Melanin: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s hot daughter meets Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Her picture emerged after meeting US singer Kanye West and his socialite wife Kim Kardashian.

President Museveni met Kanye and his wife at State House Entebbe, where the head of state’s discussion with the American entertainment stars focused on supporting Uganda’s tourism and the arts.

Kanye arrived in Uganda last week along with his wife Kim Kadarshian and rapper Big Sean.

These are camping at the Chobe Safari Lodge in Western Uganda, where they are shooting videos for the singer’s latest studio album.

Museveni’s daughter Diana Kamuntu was elated to meet the two and shared photos.

Diana is Museveni’s last born daughter and she is the apple of her fathers eye.

Here is a must see photo of the first daughter.


kanye meets museveni's cute daughter
US Rapper Kanye West, Ugandan first daughter Diana and Kim Kardashian

Uganda considering deal with Israel to allow migrants into its borders

Uganda has had a troubled history with Israel but it seems that in recent years there has been a thawing between the two countries.

Such a thawing that they are engaged in negotiations to settle African immigrants from the Middle Eastern country.

Uganda is considering a request from Israel to take in 500 migrants from Eritrea and Sudan, a minister said on Friday.

This is the first time the country has acknowledged it is in talks over such a deal.

“The State of Israel, working with other refugees’ managing organisations, has requested Uganda to allow about 500 Eritreans and Sudanese to relocate to Uganda,” Musa Ecweru, Minister of State for Relief, Disaster Preparedness and Refugees said in a statement.

“The government and ministry are positively considering the request.”

About 4,000 migrants have left Israel for Rwanda and Uganda since 2013 under a voluntary programme but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under pressure from his right-wing voter base to expel thousands more.

In January, Israel started handing out notices to male migrants from Eritrea and Sudan giving them three months to take the voluntary deal with a plane ticket and $3,500 or risk being thrown in jail.

The government said from April it would start forced deportations but rights groups challenged the move and Israel’s Supreme Court has issued a temporary injunction to give more time for the petitioners to argue against the plan.

Government representatives told the court earlier this week that an envoy was in an African country finalising a deportation deal after an arrangement with Rwanda to take migrants expelled under the new measures fell through.

Until Friday’s statement, Ugandan officials had denied to Reuters that their government was in talks with Israel to resettle migrants.

Ecweru said “all refugees world over” should be “voluntarily repatriated with strict observance and adherence to international law”, but did not give further details on the possible deal.

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‘Avoid Risky Lifestyles,’ Shouts Yoweri Museveni To His Army. Here Are Reactions Of Ugandans Trolling Him Badly

Yoweri Museveni is a man under siege. If it is not Bobi Wine giving his sleepless nights, it is his citizens trolling him online.

Just recently, the Ugandan army raided Red Pepper over a story published this month on tensions between Uganda and neighbouring Rwanda over a range of economic and security disputes.

There’s no tension between Uganda and Rwanda…we have no problem at all (with Rwanda),”Uganda’s foreign affairs ministry spokeswoman, Margaret Kafeero, told Reuters.

Now Yoweri Museveni has to keep everyone in check. Especially after what happened to Uncle Bob in Zimbabwe.

Recently, he attended a combined arms live fire exercise at Karama Armoured Warfare Training Centre. The exercise preceded the passing out of tank crews and crews of other infantry fighting vehicles.

The Ugandan president warned his army to zip up and shape up.

“Congratulations to the crews and my advice to them is that they should avoid risky lifestyles – avoid umalaya, alcohol and corruption. Their future is bright.”

Yoweri MseveniHe then went ahead to promise them a salary rise.

“Now that the economic situation in Uganda is improving, the government will be able to look into raising of salaries of soldiers, public servants, health workers and teachers and also deal with institutional housing.”

Here are some tweets from Ugandans reacting to the post. The revolution will indeed be broadcasted live on social media.

Orwa IV: Banange, that is bribery Ssssebo! Are you trying to disrupt the coming revolution and your ouster? Because you deleted all your Bush comrades, not sure the young blood in UDF will give you a #Mugabe treatment. Good luck though #Resist


PAPARAZZI‏: When you wake up and realise your long time serving comrade, mentor and partner in crime #MugabeHasFallen has been forcefully dragged out of power after 37yrs in Zimbabwe by soldiers using his own heavy guns purchased using tax payers’ money 💵


‘Kwani Joho Ni Mama Yako? You’re So Obsessed With Him!’ Kenyans On Twitter Blast Mohammed Ali

BeautifulSoul‏: Stop fooling us, now that your friend is gone, you want to show us that your doing good and the economy is booming. If you love this country please resign peacefully, an economy that changes leadership develops. Many Ugandans are in extreme poverty.

Kastiro Bernard‏: The economy being vibrant is one thing and debatable. Mr. President, will Uganda achieve middle income status as you promised jseveral ago, and what other plans in case you fail to get rid AgeLimit from constitution, will you go back to the bush? Greed for power.


Erizafani‏: Show us numbers to back that statement you know the fish only see the bate not the hook this time around you are the fish.


Wafiire Brian‏: Mr. president @kagutaMuseveni am sure soldiers are not policemen. These people have no advocates and yet they are almost the face of government, you didn’t mention them anywhere (hope they are not among the generalised public servants).

@McShaffy: You are next in line.. Do the honorable thing now, walk away before your are forced to do so.. Honorable men dont hold on to what they can’t handle.. Your continuous holding on to power is temporary. So think about it..

Elema Bashuna‏: Good 2c you are really scared. It might be too late though, they are no longer fools as u think.

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