Willy Paul promises to avoid clout in his music

Willy Paul says artistes create scandals to remain relevant in the industry.
Pozze in a post admitted to having been using clout to trend.
“Hello fam, more music fewer scandals.

Btw some of the scandals you see out there ni sisi wasanii utengeneza but this year expect nothing but good music…,” he wrote on Instagram.
Earlier on, Pozze explained why he doesn’t want to be associated with the name; ‘Mkunaji’ which had already become famous.
Pozze said the name is evil that he even went to the extent of editing it out of his song Toto.
Morning fam would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that from today henceforth I will not be using the name ” MKUNAJI ” it’s evil and I don’t want to be associated with it!”
“Ever since I embraced the name I’ve had too many problems. So if you’re truly a fan of Willy Paul, Willy Pozze. Stop calling him Mkunaji.”

Court orders Miss P to delete Willy Paul’s sexual assault allegations video from YouTube

Controversial singer Willy Paul shared court documents demanding an interview where Miss P alleged that the singer sexually assaulted her severally be pulled down from YouTube.

The court documents dated November 12, 2021, also said that anyone circulating the video can be charged in a court of law for defamation.

“That pending the hearing and determination of this suit an injunction order is granted compelling 2nd Defendant/Respondents to pull down the video posted on his YouTube channel,” read the statement in part.

If you no longer love my daughter, bring her back – Father tells groom

Willy Paul took to social media to introduce Miss P promising to release projects together.

The two later released a song dubbed ‘Liar’ speaking about infidelity.

Help your husband sing instead of just eating – Willy Paul tells Bahati’s wife Diana Marua

Willy Paul is no stranger to controversy and actually looks like he might revel in it/causing it.

The “gospel” singer who has been singing a lot of secular songs the last year and a half decided to make fun of Bahati’s wife Diana Marua, telling her that she should focus on helping her husband sing instead of spending lots of time eating.

Diana Marua with Bahati
Diana Marua with Bahati

In a video Milele Fm presenter Jalang’o had shared (and has since been removed), Willy mocked Bahati saying that it was time his wife came to his rescue since he was slowly losing his vocals.

“Bwana Diana utatuonyesha mambo kweli si uache hata Diana aimbe. Diana saidia Bwana yako we unataka ulishwe ulishwe Bwana anapoteza vocals we uko hapo unakula tu, Saidia Bwana. “ said the musician.

A few days ago, Bwana Mkunaji came out to tell artistes who are financed by older women to respect the women especially now that they are ignoring their calls since they are quarantined with their husbands.

“Kwa wale wasanii mmezoea kuomba wamama pesa mnang’ara ng’ara na pesa ya wamama unaita mama rika ya mama yako zaidi ya mama yako eti babe ndio akulipie rent na akufanyie video. Hashiki simu? Tafadhali heshimu huyo mama anaquarantine na bwanake” said Poze in a video.

Willy Paul with a group of girls 1
Willy Paul with a group of girls

The magnetic singer also asked those women whose calls were being shunned by their sponsors to respect their move since they are also at home quarantined with their wives.

While Willy Paul and Bahati were for a time the premier gospel artistes, the two tried their best to avoid attacking each other. But it seems that the gloves might be off now that the two are singing what is for all intents and purposes, secular music.

Will Bahati respond to this attack?

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A List of Male Celebrities Who Show Us The Coolest Way To Rock The Bandana

In the entertainment industry you have to stand out to get noticed, this means you have to have a good sense of fashion from head to toe. You can always add a little touch such as accessories to complement your look.

People started rocking the bandana back in  the day and our local celebrities note-ably the likes of Willy Paul, Bahati, Naiboi and Diamond Platnumz seem to be bringing back the trend.You can either wear it as a headband, hang it around your pocket or wrap it around your arm.

Bandana is no doubt one of those accessories that complements the look especially in the entertainment industry. The piece of cloth comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.








