Horrified women slam rule book which details ’30 ways to keep your husband’

Horrified women have slammed a rule book which claims to detail the ’30 ways to keep your husband’.

The list of rules was posted to US-based Facebook page ‘That’s it, I’m wedding shaming’, by an anonymous guest who revealed it had been posted to a wedding planning group she was part of.

The controversial guidelines include the advice to ‘never to raise your voice at your husband’ and to ‘provide regular sex so he doesn’t stray’, and the unnamed original author claimed that many of the points were backed up by passages from the bible.

Posting the screengrabs to the page, the horrified guest wrote: ‘Titled ’30 ways to keep your husband’ and shared in a wedding planning group. So many people were happily tagging their partners!’.

Women have been left horrified by a list of 30 rules for keeping your husband, posted to a US-based Facebook page, claiming that women should submit to their partners in every way (stock image)

The advice quickly racked up over a thousand likes and outraged comments.

Titled ‘Every woman should read these godly rules for women’, the first rule on behavior reads: ‘Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. It’s a sign of disrespect’.

Referring to housework, another reads: ‘Never forget that your husband married you, not your maid or anyone else. Do your duties’.

And perhaps the most controversial rule advised women to keep their husband satisfied in the bedroom department – or another woman would.

30 ways for a ‘godly woman’ to keep her husband

Every woman should read these 30 rules for godly women.

Men: Your future wife should read this

1. Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. It’s a sign of disrespect.

2. Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses to your family and friends. It will bounce back at you. You are each other’s keeper.

3. Never use attitudes and moods to communicate with your husband, you never know how your husband will interpret them. Defensive women don’t have a happy home.

4. 4. Never compare your husband to other men, you’ve no idea what their life is all about. If you attack his ego, his love for you will diminish.

5. Never ill treat your husband’s friends because you don’t like them, the person who’s supposed to get rid of them is your husband.

6. Never forget that your husband married you, not your maid or anyone else. Do your duties.

7. Never assign anyone to give attention to your husband, people may do everything else but your husband is your own responsibility.

8. Never blame your husband if he comes back home empty handed. Rather encourage him.

9. Never be a wasteful wife. Your husband’s sweat is too previous to be wasted.

10. Never pretend to be sick for the purpose of denying your husband sex. You must give it to him how he wants it. Sex is very important to men. If you keep denying him, it is a matter of time before another woman takes over that duty. No man can withstand sex starvation for too long (even the anointed ones).

11. Never compare your husband to your one time sex mate in bedroom, or an Ex-lover. Your home may Never recover from it if you do.

12. Never answer for your husband in public opinion polls, let him handle what is directed to him although he may answer for you in public opinion polls.

13. Never shout or challenge your husband in front of children. Wise Women don’t do that.

14. Don’t forget to check the smartness of your husband before he checks out.

15. Never allow your friends to be too close to your husband.

16. Never be in a hurry in the bathroom and on the dressing table. Out there your husband is always surrounded by women who took their time on their looks

17. Your parents of family or friends do not have the final say in your marriage. Don’t waste your time looking up to them for a final word. You must Leave if you want to Cleave

18. Never base your love on monetary things. Will you still submit to him even if you earn more money than him?

19. Don’t forget that husbands want attention and good listeners, never be too busy for him. Good communication is the bedrock of every happy home.

20. If your idea is better than his, never compare yourself to him. It’s always teamwork.

21. Don’t be too judgmental to your husband. No man wants a nagging wife

22. A lazy wife is a careless wife. She doesn’t even know that her body needs a bath.

23. Does your husband like a kind of cooked food? Try change your cooking. No man jokes with food.

24. Never be too demanding to your husband, enjoy every moment, resource as it comes.

25. Make a glass of water the very first welcome to your husband and everyone entering your home. Sweetness of attitude is true beauty.

26. Don’t associate with women who have a wrong mental attitude about marriage.

27. Your marriage is as valuable to you as the value that you give it. Recklessness is unacceptable.

28. Fruit of the womb is a blessing from the Lord, love your children and teach them well.

29. You are never too old to influence your home. Never reduce your care for your family for any reason.

30. A prayerful wife is a better equipped wife, pray always for your husband and family


Gikuyu Men Who Are Able To Cater For More Than One Wife Should Do It! – Kikuyu Elders

Kikuyu elders under the Kiama Kia Maa council has now thrown its weight behind calls by Kiambu Women Representative Gathoni Wamuchomba for polygamous marriages.

