Uganda isn’t your dad’s property!! Bobi Wine slams Museveni’s son

Ugandan activist Bobi Wine has told off President Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba for assuming Uganda belongs to his dad.

Bobi hit at Muhoozi after he shared a satirical illustration of him and Bobi Wine over who will take over once Museveni steps down.

“Me and my young brother Kabobi arguing over who can fill my father’s shoes! Thanks to the best artist in Uganda…Kintu!” penned Muhoozi.

Bobi Wine

To which an agitated Bobi Wine responded,

I am not your brother and I’m not competing for your father’s shoes. You’re entitled to M7’s shoes, cows, and even his hat. One mistake you make is to think that Uganda is one of your father’s properties for you to inherit.”

Bobi Wine is a sworn critic of President Museveni.

This is because he has on different occasions contested for Uganda’s highest seat to the disappointment of the dictator Head of State.

So messy are things between the two that Bobi Wine has been arrested on several occasions.

In 2017 his house was blasted by unknown people, and he was also put under house arrest. Museveni is a dictator who got into power in January 1986.

He spearheaded rebellions that toppled Ugandan presidents Milton Obote and Idi Amin before he captured power in 1986.

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Ugandan MP Bobi Wine arrested at airport on way to US for medical treatment

Ugandan police on Thursday arrested Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulani aka Bobi Wine at the Entebbe international airport.

Bobi and another legislator Francis Zaake were held as they were trying to leave the country to seek treatment abroad.

They were heading to the US for treatment following the injuries they suffered while being tortured by the security forces.


Allegations that Kyagulanyi and Zaake were tortured triggered widespread protests in Kampala and other parts of the country.

The two were among a group of five lawmakers that were detained on August 13 in Uganda’s northwestern town of Arua.

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They were accused of throwing stones at President Yoweri Museveni’s convoy during the campaign for a vacant seat in parliament.

Museveni, in power since 1986, has repeatedly been accused by his opponents of rights abuses and widespread use of security personnel to suppress opposition to his rule.

He denies that his government carries out abuse,According to a tweet by Ugandan Police Bobi was fleeing the country that is why they apprehended him.

“The Uganda Police halted the departure of Robert Kyagulanyi at Entebbe International Airport.Given the fact that he is on bail, the police is concerned and await for guidance from the relevant government department.”

In a separate statement on Thursday police said they had also found Zaake at Entebbe early on Thursday, “trying to flee the country and accordingly apprehended him.”

Kyagulanyi in particular has emerged as a formidable threat to Museveni’s 32-year rule, winning popular support through his music and strong criticism of the government.


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In the days after the lawmakers were detained, allied politicians and relatives said the two were tortured and both needed to be taken outside the country for specialised medical care.

Kyagulanyi, who has been charged with treason alongside several others for his role in the stoning incident, used crutches in court appearances.

He was transported in an ambulance at times. His supporters say he was beaten with a metal bar while in detention.

Zaake has not been charged but has been at a hospital in Kampala, with images of him posted on social media showing him lying on a bed, eyes closed, with multiple bruises on his hand and other body areas.


Police said he was taken to the country’s national referral hospital in Kampala where he would be treated under custody.

He would be charged “at an appropriate time” with offences from the stoning of the presidential convoy.

Bobi’s wife Barbie condemned the use of violence by police during the legislator’s arrest.

She said the MP has a medical report from Lubaga hospital recommending urgent medical treatment abroad.


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Posting on her facebook page Barbie said

“He told me that as soon as they closed the ambulance doors, he was again brutally beaten in front of a government doctor.They switched off the lights in the ambulance and started battering him! Bobi is now back in pain and he is dumped at Kirudu hospital.There is something we’re not getting. By denying him access to medical treatment, do they need him disabled for life?” she asked.”

She also strongly objected to state doctors forcefully trying to administer treatment or draw samples from the MP.

“The same people who have acquiesced in torturing him cannot be trusted with his body,” she quipped.

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I Don’t Want Your Blood Money, No! Bobi Wine Returns 29m Bribe Money

Bobi Wine is becoming quite the rebel.

Yoweri Museveni should watch out for this one. The revolution will not be televised but it will be beamed live.

Bobi Wine took to social media to let his fans and constituents know that he has returned a bribe of Uganda shillings 29 million.

