’s visit to see Diamond late last year caused a furore, Tanasha’s visit has had pretty much had the same effect.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

And what were her fellow baby mamas reactions to Miss Donna’s visit to see Chibu? Exasperated…This after a great number of fans reached out to them with information that Ms. Donna had landed in Tanzania to see her baby Daddy.

“Zari Tanasha Naye kaleta mtoto, unajiskiaje huko ulipo,” asked a fan. Miss Zarinah wasn’t playing around, telling the fan to learn how to mind his business, with a reminder that Diamond has other kids.

“Asante kwa umbea, wacha nijinyonge…learn to mind your business, Mwanaume si ana watoto wengine. Smh!” read Zari’s response.

And Mobetto wasn’t left out being told by fans that she should be preparing to take her son Dylan to spend time with his father as soon as Tanasha leaves.

Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto
Diamond Platnumz with Hamisa Mobetto

However, she chose to borrow, Mama Dangote’s saying that “Ukoo Umejaa” as a perfect response to those pressuring her to take her son to Diamond’s mansion.

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Hata Zari! Diamond’s baby mama joins his family in mocking Mzee Juma Abdul

Talk about kicking a man when he’s down! Zari Hassan in not being left behind in the festivities as far as mocking the disgraced Mzee Juma Abdul for not being Diamond’s real biological father.

This comes after Ricardo Momo and Mama Diamond both revealed that Mzee Abdul is not Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz’s biological father.

Many are still wondering (and rightly so) why the family had decided to scorn a man in public for many years for allegedly neglecting Diamond while they knew all along that he wasn’t even related to him!?

I have my doubts about the revelation that Mzee Abdul isn’t Diamond’s father

The man who should have been getting all the hate all along was Salim Nyange (Diamond’s real dad) and not Abdul who had tried to step up (according to him all those years).

And while most in the public have some sympathy for Mzee Abdul that doesn’t mean the real players in this saga care all that much.

Zari Hassan, Diamond’s first baby mama who is known to be close to Mama Dangote went online to make fun of the ongoing drama; as she shared a photo of Tiffah with her father Diamond. Her caption read,

“Papa👨‍👧 Nyange and Nanyange”

In the comment section, some castigated the mother of 5 for dancing on the misfortune of the old man as she herself had suffered ridicule from the same family when things had degenerated with Diamond in the past.

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Why I don’t believe Zari’s explanation about her son’s gay admission

Zari Hassan has done what every good mother should do when their child is under attack. The Ugandan socialite who lives in South Africa has defended her son from claims that he is gay-claims that he started himself on his Instagram page.

Diamond’s baby mama explained that her son had made the claim so as to deter older women who had been sending him nudes on his DM’s, while others ask for money.

Zari responds after her son Raphael claimed that he was gay

What! You read that right. While she might want to cover her son’s a$$ I think her handling of the situation was foolhardy but I understand why she did it but it raises more questions than answers.

First of all, If she knew that older women were harassing her underage son, why didn’t she report them to Instagram and the relevant authorities?

Secondly, hoMose3uality is still a taboo subject in Africa and I don’t think that Raphael would have claimed that he was gay so as to deal with the issue his mother alleged. The potential ostracism he would receive would outweigh any benefits he would get for his admission. Yes, even in this modern world.

Thirdly, even if her 15-year-old son needed a way to allay the older women, he would have chosen a better way to do it. I think his gay admission was a plea to the world to be heard and accepted, something his mother might not be happy about.

Even her biggest detractor, Mange Kimambi saw something was off with the explanation and urged Zarinah to accept and love her son, writing;

Zari love your son, not just love him but be proud of him, accept him. Huyo mtoto mpaka kuingia live kujitangaza it means anatafuta acceptance ambayo haipati nyumbani so anatafuta acceptance kwa strangers. Muonyeshe acceptance, mkubali, tena mpende kuliko ulivyokuwa unampenda mwanzo. He needs you now more than ever. Na kaamua kufanya hivyo ili akufosi wewe kumkubali. Ile live was about getting your attention.

What do you think? Are Mange and I reading too much into this whole incident?