They said for years men had neglected their children born out of wedlock noting that time was ripe for them to be taken care of as well.

This emerged when the group held its National Delegates Conference (NDC) at Heritage Resort in Naivasha where unity calls were made.

The elders vowed to unite after splinter groups emerged saying they will move as one unit and preach peace across the country.

While reading a joint communiqué Kiama Kia Ma National Chairman Kigochi Waimiri said time was ripe for the country to start taking parenting with the seriousness it deserves.

Waimiri said the move by Wamuchomba was a step in the right direction if the country was to get rid of street children in key streets in the nation.

He said the numerous street urchins especially in Nairobi had become a thorn in the flesh of many noting that they too had fathers who were supposed to take care of them.

“I now call upon men from the Gikuyu community and who are able to cater for the needs of more than one wife to marry and in this we shall also increase on our population,” he said.

At the same time Waimiri said Central Kenya region had seen an upsurge in illegal alcoholic drinks adding that they were committed to ensuring the levels are reduced completely.

He said the elders had resolved to work with the provincial administration and agencies involved in the fight against alcohol abuse in the region.

“This is a very serious issue and we need to work together as stakeholders to ensure that the menace that is threatening a generation is wiped out,” he said.

The group’s secretary general Colonel (Rtd) Joseph King’ori the group executive will take up its rightful position at the national council of Kenya elders and the Gikuyu Council of elders without delay.

“The Association will pursue different approaches to support and facilitate implementation of the four pillars of development christened the Big Four,” he said.

Others who attended the council meeting included President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cousin Ngengi Muigai who now assumes the role of the Kiama Kia Ma Patron.

-Anthony Gitonga

Beaming pastor proudly shows off his 17 wives as they visit him in jail

A Zimbabwean pastor who is serving 40 years in jail for rape and possessing pornographic material, has caused a sensation after 17 of his 21 wives visited him in prison yesterday.

The man of the cloth was jailed in 2014, after being accused of rape by his female congregants, has also been accused of owing Sh7.6 million shillings to a furniture shop, a debt he has denied owing.

The man named Robert Metin Gumbura runs the Independent end time church in Zimbabwe.

The pastor has married 21 wives and together have 34 children, according to newsday in Zimbabwe.

The wives of incarcerated RTG Independent End Time Message Church founder Robert Martin Gumbura yesterday vowed to stand by their husband, dismissing the rape allegations leveled against him.

During the visit in prison, the beaming pastor declared, ‘I am still the man of the house’.

Asked why his wives have not left him, he proudly declared how he has taught them the ways of the bible, and moreover,’

“I taught them to understand that although they were many, they were one and I was their only husband”.

Check out some pictures of his slay queens:




Women with attractive partners suffer bad self esteem and are more likely to develop an eating disorder, study claims

Women with attractive husbands are more likely to develop an eating disorder due to the pressure to match the husbands good looks.

Research from Florida State University shows wives who crash-diet to slim down are often driven to do so if they feel their husband is better-looking than them.

They found men were rarely motivated to do the same, regardless of how attractive they considered their wife to be.

Experts say the research is key to improving resources for women who suffer eating disorders, and could be useful information for couples to keep in mind for their relationship.

‘If we understand how women’s relationships affect their decision to diet and the social predictors for developing unhealthy eating behaviors, then we will be better able to help them,’ said lead author, doctoral student Tania Reynolds.

‘The results reveal that having a physically attractive husband may have negative consequences for wives, especially if those wives are not particularly attractive.’


Reynolds added that research shows women tend to over-perceive just how thin their partners want them to be and, as a result, may inappropriately pursue dieting and a thin body.

‘One way to help these women is for partners to be very reaffirming, reminding them, “You’re beautiful. I love you at any weight or body type,”‘ Reynolds said.

‘Or perhaps focusing on the ways they are a good romantic partner outside of attractiveness and emphasizing those strengths: “I really value you because you’re a kind, smart and supportive partner.”‘

That extra motivation to diet did not exist among women judged more attractive than their husbands. As for men, their motivation to diet was low regardless of their wives’ attractiveness or their own.

The study, published in the journal Body Image, offers productive insights about relationships.

