These messages on rape that we need to read




There is growing alarm over gender violence worldwide. Let’s talk about the culture that allows rape to thrive.

Women are taught not to walk alone in the dark instead of men being taught to not prey on a lone woman.

They are taught to never leave their drink alone instead of being taught to not drug a human.

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Women are taught to pull their skirts down as the skin of our legs simply makes a man too ravenous, he won’t be able to resist them.

Everything is put on the woman, it’s their fault if they get raped. Others claiming, ladies drank too much or didn’t wear enough to cover up.
Ladies! let no one ever blame you. There should never be a time that you fear for your safety for having a bit of cleavage on show.

Rape culture is him getting let off. Rape culture is not being able to wear the outfit that you want to wear.

Rape culture is being told that after he touched you, no one would ever want you again. Rape culture is ladies getting the blame.

Let yourself be a man’s worst nightmare. Unleash your light, unveil your power.

You are not a “pretty little thing”. You are not your bum or the size of your boobs.

‘Ladies quote high’- Ciku Muiruri advises women on unwelcome advances


You are so much more than that. You are not someone that needs to cover up. You are an exploding light of flames and sparks.

Society better cover their eyes because you’re not playing along anymore. Do not allow yourself to play by the tune of a man just because he thinks he has power over you.

Your existence is not about how desirable he finds you.
Let yourself be free.

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