Yes, he cursed you! The late Kanumba’s mom tells Wema Sepetu in emotional interview

Wema Sepetu emerged onto the celebrity scene when she won the 2006 Miss Tanzania title. Her win instantly made her the toast of the town and saw her leverage her fame for acting roles where she met movie-star Steven Kanumba.

While many might associate the petite beauty with Diamond Platnumz’s, her first major relationship was with the late Kanumba.

Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba
Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba

The two made for the perfect celebrity couple at the time-a sort of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston comparison (I know I exaggerate).

During their relationship, Wema got pregnant twice with Steven’s kids, which she always aborted, something that has haunted her to this day as she believes that he cursed her.

I almost died! Wema Sepetu reveals scary details of disease that left her lifeless

Her theory was confirmed by the late Kanumba’s mom when she was a guest on her show, Cook With Wema. During the interview, Kanumba’s mum openly admitted she knew about Wema’s abortion because it really hurt her son.

Kanumba’s mum disclosed her son had revealed to her that he was hurt by Wema’s actions, and because of that had laid a curse on her.

”Whatever you have been saying, my son told me the same. He even said you may look for the richest man and maybe try to get a kid but it will never be possible, unless you went back to him, you could never get a kid. He told me that unfortunately, you would have gone back to him when he is poor and broke.” Kanumba’s mum told Wema.

This information comes barely a year after Miss Sepetu publicly confessed to doing away with the late legendary actor’s pregnancy.

Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba
Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba

She revealed this while answering a question on whether she thinks Kanumba left her with a curse. ”I feel like Kanumba cursed me. This is because he really wanted to see me, he would call everyday two weeks before his death. We were to meet but we were super busy we could not. He called for like four times but we could not meet. We finally met at Bilcanas, he told me, see where we get to meet,” Wema said.

‘He told me I owe him, he told me I will not get babies with anyone else because he was the father of my babies. He told me I owe him two babies. This is because I had terminated two of his pregnancies. Every time we used to meet he would remind me that I owe him. I saw him on Wednesday and I heard he was dead on Thursday,” she added.

Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba
Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba

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I almost died! Wema Sepetu reveals scary details of disease that left her lifeless

Actress Wema Sepetu shocked many in early 2019 when she debuted a new and improved body when she lost over 25kgs.

During the period of her weight loss, the former Tanzanian model had made a disappearance from her social media.

Recently, the former Miss Tanzania had been battling an illness that most of her fans and followers weren’t aware of.

Wema Sepetu leaked our pictures after I dumped her – ex claims

The petite lady has finally divulged this in an interview with Global publishers where she went on to talk about battling a chest related problem.

She narrated that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia which almost left her lifeless, saying that she not only struggled with the congested chest but also unbearable pain from all the coughing.

During the interview, the actress added that the pneumonia at some point left her feeling like she was about to lose her life; since at some point she couldn’t even breathe. The chocolate entertainer said;

“I thought it was the end of me and opted to share photos on Instagram so that in case of any (bad) news, people would know I was going through a lot of pain. Some might think it’s a joke but given how I was feeling, I saw my death. I was unable to breathe…I went through a lot of pain,” Wema told Global Publishers.

She mentioned that she plans on making a Dua (Muslim prayer of supplication) to God for saving her life.

Miss Sepetu went on to request her followers to pray for her health.

She said, “To my fans, keep praying for me because my health issue is recurring; but at least I’m doing better than when I initially fell ill.”

Since her rapid weight loss 2 years back Diamond’s ex has undergone several health issues. Could it be a contributory factor?

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Diamond Platnumz’s exes end online war in sweetest way ever

Is there a famous female celeb in Tanzania that Diamond Platnumz hasn’t dated or been linked with? Yeah… I am waiting to hear.

The man has virtually monopolised the Tanzanian dating scene and it has had effects on the women he has been involved with.

They end up becoming enemies with each other. Just ask Tanasha Donna and Zari Hassan or Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu who have all dated East Africa’s biggest musician.

Also, the subject of Diamond’s mom had been a borne of contention for the two as Wema called out Hamisa for apparently discussing Mama Dangote on national radio, something that Hamisa responded to in a low-key diss at Wema.

The latter two seem to have now settled their differences with each other, saying that there is no bad blood between them.