It hones in on a scenario in which a woman fears she will fall short of her partner’s expectations – something marriage counselors warn is all too common.

Reynolds and fellow researcher Dr Andrea Meltzer, assistant professor of psychology at FSU, say understanding the predictors that increase a woman’s risk of developing eating disorders and other health problems could lead to earlier assistance.

The study advanced existing research from Dr Meltzer’s lab that found marriages tend to be more successful and satisfying when wives are more attractive than their husbands.

It examined 113 newlywed couples – married less than four months, average age late 20s, living in the Dallas area – who agreed to be rated on their attractiveness.

Each participant completed a lengthy questionnaire focusing in part on their desire to diet or have a thin body. Some questions included, ‘I feel extremely guilty after eating,’ ‘I like my stomach to be empty,’ and ‘I’m terrified of gaining weight.’

A full-body photograph was taken of every participant and rated on a scale of one to 10.


Two teams of undergraduate evaluators studied the photos: one at Southern Methodist University in Texas focused on spouses’ facial attractiveness, while another at FSU looked at body attractiveness. The evaluators varied in sex and ethnic makeup.

‘The research suggests there might be social factors playing a role in women’s disordered eating,’ Reynolds said.

‘It might be helpful to identify women at risk of developing more extreme weight-loss behaviors, which have been linked to other forms of psychological distress, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and dissatisfaction with life.’

Dr Meltzer added: ‘In order to better understand women’s dieting motivations, the findings of this study highlight the value of adopting an approach that focuses on a couple’s relationship.’

Reynolds thinks an interesting next step for research would be to explore whether women are more motivated to diet when they are surrounded by attractive female friends.

Nairobi women speak on encounter with beautiful house helps

House girls make our lives easier, and many factors are considered while looking for one for instance experience, and age but good looks are not one of the qualities.

While a majority of city women look for house girls who are humble, motherly, hard working, reserved and not gossipy loud mouths, few will settle for one with killer looks.

In fact, when they are searching for a house help, or mama nguo, the overriding qualification always seems to be the most average, earthiest and homeliest girl or woman you can come across. Clearly, there is no room for a hot ‘Miss Mboch.’


According to Eve Woman a very good looking house girl is deemed to be a threat to the status quo. She can destabilise a young or even old marriage. So, the woman of the house has to weed out housegirls with noticeable hips, short skirts, long hair, dimples, shapely legs or sexy diastema. Very ‘yellow yellow’ housegirls are out of the question.

City Women explain some of the reasons they  have beef with cute house girls.

Seducing hubby

Since men are considered to be visual beings, very few women can trust a housegirl who swings her hips and flashes seductive smiles around their men, let a lone one who sits ovyo ovyo.

Nancy Onyango, a journalist with one of the leading media houses says that, “I’m all about women looking good, but some of them overdo it with ill intentions.” She recalls how one of her housegirls seemed bent on taking over her home.

“When I first employed her, she was very naïve and wore loose-fitting clothes. But a few months later, she had changed to tight outfits and even bleached her skin. Every time my husband was in the living room, she would pass in front of him, walking suggestively and pretending to be cleaning.

Image result for photos of a sexy maid cleaning I came up with an excuse and fired her immediately,” explains Nancy, who now prefers older women who have no time or ambitions for sexual favours. Clearly, the #MyDressMyChoice agitation has nothing to do with how housemaids choose to dress!

Hot women, Miss Mboch or not, can always tell that something good is bound to come their way.

They are rarely desperate and if they are working as housegirls, it’s probably a phase as they wait for something better.

Women prefer to engage the not-so-good-looking and desperate mboches, who don’t even mind sleeping on the floor.

Dealing with baby poo and changing diapers is a task that only mothers can stand. It takes special skills, patience and maternal instincts to pull it off. A hot mboch would probably find it challenging and not worth the trouble.

“I prefer employing school dropouts from very humble backgrounds. They are focused and their priority is to raise cash to enable them go back to school or support their relatives in the village. They rarely have time for the man of the house,” Cynthia Wafula, a spa proprietor in Kilimani told The Nairobian. She notes that these type are even cheaper and wouldn’t ask for much, provided accommodation and food is guaranteed.

Runaway bride

A hot young woman is ever in demand. Such women are hard to domesticate. The moment you bring her into the house from rural Funyula in Western, the soja at the gate will start hanging around your house, just as that Form Four boy or jobless bugger who will look for every opportunity to katia her.

