Why are some of you females so rude and petty? Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura asks

There are some who believe that every well-known personality should be living a certain type of way-all glitz and glamour.

That pressure on these popular personalities forces some of them to try keeping up with the Joneses and sometimes with devastating effects.

But one celeb who will not be bullied into living this type of a life is Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura. She recently hit back at those criticizing her for not living a life they perceive she should live.

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura speaks on her relationship with his wife Diana Marua

 She said that she was tired of hypocrites who attacked her on her Instagram page and yet still had no qualms coming to her Dm’s for her help in promoting their businesses.

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@bahatikenya baby mama and their pretty little baby.

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This message was conveyed on her Instagram page where she said that she was living her own life on her own terms.

“Some of you think, just because I do not have something, it’s maybe because I cannot afford it – maybe I cannot but also I think people around me can. My mum can, if I do not have something and I want it, my mum can get it for me. Stop being petty and rude to people,” she said.


“Some of you females, not all but some. Why do you feel the need of doing that? You cannot follow people and be rude to them half the time. Why should you bother? Just block me. I am not a celebrity, I am leaving my life, just respect that.” Watch the video below:

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Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura speaks on her relationship with his wife Diana Marua

For a long time, Bahati’s two baby mamas Yvette Obura and Diana Marua seemed to have no love lost between them.


The passive-aggressive nature of their relationship.

Diana Marua smiling
Diana Marua smiling

But how is their relationship at the moment?

Are they forging new boundaries just like Diamond’s baby mamas, Hamisa and Tanasha’s whose new friendship is getting tongues wagging?

Bahati gives reason why he blocked his baby mama Yvette Obura

Yvette recently spoke about her relationship with the former model saying that the two women didn’t have a relationship with each other.

Yvette Obura


In an interaction with her Instagram fans, Yvette disclosed that her interactions with Marua are limited to when she picks up her daughter Mueni, to spend time with her baby daddy.

“How is your relationship with Diana Marua?” asked a fan.

“We don’t have a relationship, but she’s the one who picks up Mueni,” responded Yvette Obura.

Yvette Obura with Mueni
Yvette Obura with Mueni

Another fan delved deeper asking if the two even spoke?

Yvette replied that they didn’t speak and that the only thing that came close to a conversation was the greetings they had when Diana comes to pick her daughter Mueni.

“Do you talk with Diana? And are you the one who drops Mueni wherever she is to be picked up?” Yvette was asked.

Diana Marua with her daughter Heaven on her left and Mueni on the right
Diana Marua with her daughter Heaven on her left and Mueni on the right

She responded, “We don’t talk, salamu tu akikujia mueshy.” Miss Obura, however, added that there was no bad blood between the two.

“Do you have any beef with Diana?” asked another fan. “No I don’t,” responded Yvette Obura.

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Ninunulie gari na nyumba!! Bahati’s baby mama demands from singer

Bahati’s reality show is getting desperate or am I just cynical?

What new plot twist have the excellent screenwriters of the “reality”  show come up with now?

Drum roll, please. Yvette Obura has demanded a brand new car from the controversy-riddled singer. This is to aid her daily hustle of dropping their daughter Mueni Bahati to school every morning.

Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati

In the latest episode of Bahati Reality, Mama Mueni said that it’s about time the father of her daughter thinks about getting them a house and car that will aid their movements around the city.

Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati

In a scene fitting a telenovela, Ms Obura stormed into Bahati’s office saying,

“How have you been!? Naona unacheza PS tu kwa Ofisi, enyewe wewe umemake it. Alafu sasa unanibuyia Gari lini? Juu strory ya Cab imenichosha Kabisa. Gari ya kubeba Mueni. So gari ukibuyia Mueni mimi ndo nitaendesha , juu huku naona kuna gari tatu. Utanunua ama hutanunua? Juu huku naona kuna tatu na naona, na hata hiyo Van. 2020 lazima niendeshe gari. Hata tuwachane na story ya Gari, sasa Nyumba unatununulia lini? Nyumba ya mtoto wako na najua unaweza afford, leo ni leo sitaki kujua kama camera ziko ama jaziko lazima needs zangu zikuwe fulfilled. Hata think of it, hiyo nyumba yako wakati ulikuwa unabuyia, haikuwa supposed to be under my name ama under Mueni’s name. Imagine tunaendanga kila mahali na Taxi”

Was the singer phased by Yvette’s reasoning? Nah! He responed by stating that,“Kwani naenda nikinunulia watu gari Kenya, Gari ya nini Kwanza na Mueni namlipia Taxi. Kwani unabuyiiwa gari juu huku ziko.”

