Things women can’t say but hate when you do them during lungula

Sex should be great, right?

It should be magical taking you to the highest levels of [email protected] But at times things are far from what they seem. It can get from nasty to the worst experience ever. Here are some of the things women just hate but can’t say a thing to keep your self-esteem intact:

1. Tongue in ear
Some of the women out here love this move but after speaking to a majority of them the hate you sticking your tongue in their ears.
Who does that surely? It’s sickening. Earbuds are there to do what you trying to do. Not unless she enjoys it please throw this foreplay move out of the windows.

2. Silence
Sex without noise, you know what I’m talking about, is one boring event. The mourning and screaming (some do this literally) keep things on fire. It brings energy into the game. But some men grind quietly. Like someone sitting for their semester papers. Make the groans bro!

3. Spanking
Some love it some hate it. Slapping that junk at the trunk becomes uncomfortable for some women out there. Their bossom is best as a support system for the grinding.
Other than that leave it for her to sit on. Guess she had it spanked back in primary for disciplinary action so she still hates the act.

4. Rough love
Some love the masochism. Been thrown on the bed and getting turned over and over like deep-fried drumsticks. It’s all fun and games until someone’s physical health is put at risk. You might hit the chandelier or the walls. What a shame it would be calling an ambulance in the midst of a romping session. What do you even tell the medics? Let the game be slow. Every moment counts and that’s what plenty of women wanna feel. Not ending things as soon as you began. It a waste bro!

‘Why I go through my husbands phone’ woman admits bad habit


There is thing women call a gut feeling that prompts them to do stuff such as look through a mans phone.

It has been said countless times that go looking for trouble and it will find you. Mary Kitany is such an example.

List of the most scandalous things Kitany has alleged about Linturi!

The trending story right now is how Mary Kitany snooped through Mithika Linturi’s phone and found illicit photos and other content that made her unhappy.

Classic’s Maina Kageni opened up the topic of women going through their mens phone and whew…. people had alot to say.


Take for instance this wife who confessed she looked at her mans phone, and disappointment does not begin to describe how she feels about him,

‘The thing that makes me go through the phone is actually mistrust. My husband works in the army and one day I decided to look through his phone when he was on leave. and i found out that he’s actually been seeing his colleague.

He’s been cheating on me with his colleague. I was preparing to go to work in the morning so I didn’t even tell him I saw the text. 

What did the text say that made her upset?

They were flirting all through like sometimes they go out for missions and it’s like she was there with him. So obviously they were having a thing I think they were even sleeping together. 

‘Focus on your marriage let others be dumped’ Maina blasts angry man

I didn’t even tell him that I saw the message so I went to work and when I came back in the evening I asked him and he denied. And I was so mad because he denied something yet I saw him and mark you those messages are no longer there. 

He had deleted them

So what did she do?

There are not there so you have no proof, but I know I saw them.

I just let it go but upto today I say that this guy I will never trust him.


Why keep staying with him if she doesn’t trust him?

We have to be here Why should I leave him? It rains everywhere. 

Dear Classic 105 fam, don’t go through your partners phone no matter what.

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Middle-aged women with waist size over 35 inches increase risk of early death

Middle-aged women with a waist bigger than 35 inches are at risk of an early death even if they are of a ‘healthy’ weight, experts warn.

It means women with a size-18 dress fitting or above could be at risk, even if they have always been told they do not need to worry about their weight.

The research, led by the University of Iowa, casts into doubt the validity of ‘body mass index’ or ‘BMI’ – the standard measure of whether someone is of a healthy weight.

Experts stress that BMI – which measures someone’s weight against their height – does not differentiate between muscle and fat.

Snacks to avoid for better weight loss results

It also does not tell doctors where fat is accumulated in the body.Fat around the waist is dangerous because it wraps around crucial internal organs, especially compared to fat that accumulates on the thighs or face.

Professor Wei Bao, who led the new research, said: ‘The results suggest we should encourage physicians to look not only at body weight but also body shape when assessing a patient’s health risks.’

The findings are particularly alarming as the average waistline of women in England now exceeds 35 inches – putting most women into the at-risk category.
Women in England have grown an average three inches around the waist in 24 years, up from 32.2 inches in 1993 to 35.2inches in 2017, according to the most recent data gathered by NHS Digital.

In the US, women’s waistlines went up more than 2 inches between 1999 and 2015, from 36.3 inches to 38.6 inches, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

The new research, published last night in the JAMA Network Open medical journal, involved 157,000 postmenopausal women in the US aged 50 to 79, who were tracked from 1993 to 2017.

The researchers found those who were considered of normal weight – a BMI score of 17.5 to 25 – but had a waist size of more than 88cm (34.6in) were 31 per cent more likely to die within the two-decade study period than those who had a normal weight and slim waist.