Infact, Wema on her Instagram account has asked her fans to listen to Hamisa’s Ginger Me song.

“Kama Bado hujaona Ngoma Kali ya Kamdogo mdogo ka mimi ya Ginger Me… Bado Link ipo kwa Bio yake inapumua… Go Check it Out Now…‼️‼️‼️,” she wrote.

To which Hamisa replied, “ Umeamka na Mahaba mazito sanaaa leo …. Thank You sweetheart ❤️.”

On Hamisa’s birthday on December 10, Wema showered her with love and praises through Instagram post.

She wrote: “Happy Birthday to you sweetness…Deep down in my heart kuna mapenzi mengi sana kwako (and u know it)…Enjoy ur Big Day Fabulously kama ulivyo wewe…”

To which Hamisa responded: “Always ❤️”


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Wema Sepetu leaked our pictures after I dumped her – ex claims


Back in 2018, Wema Sepetu and a man she called future husband were in trouble after their nVdes leaked online, a crime in Tanzania that can result in jail time.

She was hauled to court to answer to charges and in the end was slapped with huge fine of ten million shillings.

Fast forward to 20220 and in an interview with Juma Lokole, Wema said he ruined her life.

Wema also claimed that he conned her of seven million shillings, leaving her broke.

The ex known as PCK – future husband- has now responded slamming her for her claims.

He insisted that she was the one who leaked the nVde pictures for clout.

He wrote “Wema Sepetu it’s been two years since we parted but why do you keep mudslinging me in that interview with Lokole? How many times did you beg me not to reveal our drama, sending me people to ask for forgiveness son your behalf. Tell  people you are the one who sent the nudes to be made public and when that didn’t work you did it by yourself saying ati it’s me who released the nVdes”

The upset ex lover added that

“Leave me alone. I am married happily so just move on mimi sitaki kurudiana na wewe. I have a wife, she loves me I love her naomba umove on and forget me sitaki mazoea” he said

That relationship was in 2018.  In the last week of November Wema insisted that he bewitched her saying ‘kuna mtapeli nayehisi alitumwa na mtu an aliniroga pia kwasababu he was never her type’. She also added that she doesn’t understand how she ever dated sits back and thinks about it, she suspects witchcraft was used to lure her to date him and he conned her off of 4million, and used unsuspecting moves to get money from her.

Wema has this year crossed everyone’s red line including Ali Kibas wife when she said that the singer and Nandy should have been a couple.

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“Gods plan” Elizabeth Michel says about jail time after killing boyfriend

Elizabeth Michael aka Lulu, went viral after being accused and sentenced for the murder of actor Stephen Kanumba.

She was slapped with a two year jail sentence in 2017, for his death. The two dated in 2012, and we later came to find out that there was physical assault in the relationship.The actress shared an Instagram video narrating how alleged beatings from her then-lover Kanumba eventually led to her imprisonment.

“You might be forgetting that domestic violence is what landed me in jail; the confrontations led to a big mistake which changed my life in seconds. I can’t tolerate a violent relationship because I know the effects. Even if I was dating Bill Gates, I wouldn’t stand violence from him,” she said.

Kanumba died at home after falling on April 7, 2012, and Elizabeth said they quarreled but denied being the cause of his fall. The court found Lulu guilty of murder after it was determined that she was the last person to leave the deceased’s house.

Now years later in 2020 in an interview on Wema Sepetus cooking show, Lulu says anything bad that has happened in her life is about Gods plans to change her for the better.

She said

“I have no regrets nor have I ever blamed God for whatever has ever happened in my life. I believe it’s Gods plan and “whatever happens to me ni mungu amepanga, kwa hivyo so I don’t ask god why. I see it as his plans for me.  I was raised from young to be religious and read the word of God, whatever happens to you ni mungu amepanga kwa hivyo huwezi juta and I’m in no position to ask what why that happened, sijawahi laumu mtu about anything that has happened in my life”

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Ringtone declares support for Wema Sepetu after trolls hate on her struggling hairline

I never would have thought I would ever put the name Ringtone and Wema Sepetu in the same sentence? But today is that day.