‘I was facing rejection when I released Tam Tam,’ Willy Paul on working with Size 8

Controversial singer Willy Paul says he was in a state of rejection when he released the song Tam Tam featuring Size 8.

Tam Tam was released at his early days when Willy started his music Career.

The song became big and opened more doors for the singer.

Speaking on live session with X-tian Dela Willy Paul said.

“I was facing rejection. Like I would see a girl thinking they would love me, wapi, they end up hurting me. Then when I look at kina Size 8, they are married and living well. That is when I approached Size 8,” he said.

Kamati ya roho chafu mtajificha wapi! Betty Kyallo hangs out with sister


Willy Paul then added that he was forced to write the song and give Size 8 her lines.

“Size 8 alikua amekataa collabo before so when I told her about this, she was like niandikie basi mimi nitaimba,” he said.

The two later did another song called ‘Tiga Wana’.

A song that received criticism from users on social media with some faulting all stakeholders in the gospel industry for the change of course.


‘He threatened me with a gun,’ MKU student exposes Willy Paul

Susan Mwaniki an MKU student has in an interview accused Willy Paul of being a womanizer despite being considered a gospel artiste.

According to Susan Willy Paul is a wild child who thrives by intimidating ladies.

He has so many girlfriends and I knew it, Currently, I am talking to two of his girlfriends and he does not know.

There is a blog that had written about him and the baby mama getting together and when I asked him about it and when I asked he refused to give me an answer.

A list of TV personalities who have been charged with murder

Willy Paul and his baby mama

‘Her sponsor used to send her 500k every month she is now rotting in Langata Women’s’ City man narrates (Audio)

On whether this is the first time Willy Paul had physically assaulted a woman Susan said

That is the second time because the first time he beat another lady. He is a good guy but the problem is his ego makes him think he is a king.

 He is not a joker when he says something he does it so I was very afraid when he threatened me with a gun and boiling water.



Celebs who almost broke our hearts with their fake wedding stunts

The various artists named below, have had pleasure of making the public believe they actually had a church wedding. In other words, ‘they fooled us’.

Whereas in real life they were buys building up public tension as they were shooting video scenes for their love songs.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the chemistry in their images fooled the public.

‘My four sponsors send me 100k every month but I have nothing to show for it,kwani ni pesa ya black magic ?’ Cries city woman (Audio)

Willy Paul x Alaine

They were working on their song dabbed I Do. 



‘I thought my man was perfect that he couldn’t cheat only to learn he cheated even before our wedding’ woman confesses (AUDIO)

Bahati x Diana Murua

Bahati was working on a song dabbed Mapenzi where his now wife and mother to his child was a video vixen.

Well despite the little act, they actually did have a spark in reality.

baha weds diana


He made news, that he had a secret wedding in South Africa, however it was just a stunt, as he was working on One Centimeter music video.

‘He took him into my brother’s guest room and killed him’ Man narrates how his stubborn sibling killed his brothers care taker (Audio)

Sanaipei Tande & Otile Brown

These two artists got us wishing them all the best as they were newlyweds. To an extent of confirming some affairs are to be kept private. Where Tande said;

“Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s an intimate thing, for close family. I’ve always been private on that sector of my life. These things are not shared.”

Otile Brown's wedding
otile, sanaipei
otile brown sanaipei

In her video  Bebi Bebi, she was marrying her ‘baby baby’


Vera Sidika x Calisah

Socialite Vera Sidika’s case is different from the wedding stunt’s as her’s was a new babe in town. Allegedly meant to imply she was over Otile Brown & getting all cosy with the Tanzanian hunk Calisah.

Here is why Willy Paul is the President of Kenya’s gospel industry

Willy Paul is loved and hated in equal measures but truth be told he has something not many people have.He has guts and confidence.

It goes without saying that a prophet is never celebrated at home.

A wise man once said

Chances are that when someone is hating on you.Its about them its about their fear their jealousy their boredom and their insecurity.