Image result for photos of a black couple wedding

Many have been tricked by fundi wa choo and other idlers in the estate who get spell-bound by the mboch’s beauty and naivety. That beautiful mboch can be such a handful and inconvenience and hardly stays on the job…at least that’s what Nai’s working mums want us to believe.

Palace coup

A hot mboch can make the mama of the house look like Pierre Nkurunziza, trying to stamp authority on her domestic government after an attempted coup. With a hot mboch, you don’t snooze, lest you loose. Women claim that the possibility of such hot ‘aunties’ becoming second or third wives are not far-fetched.

Compe roho safi

Competition is something women are incapable of handling, especially from a woman they consider to be beneath them. The mere thought of losing your man to a mboch can give one a heart attack.

Boys in the hood

A hot mboch will be too distracted to work, so we are told. She will be spending more time in front of the mirror or bathroom preening herself rather than fulfilling what is spelt out in her job description. Besides,


lustful neighbours and boys in the hood would be flocking all over her. As the excuse goes, no woman wants the mboch idling with boys in the hood while the child is left unattended.

High turnover

A hot woman who is self-conscious of her looks is impossible to control. And a house help who cannot be controlled is not worth the trouble. Nai women claim that gorgeous ‘aunties’ have a high turnover, because there will always be someone willing to marry them or get them a better job. Let’s just say that’s the reason most mboches in Nairobi are not what you can call cover girl material.

Too costly

A hot woman is unlikely to be desperate and would know what she is worth. Besides, this ‘aunty’ knows that the man of the house is also likely to sneak in a favour or two behind the wifey’s back.

15166561_xl (2)

Either way, maintaining a hot mboch is more costly than an average looking one. That’s according to our city women.

Just passing

Hot mboches and indeed any hot girl, will be curious to advance herself in life. Somehow, they know that their station in life is not to be house helps. As soon as you employ them, they start looking for an exit strategy. They hardly settle. Like a rolling stone, they scarcely gather any moss.



Is this true, or these mamas are just insecure and probably not easy on the eyes like their hired help? Let us know.

Men Take Note! 5 Things Your Wife Is Not Telling You

Are married women really happy in their marriages? Sometimes it’s the little things that make them really happy and content enough to keep their homes together.

According to Huffington Post, relationship coaches and marriage therapists were asked to share the most common complaints of women who are feeling discontented in their marriages.

Well, here are 5 things your wife is probably not telling you:

1. She wants to hear a ‘thank you’ for the things she does every day
Undermining her duties as a wife and home keeper will breed more resentment. Your wife doesn’t like to be taken for granted which means noticing the things she does and a little appreciation such as saying ‘thank you’ would make her day better.

2. She wants a partner who can be trusted completely
Your wife doesn’t want to worry as you go about your daily activities. She doesn’t want headaches over whom you are texting at night or who you flirt with when she’s not with you. A woman is secured when she completely trusts that her husband is faithful.


3. She wants a partner who is aware of her needs and wants
It’s not just about remembering her birthdays or anniversaries, but noticing the little things she does, you can tell when she’s in a good mood or having a bad day. You don’t have to read her mind to know these things and when you notice, you try to do something to make her feel better.

4. She wants to be seen as imperfect sometimes
Wives want to be seen as not being perfect all the time. She wants to be cheered up by her spouse when she’s falling apart. She wants to be reminded that there’s a shoulder to lean on. She wants someone who supports her through and through.

5. She wants you to help out with the kids without her asking
She wants combined parental upbringing for the kids. Wives want their husband to be willing to help the kids with their work or babysit when the need arises and do it with kindness and patience.






Pulse Ng

Do You Stay With Your In-Laws? Here Are 10 Tips On How To Live Peacefully With Them

In Kenya, you not only marry your partner, you marry their family. And there is nothing as frustrating as having issues with your husband’s family, because, truth be told, you will always be on the wrong!

But, if you find yourself looking for tips on how to live amicably with your in-laws, here are a few:


1. Focus On The Positives
It won’t always be rosy, but there are several benefits to living with your in-laws. It could be that you have your dinner ready once you’re home after a long day or that you never have to worry about finding a trusting babysitter, with the grandparents always ready to look after their little darling. So when you feel that it’s getting too much for you, think of the positives.