The reason for that; Wema Sepetu is one of the latest celebs to love his new gospel jam featuring Christina Shusho. In a video that has since gone viral, the former Miss Tanzania 2006 is seen dancing along to the gospel song.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu)

Although Wema is a proclaimed Muslim, that doesn’t mean she can’t dance along to a song that can give her some respite from the criticism that she has been receiving this past weekend, something the singer hinted at in his lovely message to her on his Instagram page.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu)

And what criticism am I referring to? People have noticed that her hairline is struggling after they saw her without a wig for the first time. Since then the abuse has been relentless. Some of those comments are below:

Mmmmh, kiukweli umekuwa na sura personal. Midomo sasa naona imepoteza mvuto, imekuwa mibayaaa. Komwe najua ni aina ya msuko ila hapana kwa kweli. Mrudishe wema wetu. Wema kama Wema

Woiye, you used to be a pretty girl 😩😩😩😩😩you look horrible in that hair. Plus your forehead 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 you lost soo much weight dear, not cool.

Naoana kilometa zime soma mbali kweli , uzee unakuja ujieshimu sasa . Jiangilie jinsi unakua kama panya ndani ya mtundi wa maji 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Hatimae umebaki kichwa😢

After her hairline became the topic of discussion on social media, she responded just as strongly saying “Mniache, so mumeamua wenyewe make mnichambee kuhusu hairline yangu sijui oh basi kama hamjui ndio haya majaliwa yangu”.

And Ringtone, whose song she was singing decided to chime in with his support after the hate that she has been receiving. His lovely caption read, JESUS LOVES @wemasepetu AND SHE BEING BLESSED WITH 


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Instagram slanders Wema Sepetu for struggling hairline


Our favorite Miss Tanzania 2006 was on Instagram sharing a good story about how much she loves listening to Gospel singer Christina Shusho and Ringtones’ new song when her fans noticed that her hairline was struggling as they put it.

Let me tell you when Tanzanians decide to troll you in Kiswahili, there’s no recovering from that, they go hard. And that is what her people have done to her that she immediately posted another video telling them off.

We will expose their side chicks! Sonko warns fellow leaders

For the first time in a long time, fans saw her without a wig on and were not ready for what they saw.


View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu)

After her hairline became the topic of discussion on social media, she responded just as strongly saying “Mniache, so mumeamua wenyewe make mnichambee kuhusu hairline yangu sijui oh basi kama hamjui ndio haya majaliwa yangu”.

The internet was quick to pounce on her struggling hairline with all kinds of jokes while others asked trolls to take it easy on her.

Check out the reactions let us us know if we should all relax.

lovenesskatundu123….Umefanana na jemsi

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu)

_itsnutela_…Love yourself hivyo hivyo my dear👏. Hawa wangeongea ata ungekua na nywele za kihindi❤️

officialelizabethnyamizitz…Mmmmh, kiukweli umekuwa na sura personal. Midomo sasa naona imepoteza mvuto, imekuwa mibayaaa. Komwe najua ni aina ya msuko ila hapana kwa kweli. Mrudishe wema wetu. Wema kama Wema

mungaishiko..Woiye, you used to be a pretty girl 😩😩😩😩😩you look horrible in that hair. Plus your forehead 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 you lost soo much weight dear, not cool.

Sijapona vizuri! Esma Platnumz’s responds to troll who accused her of aborting

souleiman_bub..Naoana kilometa zime soma mbali kweli , uzee unakuja ujieshimu sasa . Jiangilie jinsi unakua kama panya ndani ya mtundi wa maji 🤮🤮🤮🤮

mimahclassic_..Hatimae umebaki kichwa😢

lilythesky…Na tumekoma na kauso na izo nywele😱😱

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“Heshimu ndoa za watu” Wema told after Ali Kiba and Nandy cute couple comment

Wema Sepetu has been blasted by fans of Ali Kiba and Nandy after suggesting that the two could possibly make a cute couple after their music collabo. The two have done a love song together called Nibakishie, and have been sharing photos and videos to promote it.

The cute photo below is so good that Wema cheekily commented that they could make a cute couple. Remember guys that Wema and Ali Kiba are pals so it’s just a comment from a friend, not meant to make anyone’s spouse feel bad.

