Churchill comedian Zainabu speaks on grief after death of her baby


Zainabu is currently a mum to a healthy baby girl Malaika after giving birth this past August. But she is letting us in on a secret she has held onto about another baby we didn’t know of.

The  Churchill comedian shared that she has fought feelings of depression when her unborn baby died.

She wrote

 Personally I have been through this and I almost lost my life at some point but up to this point am still struggling to heal but I have been able to overcome pain to great extent. 

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Zainabu Zeddy in a past photo
Zainabu Zeddy in a past photo

Zaianbu added that while every person grieves in their own way, there is help and shared some information

Am speaking about this because I have found some way we can exploit and get help in closing the doors of pain as we look forward to healing completely. If you are such a mother or you know somebody who have lost a child, please let us communicate and find each other for us to restore our lives and our dignity.. no matter the circumstances that led to your baby not making it, we are still mothers and we need to recreate our selves through psychological support.

The death of a baby can bring profound grief. Here are some words of comfort from her

my story of pain will yield joy for many people and am here to tell you we can wake up and move again

zaimabu zeddy

You can read her full statement by clicking on this link.   plus more information and support for parents on coping with grief.

Zainabu Zeddy
Zainabu Zeddy pregnant

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Fast and Furious, Hobbs and Shaw receives largely positive reviews

Hobbs and Shaw is the latest Fast and Furious spin-off. The movie with the large cast was released this weekend. The film received praise for “the charisma of Johnson, Statham, and Kirby” as well as the “visual style and action choreography finesse”

Some critics “had trouble getting past just how much the film was attempting to fit into its two-hour-and-15-minute runtime”. Some of the reviews are below;

Mick LaSalle of San Francisco Chronicle wrote, ‘“Hobbs & Shaw” is witty and mischievous, full of surprise and invention, and a total blast.’

Vince Mancini of Uproxx wrote, ‘It’s not that Hobbs & Shaw attracts dumbness so much as inspires it. You watch it with your mouth dangling half-open, chuckling like Beavis And Butthead, and that’s part of the appeal. Spectacle doesn’t need to be smart.’

Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw

Matthew Dougherty of IGN wrote,’ ‘Though it’s too long, and not every action scene or comedy bit works, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and terrific rising star Vanessa Kirby ensure that there’s fun to be had in a Fast & the Furious movie not centered around cars or racing.’

Critics review Men in Black: International

Michael O’Sullivan of Washington Post wrote, ‘The film is far from prestige fare, yet more often than not, it hits that summer sweet spot between the silly and the satisfying.’

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone wrote, ‘Whatever this is, it’s not a movie — it’s a product more deserving of a road test than a review.’

Hobbs and Shaw
Hobbs and Shaw

Brian Lowry of CNN wrote, ‘Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw is an awfully long-winded title for a movie with roughly the same plot as the 1989 squabbling buddy vehicle “Tango & Cash,” only with bigger — well, pretty much everything — and better special effects.’

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Churchill comedian Zeddy’s baby bump is giving pal Nasra baby fever


We are well into baby season in Kenya, and this weekend we were treated to surprise news that Churchill show comedian Zeddy is heavily pregnant.

She unveiled her cute baby bump, as her celeb pals congratulated her.


Nasra her fellow comedian shared the baby bump photo confessing she has some serious baby fever after seeing Zeddys pregnancy bump.

Nasra is bracing herself for the ultimate baby fever and wrote

Pia mm nataka😭😭😭😭😭😭congratulations babe


Other celebrities who are currently pregnant include Diana Marua, Kambu and Milly Wa Jesus, all whom are expected to deliver their bundle of joy soon.


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