2. Be Yourself
Sure you want your in-laws to always see you as a sweet, calm, even-tempered person, but even the gentlest people often lose their tempers. Be yourself and let them know you and love you for who you are and not the mask you’re putting on, because you can’t keep the act on forever!

3. Understand The Whys
There could be many different reasons to choose living together with your in-laws. It could be a financial decision or you could both have busy schedules and they are happy to look after your children while you’re away at work, or they have taken ill and you need to look after them.

Whatever the reason, make sure you understand it entirely. That helps you understand the context in which decisions are made.

4. Communicate Directly With Your In-laws
Don’t always pass on messages for your spouse to deliver to your in-laws. It’s important to keep communication with them open, to avoid miscommunication and confusion and alteration of information.

5. You And Your Spouse Are a Team
You and your spouse are in this together. In case of disputes, don’t force him to pick sides between you and his family. Talk to each other and find solutions for problems or issues as a team, and don’t try to turn him against his family.


6. Don’t Get Involved In Arguments
If there’s an argument going on between your spouse and his/her family or any other two members of the family, try to stay out of it. Let them fight it out and resolve it themselves. As you all get used to living with each other, you will adjust better.

7. Be Polite
If there’s an unpleasant message to be delivered, do it firmly but politely. Make sure you get your message across, but don’t get personal or be rude or have a negative attitude. Sometimes, you may have to hold back on the truth, but tact is often more important and it’s a sacrifice you might need to make in order to live together peacefully.

8. Draw The Line
Involve your in-laws but know where to draw a line and have your own separate life and decisions. Some things in life are personal and talk to your spouse and ensure that your in-laws know that those decisions/choices are yours to make as an individual and a couple. You still have your life, you know?

9. Hold Your Tongue
Words once said can never be taken back and can cause a thousand hurts. Silence especially when you’re close to exploding from anger can sometimes be the wisest move. Avoid talking when you are mad, you would rather just take some time off and take a stroll.

10. Don’t Tolerate Abuse
Sure, you might have to deal with the occasional fights and disagreements, but do not tolerate physical violence or emotional abuse or harassment from your in-laws.

If you’re in such a situation, report it to the police or a women’s NGO who can help you get out of the situation. Or simply just move out instead of aggravating the issues.

Love Matters

Are First Wives A Mistake, Replaced By Mpango Wa Kando?

Today’s conversation was about men , their wives and their mpango wa kando. Alot of men say that there is a reason why they have mpango wa kando and those who don’t have are different.

The reason why a man has a mpango wa kando is because the first wife was a mistake and they are trying to correct it.

The men who do not have mpango wa kando is because they got it right the first time.

Mwalimu agreed to this and said that most men are trapped by pregnancies and women who move in and won’t leave.

Here is what the listeners had to say:

Mistakes Wives Make That Kill Their Marriages

When marriages fail many people will always look for someone to blame. Maybe your man cheated or just woke up and left without saying a word. You will probably absorb yourself off the blame in both scenarios but you are part of the problem and reason for the separation.

Before you get all defensive, here are the top four mistakes many women make:

1. Putting the children first – Having kids is great but sometimes it can be the sole reason why your marriage/relationship is breaking apart. Many women will more often than not use their kids as a scapegoat to avoid spending time with their spouses. They will always want to have the kid sleep in their bedroom or even in their bed meaning no sex/intimacy. They will want ti always take their kids out for fun activities and not involve their spouse because they assume “he’s always working” yet they never asked.

Granted your husband may be busy with work but every once in a while ask him if he wants to hangout with you, leave the kids with a nanny or relative and get to spend time with him.

2. No set boundaries with family – You married your man for a reason and you are supposed to build a family and future with him. That being said, it doesn’t mean that you abandon your family, it just means that you need to set boundaries. Many women let their family and especially mothers and aunts to dictate what happens in their homes. Infact some allow visitors to show up whenever they want and do anything they want basically they run your household and marriage.

3. Emasculating him – A man likes his ego stroked by his wife, but instead you walk all over it. How you ask? Talking about his shortcoming to other people besides him, putting him down, dismissing his efforts, belittling him, controlling the house and finances etc. You think he’s too low for you especially when you realise that the marriage is failing, you make it seem like everything is his fault. This means that you will lose all respect for him.