“Sauti za kutoa nyoka pangoni” Fans rate Nandy and Ali Kiba love ballad

wema comment on this pic

So the comment set off online users who blasted Wema for disrespecting Ali Kiba’s wife Amina and Nandy’s fiance Bill Nas.

khadija Omar
Me mwenyewe Jana nililifikiria hilo kwa nini aseme hivyo na ajua ana mke

Juma Jay
Wema hawezi kuheshimu mtu maana yeye mwenyewe hajiheshimu

Khadija Swaleh
ndiyo lakini wema anatakiwa awe namipaka maana mwenye kumpenda mumewe lazima awe na wivu lamda kama hampendi

Rayan Ndizeyes
uyu wema atuliye sasa ,heshima inatakiwa hata ile siku ya interveiw yake kueleza maneno yote waliyofanya na Diamond ajili alimuona Zari na watoto tazania akaibuka nazake.tumenyonyana damu izo siku zote alikuwa wapi kuya zungumuza.wema jieshim

wema comment on nandy(1)

Amina Said
Hyu wema nae juzi tu kamsemea Hamisa Leo mume WA mtu hbu kaa utulie

“I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua says of her past

Husna Mohamed
Wema sepetu wacha kumtania mume wa watu mind your bussness.

rehema shafi
Mhm ila kweli sio vizuri wema amekosea

Sophy Kasichana
Amina dadangu achana na wema kipokea Wageni Yule yuajiona hakatai kila mwanamume yuadhani kila mmoja ni kipokea Wageni

Faiza Mohamed
Huyu wema hebu na yeye atafuta ndoa ndio atajua uchungu wa mume na ataheshimu ndoa za watu

As told by Amun
Hana adabu wema .mbwa

AliKiba with his wife
AliKiba with his wife

Safia Abubakar
Mawazo ya wema sepetu ya kishetani

Neema Mkami
Ila wema huwa anamdomo huyo dada duh hataki kitu kimpite yaani yupo kama anamiaka 15 kumbe 30 yupo kama mtoto akili yake na kichwa chake haviendani 😏😏

Bill Nas with Nandy
Bill Nas with Nandy

علي غالب
Wema ache kiherehere kwa ndoa za watu 😏😏

Oman Omana
Wema Heshim Ndoa Za Watu

Rahma Khassani

Ndoa inauma jamani wema wacha izoo

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I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me – Wema Sepetu says

Lately Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu has been speaking about her past in an unvarnished manner. The biggest ones have concerned her former relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

For those of you who need a quick reminder, Diamond dated Wema from 2012 to 2014 just as he was beginning the biggest thing in East African music.

Diamond Platnumz with Wema Sepetu when she was bald
Diamond Platnumz with Wema Sepetu when she was bald

Wema revealed that during their time together she and Diamond had made a blood oath! The blood oath was to seal their relationship which later broke due to Diamond Platnumz cheating ways.

Wema explained that the break-up with Diamond had been a painful time for her after Diamond gave his new woman, Zari everything he had promised to give her (Wema).

Hoping for a reaction? Zari cooks chapati to seemingly troll Diamonds exes

In a recent interview with Chumba Cha Umbea, the actress said seeing Zari pregnant with Diamond’s kid, in such a short time, hurt her immensely. “The first, second month and Zari is already pregnant. It really tormented me for a long time, almost a year. I was very certain that I was the problem,” she explained.


Through the interview, Wema confesses that learning about Zari’s first pregnancy with Diamond hurt her for a while; but after the baby was born, she slowly started letting go. “I used to look at Zari like she was living a life that was meant for me. So it hurt, just seeing Tiffah being born. But it’s just life,” she said.

Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past
Zari, Diamond with their two kids in the past

Wema also wished that she had become a mother and wondered what she lacked to have such a life.

Watch the video below courtesy of Juma Lokole.

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Wema Sepetu’s intense desire to get a child revealed (photo)

Wema Sepetu is one of the most outspoken of Tanzanian female celebs. The former Miss Tanzania has been in the public spotlight ever since her famous win, dating celebs and who is who’s during that time.

The beauty has kept herself in the limelight with her cooking show and sees no problem revealing her inner and deeper thoughts and fears.

The actress who turned 30 this year, has been longing for a child for a long time and disclosed recently that her weight loss journey was aimed at helping her conceive.

Why Diamond not marrying Wema Sepetu was a blessing in disguise

But she said that had turned risky as she was exposed to rays and medications that would have brought cancer. For this reason, she has been living a healthy lifestyle hoping for the day she carries her own child.

