Has Tanzanian singer Harmonize’s ex found love in Kenya? (VIDEO)

Wolper Stylish has found a new place to call home in Kenya.

She has been visiting the country often in the name of “its all about expanding my business”.

News reaching our desk might be different. This being her second time here, she plans to stay for longer in the hopes of starting her clothing line business here.

Business aside, she has been spending a lot of time with the one and only el, president, Prezzo.

They were spotted doing a tour of Nairobi enjoying some precious time together.

One video caught our eye as they were in a car together and they referred to each other as brother and sister.

Do you remember back in school when you had to force a family relationship with your crash to overlook the fact that you spend too much time together?

Could this be the same case?

At this point Wolper needs love.

She broke up with Harmonize and things did not end so well for them. A few weeks ago out of anger, Harmonize decided to publish a list of men she has supposedly slept with.

If you meet her, she is too much of a darling to have such cheap scandals following her.

But who am I to judge?

She is broken so Wolper needs that man who can restore her belief in love. Again.

Is that man Prezzo?

Prezzo had a while back spoken to us and said he is done chasing the wrong kinda girls and he now wants to finally settle down with a lady who is not a socialite.

Does Wolper fit this description?

Well, she has her own grind that makes her a lot of money. The Tanzanian movie star is definitely not a socialite.

Wolper will not be dating him for the sake of his money. She helped Harmonize start out on his fame journey. Despite him referring to her as babe, he was like a mother to him.

Guys, she fits the description perfectly. So why not? We all need love so if its meant to be, then let it be au sio?

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