4. Not fighting fair – All couples fight no matter how happy they seem, however how you fight is what determines how your relationship will be. You either keep silent when he talks or go crazy and yell !! None of the two is effective communication. If something is off, take a deep breathe think about it and address when you are calm so that you may talk it over. And another thing is blaming him for everything, that’s not right or fair.
Read more : How you emasculate your man unknowingly

This Is What A Happy Marriage Is (As Discussed By Wives)

A happy marriage does not just happen, it takes both work and effort from the partners involved. Marriages fail because of various reasons that are often overlooked by many. For example open communication and honesty are things that are needed to make things work, but if not included the union collapses.

Couples with successful marriages cite their reasons for success as being things that unsuccessful couples don’t pay attention to like open communication, honesty, love and patience. According to an article by Jillian Kramer of BRIDES, for the Huffingtonpost here are the reasons for a happy marriage as discussed by five wives who are living it!

1. “A happy marriage is being happy with what you’ve got, rather than expecting your marriage to be a certain way,” says one married woman. “Being content and grateful for what you have, instead of constantly trying to live up to some unrealistic standard set by movies and romance novels, is real happiness.”

2. “In a happy marriage, two people share things equally,”says another married woman. “It doesn’t sound romantic, but I’m honestly happy because my husband does the dishes and the laundry as often as I do. We cook together, we run errands together. I don’t feel burdened, and I don’t feel taken for granted.”

3. “We talk about everything, and I think that’s what a happy marriage is,” says one wife. “I’ve had relationships in which I felt like I had to keep secrets from my partner, but I can tell my husband anything. I like that I can be open about my feelings, and know that we’ll work through whatever it is together.”

4. “This is my second marriage and it’s happy, unlike the first, because we are totally honest with one another,”says another woman. “Whether we aren’t thrilled with what’s happening in the bedroom or we’re concerned over money, we spit it all out and then work it out.”

5. “I think a happy marriage is about forgiveness,”says another married woman. “No one is perfect and if you can just let go of the little things and move on from the bigger things, like arguments, with a forgiving rather than begrudging heart, you’re in really good shape.”

Here’s Why Men Marry “Bossy” Women

Many people tend to associate women who know what they want and go for it as “bossy” or worse “b#@$%^& .

However have you realised that a majority of men end up marrying these type of women? Do you want to know why?

Here are amazing reasons why they make the best wives:

Bossy girls are business savvy – More often than not they know what works where, how and what to do or who to go to incase you need an alternative.

Even when confronted with sexist queries, like “What’s your favorite position– A bossy girl will know how to answer you in smart way you won’t realise you’ve offended her.

A bossy girl isn’t afraid to speak up – Whether in the face of injustice or in a work related situation this girl will speak her mind whether you like it or not.

Bossy girls will never agree to anything they don’t want to do – If she does not want to go with an idea that she deems unfit then its plain and simple she will not do it.

Nothing gets between a bossy girl and what she wants – This girl is not afraid to reach for success and not even pregnancy can stop them.

A bossy girl knows who she is and won’t change herself to fit the mold of anyone, especially not anyone inferior.

A bossy girl is never hesitant to ask for what she wants – The worst thing that could happen is get a “NO” so what’s stopping you from asking? Yes even in the bedroom she is not one to shy away from what she wants.

A bossy woman has no time for your nonsense – with a long list if goals to achieve, entertaining nonsense is not at the top of a bossy lady’s list.

Bossy ladies rule relationships – because even men who like to think they wear the pants will submit (if they know what’s good for them).

A bossy woman knows that she really isn’t bossy at all – She’s a BOSS it comes naturally to her. She maintains poise and grace even in situations where many would expect her to flip. She’s got it all covered.


Old wives cleaning tales vs science

Remember when you were told that using coca cola to wash windows or clean the toilet bowl works, well scientists have come up to test some of these old wives tales and tips to see if they actually work.

1. White wine to clean red wine stains 

Old Wives’ Tip: As soon as you spill red wine, make it vanish by dousing the stain with white wine.
Science: This appears to make scientific sense because red wine gets its hue from pigments called anthocyanins, compounds which give grapes their colour. When booze containing even higher concentrations of alcohol is poured on to the stain, the colours dissolve into the alcohol and the diluted solution can then be mopped up with a paper towel. The purer, clearer drinks such as vodka — which is 40 per cent alcohol compared with wine’s 12.5 per cent average — will do the job better.