View this post on Instagram

G O O D M O R N I N G ☺️

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu) on

She said that she has been waiting for a doctor’s assessment on whether she can bear children; Wema continues to make it known that she is quite desperate to have a child of her own who will call her ‘mummy.’

Juma Lokole, the famous Tanzanian bise3ual and who was recently hosted on her Wema’s show shared a message on his page that read, “Mtag Rafiki yako unayetamani apate mimba ya Ghafla” (Tag a friend who wants a sudden pregnancy).

His post was quickly reposted by Wema with the petite lady tagging herself as seen on the screenshot above.

Wema Sepetu screenshot
Wema Sepetu screenshot

Clearly, the bug to get a child of her own is still in her. While we pray that she gets a kid soon, Miss Sepetu was twice pregnant with late actor Steven Kanumba’s seed but at the time she opted to abort.

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Why Diamond not marrying Wema Sepetu was a blessing in disguise

Wema Sepetu was probably the first popular female celeb that the Tanzanian singer dated on his rise to the top of the entertainment pyramid in East Africa.

The two dated back in 2013, just as the singer was becoming the ish*. Wema recently disclosed some unknown details about her relationship with the singer to his controversial friend Juma Lokole.

Miss Sepetu said that her relationship with the “Jeje” singer had been genuine saying that he was ready to marry her until their break-up.

The former Miss Tanzania related that their relationship was so serious that both Diamond and his mum went to see her people; in order to ask for her hand in marriage when he was 22 years of age.

‘Go ahead, lie about your age’ Fans tell Wema Sepetu on her 30th birthday

Speaking about this 8 years later she said, “Unajuwa Naseeb mimi ndio alikuwa anaenda kuwa mume wangu. Mimi ndio mwanamke pekee alietaka kumletea mahari, alietaka kumtolea posa!” (Do you know that I am the woman Diamond was ready to marry. He even wanted to go and pay a bride price for me!).

While this piece of information might please Wema, I think that she might have been lucky not to end up with the singer.

Why would I say that?

The simple reason that Diamond hasn’t been able to keep a relationship since he dated Wema. The man who is a well-known philanderer has had 3 baby mamas since dating Wema without committing to either one despite promising to marry both Zari and Tanasha.

Also, was Diamond to have magically married her in the past, I think that their relationship wouldn’t have survived the winds of success and fame he had coming and would have been a crazy ride for her. He would most likely have left her a single mother like all his other baby mamas.

The man has been a skirt-hound all his life, the fame would have even made him much worse. The famous relationship phrase comes to mind, “A woman’s loyalty is tested when her man has nothing. A man’s loyalty is tested when he has everything.”

All in all, I think Wema might have come out ahead. I could write a whole essay about that but this isn’t a thesis.

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‘Go ahead, lie about your age’ Fans tell Wema Sepetu on her 30th birthday

It’s hardly surprising that alot of celebrities lie about their age, either for purposes of advancing their careers especially actors or musicians, or just not wanting to disclose it.

But still for some reason we still remain surprised. Even Beyonce has faced such accusations she has done it because the industry likes them young.

Here at home we have the likes of Tanasha Donna who has severally been put to task about her real age, more so when she met Diamond and started dating him. Screenshots of her passport were shared but fans insisted she was lying.

“My wife gave me divorce papers, she even went back home!” Gospel musician Pitson

So Tanzanian beauty queen Wema has turned 30. She is among our favorite celebrities born in September. There is also Vera Sidika, and Zari and we absolutely adore these three sistas.

Wema shared that she is 30, and naughtily captioned ‘ya ukweli (for real)’!!! and cheekily Idris Sultan paid her glowing tribute saying 30 looks good on her.


View this post on Instagram

Ssssh…!!! I jus Turned 30 Today…!!! (Ya Ukweli) . . . 🤫🤫🤫

A post shared by Wema App (@wemasepetu) on

But several fans think she is lying about her age. Comments responding in the screenshot below generated a debate with many taking guesses that she could be past her thirties going by the date she was declared Miss Tanzania in 2006 when she should have been 18 years old.


wema fans notice 2 wema fans notice

Happy birthday Wema, we at Classic 105 wish you blessings upon blessings.


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Wedding bells! Wema Sepetu divulges little-known details of unknown lover

Wema Sepetu has lived a memorable life since her entrance onto the world stage when she became Mr. Tanzania in 2006.