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Zari responds after her son Raphael claimed that he was gay

South Africa based Ugandan Businesswoman Zari Hassan was a busy woman yesterday as she had to put out some serious allegations concerning her second-born son, Raphael Ssemwanga Junior.

The mother of 5 and came out to address speculation that her son was gay. Interesting thing is that the speculation had been fuelled by her own son Raphael.

It had happened after he went live on Instagram, claiming that he was gay. Some people on social not only noted what he had said but also screenshot his comment.

The resulting hullabaloo that ensued has forced Zarina who is very protective of her brood to come out and speak on the issue.

She explained that her son had made the comment in order to ward off older women who had been disturbing him with their nudes on a daily basis.

She also added that the boy had a girlfriend at the moment. “@Zarithebosslady Mwano kaniumna kujitangaza ni shoga, mtihani sana” posed a user on Instagram.

Zari replied “…He actually has a girlfriend amechoka na takataka kumtongoza Dm. Wanawake wakubwa kumtumia uchi wao. Wengine kuomba omba Dollar. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is Gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone”.

But there are some that dispute Zari’s explanation saying that the boy had indeed come out to the public. One particular Instagram user stated that Zarinah had blocked him because he knew the truth about her son’s lifestyle preferences.

What do you think?

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Uzee si ulemavu! How can a fossil like Zari still be a bedroom bully?

In 2018, before he started dating Tanasha, Diamond Platnumz made headlines after he proudly praised the loving women in his life, with the notable mention of Zari (who was feuding with him at the time).


He did so by singing along to Mbosso’s song titled “Hodari.” While recounting the women he considered to be good at loving, he noticeably did not mention the woman who bears one of his children, Hamisa.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto holding Diamond’s son

He however spoke about a series of women that he has been linked with in the past and also included some family. The part that mesmerized many is where he sings along to the lyrics and mentions Zari’s name.


Zari Hassan

So for Zarina to make the list and Hamisa not, piques my interest, considering they both have kids with the Tanzanian superstar and are considered to be great mothers.

That leaves me with the answer (yes, I do have a wicked imagination) that she might have made it there for another reason – Her expertise in bed might have had a huge influence on Diamond’s never-closing zip.

Zari and Diamond

But that raises the question? How can such an old woman still impress a young man the age of her grandson in the bedroom department?

I wonder? Can it be true or is it that Diamond is bewitched. My theories on how this could be are below:

Despite her advancing years, Zari is still taking care of herself

This means that she must be eating foods that have well-known aphrodisiac properties to keep up with a young man like Diamond. For those who don’t know what an aphrodisiac is, it is a love drug or a substance that increases libido when consumed.

In Dubai

Foods like strawberries, raspberries, avocados, Watermelon, Almonds, Chocolate and Eggs are rich in aphrodisiac qualities.

Diamond is mad and not capable of telling the truth

Diamond has not only been rogwad by Hamisa as he claims but also by Zari. This results in him thinking all the s3xual healing she gives him is otherworldly.

Diamond does not know what GREAT lungula is

Diamond may have had many female partners but it seems that they have not shown him the wonders of the guava.

Image result for pussy good gif

And so when he met Zari, a woman with the experience of an old woman, the looks of a middle-aged woman and the libido of a young lady, he must have been lost in the sauce. Which sauce: Hers.


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Yes I’ve been a maid before – Zari shockingly reveals

Zari has the life many women and girls dream off. The house, the cars, the kids and the fame. The woman has also been able to get two high-value men to commit to her and give her progeny! A mean feat I would say.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

How did she get there? Was it her craft and grit? Sort of. The socialite who married up (which is a skill in itself) wasn’t always the refined lady who takes trips to Dubai on the fly.

Stop stalking him – Zari begs fans about muscly man alleged to be King Bae

Zarinah for those might not know, once worked as a housemaid! Yes, you read that right.  The mother of 5 has lately been dishing out advice to those looking to end up like her someday.

Zari seating on a Ferrari
Zari seating on a Ferrari

Thanks to her post dubbed Life Lessons, Zari came out clean about some of the struggles she faced before successfully marrying success (cough! cough! Ivan).

