Makueni student kills self after being sent home for smoking

A Form Three student at Yangua Secondary School in Mbooni, Makueni, allegedly committed suicide after being sent home to buy a barbed wire as punishment for indiscipline.

The 19-year old boy’s lifeless body was found dangling in his house by his younger sister on Thursday evening.

“He used a mosquito net to hang himself in his house,” his mother Florence Mueni said.

Mueni said the daughter, a Standard Three pupil, found her brother’s door wide open when she returned home from school.

“When she went into the house, she found brother’s body hanging from the roof. She told a neighbour who called us on the phone and said he had committed suicide,” Mueni said.

The mother said the deceased was sent home by the principal on Wednesday for allegedly sneaking out of school and was caught smoking. It is reported that when the teacher wanted to punish the boy, he attempted to fight him.

The boy, who was a day scholar, was accompanied to school by his father on Thursday morning, but the principal sent them away.

“I was told that my son cannot return to school without a barbed wire as part of his punishment for indiscipline,” his father Munyao Mutie, a farmhand in Mukimwani village, said.

Mutie said he went to work and left his son talking to with his friends in the school compound.

“We had agreed that he goes home as I go to look for money for the barbed wire. But later in the day, I received a phone call that my son had taken his life,” he said.

The boy left a handwritten suicide note denying the accusations against him.

“I don’t see the need to take a barbed wire to school when we can’t afford one at home. Nilipitia kwa gate [I used the school gate], and I didn’t fight the teacher. Who saw me smoking?” reads part of the note found in the house written in Kikamba and Swahili.

The third born in a family of five also asked his mother to go and pick his books in school.

Naming his parents and siblings, the boy bid farewell to his family.

“Byee, tukoonana ivinda ya muminukilyo [We will meet when this world comes to an end],” the note said.

The father said his son was a humble boy and he does not believe that he smokes.

“I have never seen him with the character being described by the teacher. He was very disciplined at home. I have never caught him smoking or signs of it,” he told the Star in an interview.

Principal Constantine Kameti said he was busy handling the matter and would respond later.

“Right now I’m busy, let me come back to you later,” Kameti said on the phone.

Mbooni East police boss Agnes Amojong and Mbooni East subcounty Education Officer Douglas Maina said a probe is underway to establish the truth.

“We have a report that the boy committed suicide after he had been sent home over indiscipline,” Amojong said.

The body was taken to Tawa Hospital mortuary.