These 5 things determine if you are wife or husband material


Almost no conversation goes on amongst Kenyans without the mention of ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ material.

Whether we are discussing celebrities or our pals, we all refer to some mannerisms as wife or husband material.

A study sheds light on what men and women perceive as marriage traits – and it seems they have very different views.

The survey, which asked respondents what the top five ‘marriage material’ characteristics were, showed the differing views between the s3xes.

Honest/trustworthy – 78 per cent
You just know – 52 per cent
My friends and family like them – 46 per cent
Romantic – 33 per cent
Career driven – 13 per cent

We’re sexually compatible – 64 per cent
Willingness to look after me – 43 per cent
Enjoy sports or let me watch – 41 per cent
They are attractive – 33 per cent
My friends and family like them – 29 per cent

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