Bahati bought a car for Denno
Bahati bought a car for Denno

Don’t forget in October last year, Bahati bought a car for musician Denno. This might have inspired Yvette’s bright idea in asking her man for a car too.

Yvette blasts Bahati ‘You go for months without seeing your daughter’

Just the other day, Bahati had to explain why he decided to block his Baby Mama. The singer argued that he blocked the mother to his daughter, because she was talking to blogs about him for no good reason.


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Yvette blasts Bahati ‘You go for months without seeing your daughter’

Another day another story about Kenya’s ‘favourite’ gospel musician, Bahati. The past few weeks he and his baby mama, Yvette Obura have been going at each with accusations that surround the only thing they share, their beautiful daughter, Mueni.

All these happenings are detailed on their show, Bahati Reality where a lot of crazy revelations are aired. One of the newest is that the father of four goes for months without seeing their daughter which annoys her.

Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati

‘Being a parent is not all about just paying school fees, throwing a party. Presence is everything. You go for two months without seeing Mueni.”Yvette said.

The drama started when Bahati called her to ask her to bring their daughter for a party he has planned for the child’s birthday. Unfortunately, she was in Mombasa with her, to celebrate Mueni’s fourth birthday.

He was so mad, he ordered her to bring his daughter to Nairobi as soon as possible and they should use a plane and not SGR. Upon her arrival, they held a meeting to settle their co-parenting life.

Ati 27!!! Kenyans question Bahati as he reveals his age

The singer explained the reason why he decided to block his Baby Mama Yvette Obura was because she was talking to blogs about him. He got tired of waking up to a new story about him.

“Haujui mbona nilikublock? Sasa kama mtu hajui mbona nilimblock si hakuna haja ya hii meeting. Kama Yvette naamka leo tuko sawa, kidogo watu wametuona kwa Bahati Reality usiku, asubuhi najipata niko Mpasho. Kuna saa Yvette ameniweka kwa blogs sana for no good reason hadi nikaanza kudhani anafanya kazi huko. Sasa utafanya aje ndio usione huyu mtu, si unamblock. Mimi naongeanga na shosho yake. I’ll do anything to make sure my daughter gets the best life that I never had…’ said Bahati.

Bahati with Mueni
Bahati with Mueni

In response, Yvette stated that she has never done such a thing and she only wished her father and brothers a Happy Father’s Day.

At the end of the meeting, they both agreed they will work towards being good parents to their daughter because they all want the best for her.

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How Bahati’s daughter helped mum from being suicidal

Yvette Obura who together with singer Bahati had their firstborn four years ago, has recounted how her child, Mueni Bahati helped her overcome suicidal thoughts.

Celebrating her child’s birthday, Obura took to social media to praise her angel.

“God you blessed my womb, you gave me a seed, you trusted me with this beautiful human. God I might be imperfect in so many ways but God you know I give it all when it comes to being a mother.”

Adding “To my daughter Mueni,I wish you could can be old enough to read this, but I know years from now you will. Just want you to know that you’ve brightened my days, you’re my strength. This year you’ve helped me(unknowingly) overcome alot from having suicidal thoughts, healing my anxiety, mental health, to not giving up, to doing odd jobs just to give you the best, to throwing my ego out of the window to work for you and so much more mama. I love you so much my love and you’re all I have
Cheers to the joy you’ve brought to everyone around you, the smiles you share and the love you give. Here’s to many more years my baby, HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY”

Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati
Yvette Obura and Daughter Mueni Bahati

As always Instagram in-laws questioned why Bahati had not penned down a message for his first child on his social media.

