Read the absolutely ridiculous memo a woman was sent for dressing ‘inappropriately’

The memo below sent to a female employee for dressing ‘inappropriately’ has gone viral on social media.

The memo addressed to a Uganda woman, has upset social media because people are saying she is dressed ok.

My Dress My Choice: Two Students Arrested For Dressing ‘Indecently’ To Campus Dinner

The memo in part reads, ‘ This is to inform you that today September 21st 2017, while you were invited to the Office of the Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Judiciary for an explanation regarding non payment of your salary ad allowance for the month of July 2017, you turned up dressed in  a manner that does not [portray a good image of the judiciary and public service at large.’

It continues,’ In particular you were dressed in a very short and light dress which b y description does not fall within the generally accepted standards of the establishment notice No 1 of 2017 . A copy is attached for your ease of reference.’


Honestly guys, look at her outfit..would you deem it inappropriate for the workplace? Or am I missing something here?

Fellas, would this outfit distract you as you work?

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memo to woman susoended from work for tight dress