Lupita Nyong’o forced to apologize to disabled group

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Here is why Willy Paul is a La Presidente in his own rights

1. He is talented

Willy Paul is among the most talented artistes in Kenya.He has collaborated with both local and international artistes.

His only problem is that he has no guts to go public on wanting to switch to being a secular artiste.

Willy Paul and Nandy

2. He has guts

He has been bashed not once not twice not thrice but every time he rises above the hate and goes on to prove that he is still the ‘last man standing’.

3. He has connections

While most of us see Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho on TV Willy Paul gets invites to wine and dine with the most stylish governor in Kenya.



4. He attracts attention , loves attention and creates attention at every opportunity.

Willy Paul attracts attention wherever he goes.He attracts attention whether he is out with a friend,In a club or just chilling indoors.

How would you explain the fact that he has more than 4 songs with more than 7 million views.


He recently released a song with Nandy and in just 2 days it has garnered 588 views.

Jigijigi -7.4 Million views

Njiwa feat Nandy- 9.3 Million views

I DO-10 Million views

5. He is real

He is more real than most gospel artistes .Many live a life of conning people,sex scandals and they do this in secrecy but Willy Paul has let his life open for every one to see.



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‘Nandy alitoa mimba ya Willy paul’ Ringtone at it again

Ringtone is on Willy Paul’s neck once again after photos of Willy Paul and Nandy getting cosy emerged.  The two have released some provocative photos.


Ringtone accused Willy Paul of using God’s name for the wrong reasons and to make money warning him not to play with the name of the lord. He also warned the ‘Njiwa’ hit maker that the gospel industry is not a money making market.

Adding that Willy Paul was incorporating his satanic signs in his so called gospel music.

Willy Paul and Nandy have a new jam dubbed ‘Halelluhjah’ that was released on Friday. But ringtone had something to say;

“Kwani hatutapumua😏😏😏@willy.paul.msafi umezunguka ukisema @officialnandy alitoa mimba yako na utapajika mara ya pili. SO HAPA NINI INAENDELEA?
Wewe @officialnandy umezunguka ukisema @willy.paul.msafi ni maskini anaishi kwa nyumba ya 2 bedroomed kwa gorofa chafu Syokimau. Eti hata haina lift unachokanga kupanda ngazi. Eti Willy amekuaribia jina kua unalala na wazee kenya na kulipwa penda ndogo. Please sort your issues kwanza msitaje jina la YESU ovyo ovyo🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️👨‍💻👨‍💻”

The song that had suggestive photos provoked the angry ringtone.

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Wewe mjinga utajua Yesu si rika yako – Ringtone attacks Willy Paul

Singer Ringtone has been going hard at fellow artiste Willy Paul, without holding anything back at all! The real definition of zero chills.

His mission is to make sure Willy Paul is living ‘the Christian way of life’ well according to him.

It all started when he claimed that he sent Willy money via Mpesa and the name that appeared was Wilson Abubakar.


This upset Ringtone because he claims he is not living by the gospel mantra which is why he no longer sings gospel music. All because he is a Muslim trying to lie and fit in the Christian life.

you foolish man, Jesus is not your age mate!

Whatever Willy Paul does, Ringtone is ready to condemn him. Just the other day the Saldido CEO posted a picture where he was showing off his abs shirtless and we could see his boxers, According to Ringtone it is a sin before God.

willy Paul I want to address you. if you want to call yourself you gospel artiste, you must shave your colored hair. take off your earrings. number three when you came into the industry you had no tattoos and now you have demonic signs on your hand. you can’t call your self a gospel artiste

He went futher to state that:

we will not allow you to remove your clothes. only the devil like being naked. he was sent down naked. you are showing people your boobs, your underwear and your bad stomach. which Christian are you? God, forbid! I curse out the devil.

