Women are technically the heads in our homes – YY Comedian’s emotional message

A picture of a woman pulling a cart has been doing rounds social media for a while and YY the comedian had a lot to say about it and the role women play in the society

The comedian took to his social media to pen a long powerful message about women and the lengths they go to for their families.

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The social media post read,

Powerful picture…Women will remain my heroes forever despite their traits that we may not accede to….

Why are we even afraid to choose women sometimes….

They are capable!!!They Can ,They shall,They will conquer….(Slay queens mkae kando kidogo)😂…..

women are Hard workers as much as they are fragile….They can deliver under empowerment….


Comedian YY, whose real names are Oliver Otieno, did not hold back as he addressed women as the pillars of the family. He posed a question on how women needed a chance in leading the male dominated country.

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His post continued to read

What if the country is suffering cz of it needs Women?Someone who knows how to share?Just a question,don’t kill me….

Senior positions are occupied 98% by Men who are wasting us out of Greed…Men We have let ourselves down….

Have you ever realized that you’re always scared of borrowing stuff from a shop that is being run by a woman??

That’s how powerful they are….Let me share this logic,..They say a Man runs the family but the truth is we don’t RUN sh*t!Women Do it!….


women are Technically The Heads in our homes…the most we Men can do is give money and go about our business, come back to find everything DONE,….BY WHO?You already know the Answer boom!….

A house that has a woman is usually Very Clean (except for few unpolished women who’s work is to watch netfix and compete with the man)….

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Kenya Is a bachelor, and the only person who Can clean shit up Is the WOMAN!😎…If a woman Can mould A man from scratch to even become A leader,Then She Is The Leader….Am outter Here✌

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