Image – cleaningrevolution.com

2. Vinegar and newspapers to clean windows

The main reason for streaks on windows is the calcium carbonate or limescale in rain. Vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid and acid reacts with limescale to convert it into two things: CO2 gas, which escapes into the atmosphere, and water, which can be wiped away.
The verdict: In the home-grown version, any excess vinegar evaporates, leaving the glass transparent. The only drawback is you have to keep using new newspaper wads as when they get too wet they start to leave behind little remnants of newsprint. Vinegar actually works pretty well on windows

vinegar n Newspaper-for-windows
Image – sodahead.com

3. Cleaning silverware with ketchup
Old Wives’ Tip: If you rub silver with tomato ketchup, the tarnish will come off and it will become shiny again.

The Science: Silver tarnishes when the sulphur compounds in the air react with it and form silver sulfide. The most likely reason some people swear by ketchup is because it contains acetic acid, better known as vinegar. There is nothing magic about the tomato. You would get the same result with any acid, even lemon juice.
The verdict: Ketchup left light pink patches where the ketchup was applied. It also slippery. Ketchup should not be used to clean anything. Stick to tarnish remover.

silverware n ketchup
Image – videojug.com

4. Cleaning the toilet with coke 
Old Wives’ Tip: Empty a litre bottle of cola down the toilet pan and leave overnight. The acid it contains, combined with the bubbles, will do all the dirty work and leave it gleaming, without so much as a scrub of the loo brush.
The Science: Cola is fizzy because CO2 is dissolved in it under pressure and then released when you open the bottle. The idea is the bubbles will lift off the dirt without any elbow grease. Cola also contains citric acid and phosphoric acid.
But both are so diluted that it will never have the cleaning power of commercial toilet cleaner. What’s more, although these diluted acids will wash some bacteria away, they go down the bowl too quickly to remove it all.
The verdict: Once you have emptied the coke bottle down the toilet bowl it looks revolting. Considering the cola instantly slides down the sides, unlike normal cleaner, which sticks to them, it does feel like pouring money down the toilet. Flush the bowl afew hours later, it does seem whiter than usual — but perhaps only in contrast to its colour before. But that’s just about it, there is nothing much and it doesn’t do anything . Stick to the toilet cleaners.


5. Remove rust with a potato

Old Wives’ Tip: Cut a potato in half, rub it over rust and watch it disappear.

The Science: When iron gets wet it oxidises, producing rust. But potatoes contain oxalic acid, which reacts with the iron in the rust to make a compound called ferric oxalate. This dissolves in water and can be wiped off. The potato is good because the oxalate traps the iron ions as if in a cage and makes the structure more soluble so they can be washed away.
The verdict: A potato was used to scrub an old iron bowl left in the garden over the winter. Amazingly, it worked. With a little rubbing, it turned the rust into a dirty sludge which could be wiped away. The potato was easy to grip and kept producing plenty of juice. It worked pretty well.



Things you should never tell your husband

Following is a list of nine statements compiled by Judy Ford, psychotherapist and author of ‘Every Day Love’ that you should never utter to your significant other. This is because these statements may seem like a joke but they could end up destroying your marriage.

Do you fake an orgasm when you actually didn’t? Or find faults with the your husband’s way of handling the kids, or pester him to find a new job? You may not realize it, but by saying so, you are making irreparable damages to your relationship.

First comes: “Yes, I had an orgasm.”

Another statement that is a strict no-no is “You’re just like your father.” It’s nasty and belittling, says Ford.

The third forbidden statement is actually very common: “When are you going to find a new job?”

The fourth hurtful statement is: “My mother warned me you’d do this!”

The fifth line, which is never a good idea to say, is “Just leave it — I’ll do it myself!” Just because he’s doing something differently than you would doesn’t mean that he’s doing it wrong.

The sixth statement, which can be heart breaking, is “You always… [fill in the blank]” or “You never… [fill in the blank]”

Then seventh statement that can be a serious blow is “Do you really think those pants are flattering?”

Saying so, you’re insulting his looks without showing any genuine concern for his health, according to Ford.

Then eighth harsh statement is “Ugh, we’re hanging out with him again?, which is an insult to your man’s choice of friends.

The last but not the least is “Please watch the kids. But don’t do this, take them here or forget that…” Let Dad-be-dad.

Credits: ANI