Zari-Ivan in the past
Zari-Ivan in the past

In a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, Zari revealed how she struggled back in the UK where she was taking her cosmetology classes. During her time there she had to work as a house help and a cashier in order to make some small money which she survived on. Zari wrote,

Life can be a rollercoaster and you will never know where you’ll end up.
From studying my cosmetology course in th UK ( which hasnt helped me) while doing house girl work to pay my accommodation (yes ive been a maid before)to running through buses to get to my next stop woodgreen where i worked as a cashier and sometimes as an isle packer in sainsbury. Friend, i started out early wasnt even sure why me. But the inner voice in me wanted better. My dad had left, my mom was doing tailor jobs day and night i couldnt stand seeing her struggle. I couldn’t stand her pain. I was living with my aunt in the uk who treated me like a step child. Gooosh🙄
Been through boutiques, long economy flights to china in between building a school and having babies. My music and tv career is a story for another day. Phew😪
All I’m saying, consistency is key. Doesnt matter where you are or what you do. Just do it. There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the road to a successful life is not as easy as man thought huh!

Zari Hassan posing
Zari Hassan posing

What do you think of her advice?

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My heart – Diamond Platnumz openly professes love for ex wife Zari

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan will always be inextricably linked forever. And not just for the two kids that they got together but for the raging fire of a relationship that they had.

One that left memories, hopes and dreams shattered for all that witnessed it. It was one of the great loves stories that never was.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Despite the two looking like long-lost friends on Zari’s visit to see Diamond in Tanzania with his kids in tow last month, the celebs both shut down rumours that they would be getting back together.

But it seems that the love is still there. That’s if one reads Diamond’s recent Instagram message that he posted. The man proffesed his love and affection for ex-wife Zari Hassan.

“Please if it’s possible” Diamonds mum begs Zari for another grandchild

On Tuesday, December 15, Diamond shared a video of his ex wife Zari and his daughter Tiffah jamming to Waah while in their kitchen in South Africa.

His daughter can be seen working on something on the kitchen counter while her mother danced vigourously to Diamond’s, Waah.

Don’t forget that Tiffah is the apple in Diamond’s eye and so the video elicited the feels in him. The musician went on to express his true feeling by revealing how much he loves and values the two.

Diamond clearly proclaimed that Zari and Tiffah are his hearts, to mean he really loves them to the core. ”#WAAH from Roho za Mimi Princess Tiffah and Zari The Bosslady,” he captioned the video.

As usual, anything that portends the two getting back together was met with overwhelming positivity from fans and followers alike.

The comment section read like a romance novel with the commentators fawning over the loving message that Diamond had sent.

But there those naynsayers who couldn’t understand why he was declaring his love for Zari, saying it was the wrong thing to do.

While they might be unhappy with what he has done, I think it was the right thing to do. He is co-parenting with this woman. The least he can do is praise such a dedicated mother, especially after the contetious past they have had since their split in 2018.

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Kumbe si Shosho! Zari Hassan finally reveals her age

Zari Hassan has been accused of being older than she says she is for eons.

I also have been one of the detractors who believes that the erstwhile socialite is older than her I.D (which I think could have been sourced from River Road) says she is.

But she has always denied those claims and has come out again to maintain that she is still not in her 40s. Diamond’s former ex and mother of 5 has reiterated her stance that she is still not into the 4th floor.

While visiting her motherland, the African queen flaunted her wealth a little before informing her followers 2020 is the year she will finally have lived for four decades. Her caption read, “What 39 going 40 looks like.”

Zarinah has constantly faced accusations that she is older than her listed age with some saying that she is in her mid-40’s, a claim I can believe as I have seen her in the flesh.

On one occasion, a passport with her photo circulated online and suggested Zari had already passed 40 eons ago and was lying about her true age.

Have you stopped being a malaya? Zari responds to online troll

If she is indeed lying about her age she wouldn’t be the first celeb to do so. When rapper Nicki Minaj filed a police report in 2011 over an alleged assault, the paperwork revealed she was born in 1982. She reportedly previously claimed she was born two years earlier.

Zari looking great in red

American rapper Nelly lied about his age in 2003 when he was placed in “Hottest Stars Under 25” but it was later found out that Nelly was actually 28 years old at the time.