They were most likely to die of heart disease or obesity-related cancer.
Professor Bao said: ‘People with normal weight based on BMI, regardless of their central obesity, were generally considered normal in clinical practice according to current guidelines.

‘This could lead to a missed opportunity for risk evaluation and intervention programmes in this high-risk subgroup.’

Experts who were not involved in the study welcomed the findings.

Sleeping with the light on or TV on could lead to weight gain

Dr Katarina Kos of the University of Exeter said: ‘Fat contributing to central obesity is known as ectopic fat.

‘It is called “ectopic” for the reason that it is not at the correct place.

‘Fat stored below the skin in what is known as subcutaneous fat tissue is the preferred place to store surplus energy.

‘Unlike central fat, it makes us more likely look physically bigger and it can add considerably to BMI.
‘The authors have an important message, which is for everybody keeping up a healthy lifestyle regardless of our overall build and, not surprisingly, the cohort of lean women with little central fat were found more active.’

Dr Joy Leahy of the Royal Statistical Society, said: ‘It should be noted that women of normal weight with a high waist circumference are a relatively small subgroup – 0.9 per cent of all women in this study and 2.6 per cent of women with normal weight in this study.

‘However, it is relatively easy to measure waist circumference in addition to BMI.

‘Therefore, the results of this study provide a compelling argument for including a measurement of waist circumference in the guidelines for clinical practice for women of normal weight.’

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‘If you help a man grow he will eventually leave you,’ women declare



A list of the qualities women want in men has upset many.

Among the list is a man should earn a six figure salary and live in certain neighborhoods to date and eventually marry some Kenyan girls.

One woman who had a bad experience in her marriage defended girls rights to demand men be financially stable, rather than waste their time with deadbeats.

She told Classic 105’s Mike Mondo that

I’m talking from a point of experience. You support your husband because your putting in 50 per cent on the table of the family budget. You help him with everything, to build an empire.

You are woman carrying his children and then along the way when he feels comfortable because you have been supporting him, he feels he wants another woman to enjoy my sweat.

Look at the people who have been supported by their wives, other than having a mpango wa kando what else do they have? What does the man give despite insults at the end of the day? So let our daughters not contribute to the family.

Is this true that when you help a man grow financially, that eventually he is going to leave you asked mike Mondo.

Mwalimu wasn’t convinced that all men are bad, defending them by saying

It’s a few rotten apples, right now ladies need to help their men said Mwalimu.


Leave the few rotten apples a majority who have been helped by their woman are appreciative and if you do something good for men they never forget added mwalimu. The problem is bad news travels father than good news he reiterated.

Mike opene dup the conversation to listeners and online users.


I’ve been listening and my issue was I’ve been dating this guy. I delivered a baby in 2017. At their home we didn’t even have a toilet so I had to build a toilet. I built a three bedroom mansion, I built a gate of 35 thousand shillings. I bought a probox to do business, I have bought him a car and in April I found condom and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was given by those PSI guys.

Another female caller disclosed her story about being dumped for a younger girl

I’m paying a very big loan and he is enjoying himself with other women.

The situation is however not so bad for all woman. A female caller urging for restraint.

Relationships are about building each other and I understand why they can be bitter with a man after building him. My advice to women in relationships is give and take. If you reach a situation where you are the only giver and don’t get anything in return there is something wrong. When it is one sided you become bitter. You have to be careful to grow together ans that it’s not one sided.

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Women are technically the heads in our homes – YY Comedian’s emotional message

A picture of a woman pulling a cart has been doing rounds social media for a while and YY the comedian had a lot to say about it and the role women play in the society

The comedian took to his social media to pen a long powerful message about women and the lengths they go to for their families.

‘He was like Akuku Danger’ – Morgan Heritage on fathers multiple baby mama’s

The social media post read,

Powerful picture…Women will remain my heroes forever despite their traits that we may not accede to….

Why are we even afraid to choose women sometimes….

They are capable!!!They Can ,They shall,They will conquer….(Slay queens mkae kando kidogo)😂…..

women are Hard workers as much as they are fragile….They can deliver under empowerment….


Comedian YY, whose real names are Oliver Otieno, did not hold back as he addressed women as the pillars of the family. He posed a question on how women needed a chance in leading the male dominated country.

Manhunt for Naivasha mother who sewed 8-year-old sons lips over poor school record

His post continued to read

What if the country is suffering cz of it needs Women?Someone who knows how to share?Just a question,don’t kill me….

Senior positions are occupied 98% by Men who are wasting us out of Greed…Men We have let ourselves down….

Have you ever realized that you’re always scared of borrowing stuff from a shop that is being run by a woman??

That’s how powerful they are….Let me share this logic,..They say a Man runs the family but the truth is we don’t RUN sh*t!Women Do it!….


women are Technically The Heads in our homes…the most we Men can do is give money and go about our business, come back to find everything DONE,….BY WHO?You already know the Answer boom!….

