The ugliest hairstyles ever worn by East African celebrities

Celebrities are always trying to widen their spheres, musically and also in the way that the public perceives them.

One of those ways can be in their fashion and style. Hairstyles are a wonderful way for a celeb to show off their uniqueness and individuality to the watching public.

But there are times when the celebs go wrong in the hairstyle that they choose. Some of those celebs are below;

Otile Brown

This singer is the one who has caused me to write this article. The abomination on his head is not only terrible to look at, it is also a crime against humanity!

Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads
Otile Brown posing with his ugly dreads


This is another celeb who cannot stick with one style and should be on this list several times as a serial offender. The fake locks epidemic have been popularised by East Africa’s most popular singer but they just don’t work on him.

Diamond with the ugly locks
Diamond with the ugly locks

I don’t get how he has been able to keep them despite the many women he has around him who can advise him against the style!


I think you are noticing a pattern here. Fake dreads are bad! Bahati decided to try out a new style when he went to Dubai with his wife Diana Marua.

Bahatis new look
Bahati’s when he had the ugly hairstyle

The backlash he received was so bad that even his wife Diana campaigned for that ugly mop of hair to be removed. Bahati acquiesced and a toddler somewhere smiled.


The singer put one of most egregious hairstyles I have ever seen with his blonde noodle hairstyle. Again the fake dreads make a comeback.

Rayvanny hairstyle
Rayvanny with the noodle hairstyle


The crooner is often recognised for his blonde hair but there are times that he has tried to forego the style in favour of Ghanaian lines that he wore at the Wasafi festival late last year.

Harmonize donning the hairstyle
Harmonize donning the hairstyle

I am torn on this one I must say.

Willy Paul

The ‘Haleluyia’ singer loves dying his hair, with blonde and white being a favourite for him. The singer also seems to be copying a lot of the styles that Diamond has tried out. It isn’t like Diamond has a stellar record at choosing wonderful hairstyles.

Willy-Paul looking in his ugly style

As you can surmise the common thread among all these hairstyles is that the celebs who are trying them are stitching fake hair onto their sculpts, a result that is not pleasant to the eye.

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Another one! Female rapper Diana Bahati releases 2nd song


Diana Bahati is not done proving she is in the music business to stay.

She launched her music career with a single dubbed Hatutaachana, and later told that her rate card is sh850k to book her for a performance. And indeed Diana Claims she has two bookings this December.

The first song has hit one million views.

Diana has Friday December 3rd, released a second song, days after unveiling her venture into the music industry.

The song titled One Day, is slowly garnering views and it will be interesting to see how far it goes.

‘Wengi Walianza Mbele Yangu
Sahii Hakuna Mtu Mbele Yangu
Kwa Uwanja Na simama Peke Yangu
Na Pande Ya wanaume naona tu

Diana was in the Kiss 100 studios Friday morning where she hit back at Willy Pauls comment about her music.

It’s Time to Address the people doubting that I’M the BEST FEMALE Rapper!!! I mean, THE QUEEN OF AFRO RAP JESHI YA TWITTER HII NI YENYU, MTATII!!


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Omosh alianza kama wewe! Willy Paul told after he threatens to expose gay artistes

As the days go by, musician Willy Paul’s behaviour is startung to resemble that of his constant critic and troll, gospel singer, Ringtone.

For a long time there, Willy would justifiably call out Ringtone for his clout-chasing antics that normally featured Mr. Pozze as the villain in the story.

Now it seems that Willy is slowly turning into the man he once derided fiercely because this year has seen the “Nikune” singer engage in a lot of publicity stunt.

His most recent one? Yesterday the singer threatened to expose male artists in the industry who are gay and make money through being paid for s3x.

“Enda mjengo, uza mandazi ama maji” Willy Paul piles pressure on Omosh

He did this using his popular Instagram page where he posted a video with the caption reading,

”I have a very big secret, nitoboe siri?? Walahi b4 I launch my album lazima niseme how some of our Kenyan male artists make their money. Ghai its so disgusting, all in the name of …. TUNATAKA KUISHI POA KAMA POZZE! watu wana funguliwa buti huku nnje!!”

Most of his fans and followers who read the post eagerly egged him on to unleash the truth while some others warned him about the path he was choosing. Check out some of the comments below:

peterspitter Master…………….. Malizia

kriserroh 😂 Na nani? Choma yote.

bravo_bravs 😂😂😂😂wacha kuenda indirect😂😂…sema tu ukweli ni wewe unafunguliwa buti 😂😂😂😂😂💔

_muthamah Omosh alianza kama wewe😂😂

pay.et_ Sema tu ringtone 😂😂😂Wacha story

dripdripcollectionz Content lakini uliishiwa bro🤦‍♂️smh ,,, siku hizi ni sekete na pekejeng tu 😂😂🤦‍♂️ nashangaa audacity ya kuongelea other artists inatoka wapi 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

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“Enda mjengo, uza mandazi ama maji” Willy Paul piles pressure on Omosh

Singer Willy Paul has joined the bandwagon of people criticizing John Kinuthia alias Omosh after his ill-advised attempt to beg again from Kenyans.

The musician, who has been on the war-path this week attacking Diamond Platnumz and Size 8, also has the bit in his teeth for Omosh.

Using his Instagram page, Willy asked Omosh to get out there and hustle like other men, reminding him that Kenyans had already done their part and they do not owe him anything.

“Unageuka watu walikusaidia ukisema doe haikufika mita…hiyo ilikuwa doe ya wakenya so wacha kulialia. Toka hapo nje ingia kwa mjengo, uza mandazi…maji. Uza hizi vitu,” he started.

‘I will chop off your head!’ Willy Paul threatens Diamond Platnumz


“Wacha kulia…Bahati alisachukua title ya kulialia. Pambana tu. Sisi wote ni wanaume na wakenya hawakufanyii kazi…ambia serikali ikupatie kazi. (You complained that the donations you received were less than a million…that was the hard-earned money of Kenyans and they do not owe you anything. Go out there and hustle. Sell water if need be. Do not be a cry baby).”

2 days ago, Omosh disclosed that the problems he has encountered the past year almost pushed him to suicide but he opted to remain strong for his kids.

“I got to a point I was just tired of everything. Life had lost meaning. I was so broke and the landlord was on my neck. I had bills to pay; I had mouths to feed but I had no income.

“That is how depression kicks in. You ask someone for Sh200 but they opt to buy you drinks instead. At times I would sink in my thoughts that people on the streets thought I was going crazy. It was not easy,” he said.

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Willy Paul and Dj Mo trade jabs after singer goes after Size 8

Saldido records CEO Willy Paul been on the warpath this week. The man who attacked and accused Diamond Platnumz of copying his song “Nikune” for Chibu’s new song, “Kamata” has another person in his sights.

This person is gospel musician, Size 8. Don’t forget the two had collaborated on the successful song “Tam Tam” in 2013, so one wonders what could have gone wrong, a sentiment Pozze expressed in his vent.

Willy Paul with Size 8
Willy Paul with Size 8

Willy started his onslaught yesterday when he criticised Size 8 for doing contrary to what she preaches and wondering why she decided to block him 4 years ago.

”Nashangaa hii ni gospel gani watu wana blockiana? Coz nili realize Size 8 alini block bila sababu. Kama wewe kweli unajiita mtumishi wa Mungu, lead by example.”

I was depressed for months and kept crying in silence-Willy Paul on becoming secular artist

Pozze continued by claiming Size 8 doesn’t even pick up his calls,


Willy Paul looking great
Willy Paul posing

While most were expecting a quick response from the mother of two, it was her hubby Dj Mo who came to the rescue warning Willy that he would finya him.

But that hasn’t stopped Willy from responding, telling Dj Mo to keep off and leave the matter between them;

”Sasa huyu mtu tunaulizana nini? Kama mbaya mbaya, ukweli usemwe tu. Mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo. Wewe ambia serekali ikupatie kazi!! 😠”

Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo
Size 8 with her husband Dj Mo

But Dj Mo is having none of it, giving the singer a final warning, with his caption reading, “Niko na kazi –
You know me well, you know what am capable of doing … Nitakufinya last warning ⚠️”

I think this is just a publicity stunt instigated by the trio for promotion for a project that they might be involved with.

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‘I will chop off your head!’ Willy Paul threatens Diamond Platnumz

Saldido records owner Willy Paul has been accused of aping singer Diamond Platnumz especially as far as his hairstyles and fashion go.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Although Willy doesn’t address the accusations, the “Hallelujah” singer has his own bone to pick with the singer claiming that he copied his song ‘Nikune’.

Mr. Pozze said that he would take his revenge on Diamond by doing the same to him by copying the exact name of his song ‘Kamata’.

”KAMATA an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth,” he wrote.

The song “Nikune” featuring Nadia Mukami was released a year ago, while Diamond’s song, “Kamata” was released this week.

Pozze wasn’t done yet with his attack on Diamond, warning Diamond on his Instagram saying, ”Simba, no one steals from a motherf**in king. Bomboclat imma chop ur head off!!”

And what about Chibu himself? The man seems unbothered and hasn’t responded to the claims. Meanwhile the song Kamata has gotten more than 1 million views in less than a day.


Many people who saw the claims called out Willy saying that he was chasing clout. What do you think? Listen to both the songs below;



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I was depressed for months and kept crying in silence-Willy Paul on becoming secular artist

Musician Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Paul has finally come clean on why he left gospel music-yes, despite refusing to officially confirm that he had become a secular artiste the last few years.

So skipping over that official announcement, Willy has revealed that he left the genre over what he termed as too much hatred in the gospel world.

“Some of you ask me why I left the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. And even call me names because I no longer praise Jesus in my songs… according to them I’m so evil and everything bad. Those are the same people that fought me nikiwa upande wa Yesu 😆

Reasons as to why I left. Hate from my fellow artists and DJs, luck of airplay ( claiming my content wasn’t Godly back then ) ubaguzi na mapendeleo.. I was the top artist but these evil people couldn’t see that. Or they just chose to ignore the reality!”

He admitted that he was tired of the hypocrisy in the Gospel industry and wanted to be real with himself and not lie to God.

The Saldido CEO explained that the frustrations drove him into depression and at some point he couldn’t even pay his bills.

“This people broke my heart! They hurt me so bad, I was depressed 4 months I kept crying in silence every single day and night. It got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore.. I had no money to pay my bills and even help out pale nyumbani. Can you imagine I had the biggest songs na hawa watu wakanichorea hivo tu. I’m not perfect but what I went through as a gospel artist, no servant of God should go through!!”

He added,

“Since I loved music and had bigger hopes with my career I chose the other side which is where I am today, n that’s what has kept me alive and stable. I was tired of the hypocrisy in the so-called Gospel industry. Plus I just wanted 2b real with myself and not lie to God! God cannot be fooled so I took a chill pill na sai niko hapa.”

“Same same people that didn’t want me there were the first to reach out !! Ata kwa hii post kuna wale wenye roho mbaya ya mavi wanajipanga kuangusha stupid comments.. No amount of hate can pin me to the ground. Kama mpaka leo sijawai enda chini juu ya chuki then I don’t think I ever will,” he finished off.

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Move over Otile! Willy Paul declares ‘I Do’ is the best wedding song


That emotional moment you walk down the aisle to meet your boo deserves an epic song and Willy Pozee knows this, and proud to shout that his song ‘I Do’ is what a bride needs.

Willy Paul has shared a video of wedding goers dancing to his song with Alaine ‘I Do’ and declared there is no other like his to walk down the aisle with.

This song has featured severally in online videos making us feel proud that it’s Willy Pozee to the world.

I repeat, still the best wedding song by an African artist!! #ido the only african wedding song that’s loved globally!! #ido yes I said that… NO apology!! 2021

Is he about to start beef with Otile? It will be interesting to see how this goes down. Here is the Instagram post Willy Paul shared that his fans wholeheartedly agree with.

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We don’t tolerate such gay behaviour! Ringtone tells Willy Paul and Bahati

Most people are well aware that Gospel artist Ringtone Apoko is a troll, a job that he takes seriously and does with a zeal that Ezekiel Mutua, the Kenya Film Classification Board(KFCB) CEO would be most proud of.

In the past month, Ringtone has been a stalwart in the defense of morality in the Kenyan media space attacking comedian Eric Omondi for his show, Wife Material, even offering Ksh 100K to whoever burned down Eric’s house where the show was being conducted.

But now that Eric has been chastened by the pure and morally upright KFCB board, Ringtone has had to find a new target to set his sights on.

Interesting thing is that the singer who can best be described as a barking dog has no new ideas when it comes to choosing targets on that front.

So he went back to his comfort zone of attacking former gospel singers like Bahati and Willy Paul, musicians who have been prime meat for his indignation.

This time Mr. Apoko has decided to take his dissing to a whole other level accusing the two of being gay! This comes after a photoshopped picture of Bahati and Willy Paul emerged, which Ringtone posted on his Instagram with his incendiary claim.

Bahati and willy had been engaged in a playful photoshop back and forth where each had interchanged the other’s face on different photos.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by BAHATI (@bahatikenya)


Mr. Apoko used this fight as an opportunity to muddy his hands and get some clout writing that the gay behavior was not accepted in the gospel industry. Forgive his poor English, but this is what he wrote,



The interesting this is that Bahati and Willy Paul don’t like each other but one thing that they have for each other is mutual respect-Something I think Ringtone craves from the public and fellow musicians, as witnessed in his constant machinations and cries for attention.

This diss will do nothing to Willy or Bahati. As I said earlier, the musician is a hollering dog. Hollering dogs never bite.

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Kenya’s ‘Diamond’ Willy Paul proudly shows off his two baby mamas for the first time (photos)

Willy Paul is one of the most hard-working musicians with an impressive repertoire of music in Kenya. The man is rarely if ever out of the spotlight with his impressive knack for releasing songs on a nearly monthly basis.

Has Willy Paul become the new Ringtone? More provocateur less musician

His music output is only matched by the controversy that he seems to court. But there are times that the singer will show a softer side of him that gets Kenyans all mushy about the “Sitolia” singer.

This past week while dissing fellow singer Bahati, Pozze decided to praise his two baby mamas on his Instagram page, saluting them for giving him two adorable kids.

Appreciating the mother of his first born son Pozze wrote; “A very big thank you to mama Damian, thank you for giving me a son King Damian.. this is my son’s mother…”.

The “Haleluyia” hit-maker went on to also thank his Mzungu baby mama, whom they have a daughter together named Sonya.

“A very big thank you to mama SONYA, thank you for giving me a beautiful daughter. This is my daughter’s mother. 💘 💘” wrote Willy Paul.

It seems that 2021 is the year for the singer to come out and reveal all to his fans. The man who always kept his son away from the media spotlight, previously unveiled the face of his son Damian Radido Opondo for the first after hiding him from the public eye for over 2 years.

“Let me introduce you to my firstborn. His name is KINGDAMIAN RADIDO OPONDO…say hi to my son.. this the first time I’m posting him.”


“Help me wish my son a happy birthday fam.. he just turned 2yrs … I love you KING DAMIAN RADIDO OUMA.” shared Willy Paul.

In January, the singer had also gone out of his way to praise his daughter Sonya with the sweet message, “2021 is already good to me… I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. Always know that daddy loves you so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you… I’ll be your superman… you have won my heart my love.”

While it seems that he has changed as far as being a loving and proud parent goes, his way of dealing with Bahati hasn’t. Just go and check out his recent trolling of the man married to Diana Marua.


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Willy Paul has woman who accused him of getting her pregnant arrested

In the past 6 months, Willy Paul introduced a new child to his Kenyan fans. The bi-racial child came as a shock to many but the artiste proudly displayed her on social media showing that the man doesn’t like to shy away from acknowledging his own progeny.

But it seems that the man might have another child, according to an allegation made by a certain woman named Ruth. And the artiste isn’t taking the news lying down.

The man has decided to deal with the claims the only way he can. He has reportedly taken legal action against a woman claiming to be pregnant by him.

Has Willy Paul become the new Ringtone? More provocateur less musician

According to a report in The-Star Willy filed a report against the young female fan identified as Ruth at the Central police station on Monday.

Willy Paul is accusing the girl of defamation after she claimed she got pregnant after a steamy night with the musician.

The girl reportedly spoke to the Star newspaper tabloid saying she was arrested and later released.

“The arrest started as a set-up. I was told to go for an Interview in one of the leading TV stations for a lifestyle show. I trusted them, so when I went for ‘shooting’ at TRM, that’s where I was arrested,” Word Is quotes Ruth.

The girl said she was held for at least eight hours but later released for unknown reasons.

“Willy Paul was not with the police, he came later at the station. They wanted cash bail, I didn’t have money, so I don’t know why I was released because it got to a point I was released,” she said.

Willy Paul on his part said the woman came clean and named those who had pushed her to tarnish his brand.

“At the station, the girl mentioned everyone that sent her to ruin my name. It is some upcoming producers,” he said.

This isn’t the first time that Willy is complaining about people trying to take him down.

A few months ago, Pozze claimed that Shakilla was been used by his enemies to tarnish his name and bring him down.

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“I’m strictly gospel” Mr Seed disses Bahati and Willy Paul as he seeks collabo


Mr Seed is not about to put his beef with Bahati to rest anytime soon.

In a Q&A with fans, Mr Seed asked fans who he should collabo with and a majority said Bahati.


Mr Seed threw shade at suggestions from fans to work with Bahati and Willy Paul.

One fan begged him to put his beef aside urging him that “manzee sometimes we forgive and forget permanently back to the love it was’.

Another fan begged him to not consider Bahati or Willy Paul as this would mean him quitting Gospel like them.

Responding to this, Mr seed appeared to agree with this person and said “Am A STRICTLY GOSPEL ARTIST” in reference to his nemesis’ move to secular music.

bahati diss
Mr Seed/Courtesy Instagram Stories

Mr Seed made sure to put his remarks in capital letters that suggested he is yet to forgive and forget?

A complete timeline of the beef between Mr Seed and Bahati is in the links below. Click to read all about their drama.

“I don’t sleep hungry” – Mr. Seed Responds to Bahati

Drama never ends: Bahati calls police on Mr Seed’s fiance Nimo


Stay tuned to see if the collabo with Bahati especially comes to fruition.

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Has Willy Paul become the new Ringtone? More provocateur less musician

Willy Paul has been on a rampage this past year. Pozze, who had a clean-cut image since his debut into the entertainment industry as a gospel singer doesn’t resemble that man anymore.

He has become loud, brash, crass and unapologetic, especially since the lockdown started.  Since then, we hear more about the singer’s misdeeds/controversies than his music, something that reminds me of the antics of Ringtone Apoko.

Ringtone is a musician who has become known more for his stunts than for his music-A bad sign that an artist is grasping at straws and can’t release great music anymore without publicity stunts.

Why do I say this?

His being in the entertainment news on an increased scale but not because of his music.

The evidence is below:

This past week, Willy decided to hit on Julie Gichuru’s daughter in the Mpashogram comment section. Check out the screenshot below:

Willy Paul screenshot speaking to Julie Gichuru
Willy Paul screenshot speaking to Julie Gichuru

Not only that, during the same week, Willy went to fellow musician Dk Kwenye Beat’s page to insult him as DK celebrated the birth of his first child.

Just this past weekend Willy introduced his daughter called Sonya, writing, “2021 is already good to me… I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. Always know that daddy loves you so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you… I’ll be your superman… you have won my heart my love.”

Sonya is Willypozee’s second child from his second baby mama. He has a firstborn son called King Damian with a different baby mama.


While I don’t have an issue with a man declaring and accepting his blood in public, my question is why now and coupled with his erratic behaviour as described above, I have a suspicion.

I believe Willy is trying to hype up his image especially after releasing his first album, “Songs of Solomon” late last year. He wants to keep the album trending by keeping his name on top of the entertainment news ala’ Ringtone.

But I could be wrong…

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I will become a pastor! Willy Paul tells Julie Gichuru as he thirsts for her pretty daughter

This week Julie Gichuru celebrated her 47th birthday and everyone online could agree that the mother of 5 looks damn good for her age!

That’s not all. Another photo of her and her beautiful daughter together has been gathering a lot of thirst from Kenyan men online with some asking Julie to divulge her daughter’s details.

Even gospel musician Willy Paul got involved, wishing the celebrated media personality a happy birthday while also expressing his wish to marry her daughter. His caption on Mpashogram read,

“Happy birthday manze ur very beautiful walai.. ur husband hapa aliangukia walai.. I hope to marry ur daughter soon. If I get her walai ill change my ways. I’ll even become a pastor. Enjoy ur 47th.”

Willy Paul screenshot speaking to Julie Gichuru
Willy Paul screenshot speaking to Julie Gichuru

Talk about shooting your shot!

The comment was met with incredulity from Kenyans. Some of the responses are below:

😂😂😂😂 hilarious

apo kwa pastor umekuja sanaa😂😂😂😂😂😂

hahaa I love that. 😍

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Prakataprakata pozeeee 😂


hahahah aki pozee 😂😂😂

Punguza madre… Sare tu roho Safi… 😂😂

who the hell in this world wants to marry a pastor 🤣🤣🤣🤣 nawaoooh


😂😂😂😂😂 weee Pozee

😂😂😂😂😂😂 juzi tu huyu jamaa amepost pic ya mtoi na bibi yake sijui mzungu 😂😂😂wewe Huwezi badilika

lazima mkuu unge approve hvyo😂😂

me nitakuwa sugarmummy wa mtoi wako😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

grow up jamaa

Ati pastor? Afaghali mwizi

anafuta kutrend🤣🤣🤣🤣



tumewazoea boss hii trending ziii mnaboesha nowadays guys vipindi ndio you trend then you all doing the same shit 💩

so unnecessary

umeona umwambie tu ukweli mtupu budaa😂😂

😂😂😂😂😂hii ni fisi tu

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The biggest celebrity scandals in 2020

2020 was affected by Covid-19 and a wash according to many people. It was a year of survival but despite that celebrity scandals still popped up.

Some of those scandals are below;


Shakila had a crazy interview with Xtian Dela that opened a can of worms. In the Instagram video that went viral, Shakilla claimed that she had sex with over 15 Kenyan celebrities and Wanyama was among them.

Some of the celebs named were Willy Paul, Ringtone, Khalligraph Jones and footballer, Victor Wanyama. Mr. Wanyama wasn’t joking around and threatened to sue(and even took steps) Shakilla prompting her to quickly apologise.

Shakilla again

The socialite was caught in another scandal, this time with Willy Paul. The musician claimed that she had dropped in his house announced.

Willy said that her mission was malicious and that he suspected that she might have been sent to him. Shakilla meanwhile refuted those claims and said that the musician had invited her to his place but that he changed tune when she reached his home.

The conflict reached a fever pitch with Willy having the socialite arrested. Up to date the two are still accusing the other of lying about what really happened.

Dj Mo 

The Dj was caught in a cheating scandal with a certain socialite who shared intimate details that proved that she and the celeb had been having an affair.

The scandal looks to have cost the Dj his prime job at NTV but Size 8 stood by him and they seem to be mending their marriage.


The Kikuyu singer was caught up in a scandal when it was alleged that he had impregnated politician Karen Nyamu.  The Benga musician dismissed the claims he was dating Karen who is a city lawyer and director at the Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company.

Samidoh said the story published by a local publication is fake as the two are just friends. “I have a wife with children and I do not intend to get another one with the current economy. I have not been dating her, she has just been my big fan for a long time.”

The brown bag in Joho’s plane

In July this year when politician Ali Hassan Joho visited Dubai to see his friend Raila Odinga, a mysterious brown bag was spotted in his private plane belonging to an unknown female.

Kenyans who can double up for the FBI decided to investigate who the owner could have been? The early contender was Betty Kyallo who quickly quelled those rumours with photographic evidence as to her whereabouts.

The next in line was influencer Natalie Tewa. The evidence was brought by Edgar Obare who proved that Natalie was in Dubai at the time of Joho’s visit. The ruckus that came after his revelation has dogged Edgar to this day.

There are many more scandals. These are the ones I could remember at the top of my head.


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I was set-up! Him and his boys harassed me! Shakila speaks on Willy Paul scandal

Shakila lit up the interwebs the past few months after her highly controversial interview with Xtian Dela. The interview caused a whole hullabaloo after she claimed that she had slept with several high-profile male celebs.

But that wouldn’t be the last we would hear about her-A scandal later ensued that involved superstar singer Willy Paul. The singer alleged that the socialite had come to his home uninvited and proceeded to behave poorly in his home.

Despite her claims to the contrary, Willy said that he didn’t know her and hadn’t invited her to his home. Now Shakila is opening up more about the incident in a recent interview.

The 19-year old narrated how it all started between them before their ugly night scandal. “When we first met, our first interaction was just chats on Instagram and we never exchanged contacts,” Shakilla revealed.

She also claimed that she visited Willy Paul on the scandal-ridden night after he had invited her to his home, adding that she didn’t know how he got access to her contact.

Despite that red flag, she still proceeded to go to his home but didn’t find the singer at the home. She did meet a Tanzanian light-skin beauty in his house who welcomed her.

“The babe welcomed me in and told me Willy Paul had been waiting for me and that he would be back home in a few minutes,” Shakilla revealed.

She said that when Willy later returned he came with his boys and that is when some crazy drama ensued.

“Him and his boys harassed me, forced me to put in my phone passwords, started deleting stuff on my phone, screen-recording and sending stuff to himself from my phone. I was set-up!” she claimed.

She also threw down the gauntlet warning Willy Paul that he should avoid bringing her family and parents into their beef.

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Ametoka zone ya mazishi, ya kulialia-Willy Paul says about Bahati’s “Wanani”(exclusive)

Yesterday Willy Paul met with the Deputy President of Kenya.

The photo session showed how much clout and power he has that he can get a face to face meeting with the second most powerful man in the country.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by W.I.L.L.Y.P.O.Z.Z.E (@willy.paul.msafi) on

As fitting his fame, I recently interviewed the “Coco” singer on the strides he had made in the music industry.

I am not even her bf! She is insane, she is a psycho – Willy Paul on Shakila drama (exclusive)

One question that was burning in my mind was why the singer hadn’t still done a collaboration with either Bahati or Diamond Platnumz.

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Why was that? In the case of Diamond, Pozze said that there was a time in the past where he was very close to doing one with the Bongo singer but that it wasn’t to be.

Those guys who know me, know that I used to perform using his songs when I was on the come-up. He was an inspiration to me. Unfortunately, when it reached time to do a collabo, things changed. I don’t know how they viewed the situation. We offered to pay but something just happened that I can’t speak about at the moment. Diamond is a singer I respect.

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Seti poa basi CHUMA!

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In the case of Bahati, he said that he was willing and also congratulated him for changing his music style from the funeral type he used to do. “Bahati is my brother. We can do a song together.” Adding, “He did something(referring to Bahati’s his new song Wanani‘) different from what we are used to. Ametoka zone ya mazishi hiyo ya kulia lia.”

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ONE WORD FOR THIS @DEVINE_COLLECTIONS SUIT 👔 🔥 Remember to Dial *811*922# To Set #NAJUA ❤ as Your Skiza Tune 🙂

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And does the singer see a future where Kenyan artists can fill stadiums on their own like other African artists abroad?

“The problem isn’t filling the stadium. The issue is that Kenyan fans will not attend because they don’t rank Kenyan musicians. We can fill a stadium but it will take some time. Another problem we face is sponsors for these types of events.”

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Morning fam! Black is beautiful!!

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Willy also spoke about some middlemen in the industry who have such high mark-ups for their services that it makes holding a concert/show untenable.

“Some middlemen will try and get a very huge cut so that they can help you get the sponsorship for the show, making it a non-starter for many,” he finished off.

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They are cows! Willy Paul says about MCSK in bitter rant (exclusive)

I recently spoke to Willy Paul the other day. The man had a lot to say. He spoke about the music industry and how the year had gone for the singer.

The musician wasn’t happy with the year he had had. “Imekuwa mbwa. If it was in my ability I would repeat it or skip it entirely,” Pozze said.

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Hapo vipi?

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Was there any positive this year, I asked? “I was gonna be proud of so many things until Corona came through. Things happened. I have nothing to be proud off maybe the gift of life and my new album, Songs of Solomon.”

Could he speak about the MCSK?

They are cows. Even then I am spoiling the name of cows in general. I don’t understand how an adult man can start stealing money. We work so hard. Imagine I came from nothing to where I am now and there are people in big offices eating our blood, sweat and tears. Even the audit showed how they were stealing from us.

I am not even her bf! She is insane, she is a psycho – Willy Paul on Shakila drama (exclusive)

And what can they do to fix the industry?

We can end it by joining together as artists and making sure those guys go. Even if artists aren’t united in general we will have to join together so we can help each other. We will have to put aside our differences. Even in Nigeria, the artists are so respected that when they speak of SARS people take note.

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Explaining how bad it was for musicians in the country. He gave an allegory of a struggling artist,

But in our country musicians aren’t respected. Even if your woman takes you to her home, the scared mother asks you what you do apart from singing cause our craft isn’t honoured. The parents even say that this person can’t take care of my kids.

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Respect my hustle! A revolution is coming! Beware!

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He also explained the difference in the way other foreign artists are remunerated in Africa saying,

Nigerian artistes are living like kings. The royalties they get are calculated in a different way in Nigeria than unlike in Kenya. The artists there get either 80% or 90% while in Kenya the cooperations get around 70% and the artists the rest.

He finished by saying, “I am not afraid of anyone. God raised me from Mathare and I will still survive.”

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