From the video you can clearly tell Ringtone is angered by Willy Paul’s acts but despite all his cursing out, Willy has not responded.

Check out the video below.

Meet Joho’s beautiful niece whose dad asked for only Ksh 250 as dowry

Governor Joho’s brother Abubakar Joho set a new record on Friday after asking for a Quaran and Ksh 250 as dowry as his daughter’s dowry.

Joho’s daughter Kulthum wedded the love of her life Haikal Onsongo in an intimate ceremony attended by the creme de la creme of the Kenyan society. The couple posing for a photo with Governor Joho

Abubakar, famously known as Abu, is Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s elder brother.

He’s super rich.

The Nikah took place at Musjid Ummu-Kulthum in Kizingo, Mombasa. Abu contributed massively to the mosque’s construction.

NASA leader Raila Odinga, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, Kilifi’s Amason Kingi, Nairobi’s Mike Sonko and politician Suleiman Shahbal attended.

A reception, known as Kupamba in Swahili culture, was held on Saturday night at the Nyali Golf Club. It was a women-only affair, but exception was made to male artistes.

The reception was tightly controlled and no journalists were allowed in. Kulthum was driven to the venue in high-end, top-class vehicles branded with her name.

Artistes who performed included Ali Kiba, Willy Paul, Ommy Dimpoz and Susumila. Unconfirmed reports indicated that another reception was set to be held at Joho’s private home in Vipingo yesterday.

Onsongo and Kulthum are said to have dated for over two years

Below are photos of the couple on their big day

The bride and groom enjoying a photo moment

Governor Joho with his elder brother Abubakar Joho and the Bride who is Joho’s niece

53343734_2683239671693377_911754669254700041_n joho-niece-wedding1 joho-niece-wedding6


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Eight most stylish Kenyan male celebrities

The world has rapidly evolved in the fashion industry and we can’t overlook the fact that these men are not being left behind. They say that first impressions matter and dressing definitely is a plus one on looks.

These men stand out because of their fashion sense.

1. Sauti Sol

sauti sol The biggest boy band in Kenya, Sauti Sol have it going on. They always have something to show whenever they appear, but one thing is for sure, their outfits always have jaws dropping.

2. Ali Hassan Joho

stylish joho

He goes by the name Sultan. He is the governor of Mombasa county and he has been named the most stylish governor Kenya has.

3. Octopizzo

stylish octo

The Oliel hit maker never disappoints when it comes to fashion.

4. Guardian Angel

stylish guardisn angel

One of the best Gospel artists also has taste and likes to look sharp.


stylish nyash

A legend in the Kenyan music industry who has represented the country internationally but one thing is for sure, he does not forget to dress up fashionably.

6. Nick Mutuma

stlish mutuma

A successful actor, his fashion sense is also a success. He has featured in many local movies and was recently blessed with a baby girl together with his baby mama, Bridget Shighadi.

7.Willy Paul

stylish willy

Yes he is a controversial gospel artist, but we have to give credit to his amazing sense of style.


 8. Otile Brown

stylish brown

The baby love hit maker, who is also Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend cannot be left behind. His sense of style is on a whole different level.

‘I am not seeing anybody’ – Willy Paul’s baby mama reveals

Willy Paul’s baby mama has revealed that she is single and happy. This was during a question and answer segment she created for her fans on social media.

When asked if she is still seeing the singer, she responded:


willy paul baby mama
Another fan asked whether the singer was helping her and if he was good in bed. She then poured her heart out in sarcasm:


willy paul baby mama

Check her other responses below:

willy paul baby mama

willy paul baby mama

‘This is the most painful season in my life,’ Distraught Willy Paul cries

Singer, Willy Paul has revealed that this is one of the most painful moments in his life and career. The singer has lost two female dancers in the past few days, on different occasions.

Pozze has taken to social media to share with fans how sorrowful these past days have been, that saw him isolate himself in his house.


Willy added that he has received a lot of backlash from haters even during this painful moment.


Willy Paul's dancer's burial


what’s happening? Willy Paul loses another dancer in a road accident

Willy Paul is going through a tough time after losing two of his female dancers in a span of weeks,The first was laid to rest a few days ago.

Willy took to his Instagram to share the news of the second death of his dancer only identified as Joan Charles in a post that quickly went south ,He wrote

“WE JUST LOST ANOTHER!! This is sad. The girl in front with a yellow jacket is the late @val_smilley that we just buried the other day. Now the girl at the back in red from the same group.. just lost her life yesterday.. this is so confusing, she was val’s friend from one dance crew ya nyumbani.. the devil is on the loose guys.. keep praying R.I.P JOAN.”

The late Joan

Binguni utaionea Viu Sasa: Bahati trolled after his proposal to Diana Marua

Well as you might expect Kenyans have come out to troll him with many even insinuating that he might have sacrificed the two given that they both died in road accidents.

Instead of them feeling sorry for him they have turned him into a punching bag ,In a past post Joan had penned a post mourning her friend Val thanking her for believing in her.

“RIP vall😞… Why does it have to happen to you moreso this soon.. Legend in my heart… Forever I will love and respect you… U introduced me to many things.. Made me believe more in my talent,,, thanks to you sweetheart💖… It was Gods plan….. Shine your way…. Nakupenda mammiii❤😭”

The late Val

Below are some of their comments

‘I love you and will always do, RIP,’ Willy Paul mourns his female dancer

florance_joseph_:The deaths are not Godly, stop taking away innocent lives for your own fame and wealth.

vyonnageorge717:@willy.paul.msafi take heart but turn 🔙 to almighty and ask for forgiveness pray and pray… And if in deed u r behind this may God forgive u… To all dancers put God first… My dream of was to be a dancer but what am seeing let me just dance in doors

gabzngina18:Kuna tu mchezo mnachezea watoto wa watu ndo mpate fame hio si coincidence ati 2 dead another 2 in ICU nooo hata shetani si mbaya hivyo muwache kumsingizia anyway hakuna kuficha kitu chini ya jua kila kitu kitakuwa wazi

jmwova:The scret is out keep updating us whenever another one goes. When devil gives you a bone, you will pay steak 🥩


teddy.mutugi:Naogopa kucomment kwa willy then boom….saitani is on me,shindwe

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Why leave so soon? Willy Paul dedicates emotional song to his late singer who died in an accident (Video)

Willy Paul lost one of his best dancers, Valary, better known as Val, who died in a car accident not so long ago,and he is still in shock .

Celebrities such as DK Kwenye Beat, Alemba, Bahati, Hopekid, Boss MOG, among others, gathered together to pay their last respects to the Late Val.

Many got to witness frenemies, Bahati an Willy Paul share the same stage after years of beefing.

Willy Paul took to social media to share a clip of what went down at the concert and he even dedicated a song to Val, who was one of the most celebrated dancers in the country.

‘I love you and will always do, RIP,’ Willy Paul mourns his female dancer

The late Valerie

Willy revealed that Val really wanted to meet him him and even dance for. The best part is that her dream actually came true before she passed away.

Issa Baby affair: Shaniqwa ecstatic as he shows off his expectant girlfriend

“Her biggest dream was to one day meet me and dance for me. Valary I miss you and we miss you.. this one is for you.. it’s a dedication to you.. rest with the ANGELS.. thank you @[email protected]@bahatik[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]_trhk And kila artist mwenye ako kwa hii clip.. mko wengi.. BLESS up!! The whole song iko YouTube!! WILLY PAUL – VALARY TRIBUTE SONG.” Willy wrote.

Watch the tribute song below;

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From Willy Paul going secular to pregnant stars, here are predictions for 2019

Some things are hard to ignore especially from our favorite celebs who keep us entertained with their dramatic lives.

We predict some of the things that might happen in 2019.

The predictions are based on the fact that some of these celebs are so clueless when it comes to matters privacy hence we added one plus one to come to these conclusions.

1. Tanasha Donna getting pregnant

The only way to determine how fertile a man is by getting a woman pregnant and 2019 might the year where Diamond Platnumz tests this on Tanasha.

Well getting pregnant is not such a bad thing we are just worried that if she gets paged it might limit her chances of fully exploring her new bae.

From having 35 bullet wounds to growing in the slums, here are things you didn’t know about DCI boss George Kinoti

Tanasha Donna

2. Willy Paul going secular

The signs have been there all along, it’s just that he does not have the guts to go secular, maybe for the fear of what people might say.

His latest songs lack a gospel touch and his increased collaboration with secular artistes makes us think come 2019, Willy atakua anakamatia chini.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Anita Nderu wedding

The stunning lass has been in a long term with her dude and we feel like 2019 will be her year to say ‘I DO’

‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

4. Ethic will split

Ethic is famous for hits such as ‘Lamba Lolo’ which is the newest anthem in town  , sadly we predict that come 2019 they might break up.

They might end up like Camp Mulla, MOG, Kelele Takatifu, Deux Vultures, Gidigidi Majimaji, Tatuu, Cash Money Brothers (CMB), Kymoh and Stiga famous for their song ‘Thitima’.

5. Nai Boi,Kaligraph Jones and Guardian Angel will dominate

Two in One hit maker Naiboi and Kaligraph Jones alias the OG will command attention and rule the air waves in 2019.

Love or hate them, they know how to entertain the crowd and their music is DOPE.

Guardian Angel on the other hand will dominate the gospel, his songs are uplifting.

Guardian Angel and NaiBoi

6. WCB will relocate from TZ

As you might know by now Wasafi artistes have made Kenya their home , with the likes of Diamond  Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize, and Mboso spotted around town.

Things have been especially tough for Diamond and Rayvanny after they were banned from performing in Kenya and Tanzania until further notice.

Diamond responded by simply stating that

“If you ban my songs I will still perform them.If you still don’t want me to perform I will leave and perform else where.

I will move to another country because they wont follow me there.

You can’t block my songs both in Tanzania and Kenya because you don’t feed me or my children.”

Isn’t that a hint that he might relocate.

‘My intestines were on the tarmac, DCI boss George Kinoti narrates how he survived 28 bullets


7. Itumbi will not date Jacque nor spend valentines with her

Call him the love doctor, he always has the right answers to console and make his friend Jacque Maribe smile.

Despite the fact that the two have denied having any romantic relations, it is evident even for the blind to see that given a chance Itumbi would love to date Jacque.

But as they say, atakula huu na hasara juu coz believe you me come 2019, he will be spending valentines alone.

Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe

But we can’t be too sure his poems might soften her heart.

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Haiya: Frenemies Willy Paul and Bahati to share same stage after years of beefing

Willy Paul and Bahati have beefed for a while now, something that many people still don’t understand. Many people have termed their beef as childish because it’s baseless and doesn’t seem to have any meaning, considering they are in the same industry.

Well, despite them beefing for a while now, the two will share the same stage in a concert dedicated to Willy’s dancer, Val, who passed away.

The event is dubbed ‘In Dance We Breathe’ and the line up is as follows, Willy Paul, Bahati, DK Kwenye Beat, Jabidii, Masterpiece, Hopekid, Nicah The Queen, Weezdom, Havoc Music and Dar Mjomba.

Val died in a road accident while coming from a gig in Nakuru and Willy Paul announced the news via social media writing,

“The girl in blue hair, gone too soon my love… words alone cannot express how shocked I am now. REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. And like I’ve always said to you, I still love you and will always do. Such a young soul. May the Lord God take good care of you… You were one of my best @saldido_international R.I.P @val_smilley LOVE YOU!”

Rest in Peace Val.

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