A house that has a woman is usually Very Clean (except for few unpolished women who’s work is to watch netfix and compete with the man)….

Meru priest stabbed to death after drinking spree as female companion flees 

Kenya Is a bachelor, and the only person who Can clean shit up Is the WOMAN!😎…If a woman Can mould A man from scratch to even become A leader,Then She Is The Leader….Am outter Here✌

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Financial confession: My wife’s Sh1million loan is ruining our lives

It is no secret that money and the lack of it ruins marriages.

Money issues arise in relationships, that people who say they’re experiencing stress in their relationship cite finances as the number one reason — easily beating out the second place contender: annoying habits, according to a study by SunTrust. Money issues are also responsible for 22% of all divorces, making it the third leading cause, according to the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysis.

A man on Classic 105 got emotional speaking about his baby mama

Now I have a story to share today. Now I have this lady we have three baby together, I work in the disciplined forces so we are basically earning almost the same amount Now I’ve worked my way all through, I have a masters degree She has nothing. Now I assessed her payslip recently she took a loan of one million I never saw that money I do not know where it went.

Accessing her gmail you know these apps have they usually send reminders and notifications I found the statement there I don’t know what to do coz she is so much into debt she wants all my salary. I’ve built a home for her. I don’t know where she takes her money.

‘We face pressure from friends wearing Sh80,000 wigs’, confesses woman

Don’t they ever have this conversation as a couple?


‘she does things behind my back. I have given up, when I ask her, she says it’s her business and I have seen nothing that she has bought. I don’t know where the money goes,

The question for spouses is

Is your relationship suffering because your partner is a heavy borrower? 

Ho do you deal with a financially irresponsible partner?

When your spouse is deep in debt, what do you do?

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The Perfect Cook’s Checklist: How many can you do?


How good are your culinary skills girls? Be honest.

A research sometime back suggested that women finally become perfect cooks at the grand old age of 55.

The said research showed that by the time they reach their mid-fifties, the female of the species has learned how to cater for parties of 12 or more, throw together random ingredients to make a decent meal, and rescue a dinner that has gone awry.

By 55 the typical women will also have the ability to produce 15 meals on a regular basis all cooked from scratch.

Take this checklist and see how good a cook you are:

  • Make gravy so that it is not runny
  • Can cook fried eggs without breaking the yolk
  • Can cook the perfect boiled egg
  • Cook beef until it’s not tender not tough
  • Cook carrots until they are aldente rather than soggy
  • Cook broccoli which isn’t mushy
  • Can rustle up more than 15 ‘regular’ dishes
  • Can throw random ingredients together to make something delicious
  • Is confident about throwing dinner parties for 12
  • Know what herbs compliment meat
  • Can differentiate between herbs
  • Can get all elements of a roast dinner ready at the same time
  • Can rescue a meal which looks like it is going wrong
  • Can cook bread from scratch
  • Cooks sauces from scratch rather than using jarred alternatives
  • Can make ice cream from scratch
  • Can make pasta from scratch
  • Happy to replicate celebrity recipes
  • Throw ingredients in without weighing when baking
  • Bake cakes such as Victoria sponge and lemon drizzle cake regularly

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Is it important for a woman to know how to cook in 2019 asks Maina Kageni

Ever heard a phrase that says, “Don’t marry a beautiful wife but marry a lady who can cook, for beauty fades but hunger does not.”

Maina and Kingangi in today’s morning conversation discussed if it was still important for a wife to know how to cook in 2019.

Maina posed the question: Are ladies still judged by their cooking? Where does she find time in today’s economy to cook?




Maina was of opinion that cooking is a hobby that should be done when one is ready to.

One response from a man was that women MUST know how to cook because,

when we marry these ladies we normally pay a lot of pride price and so when they come we expect them to know how to cook or they rather remain at their parents’ home.’

Another caller said,

If my wife does not cook and leaves the house girl that duty then its up to her because the house girl will be my cook and maybe my food in future. This comment left Maina wondering as to how one gets to live with such a husband.

Relationship guru Lisa Gaitho has a different opinion on relationships now

In the current generation almost all ladies are employed so like any other person they go out to work in the morning and come late at night and so they won’t get enough time to prepare food because both share expenses.

In other words cooking should also engage two parties both the husband and wife.

A female caller was of opinion that the modern woman should cook for their husbands. She went ahead to say that just as the way the woman finds time to go to the market to buy the cereals and all that she should also find time to cook for the family and if not then she should stay single.

Singer Akothee Shows Off Her Cooking Skills

Some of the comments were;

If a woman does not know how to cook then she should know how to gossips, she has to know one thing.

If your woman does not know how to cook don’t complain you are in a relationship not a restaurant. 

A woman who does not know how to cook is a scam.

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Menopause myths exploded by prominent doctor

Menopause has long been a taboo subject, but that’s changing – fast.

Numerous reports have sought to debunk some of the most common menopause myths.

This topic on womens health has been confused by the amount of misinformation that persists, according to an article published in the dailymail.

So, here are the top myths constantly heard…


Whilst menopause as a process certainly affects only women, men are affected by it massively! And this is another reason that we all need to talk about it.

Men are affected as they see their partner/sister/mother suffer the symptoms. These relationships become difficult or different or breakdown.

The women around them can no longer function as mothers/carers/partners and lose their jobs and household finances suffer.

So, this is actually an issue that will affect every single person at some point!


The average age of menopause in the UK is 51. But it’s an average, meaning there are younger and older women in the mix, too.

Also, bear in mind that this figure is the point at which women’s periods stop completely. Peri-menopause (the time leading up to periods stopping for good) can last for 10 years before this.

So women can be peri-menopausal with symptoms throughout their entire 40’s! Then there are women who go through premature ovarian failure or surgical menopause (removal of ovaries), plunging them into early menopause as young as 20. They then potentially have decades of symptoms.

This means women may be seeing their GP for menopause symptoms which are not being recognized because the assumption is that she is too young.


Hot flushes and night sweats are common but many women don’t have either.

My experience is that anxiety, mood changes and depression are probably the earliest symptoms and these often go unrecognised as menopause symptoms.

So if you have never previously suffered from anxiety/low mood and suddenly the world is a dark place, see your GP and ask if its peri-menopause.


The expensive and private BHRT clinics would love you to believe this but it just isn’t true.

Body identical and bio-identical mean the same thing; hormones made from plants (usually Yam) that mimic your own hormones exactly and they are definitely available on the NHS. Ask your GP for Oestrogel and utrogestan which is a totally bioidentical combination and can be tailored to suit you.

And don’t forget, there are so many ways to have HRT; tablets, patches, gels or a combination of these.


Again, I hear patients who are told this by friends and sometimes even their GP. It’s just not true.

For the 10 years leading up to menopause you may still be having periods, either regular or irregular and have full on symptoms which can be treated in the same way as if they had stopped completely.


The NICE guidance says that under the age of 60 the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks.

After 60 it’s a discussion between you and your GP and an assessment of any risks; there is no time limit.

FAT PEOPLE CAN’T HAVE HRT Just not true. Weight, migraine, smoking and diabetes are reasons that women have been declined HRT for – and all are false.


Definitely not true! Many a 50+ woman gets surprised by a perimenopause baby.

Until you have gone for a year if over 50 and 2 years under 50, you need contraception. HRT isn’t a contraceptive and women can, and do, get pregnant whilst taking it.

So if you are not quite ready for a baby don’t take a chance, it only takes one good egg!


Sadly not. There are lots of hidden and mental health symptoms. Depression/anxiety and mood changes are common, affecting every aspect of life.

The ability to think clearly, find words and concentrate are often lost, being described as brain fog.

Our bones, heart and brain are also left unprotected by oestrogen after menopause.


Women only have a small amount of testosterone before menopause, about 10% of their total, but its loss can make a major difference.

Loss of libido is common alongside fatigue and sometimes only testosterone replacement brings it back.


This might be true, but it’s the loss of oestrogen that causes them in most cases.

They have often had every test and antibiotic a urologist can find and the problem is solved within weeks with a little topical oestrogen cream.


Goodness me, why should it.

You have another 30 years of life! Certainly s3x can become painful as women can get va**nal atrophy but there are answers and it really doesn’t have to be the case.

Combinations of oestrogen, moisturisers, lubricants and/or HRT can bring back the intimacy.

Daily Mail

Single and childless women are the happiest –  behavioral scientist


Men should get married to improve their wellbeing but women ‘shouldn’t bother’, according to a leading expert in happiness who says that unmarried, childless women are the happiest people in society.

Paul Dolan, professor of behavioural science at the London School of Economics, said yesterday that men benefit from marriage because they ‘calm down’, while the same wasn’t true for women.

‘You take less risks, you earn more money at work and you live a little longer. She, on the other hand, has to put up with that and dies sooner than if she never married,’ he said.

‘The healthiest and happiest population sub-group are women who never married or had children.’

Speaking at the Hay Festival, Prof Dolan added:

‘We do have some good longitudinal data following the same people over time, but I am going to do a massive disservice to that science and just say: if you’re a man, you should probably get married; if you’re a woman, don’t bother.’

Dolan’s latest book, Happy Ever After, cites evidence from the American Time Use Survey (ATUS), which compared levels of pleasure and misery in unmarried, married, divorced, separated and widowed individuals.

The study found that levels of happiness reported by those who were married were higher than the unmarried, but only when their spouse was in the room.
Unmarried individuals reported lower levels of misery than married individuals who were asked when their spouse was not present.

Other studies have measured some financial and health benefits in being married for both men and women on average.

Dolan said the findings could be attributed to higher incomes and emotional support, allowing married people to take risks and seek medical help.


Feminine hygiene products women REALLY don’t need!

Feminine hygiene products have never been so brazen.

Where once marketers stuck to euphemistic terms such as ‘for intimate areas’ and ‘feminine wash’, now brands including Two L(i)ps, VMagic, The Perfect V and WooWoo (for women who ‘care down there’) want to openly sell you everything, from ‘soothing’ sheet masks and exfoliants, to moisturising ‘lips sticks’, fragranced mists, serums and even skin-lightening creams — all products designed to ‘improve’ the appearance or scent of the area.

The latest offering is from Vagisil, which is to launch a range of Scentsitive Scents V-Friendly Bath Bombs — which, it says, are the first scented bath products specifically formulated for women’s genitalia.

Meanwhile, entrepreneur Meg Mathews has included an intimate wash and moisturiser in her new menopause range.
The feminine hygiene market is forecasted to be worth £33.5 billion worldwide by 2022, according to analyst Allied Market Research. The same report found that ‘internal cleansers’ were the fastest-growing product category.

Such products don’t necessarily make specific health claims — rather, they boast vaguely of being able to ‘soothe’, ‘freshen’ or ‘keep intimate skin happy’. More than a quarter of UK women had used ‘intimate’ wipes or washes in the past six months, according to a 2015 survey by market research company Mintel.

But Athena Lamnisos, chief executive of the gynaecological cancer research charity The Eve Appeal, recently issued a broadside against the industry for selling ‘shame in a bottle’ and perpetuating the falsehood that a woman’s body needs freshening or beautifying products in order to be considered normal. More worryingly for consumers, she voiced concerns that these products risk masking symptoms such as itching, which could mean that women might delay seeking medical advice when something was actually medically wrong.

‘It’s great that we’re being more open and less embarrassed about using words such as va*ina and vu*va,’ says Dr Anita Mitra, an NHS gynaecologist and research fellow in obstetrics and gynaecology at Imperial College London. ‘But, because these products are out there, it makes women think they should be using them — it’s creating paranoia.

‘We don’t need any of them. No doctor is going to recommend that you use them. I’d never use any of these things myself.’

The problem isn’t only that you’ll be wasting your money — prices range from £2 to £10 for an ‘intimate wash’ and £3 for a pack of 25 wipes, to £43 for 50ml of ‘intensive beauty cream’ — but you could also inadvertently be putting your health at risk.

‘I think these products can potentially be quite harmful,’ says Dr Mitra.First of all, cleaning inside increases your risk of infections and thrush, as it disrupts the microbiome [the balance of natural bacteria]’, she explains. ‘It’s likely to wash away the natural “good” bacteria that live there, while “bad” bacteria, which tend to be more hardy and so are able to cling on to our cells a bit better, will flourish and cause infections.’

Nor should you use specific products on the outside. ‘You should use only water,’ says Dr Mitra. ‘Not special washes, not soaps, or anything like that — I’d even avoid getting your regular shower gel near the area.’ As well as washing away healthy bacteria that live there, she says, the skin is incredibly fragile and using soaps on it can cause it to become dry and sensitive.

‘If you start using products there, it’s going to strip away the good oils that your skin makes as a natural, protective barrier. This, in turn, will make the tissue much more fragile and so will increase irritation.’

For the same reason, you should not use exfoliating products, which claim to smooth bumps on the bikini line and prevent ingrown hairs, she says.

‘Scratching the skin in this way increases risk of infections — including the risk of human papillomavirus (HPV) getting in there. This is a virus that can cause cervical cancer, but it can lead to cancers, too.’

Women should be especially wary of using intimate washes around their periods. ‘Your microbiome changes throughout the month and, when you’re having your period, levels of helpful Lactobacillus bacteria tend to be slightly lower, as it’s affected by the drop in oestrogen,’ says Dr Mitra.

‘This means you’re more vulnerable to infections such as thrush or bacterial va*inosis around your period, so you don’t want to be cleaning at this time of the month and depleting the “good” bacteria even further.’

One product that Dr Tania Adib, a consultant gynaecologist at Queen’s Hospital in Romford, believes can be beneficial, though, is a simple external moisturiser.

‘A lot of women find it helpful to moisturize, particularly as they age and the skin becomes drier, or after waxing or shaving,’ she says. ‘But you need a fairly bland product free of parabens and preservatives, as these can be irritating to the area.’

However, Dr Mitra cautions: ‘Chronic skin irritation is common after the menopause, because of fluctuating hormones, but it’s also something I see a lot in women with more serious problems who are self-medicating with over-the-counter products.

‘This can be dangerous because, as well as common skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis, skin irritation on the vulva could be lichen sclerosus — a chronic inflammatory condition that also puts you at a slightly higher risk of vulval cancer.

‘I saw a patient last week with a pre-cancerous abnormality who had avoided going to the doctor for two years because she’d been using moisturising products to try to deal with it herself. I’ve seen it so many times and it’s dangerous, because cancers are more common in post-menopausal women.’

The one product for which Dr Mitra says there can be a legitimate medical need is an internal moisturiser for dryness, which can be common after the menopause due to falling oestrogen levels.

She adds: ‘There are some over-the-counter moisturisers we will recommend for this. But you should still go to a doctor and have one prescribed to make sure there’s nothing else going on.

‘That’s my big problem with all of these products. It puts the onus on women to sort it all out themselves, perpetuating a myth that if you have a problem down there, it’s because of cleanliness or not moisturising. They’re turning what should be seen as a health issue into a lifestyle one.’

Daily Mail

Celebrities who’ve rocked short hair and look totally amazing!

If you’ve always wanted to rock short hair, well the time is now. These celebrities are showing us that there is no limitation when it comes to your hair.

Though women are told that their hair is their crown, they are defying these odds and are trying out different shapes, sizes and color with their hair.

Cutting your hair or deciding to keep short hair is a bold decision that most ladies are delving into and some of these celebrities are trying these easy to manage amp short hair styles.

So you need a chop? Here are some of the ladies to look for inspiration from on your next hair adventure.

Here are some celebrities who are rocking short hair and are looking flawless.

1.This is Ess

TV presenter Sharon Mundia in a teeny bunned fro’

2. Joy Kendi

Vlogger Joy Kendi in a blonde hair cut

Things Kenyans do that foreigners may find bizarre

3. Patricia Kihoro

39736323_314966059078869_9139597918062247936_n (1)
Radio presenter Patricia in a short Natural hair do

3. Nadia Mukami

Musician Nadia Mukami in a bob hair cut

First impressions! 6 main things women notice about men

4. Maxine Wabosha

Vlogger Maxine Wabosha in a short blonde cut

He is finally off the market! – check out John Dumelo’s lavish wedding!

5. Joanna Kinuthia

Joanna Kinuthia in a temple fade maroon dyed hair

6. Huddah Monroe

Huddah Monroe in a natural short hair, hair do

How to rock those head-wraps and look totally flawless!

7. Nyce Wanjeri

Nyce Wanjiru with a natural side fade fro’

‘My case was one of the worst ever seen’ – Njambi Koikai amidst recovery

8. Viviane Kenya

60696355_425935881533503_7529673321976619130_n (1)
Musician Vivianne with a weeny fro’

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Pregnancy 101: Ectopic pregnancy and how to treat it

It is most women’s joy to conceive but that dream does not always come true for some who experience an ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy is one that occurs outside the womb, usually in one of the fallopian tubes.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: How to treat it and be able to conceive

mum pregnant
A pregnant mum

The early sign/ warning of ectopic pregnancy are pelvic pain.

  • Light vaginal bleeding may also occur.
  • If heavy bleeding (hemorrhaging) occurs, you may feel shoulder pain as blood fills your pelvis and abdomen.
  • vaginal bleeding or spotting.
  • feeling very weak, dizzy, or fainting.

The main dangers of an ectopic pregnancy is that it can lead to death.

Ectopic pregnancies are rare — it happens in about 2 out of every 100 pregnancies. … Fallopian tubes can break if stretched too much by the growing pregnancy — this is sometimes called a ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

‘My arrogant house help is pregnant for my husband’ Cries city woman

This can cause internal bleeding, infection, and in some cases lead to death.

Here are ways to treat an ectopic pregnancy

A pregnancy won’t survive if it’s ectopic, because a fertilized egg can’t grow fully outside your uterus.

Ectopic pregnancy treatment is medicine or surgery:

  • You can get shots of a medicine called methotrexate that ends the ectopic pregnancy.
  • The pregnancy can be removed with a surgical procedure using laparoscopy.

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What he really means when he says ‘I need space’

Marital therapist Andrew G Marshall is the author of How Can I Ever Trust You Again? and Infidelity from Discovery to Recovery in Seven Steps.

In an article published on Dailymail, he says there are four reasons why men need space.

But what does ‘I need space’ really mean – and how should you respond to it?


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1 He’s taking back control


‘I need time for myself’, or, ‘You’re always on my back’. He withholds vital pieces of information – such as the date of his brother’s stag party – so you find out from someone else, or at the very last moment.


There is a growing trend to be not just partners but ‘best friends’ too, and be involved in every corner of each other’s lives. In the first flush of love or the high of having a new baby, it is easy to put aside personal needs to make our partner happy or for the greater good of the relationship. However, we all need ‘me’ time as well as ‘family’ time. Worse still, your partner could be feeling ‘controlled’, as though you have one mental picture of who he is (for example, driving a practical family car) while he has quite another (eg, behind the wheel of a sports car). Although you fear that his idea of space is to be free of all family responsibilities, he’s really just asking for the occasional break with the boys or a chance to pursue a particular hobby.

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2 He’s stressed-out by arguments


‘I’m tired of arguing’, or, ‘Have it your own way’. He walks out in the middle of a row or threatens to leave (but backs down a couple of hours later).


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Two types of relationship end up with this kind of ‘I need space’ crisis on the man’s part. In the first, both partners fight like cat and dog – often about small things (sometimes even about the way they argue). In the second, the woman is permanently angry – often because she feels ignored or not listened to – and her partner is tiptoeing round the argument. Although the man might be hoping to avoid a scene, it just makes his partner angrier. In both scenarios, nothing is resolved and everybody gets more frustrated.

If you tend to be the angry one, your partner is simply exhausted from all the arguing, or avoiding arguments, and believes that withdrawing and switching off is his only way of coping. At this milder end of the scale, ‘space’ means a chance to lick his wounds and recover.

If the rows have been going on for a long time, he might have closed down and refused to argue, stormed out of the house or threatened to leave. At this more serious end, he fears that your relationship’s problems might be insoluble, and asking for ‘space’ – by which he means a temporary separation – might shock you into truly listening to him.

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3 He’s feeling under pressure


‘I’m fed up with putting everyone else first’, or, ‘This is my time’. He stays out until 3am without calling, or buys expensive guy stuff but hardly uses it.


Men expect to solve their problems on their own. So instead of asking for help when the stress gets too much, they pretend everything is OK and work harder, drink more and get more depressed – until they suddenly announce that they need space. This sort of crisis is especially common if your partner has had a setback at work – someone has been promoted over his head or he’s lost his job – or his mother or father has died. Losing a parent reminds us that we are not immortal and makes us question everything in our lives. If this is your situation, then your man has been feeling under so much pressure that he fears that he’s about to crack up. He is probably already acting irrationally – wildly excited about a new project but quickly dropping it, or getting moody for no obvious reason. In his mind, only by creating space between the two of you and thus removing one of his causes of stress (the ‘demands’ he believes are coming from you and the children) can he hope to keep his sanity.


4 He’s tempted to stray


‘Were we ever truly in love?’ or, ‘We’ve grown apart’. Suddenly, he has new interests, spouts views that could belong to someone else or spends a lot of time getting ready for work.

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One of your partner’s work colleagues or friends may have crossed the line from being ‘just friends’ into something dangerous. The two of them are probably no longer talking about the sales figures, but are sharing secrets about how ‘unhappy’ they are at home. Online friends are particularly worrying – because people are quicker to trade secrets and fantasies in a virtual relationship, and it is easier for your man to kid himself that a se3y text is not really cheating.

Fortunately, if he is asking you for space, he is unlikely to have begun a full-blown affair as the unfaithful unilaterally grab their space by sleeping with someone else. However, he is certainly fantasising about one, or may imagine that he’s discovered his soul mate. In this case, wanting space can be his way of keeping his options open. On one hand, he’s laid down his marker that your relationship is in trouble and given himself permission to discover whether he has a future with his friend. On the other, he has not closed the door on his marriage, and can easily return if it’s all been a big mistake.


Women being put off cervical cancer tests by ‘shame’ over HPV virus


Women are being put off cervical screening over fears the results could suggest they or their partners have been cheating, a survey has found.

Experts from charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust have warned that a sense of ‘shame’ from being diagnosed with human papilloma virus (HPV) – the virus responsible for most cervical cancer cases – is adding to the anxiety of smear tests.

They said the infection, which affects eight out of ten women at some point in their lives, must be ‘normalised’ to encourage more women to attend life-saving screening.

The survey of more than 2,000 women found nearly 40 per cent said they would be worried about what people thought of them if told they had HPV and slightly more said they would worry their partner had been unfaithful.

Seven in ten said they would be scared to hear they had HPV and two-thirds would worry it meant they had cancer.

But the charity’s findings also showed many respondents did not understand the link between HPV and cancer.

A third said they did not know the virus, which can be dormant, could cause cervical cancer and almost all were unaware of its links to throat or mouth cancer.

Campaigners said the findings were particularly worrying given the new HPV screening will replace the existing cervical cancer test later this year. It means samples will first be checked for high-risk strands of the virus before being sent for further examination if necessary.

Robert Music, chief executive of Jo’s Trust, said: ‘With the screening programme moving to testing for HPV first, which is to be celebrated, we must normalise the virus to ensure people fully understand what it means to have it.’


The pill makes women less able to read other peoples emotions – study


The pill may blur a woman’s judgement and even impact her relationships, research suggests.

A study found taking the oral contraceptive causes subtle emotional changes to a woman’s brain.

This makes her 10 per cent less likely to be able to read other people’s facial expressions and feelings.

Although unclear why this occurs, the pill’s impact on a woman’s oestrogen and progesterone levels is thought to influence her empathy.

The research was carried out by the University of Greifswald in Germany and led by Dr Alexander Lischke, from the department of biological and clinical psychology.

‘More than 100 million women worldwide use oral contraceptives, but remarkably little is known about their effects on emotion, cognition and behaviour,’ Dr Lischke said.

‘However, coincidental findings suggest that oral contraceptives impair the ability to recognise emotional expressions of others, which could affect the way users initiate and maintain intimate relationships.’

Dr Lischke argues that on top of birth control, a lot of emphasis is placed on the benefits of the pill – such as improving acne and easing heavy periods – but the downsides are often glazed over.

To determine the contraceptive’s emotional side effects, the scientists analysed the emotion recognition of 42 women who take the pill, compared to 53 others who do not.

‘We assumed these impairments would be very subtle, indicating we had to test women’s emotion recognition with a task that was sensitive enough to detect such impairments,’ Dr Lischke said.

‘We, thus, used a very challenging emotion recognition task that required the recognition of complex emotional expressions from the eye region of faces.

‘Whereas the groups were equally good at recognising easy expressions, the [pill] users were less likely to correctly identify difficult expressions.’

Results – published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience – suggest women who take the pill are less likely to recognise both basic emotions – such as sadness and happiness – as well as more complex ones, like pride and contempt.


6 types of women to avoid

To say the boy child is under siege in Kenya is an understatement.

So much is being thrown their way, leaving their heads spinning. Lately videos of dating on Kenyan TV station Ebru have gone viral. All because of the high standards set by lasses, who demand their fellas level up.

Here is a list I have put together of whom to date and whom not to when seriously dating. Thank me later.



This is the newest breed in the streets. They look very attractive, thanks to the tones of make up on their faces. These girls never keep calm, they flaunt their pretentious and fake life style on social media, and you might be tempted to think they live a lavish luxurious life. Slay queens will turn up at every party in town, forcing you to foot their expensive liquor bill. In reality, these girls will reap you the hard earned cash because they are what society calls lazy, and social climbers who want to reap where they didn’t sow.

  1. OLD JOY

She’sin her late twenties to early thirties, works in corporate, drives and she always puts her life in check. However, one very important thing is missing in their “lavish” life, A MAN.  Yes, at this age, they get desperate for s3x and appreciation. You will find them too good to be true. They will get you drinks on Friday, call you out for lunches and coffee dates but all this sweat is to just trap you. You shall soon end up being her s3x toy.


These types of girls are special. With the holier than though kind of attitude,g you  might end up making the worst decision in terms of dating especially those in the choir and praise and worship groups. Remember not all that glitters is gold. You might end up dating the devil himself.


Despite having a lot of advantages, like them occupying less space in bed, leaning comfortably on your chest, looking younger than their actual age, these girls can be trouble. They are Drama queens. Just like their height, most of the short girls are short tempered. No pun intended though, they are the loudest and are attention seekers.


These are the extra ordinary species of females, they love soccer too much to a point of chilling out late in the bars waiting for a match while the rest of the girls are indoors, helping with the domestic chores. Most of them drink and smoke like their fathers cheering at goals, arguing about who was right or wrong on the pitch. As a boy child, it is very easy to keep up with such a lady because you will always feel intimidated even around friends.


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‘There is nothing good you can find in women,’ shouts Rwandese pastor

Pastors and behaving badly is not news.
However, the fact that people still believe every little trick that many pastors pull is the problem.
Following a pastor is not bad, it is blindly following him/her that problems occur. This story features a pastor from Rwanda trying to re-invent the wheel.
What exactly did Seventh Day Adventist preacher Nicolas Niyibikora say or do?
He said something so abhorrent that you are left wondering which Bible this man reads?
Huyu mchingaji went ahead to claimed that women were the source of all evil! Ngai!
 He told listeners “women are out of God’s favour” during the broadcast on Amazing Grace radio in January, warning “there is nothing good you can find in women.”
Damn individuals do, indeed, populate the world!
The quote:

“If you’ve read the Bible, who brought sin into the world. It was not a man.”

Rwanda’s The New Times reported his comments provoking a storm of anger with Pro-Femme Twese Hamwe holding a press conference, warning such utterances could cause big problems.

She said the utterances could:

“Bring hatred and conflict among Rwandans, if nothing is urgently done about it.”

The Rwanda Media Commission (RMC) is now set to investigate the preacher after his crazy speech.  RMC executive secretary Emmanuel Mugisha said the radio station is going to have to explain itself.
Niyibikora was expelled from the Seventh Day Adventists in Rwanda five years ago and the church has subsequently made efforts to distance itself from the controversial preacher.
This pastor should check out Romans Chapter 3. What he will find there will shock him.