Bobi Wine

Read why Bobi Wine returned the brbe…

On 24th October, 2017, 29,000,000/= (Uganda Shillings Twenty Nine Million) was deposited to my Bank Account. This money was given to all Members of Parliament. According to official communication, this money was given to Members of Parliament to consult on the unfortunate proposal to amend Article 102(b) of the Constitution of Uganda and remove the 75 year age-limit as a qualification to stand for President of Uganda.
I have accordingly instructed my bank to immediately return this money to its sender. My decision is based on the following reasons.
1. Firstly, all Members of Parliament are paid a monthly constituency allowance for the sole purpose of enabling them consult the constituents on parliamentary business. Each year, Parliament debates and passes very many laws. In the recent past Parliament has passed or is considering several laws which affect the common person in many ways, including the Land Amendment Bill (for Government to compulsorily acquire people’s land) the National Biosafety (GMO) Act, the Minimum Wage Bill, etc. How come Members of Parliament were not given additional money to ‘consult’ on these important laws?
This money is being spent on a matter that does not need any consultation whatsoever. Ugandans made it clear long ago that they are opposed to a life presidency. They don’t want the Constitution tampered with in any way. In their small towns, villages and homes they have unanimously said “Togyikwatako.” The young and the old. Men, women and children. So what is there to consult about?
2. Secondly, by giving each of the 449 MPs 29 million shillings, the taxpayer is losing about 13 billion shillings on this unfortunate exercise. This happens at the time when state prosecutors, judicial officers, doctors, teachers and other public officers are on strike or threatening to strike over poor working conditions. When hospitals and health centers are dilapidated and devoid of basic equipment and drugs. When it was a tag of war to get a single cancer machine, yet thousands of Ugandans who get cancer would need such machines in all districts. When our female children have to drop out of school because they don’t have sanitary pads. When children study under trees. When most of our people are starving to near death.
We cannot be seen to legitimise the wanton waste of public resources by accepting this money for whatever reason. Where are the priorities? Think about this- how many schools or hospitals can that money build? How many ambulances? Yet whenever citizens demand for some basic entitlements, the government is always singing – “there is no money.” SHAME

Bobi Wine
3. Some people have suggested that I get this money and use it to uplift the conditions of my constituents. This would be a very good idea given the level of need- but the law is against it and it could be used to frame me and other MPs with corruption charges. Under Section 2 of the Anti-Corruption Act, 2009, corruption includes the diversion of public money and using it for any other purpose other than that for which it was intended. By using that money to buy beds or solar panels for our people instead of ‘consulting’ I would be deemed to have diverted it. As a law abiding citizen, I shall not play into their trap. (Please note: We only abide to laws which are just and fair). By God’s grace, I want to assure the people of Kyadondo East that despite our many needs, we shall not be complicit in this broad daylight robbery of our citizens. We shall uplift our conditions- one day at a time.
Secondly, it is the duty of government to provide these services. We pay taxes for social services. Our duty is to ensure that those taxes benefit us, and not to bribe us to sell our birthrights as a nation.
For these reasons, I state that the 29 Million Shillings is a BRIBE. It is sad that I have to call taxpayers sweat EVIL MONEY which I cannot even touch. It would be immoral and against my conscience to keep it.
Sente y’ekibi kijja mu yiyo. SIJJA KUZIKWATAKO NAWE #TOGIKWATAKO

Here are some of the strong reactions to the move

Nabatanzi Moureen: Do u think taking back that money makes u a hero it just shows u r a follower n kasagati theres a boy hes going to sit p.7 he has a little sister to take care of they were abandoned by there parents they ve no support n even the child needs operation the young one they ve no help but y dnt u use that money to help them they will never forget u n they will appreciate instead of making news that u took back that

Bobi Wine: We can raise funds for our smaller needs as a community without having to accept bribes. For example, on the 15th of October we held a show at One Love Beach and we are using the proceeds to buy maternal beds for Kasangati and Watuba Health Centres. We can raise that 29m or more in just a day without having to sell our conscience.

James Kelly Goodluck: Seriously i also had a thought that instead of returning this money back i wish the opposition members collect that money together and do something to the suffering ugandan than returning it back to the corrupt govt we all know coz it may not even go back really they should think about it

GP Walcot Eddy: Come and see how Ugandans love free money!!!! Now see this nabatanzi… U mean the boy who wants to sit p7 was waiting for this money to sit p7?
As a Ugandan how does it offend you to collect money for him??
How many people living near that boy? Coll…See More

Muwanguzi Enock: Who remembers judas Iscariot telling Jesus to save the oil for sale so that money should be given to the poor? But was Judas sincere and felt for the poor as he claimed? No. He was just a thief

Drama At Uganda’s Parliament As MPs Turned Into Wrestlers (VIDEO)

Uganda is on top of the political drama game after MPs were seen fighting each other over President Yoweri Museveni’s 31 years of ruling.

The Ugandan law currently bans anyone over the aged of 75 from holding the country’s highest office, meaning current President Yoweri Museveni, 73, is ineligible to run in the next election.

The fight started after some opposition ministers accused ruling party members of carrying guns, sparking a fierce argument which turned into pushing and eventually brawling.

Punches and chairs were thrown as ministers fought on tables and across rows of seats before plainclothes secret service agents hauled members of the opposition from the main chamber of parliament, located in Kampala.

Proof That Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni Is The Best Dad Ever After Doing This For His Daughter

Opposition leaders say Museveni, who has ruled the country since helping to overthrow previous Ugandan leaders Idi Amin and Milton Obote, is attempting to establish a rule for life.

Museveni has so far refused to be drawn into the argument on whether or not he wants to run at the next election, saying that the issue is ‘not important’.

Police have violently broken up street demonstrations protesting the effort to amend the constitution, arresting scores since the past week.

Museveni ‘fires’ his twitter handler via tweet

Although Museveni warned in the past that Africa’s problem was leaders ‘who want to overstay in power,’ he has since said he was speaking about leaders who were not elected.

Uganda has never seen a peaceful change of power since independence from Britain in 1962.

Here is the video:

Here are the photos: