Couple goals! Check out photos of Willis Raburu and wife vacation in Dubai

Media personality Willis Raburu and his beautiful wife Mary Prude are on vacation in Dubai having the time of their life.

To show a woman that you love her, spending quality time with her will prove that you care and appreciate her.

Willis could be a good example to many men who may not know what to do for their wives or girlfriends as he planned a trip to where he could spend quality time with his wife.

They are truly couple goals as they recently celebrated their first anniversary at the top five star hotels Park Inn by Radisson.

‘Pesa ni muhimu’ since this couple is just out here living their lives ‘nahawaringi’.

Well maybe they are still celebrating their anniversary or it just their thing.

“A little rest and peace of mind. Thank you Jesus.”

He posted on social media how he and his wife were having an incredible time in Dubai courtesy of Trippygotours.

“Am in love with @maryaprude hairstyle it is pure life 😂😂😂 Also yesterday’s Dhow cruise dinner was life! @tippygotours really know how to schedule pleasure.#ShuguliNiRahaTu.”

Check photos of their lovely vacation



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The absolutely cute plan Willis Raburu and his wife have after their first wedding anniversary

Multi-talented media personality Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Prude celebrated their first marriage anniversary over the weekend.

Willis and Mary Raburu

The young lovebirds, who tied the knot in a private invites only wedding ceremony last year, are doing great and they spent their weekend at one of the top five star hotels Park Inn by Radisson.


Raburu and his wife spent Friday and Saturday nights at the prestigious hotel , where the price for two adults for two nights is Ksh.64,192. But wait, did they sleep in a standard double room or superior room double bed?

“The King and Queen of RabuKanda😂😂😂 So over the weekend my wife @maryaprude_raburu and I sampled @parkinn_nrbwestlands we had heard such a buzz about it so we thought “why not! ” Wow, It’s is the perfect spot!!! Immediately you get in you are sent into another world. The hospitality is amazing. The rooms have amazing beds ( very comfortable) and the light feature is my favorite,” wrote Raburu accompanied by the pics below.

Park Inn
The bed where Raburu and his wife spent the night during their first anniversary

Willis Raburu


Last year Raburu revealed that he and his wife were planning to have 12 children and he has confirmed to that there plans are still on.

“There is so much going on right now . We are working hard so that by the time they show up ( and they will ) they have the perfect set up and life. So bado plan ni mtu 12 football team plus a sub,” he said.

His lovely wife is working on major projects and he said:

“My wife is planning to start a fashion styling company dubbed maryaprudecollections. Which means she has to move a lot and travel etc. we are very excited about it and it’s an area she is very passionate about. The page on instagram is already up and it she is already doing some consultations.”

The TV presenter-cum-radio host, who embarked on  a weight loss journey a few months ago, has transformed into a good looking man and he says in the next few months time, he’s going to look like Eric Omondi (just kidding). The power couple has always documented their fitness journey (#LitToFit) and according to Raburu, their followers should expect more episodes soon.

“Season 2 of #LitToFit is also on the horizon we are shooting with Framestudios, and will roll out the complete season soon,” he said.

The 10over10 host has also landed an ambassadorial role with a mega local fitness company.

“I’m excited to announce renewed partnership with USN Kenya Who Have taken me up as the brand ambassador as I do a #12weekChallenge on fitness along with my trainer Evelyn Owala of Eveal Health and Fitness.”

Willis Raburu has developed a thick skin for trolls and in a previous interview with Mpasho, he said he was not moved by critics.

“For a long time, a lot of people have talked, shouting about weight and I wanted so bad to ignore it but it just kept coming. If you’re told ‘you’re fat, umejaa sana or you are the elephant in the room, etc. You can brush it off but stILL itabaki.”

From Nairobi To The World! Willis Raburu and in-laws enjoy an expensive vacation (Photos)

Willis Raburu, one of the biggest names in the Kenyan media industry is living large in the USA.

The multi-talented Citizen TV presenter together with his wife and in-laws jetted out to the US a week ago, and from a look at their photos, Raburu, his wife Mary Prude and in-laws are having the time of their life.

They have visited several cities and places in the USA among them Washington DC, New York and Miami Florida. Raburu, his wife and in-laws did the usual tourist stuff and visited the White House and inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“Greetings from New York my people, I’m having a blast on holiday and I’ll be back soon,” read a message on Raburu’s social media.

Here are the photos of Raburu and in-laws holidaying in the USA


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu
Willis Raburu, his wife and in-laws


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu


Willis Raburu



Willis Raburu And His Wife Have The Time Of Their Lives Abroad (Photos)

Willis Raburu is one of the most celebrated news presenters in the country and we have witnessed him grow in the industry over the years.

Youngsters love him because he understands them and he get down just like them, hence his very popular show, 10 over 10 that he hosts alongside Joey Muthengi.


Well, Willis and his beautiful wife took time off their busy schedules to have a family time away from the noisy Nairobi. They took a trip to Florida where they’ve been having a pretty good time together.

From the photos he posted on social media, one can tell how much he loves his wife as he constantly showers her with praise and all the love he can give, but isn’t that what couples do?

Anyway, check out photos from their beautiful getaway;







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Citizzen Tv presenter Willis Raburu fights back against body shaming

Body shaming has sadly become common in Kenya especially on social media. Of late, many celebrities among them Willis Raburu, Pierra Makena, DK Kwenye Beat, Sheila Mwanyigha have been bullied online for their body size and it seems this fad is not going to end anytime soon. Continue reading “Citizzen Tv presenter Willis Raburu fights back against body shaming”

In Pictures! These Male Celebrities inspire Us To Hit The Gym With Their Workout Selfies

In these days of nyama choma and a dabo dabo, one is likely to pile on the pounds and not notice it.

But seriously guys it is hard to always be in shape, and the thought of hitting the gym in this cold is more than I can stand.

And some times, a loved one may hint to us that we perhaps need to shed some kilo’s, for the sake of a healthy heart.

These Kenyan male celebrities are staying off their comfort zone and working hard to stay in shape.

Here are celebrities who are sharing their inspiring gym stories plus selfies after a workout.

1. Tv personality Willis Raburu recently tied the knot, and after returning from his honeymoon, the bubbly media personality has been hitting the gym hard.

His is a story that should inspire many of us, keeping in mind his health challenges a while back.

He has shared selfies after his workout with the most hilarious hashtag.

Post work out 🏋 feeling much better it’s almost like the day has just started 💪🏾💪🏾 #MafutaNiYaGari


2. Musician Colonel Mustafa. Besides his music career, the legendary singer has joined the cast of Nairobi Diaries and watching him interacting with the shenanigans of the female cast on screen is quite something.

The Dodoma Singida singer has been hitting the gym hard, flexing his muscles and showing us how he stays in shape.


3. Actor Jeff Okello..Whats his fitness mantra? Train hard or go home

The Mother-In-Law actor has been enjoying spending time with his newborn daughter Ella, and perhaps this has pushed him to hit the gym hard.


4. Sudi boy..He is a father to a new born baby boy, Liam Sudi.

He also just turned a year older, and celebrated his born day with fellow celebrity pals.

The Coast-based singer loves to hit the gym, and share selfies while at it.


He’s Loyal: Willis Raburu Will Not Be Leaving Citizen TV Anytime Soon

It had been rumoured that Willis Raburu had left Citizen TV to replace Larry Madowo on The Trend. Well, it seems he will not be leaving the media house anytime soon.

Willis Raburu2

Reports doing round, state that Willis was about to leave the media house when he was given an offer he couldn’t resist. It’s also reported that he had been offered a really good number to join Nation Media Group, but that won’t be happening anytime soon, unless they decide to pay him more than what he has been offered at Citizen.

Blessed Family! Meet Willis Raburu’s Young Looking Father-In-Law (PHOTO)

The amount that he will be paid is not known, but from the look of things, it must be a really juicy deal for him to grab it so fast with open arms.

Willis Raburu1

Willis has made a name for himself ever since he joined the media world. His show 10 Over 10 that he hosts alongside Joey Muthengi, has taken the entertainment industry by storm. A while back it was ranked among the most watched TV shows in the country.

9 Things You Did Not Know About Sexy 10 Over 10 Host Joey Muthengi

She is the sexy TV host whose beauty leaves many envious. Joey Muthengi is a beauty to behold, and her infectious laughter cannot be ignored.

She has quickly made a name for herself in Kenya, after relocating from the USA.

1. She wanted to be a teacher

Just like other Kenyan celebrities, she too has another career should she decide to quit TV. Her first love is teaching, and she almost went as far as getting a PhD to further her skills.


2. Studied Communication and Business Management at the Hope College in Michigan, USA.

Joey is a graduate from Hope College in Michigan USA, proving she’s both beauty and brains.


3. Worked with Channel O

Joey is a girl of many talents and back then when girls were busy running after sponsors she was already working with Channel O as the first Kenyan VJ (Video Jockey).


4. She hosts The Breakfast Show and 10/10

She co-hosts The Breakfast Show which airs early morning on Citizen TV with Fred Indimuli and also co-hosts an entertainment segment together with Willis Raburu.


5. She  loves  murder-mystery shows

She may look soft but don’t let that deceive you, she is a lover of hard stuff and enjoys anything to do with police and courtrooms. The only problem is that she can’t follow one show at a time.


6. She is sister to gospel artiste Holy Dave

The soft spoken beauty is sister to gospel artiste Holy Dave and the two enjoy a close relationship.


7. She is the last born

She is the last born in a family of three boys and two girls, and while many last borns are spoilt, she isn’t.. Check out her siblings below. Aren’t they all gorgeous?


8. She is a big introvert

Although she is always in the limelight she is more comfortable being alone and is a bit scared of crowds. She is the kind of person that prefers to just catch a movie, enjoying a big mug of coffee rather than go out clubbing.

9. She co-runs Mathengi Foundation with her brother Holy Dave

She is a philanthropist and together with her brother, they run the Muthengi Foundation which  focuses on empowering young people through education. The foundation donates to the poor and visits childre’ns homes.

Courtesy Nation




Happy Birthday! Willis Raburu Celebrates His Mums Birthday With A Heart-Warming Dedication

Willis Raburu is one of the most celebrated media personalities in the country. Raburu is widely known for his humorous nature and personality that has made him a hit with many Kenyans, mostly on social media and has won the hearts of many including the youth.


Apart from being good at what he does best,Willis is a family man. Early this year, he wedded the love of his life Mary Ngami in a color invites only wedding ceremony.

Blessed Family! Meet Willis Raburu’s Young Looking Father-In-Law (PHOTO)

They say there’s no better sign of a man who respects women than a guy who is close with his mom.Yesterday was his mums birthday and just like any other celebrity he took to social media and posted a photo of his mother with a loving caption.caption


Through the years my craziness has not changed and the other constant thing is her love.Happy Birthday Mum…Min Piny

Willis Raburu once admitted in an interview that while he was the mischievous type and would often get in trouble, at one point he ended up getting suspended from high school for being rebellious.

Check out photos of Willis’ lovely mum:




Blessed Family! Meet Willis Raburu’s Young Looking Father-In-Law (PHOTO)

Willis Raburu and his beautiful wife Mary Ngami Raburu exchanged vows at a colorful invite-only wedding on May 5, becoming one.

Their secret wedding surprised many, since Raburu had not revealed if he was dating after breaking up with popular journalist Sally Mbilu about a year ago, after reports of infidelity emerged, calling off their engagement and both moving on.

SORRY LADS! 5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Envious Of Willis Raburu’s Gorgeous New Wife Mary Ngami

But now, there’s no doubt that Willis Raburu is the happiest man after making Mary Ngami his official wife, and not only is she extremely beautiful, but also very down to earth and a God fearing woman.


After their grand wedding, the lovebirds have been flaunting their love on social media, and recently, Willis Raburu was the centre of envy after sharing a cute photo with the love of his life, with a caption that read; “My #WCW #MySoulTatoo #QueenRaburu #MorKich my wife I thank God for you I am truly blessed.”

Sadly, not everyone was happy for the lovely couple, with some of them accusing the elegant lass of being with Raburu for his money, while others attacked the Citizen TV presenter for marrying a woman not from his tribe.

willis raburu and wife marya

At the end of the day, you can’t make everyone happy and at some point and Mary Ngami made it clear that she is happy;


Willis Raburu’s wife recently introduced her father to the world, during Father’s Day celebrations.

Good Genes! Willis Raburu’s Wife Mary Ngami Was The Cutest BABY When She Was a Toddler (PHOTO)

In the photo, the young looking man poses with his other daughter, as Mary captioned it with this; “It’s amazing how my sister and my dad look alike, I am so jealous in my defense my character and his are the same. Happy Fathers Day to my daddy.”

So, here is Willis Raburu’s youthful father-in-law.



Good Genes! Willis Raburu’s Wife Mary Ngami Was The Cutest BABY When She Was a Toddler (PHOTO)

Celebrated media personality Willis Raburu is one happy man after he exchanged vows with the love of his life, Mary Ngami, after he was dumped by his ex-fiancee, Sally Mbilu.

Willis Raburu and his now wife Mary Raburu invited family and close friends to their private wedding back on May 5, 2017, an event that came as a surprise to many.


This is because the 10 Over 10 presenter had never revealed who he’s dating (or if he was even dating) after his engagement with Sally went sour. The journalist accused Willis Raburu of cheating on her.

In fact, he kept his relationship on the down low to the point he never even posted her photos on social media even once since they started dating with Mary Ngami. Only his very close friends and family knew about their love.

Willis Raburu Finally Weds His Stunning Fiancée After Being Dumped By Sally Mbilu (VIDEO)

After the colourful wedding, the Raburu’s have been very happy together and blissful by the day, despite a few haters who attacked the couple, with some even saying that he should have married a woman from his tribe. Really!

The love birds have been ignoring them and going on about their business, and recently, Mary Ngami put up a post that was taking shots at those people who are not happy with their union, and she didn’t mince her words.




Mary Ngami Raburu is a strong Christian and is always sharing inspiring posts, but this time round, she decided to show her fans how she looked as a child, actually as an infant.

SORRY LADS! 5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Envious Of Willis Raburu’s Gorgeous New Wife Mary Ngami

She shared a picture from back in the day when she was only 4 months old, and I have to say, she was one very cuddly and chubby kid; “Baby me @4months #cutestbabyever #throwback.”

Here’s the picture of Willis Raburu’s wife as a toddler. Isn’t she cute?




Willis Raburu’s Wife Has This To Say To Critics Who Think She’s Not Good Enough For Him

After word went round that Citizen TV news anchor Willis Raburu had tied the knot, some people began questioning the woman he has chosen to settle down with.

While some of Raburu’s fans, especially the female ones, thought she is not just good for him others were puzzled that he had picked a lady who hails from the Kikuyu community.


All this while, Mary Ngami, the woman who tied the knot with Raburu on May 5, has been quiet and it was not until recently that she commented on the issue.

SORRY LADS! 5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Envious Of Willis Raburu’s Gorgeous New Wife Mary Ngami

Taking to Facebook, Mary told off people who had caught feelings because she had found the one, adding that anyone who wants to be happy should talk to God.




Has Willis Raburu Found Another Job?

Weeks after marrying the love of his life, Mary Ngami, in a secret ceremony that caught Kenyans off guard, renowned TV personality Willis Raburu is back from his honeymoon and ready to hit the ground running.

Raburu is widely known for his humorous nature and personality that has made him a hit with many Kenyans, mostly on social media and has won the hearts of many including youth.

willis raburu and wife maryaThe award-winning journalist  has scooped several awards including Maji award for a three part series dubbed ”Deadly water”, Children’s Right Awards and Road Safety Award. This points to his hard-working nature.

Well after resuming work, he has posted a photo on social media that has tongues wagging. It appears that he could be ready to sign up for a new job.

His caption read;

“Coming soon”.

Looks like marriage has brought about new beginnings and can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.





SORRY LADS! 5 Reasons Why Every Man Is Envious Of Willis Raburu’s Gorgeous New Wife Mary Ngami

In case you don’t know by now, popular media personality and funny guy Willis Raburu is taken after holding a private wedding on Friday, May 6th, and his wife is ravishing!

Willis Raburu, who is known for his hilarious and bubbly personality, exchanged vows with one Mary Ngami, in a secret wedding with only the presence of their close family and friends.

Willis Raburu Finally Weds His Stunning Fiancée After Being Dumped By Sally Mbilu (VIDEO)

The colorful wedding affair surprised everyone as Willis Raburu had kept all this off the public radar, and in fact, no one knew that he was dating apart from his family and very close friends, best-kept secret ever I must say.


Willis Raburu’s new bride caught everyone’s attention, for her astonishing beauty and elegance, and there’s no doubt that he has found a good thing in Mary Ngami, who has already changed her surname to Raburu.

Raburu was dating former fiancée and workmate Sally Mbilu but they separated after she called off the engagement, and it’s clear that the 10 Over 10 TV host has only received blessings from that breakup.

So why is Raburu the envy of every man after he revealed his wife? Well, let me give you 5 simple reasons.

1. She’s Charming
Of course, this was going to be my first reason. Mary Ngami is no doubt the true definition of beauty and photos of her wearing the white gown made her look more exquisite and stunning. Every man would want to have such a gem in their life and spend the rest of it with her.


2. She’s God Fearing
Yes, Mary Ngami is very religious and attends Allan and Kathy Kiuna’s church, JCC in Parklands, which is also Willis Raburu’s church. She is always posting inspiring Christian quotes and Bible verses on her social media pages. So imagine having such an appealing woman who is God-fearing. He’s lucky!

3. She’s Humble
Despite looking like a supermodel with the face of a Greek goddess, Willis Raburu’s new wife has a very admirable personality and word is she’s very down to earth and very humble, making her even more lovable. Maybe that what he saw in her other than just the beauty and enviable body.

marya prude

4. She’s Proud To Show Off Her Man
Mary Ngami was very proud and thrilled when she finally walked down the aisle and said “I do” to the love of her life and was not ashamed to show off her man after they finally exchanged vows, despite the fact, several people have criticized his body weight. They say that love conquers everything.

5. She’s Independent
Before becoming Mrs Raburu, Mary Ngami was and still is an entrepreneur. She’s a self-employed woman, making her own money by selling groceries and modeling. This clearly proves that she’s driven and a go-getter who believes in herself and what she can achieve. That’s what men want nowadays, right?



Love Is Beautiful! Music Producer Jacky B Finally Says ‘I Do’ (Photos)

It’s the season of tying the knot. Willis Raburu said ‘I DO’ to his beautiful wife on Friday in an invite only wedding and no one even knew the ceremony was taking place until photos started doing rounds on social media. The wedding was hash hash and was attended by close friends and family.

WhatsApp Image 2017-05-06 at 10.18.18

Well, Willis was not going to be the only one shinning this weekend as yet another celebrity has tied the knot just a day after Willis’ wedding.

Willis Raburu Finally Weds His Stunning Fiancée After Being Dumped By Sally Mbilu (VIDEO)

Music producer Jacky B got married to his long term girlfriend Michelle Brenda. Their wedding was also an invites only affair at the beautiful Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp. The wedding of course was attended by the who’s who in the music industry especially the gospel industry plus the couples family.

jacky b 7

Some of the people who attended were Hey Z, Alice Kamande, Njesh wa Kabz (the late Kaberere’s wife) and comedian Njugush, who was also the MC.

Cheza Chini Ya Maji: Here’s the moment TV Presenter Willis Raburu’s wife accepted his marriage proposal

Jacky B and Michelle are blessed with a beautiful baby girl, who looked stunning at the wedding.

Check out photos from the wedding ceremony;jacky b5

jacky b6

jacky b4

Jacky b3

Jacky b2

jacky b1

Willis Raburu Finally Weds His Stunning Fiancée After Being Dumped By Sally Mbilu (VIDEO)

Renowned media personality Willis Raburu has finally said “I do” to the love of his life after keeping the relationship off the public radar for a while now.

The Citizen TV news anchor is known for his humorous nature and personality mostly on social media, and if you watch his show 10 Over 10 you will realize how he’s a favorite to the young people.

Willis Raburu walked down the aisle in a private ceremony to exchange vows with one beautiful lady by the name Mary Ngami Irungu at an undisclosed location.


From the videos, the small wedding affair was attended by close friends and families of the bride and groom, who looked ecstatic and overjoyed to become husband and wife.

Willis Raburu was clad in a purple African attire and black trousers, unlike the usual suit and tie kinda dressing while his beautiful bride wowed in a sleeveless, laced-white gown with a short tail, accompanied by white pearl earrings and glittering silver bracelet.


Apparently, Raburu proposed to Mary back in February 2017 and a few weeks later, they have now become one. Willis Raburu’s close friend Chris and his wife, Cate have shared a few videos and photos from the wedding.

Willis Raburu was once engaged to his workmate Sally Mbilu about a year and a half ago but sadly, she called off the engagement but the main reason for the breakup was never revealed.


But it looks like Raburu has moved on and he’s very happy and delighted to have Mary, who is astonishingly gorgeous, as his wife. Check out their ravishing wedding below.