Kanye West’s latest shoe the Yeezy 450 sells out in under one minute


Billionaire Kanye Wests has a hold on the sneaker world no matter the trolls.

The latest release from his Adidas: YEEZY line, the YEEZY 450 in Cloud White, sold out in under one minute.

The Addidas Yeezy 450 made its debut on Saturday March 6th at 7 a.m — and promptly sold out within a minute. By 7:01 a.m, the unconventional shoe went out of stock on the Adidas app and Yeezysupply.com.

The shoes costs Sh20,000. Those who snagged them are reselling them for Sh90,000.

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While many have a problem with the style of the shoes, sneaker enthusiasts still manage to grab up the shoes proving he is in this game to stay.

A fan @Kutilerie noted his influence in the show world saying

Kanye is truly the GOAT fr . They called the Yeezy slides and foam runners ugly  now everyone’s wearing them and every company’s trying to replicate them

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Kanye West’s Yeezy brand sues intern for Sh55million for leaking images


Kanye Wests’ apparel brand Yeezy is suing an intern for breaking a Non Disclosure Agreement and leaking images on Instagram.

The company is seeking $500,000 -Sh55million- in for posting confidential images on Instagram.


The mentioned intern named Ryan Inwards, signed non-disclosure agreements that contained a $500,000 liquidated damages provision, according to a complaint filed Friday (January 15) in LA County Superior Court (per The Hollywood Reporter).

The NDAs prohibit disclosing or disseminating confidential information on social media, but the brand Yeezy has in the court papers claimed that their intern shared confidential imaged of items on Instagram and despite multiple notices to remove them, hasn’t done so from Instagram.

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