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I thank God that I had kids with her- Diamond Platnumz’s high praise for Zari

Singer Diamond Platnumz has been silent about his first meeting in two years with his first baby mama, Zari Hassan. The two met earlier this month in an event that had the Tanzanian country at a standstill as many watched what would happen with the former IT couple.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Raymond (@silva_tz)

The father of 4 opened up on the recent trip to the country with his Ugandan baby mama who has two of his kids and he had a lot of nice things to say about her.

During an interview with Wasafi TV, the musician said that felt privileged to have sired kids with Zari, whom he described as a very good and mature mother.

He added that it was a nice week of bonding with his Kids after two years of no see, following their 2018 public fallout.

“Miongoni mwa wazazi wenzangu ambao nawasifia kwa kujua kuishi kama wazazi ni Zari. Na namheshimu sana. Na pengine sijawahi kumwambia hivyo lakini yuko professional sana, na mwenyewe nafarijika na kumshukuru mweyezi Mungu kwa kuweza kuzaa naye… Ni mwanamke ambaye hata mimi mwenyewe namshukuru mungu kuzaa naye na nafarijika kuona watoto wangu wana mama kama yule” said Diamond Platnumz.

But they look so good together!! Can Zari and Diamond ever become a couple again?

Chibu Dangote went on to mirror Zari’s words that they have not rekindled their love but they are just co-parenting.

“…Mimi na yeye hatuna mahusiano ya kimapenzi, tuna mahusiano ya kulea watoto. Na watoto nilikuwa sijawaona takribani miaka miwili, lakini tulimaliza matatizo yetu, akaja na watoto hapa akakaa almost wiki Nzima, Tukakaa naye vizuri na tulikuwa tunalea watoto. Yeye sasa hivi ana mahusiano yake … na mimi niko single kwa hiyo watu wa mtandao wakiongea huwezi kuwakatalia” added Platnumz.

The kind words between the two shows how far they have come since their public break-up in 2018 with the missives(especially from Zari) coming at machine gun clip.


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But they look so good together!! Can Zari and Diamond ever become a couple again?

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan trended earlier this month after their highly-publicised meet-up after two away from each other.

After their nasty break-up in 2018, the former couple goals had not been on talking terms for over a year with Zari accusing Diamond of being a deadbeat dad to Nylan and Tiffah.

That was all but forgotten with the ex-couple looking so good in each other’s presence that many of their fans asked them to get back together, a sentiment that Zarinah was quick to shut down, telling reporters;

“There is a whole lot of things happening on social media lakini for me I just brought the kids because their father wants to see them na hakuweza kukuja kwa sababu I think he got lots of things lined-up for him. He really wanted to see the kids. It’s been two years. We’re co-parenting and even if he got somebody, I can still come because it’s home for the kids regardless of what happened between us. A lot of people are saying we gotten back (but) no I’m just here for the kids.”

Poll results are in-Kenyans vote on whether Diamond and Zari should get back together

The interesting thing about her statement is that Zari’s point of view concerning her relationship with Chibu is pragmatic and must I say, wise.

I believe that she realises that the ship of their once budding relationship sailed the moment Diamond got another baby mama in Tanasha Donna.

Her leaving him in February of 2018 was supposed to get Diamond to at least get his act together but it seems that it had the opposite effect.

Instead of seeing what he had lost in Zarinah, Diamond went for a younger and more beautiful woman. Not only that, but he also impregnated Tanasha just a few months after meeting her.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by @zarinahnation

I think Zarinah also understands that the problems she faced with Diamond before she dumped him would also be present were they to get together again-Diamond might have improved as a father but has he become a better husband?

I don’t think so and that I think will always be the sticking point for a smart, mature woman like the Ugandan socialite.

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Zari visits crash scene of late businessman Ginimbi with his ex-wife in tow

Zari Hassan has been travelling a lot the past few weeks. Earlier this month, the mother of 5 visited the father of her two youngest children, Diamond Platnumz in Tanzania.

Her highly-publicised visit coincided with the tragic death of Zimbabwean businessman Genius Ginimbi who was a close friend of the socialite.

That Zarinah wasn’t able to attend the funeral made sense as she couldn’t leave her two kids in Tanzania on the fly. But now that they are back safe and sound in South Africa, the Ugandan has found the time to go and visit the ex-wife of the late businessman.