And why Diana Marua, Mueni’s step mum also ignored the issue.

The singer is blessed with three other kids, Heaven, Majesty and Morgan, whom he adopted.

From us is a happy birthday to the Lil angel.

Times Bahati and daughter Mueni have shown us the magic of daddy-daughter goals

Is It For The Haters? Bahati And His ‘Older’ Girlfriend Diana Marua Prove Their LOVE After Baby Drama

Bahati has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons in the last couples of days after he revealed his daughter on social media, after keeping her a secret for 2 years.

Most of his fans were not happy for the move while others congratulated him for unveiling her and being a good father. But a big percentage of his fans attacked him for sharing photos of the little girl, Mueni, without appreciating or thanking her mother but instead, giving all the credit to his now girlfriend Diana Marua.


Things blew up when his video vixen girlfriend shared a photo on Instagram while holding his daughter, and that’s when friends to Bahati’s baby mama and relatives came out to bash her, telling her that it’s “disrespectful” and “insensitive”.

According to the family, Diana did not ask for consent from the mother of the child when she posted the picture, actually, none of them, including Bahati did.

Not ‘MTOTO’ Wa Mama After All! 5 Reasons Why Bahati Took 2 Years To UNVEIL His Daughter To The Public

The mother of the child Yvette Obura recently revealed that Bahati was not there for her when she gave birth, and during that time, he cheated on her. She also added that they started dating with the singer way before the fame and money.


But now, Bahati and Diana Marua seem to be going on about their business like nothing happened. They just came back to Nairobi from Zanzibar, where they were shooting a video for a new song, which may include Yamoto Band singer Aslay.

GOING SECULAR? Is Bahati Working On a Collaboration With Former Yamoto Band Singer Aslay? (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

The love birds have now shared cute photos together as if proving to haters that they are still much together and confirming that they know they were meant for each other.

Bahati was the first one to share the pic as they cuddle up with a caption that read; “God’s Approval is my Greatest Peace 🕊” then Diana Marua shared the same photo appreciating her man; “Una tabia za kupendeza roho 😍 #Grateful.”





GOING SECULAR? Is Bahati Working On a Collaboration With Former Yamoto Band Singer Aslay? (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Lover hitmaker Bahati seems to have landed himself in hot soup after unveiling his daughter whom he had kept a secret for two years.

While some Kenyans condemned him, others congratulated him, and praised his girlfriend Diana Marua for being courageous and staying with him despite his confession that he had a secret child.

Not ‘MTOTO’ Wa Mama After All! 5 Reasons Why Bahati Took 2 Years To UNVEIL His Daughter To The Public

Bahati, real name, Kevin Kioko has however not commented on the allegations that he’s a deadbeat dad who abandoned his child and the mother of the little girl by the name, Yvette Obura.


Yvette has blasted Bahati saying he didn’t bother telling her he was going to unveil her on social media. She also revealed that they dated for about 5 years before he became famous. Actually, she made it clear that she was not a groupie and at some point, he even cheated on her. Wow!

Bahati and his video vixen girlfriend Diana Marua are currently in Zanzibar, which happened just days after the lass was attacked for posing with his daughter, without even appreciating the baby mama. Fans told her off, saying it was disrespectful and insensitive.


The two are on the beautiful Island for both work and pleasure and as I was going through their posts, my attention was caught by the presence of former Yamoto Band’s singer Aslay, known for his song ‘Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama’.

The Bongo star was part of Bahati’s convoy. Aslay recently revealed that Yamoto band is parting ways, attributing it to his solo career.

Remember That Kid Who Sang “Naenda Kusema Kwa Mama”? Look How Grown And Masculine He’s Become (PHOTOS)

I bet these guys are up to something, which could be the main reason the Kenyan singer decided to do a video shoot in Zanzibar, which is a few hours from Dar es Salaam.

If this is true, this will be the second secular artiste Bahati has worked with from Tanzania. Check out the photos below.