Yebei ‘spotted’ in outskirts of Eldoret town

The search for the missing ICC witness Meshack Yebei took a new twist when eyewitnesses said they have on several occasions spotted a man resembling Yebei in the outskirts of Eldoret town even after reports of his disappearance.

Boda boda riders in Kiplombe led Yebei’s family led by his brother Reverend Moses Kisoria to a semi-permanent house where he was said to have been seen as recently as Saturday last week.

“I saw him last Saturday. I have carried him on my motorcycle twice since you people reported that he had disappeared,” one of the riders said.

Neighbours however contradicted the allegations of the riders saying no one has been to the house since the family left for Christmas.

Yebei was allegedly abducted on December 27, 2014 from Turbo market North of Eldoret where he had gone to have his sick child treated.

A body initially believed to be that of Yebei’s was retrieved by police at River Yala bridge on January 5 this year bearing marks of barbaric torture – his ears were chopped off and his head had deep cut wounds.

A DNA test however established that the retrieved body was that of Hussein Yusuf.

Yusuf was buried on January 22 by family at the Eldoret Muslim cemetery.


DNA tests show body is not Yebei’s

A CID officer has said DNA test results show that the contested body is that of Yusuf Hussein, not ICC witness Meshack Yebei. Yebei’s elder brother, Ben, told The Star Newspaperthat the officer gave the family the information on Thursday.

He said an official announcement by CID Director Ndegwa Muhoro on Thursday would put a stop to uncertainties. Yebei’s family is however seeking an order barring Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary in Eldoret from releasing the body.

Hussein’s family is expected to collect his body for burial today. Uncertainties about the identity of the recovered body arose following Yebei and Hussein’s disappearances over the same period.

Yebei’s family had earlier insisted that the body found floating in River Yala, Nandi county in December was their son’s. Police had however said fingerprint tests indicated the body was that of Hussein, whose relatives had also claimed positively identifying.

Both families had gone ahead with burial preparations. An activist alleged that the confusion is a deliberate move to cover up Yebei’s death.

Police say DNA tests show body thought to be ICC witness Meshack Yebei not his

The controversy surrounding the death of slain ICC witness Meshak Yebei has taken a new twist after police established the body was not his. CID officer John Kariuki says fingerprints examined show the body belongs to one Yusuf Ali. A joint DNA test with the two families will be conducted to establish the correct kin before the body is released for burial.

Wife of slain ICC witness Yebei, delivers baby

The widow of the slain ICC Witness Meshack Yebei has delivered a baby at a hospital in Eldoret just three days before his burial.

Lillian, who already has two other children with Yebei, delivered her third child through cesarean section at Mediheal hospital. Doctors said she had suffered pressure leading to an operation to deliver the baby.

Meanwhile, the family is still waiting for the CID to release results of DNA tests carried out on Yebei’s badly mutilated body which was discovered last week after he went missing.

Yebei is set to be buried at the family home in Eldoret later this week.