Via her Instagram stories on Friday, November 20, the South Africa-based Ugandan socialite shared short videos spending time with Ginimbi’s ex-wife, Zodwa Mkandla.

Zodwa herself also shared some clips spending time with Zari on her IG page with one clip showing the two cruising together in her car. “Welcome to Zimbabwe Zari. I missed you,” she told Zari.

Adding, “Thank u @zarithebosslady for coming to share my pain. True friendship in good times and in bad. Rest in Eternal peace Mtenessnwa @ginimbi,” she wrote.

Zari responded to the post saying: “I love you more than words can express. Your my wife, my family, my sister, God is with us through this trying time.”

Zarinah also visited the site where the Zimbabwean billionaire perished with Zodwa accompanying her. The flashy tycoon died in a grisly road accident on Sunday, November 8, that claimed the lives of video vixen Mimie Moana and two others.

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Diamond is the one who chased me relentlessly! Zari tells off singer’s brother and manager

Businesswoman Zari Hassan had a triumphant return to Tanzania a few weeks ago that went remarkably well for her. The mother of 5 was welcomed as a hero by most in the country with Diamond Platnumz’s family treating her with respect and love.

But it seems that while she might love being in harmony with Diamond’s extended family that doesn’t mean she will let any nonsense slide.

The light-skinned Zarinah recently called out Diamond’s step brother and Manager Ricardo Momo regarding an interview they did in which they described how the two (Diamond and Zari) met and fell in love a few years ago.

In a post she made on her social media, the socialite made it known that she was unhappy with Momo over what she termed as clout chasing using her name, yet didn’t know what really went down between the ex-couple.

Ricardo had claimed that Ms. Hassan was the first one to hit on Diamond, as she kept on calling his phone demanding to see him.

But that didn’t go down swimmingly for Ms. Hassan as she discredited Momo, while flipping the script saying that Diamond was the one that kept disturbing her phone after they met on a plane.

Poll results are in-Kenyans vote on whether Diamond and Zari should get back together

She went on to state that at that particular time she wanted Diamond to perform at her all-white party, writing;

“Ricardo next time get your facts right without chasing clout for likes and comments. Don’t trash my name for likes. When I texted him it was for a white party and I was going to pay him because I had money before even I met him.

And he said I talk to the manager but they were already booked that season. Then I met him on the flight, we were sitting next to each other. Kama kawaida we talked like any people on the same row. We exchanged numbers and I didn’t see him after the flight… he kept texting me like every other minute how he wanted to meet till I finally met him #Cloudchaser smh” said Zari Hassan.

She finished her diatribe by telling Momo to put respect on her name, “Ata kama ni kulamba matako ya boss, have some respect for me the same way I show respect to the whole family. Usinitafute…just don’t try me”.

Watch the controversial video below:

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Sh*t happens! Zari explains about KingBae who married her last year

Zari Hassan became a trending topic in Kenya after a long absence and that’s because of her journey to visit her ex Diamond Platnumz in his home country of Tanzania.

While there, she had a fascinating interview with Wasafi TV where she came clean on her past relationships and spoke about her future plans.

In the interview, Zarinah wished her baby daddy, Diamond Platinumz the best with any woman he decides to settle down with. “If he finds someone who is gonna settle him down, someone who is going to grow him, for I see he is doing well even in music and as a father, I think everyone is gonna be happy,” said Zari.

What about herself? What had happened to her mystery King Bae whom she claimed she had married? She explained that it hadn’t worked out but the two still talked.

“Nobody goes into a relationship thinking that I just wanna be in this relationship short term. You go there hoping it’s gonna work and grow together. Yes, KingBae was there he was such a chilled guy but sh!t happens and it didn’t last na kila mtu akaenda zake but we still talk once in a while because he was attached to our lives,” said Zari Hassan.

Zari with the mysterious King Bae
Zari with the mysterious King Bae in the past

Asked if she will be getting married anytime soon, the 40-year-old mother of five said she is done with that chapter. According to the single mom, all she wants is to be happy and a life partner to enjoy life with.

“Honestly speaking right now no. I am at a point where I feel very independent, I can do anything I want. Most of the times when people get married, they do so for security and for some they just need someone to grow old with. For me at this point, marriage is not on my mind. I just need a life partner,” said Zari.

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Poll results are in-Kenyans vote on whether Diamond and Zari should get back together

Zari Hassan and Diamond lit up the internet this past month after they reunited (albeit shortly) after 2 years of not seeing each other.

Their relationship has been subjected to speculation after the visit that saw the Bongo star see his kids for the first time in over 2 years.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids
Diamond Platnumz with Zari and the kids

Many people online wanted the couple to get back together, prompting me to quiz the Classic105 audience in a poll on whether the couple should get back together?

Move over Zari, it’s Tanasha’s turn! Diamond to jet into Kenya for visit

The poll results were interesting with a majority of Kenyans wanting the couple to get back together. A screenshot of the poll results are below:


Some of the comments are below:

Bomer Flag of Kenya No No No No huyo amekujia returns zake aende akienda sasa

Nillan Lincoln Of course! Big yes because they really best in coupling and class apart

Cure🗯 How does this help me.

Austine Omondi What is it’s usefulness?

Margaret Kamau Don’t care

But it seems that whatever desire Kenyans online might have about the couple reuniting, Zari herself shut down those hopes during a recent interview with Wasafi TV “I think whatever happened it was meant to be. The chapter for us, that is how God wrote it, so no regrets we good, we are co-parenting, inatosha tuu?”

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

She insisted their relationship as a couple is irreparable, and that they were not immune to the complexities of love and its problems that include breaking up and moving on.

I think personally I don’t wanna go back there things happened and I don’t want tot speak about it,  so I’m just ta a point where I’m moving forward, at least he is back in the kids life. A lot of things happened in the past, I’m just glad they have their father back in their life

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Zari, people aren’t mad at you for being fat…it’s for the lying

Zari Hassan has had a great week as far as publicity goes. The most she has probably had in a few years. The reason for that is simple-Her visiting the father of her two kids, Diamond Platnumz.

The socialite took the star’s two kids to meet him two years after he last saw them and many online have gone crazy with the inevitable rumours that they might be getting together.

View this post on Instagram

Parents, co-parenting #familyreunion

A post shared by Zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on

But that hasn’t been the only topic that has fascinated some about her visit. Keen observers have noted that she looks very different in person and without filters than she does on her Instagram photos.

The main complaint from those who have criticised her is that she looks much bigger and older(even being compared to Diamond’s aunty) than she does on her Instagram photos.

But Zari isn’t taking any of the “hate” and had responded saying that she will not be living her life to impress social media users but herself! For this reason, she will not be shedding any weight just to prove a point.

In a video shared on Snapchat, Zari explained that she put on weight as a result of staying indoors for five months due to the lock-down in South Africa.

The businesswoman noted that it is easy for her to lose weight and trolls should mind their own business.

I used to work out but saa hizi kuna watu wanaumwa eti Zari Kanenepa, it’s so easy to put on weight, and it easy for me to lose the weight. Sasa hapo ulipo kama unaumwa because of my weight sijui. I’m the one who is putting on the weight, you are the one who is having a headache or the pain. I don’t understand how? When people are skinny, they have HIV, they are stressing an all that, but when people are fat, ooh she is so ugly, shapeless or whatever. I am beautiful in my own skin whether am skinny or fat. And me being beautiful is not just about my size, lot of things contribute to me being beautiful. So let people be, who they wanna be if am putting on weight am gonna work on it.

While her response might be effective for some, it is a strawman. Many of the people aren’t complaining about the weight gain but her posting/sharing images that don’t correspond to what she looks like right now.

Simply put-She lied. Social media followers have a bond with the people they follow. Most of them come to expect a level of honesty with the person they are following-A realness from them.

While that notion might be naive’ it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Many of her fans and followers are wondering whether the Zari they can trust the things that she posts? If her photos aren’t apropos to how she looks now, then what does she share that is real and true?

That is the question for many of her critics. Weight gain has happened to many in Covid, it is understood. The lying about it is what many have a problem with.

View this post on Instagram

The weekend is here but with nowhere to go #SaLockdown day 100

A post shared by Zarithebosslady (@zarithebosslady) on

But I could be wrong.

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I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me – Wema Sepetu says

Lately Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu has been speaking about her past in an unvarnished manner. The biggest ones have concerned her former relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

For those of you who need a quick reminder, Diamond dated Wema from 2012 to 2014 just as he was beginning the biggest thing in East African music.

Diamond Platnumz with Wema Sepetu when she was bald
Diamond Platnumz with Wema Sepetu when she was bald

Wema revealed that during their time together she and Diamond had made a blood oath! The blood oath was to seal their relationship which later broke due to Diamond Platnumz cheating ways.

Wema explained that the break-up with Diamond had been a painful time for her after Diamond gave his new woman, Zari everything he had promised to give her (Wema).

Hoping for a reaction? Zari cooks chapati to seemingly troll Diamonds exes

In a recent interview with Chumba Cha Umbea, the actress said seeing Zari pregnant with Diamond’s kid, in such a short time, hurt her immensely. “The first, second month and Zari is already pregnant. It really tormented me for a long time, almost a year. I was very certain that I was the problem,” she explained.


Through the interview, Wema confesses that learning about Zari’s first pregnancy with Diamond hurt her for a while; but after the baby was born, she slowly started letting go. “I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me. So it hurt, just seeing Tiffah being born. But it’s just life,” she said.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Wema also wished that she had become a mother and wondered what she lacked to have such a life.

Watch the video below courtesy of Juma Lokole.

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Poll: “Would you want to see Diamond and Zari get back together romantically?”

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been the biggest story this past week. The reason is simple. Zari visited the father of her 2 kids in Tanzania after a two-year hiatus since she dumped him 2 years ago.

Zari, people aren’t mad at you for being fat…it’s for the lying

From 2018, the two have not appeared together, while Diamond himself hasn’t seen his kids for more than one year. Since Zari’s arrival last week, Diamond has gone all out for her and his two kids.

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Parents, co-parenting #familyreunion

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Some of the photos the ex-couple has posted have elicited some incredible reactions from their fans, with some having dreams of them getting back together.

Some of the comments coming from fans wanting the two to get back together are below:

umaskygirl I wish u two were back together again. U r the best woman for diamond

asmaally22 Fungeni ndoa sasa kazi kuzini tuu

bruno_kug 🔥🔥🔥🔥 feels good seeing you guys together

xtashray_254 My prayers are still there… Keep aside all that happened…we still need that couple

meanyou11 Love You guys together ❤️❤️❤️❤️

natasha1965 I don’t know why I am in tears now but trust me this is so beautiful…. @diamondplatnumz this is all you need. A woman of class, intelligence and beautiful besides you. God you have done it again!

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Parents, co-parenting #familyreunion

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While many of their fans might want them together despite the crazy past that they have, can it really happen? I have my thoughts about it-one that I will explore in a future article.

Please vote here on whether you would like to see the two get back together?

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Zari’s close billionaire friend Ginimbi dies in tragic road accident (video and pictures)

While many Kenyans were living it up and trying to avoid curfew rules, others tragically lost their lives. One of those men is Zari Hassan’s great friend, Zimbabwean billionaire Genius Ginimbi Kadungure.

The ostentatious and flamboyant business-man died in a car accident at 5 a.m in the morning after partying all night. According to eye-witnesses, his Rolls Royce rammed into a tree and caught on fire.

According to initial reports, Ginimbi died on the spot early Sunday morning in a road accident along Borrowdale Road in Harare.

His overspeeding Rolls Royce was involved in a head-on car accident with a blue Honda Fit. He was returning to his Domboshava palatial home around 5 AM after attending a friend’s birthday party.

According to witnesses, the Rolls Royce veered off the road, crashed into a tree and burst into flames. Ginimbi was in the company of three other people including the lady who was celebrating her birthday. The 3 were burnt beyond recognition.

The occupants of the Honda Fit however escaped the fatal accident with minor injuries.

One of his best friends, Zari remembered him in a post on her social media where she wrote; “My g, you’re gone too soon. you always said life is too short, we didn’t see this coming. rest in paradise my g.”

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#ZariHassan mourns her billionaire socialite friend #Ginimbi. Check cause of death in our previous posts.

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Let the man rest in peace.

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