The woman used her considerable beauty to start acting after her famous win and hasn’t looked back since, becoming one of the most influential figures in Tanzanian entertainment.

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)
Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)

But while she might have succeeded in having an enviable career, her love life hasn’t quite panned out like the perfect Disney movie over the years.

And it seems that we might not have to wait much longer for a grand celebration from the chocolate beauty if recent news emerging from Tanzania is anything to go by.

Wema Sepetu

Wema has hinted that she is currently in a very serious relationship with a certain unknown man and promises to introduce him very soon.

During an interview with Trendy TV, Miss Sepetu revealed that the serious relationship she was involved in seems to be headed for marriage.

Why I said, I have AIDs, Wema Sepetu comes out clear after losing weight

She added that the urge to show her man to her fans has been very high but that until he pays her bride price she can’t publicly parade him.

“Kuna muda natamani kumpost mpenzi wangu lakini nimeamua nisimpost mpaka atakapo Kuja kutoa mahari nyumbani” (which is very soon)…”

This is a different and more tone mature from the actress as in the past she didn’t mind showing off the man she was seeing.

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

The last time she revealed that she was getting married, her fiance was exposed for being a conman preying on lonely single women.

If indeed Wema was to get married, she would be joining the likes of Esma Platnumz who shocked many when she finally tied the knot to her businessman husband.

Esma Platnumz with her new husband
Esma Platnumz with her new husband

Her relationship had also been kept under wraps, with many learning that she was getting married during her pre-wedding.

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Diamond’s ex, Wema Sepetu, hosts former mentee and nemesis Harmonize

Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu is a cat that has 9 lives. In this case, I am talking about her ability to reinvent herself anew and showcase otherwise unknown new skills and talents.

Don’t forget that Wema started out her long and illustrious career as a model, even becoming Miss Tanzania in 2006 later on becoming one of the most popular actresses in East and Central Africa.

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show (1)

And for her next trick, Wema started a show called Cook With Wema Sepetu where celebrities come on and they cook together as they talk about past events that have impacted their lives.

By the way, how can she cook with such long nails?

‘Diamond didn’t mind’ Wema Sepetu finally reveals why she shaved off all her hair

Now to the meat of the story.

This week Miss Sepetu hosted one of Tanzania’s biggest artistes in Harmonize.

She praised Harmonize after sharing their photos while in the kitchen, saying it was time for the ‘elephant’ to come cook.

She wrote:

“This week I will have an elephant in my kitchen. This gentle young man, civilized, respectful and disciplined. I have come to know so much I knew and some I never even knew, it was nice,” Wema wrote.

Harmonize posing with Wema Sepetu
Harmonize posing with Wema Sepetu

The two looked great together showing what great chemistry they had together.

The episode still hasn’t dropped but some of the questions that we are eagerly awaiting Harmonize to answer are; Speaking about the recent cheating allegations that have dogged him and whether he and his wife Sarah are still together?

Wema Sepetu on her cooking show
Wema Sepetu on her cooking show

It is interesting that Wema hosted Harmonize on her show considering that her great friend and ex Diamond had had a falling out with the blonde-haired singer last year.

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‘Diamond didn’t mind’ Wema Sepetu finally reveals why she shaved off all her hair

Wema Sepetu has worn many looks over the years that she has been an East African celebrity. One of the appearances that will always stick with most celebrity watchers is her going bald a few years ago.

Wema Sepetu with blonde hair
Wema Sepetu

Many wondered what had happened that had caused her to take such a drastic measure when many consider a woman’s hair to be her crown.

Wema Sepetu when she was bald
Wema Sepetu when she was bald

Rumour had it that she shaved off her head after visiting a native doctor who advised her to shave off; in order for her then-boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz to return back to her.

Diamond or Ali Kiba: Wema Sepetu reveals whose music she prefers

Well, if the rumors are true then it definitely did work as the two got back immediately; forgetting what made them part ways in the first place.

But Wema has now broken her silence on the episode revealing a few unknown details about her bald head. According to Wema, this was the best experience since she could easily manage to wash her head without any stress!

Diamond Platnumz with Wema Sepetu when she was bald
Diamond Platnumz with Wema Sepetu when she was bald

Wema went on to add that shaving off did not lower her self esteem nor was she ever shy of going showing it off wherever she went adding that Diamond didn’t mind it.

Through her Instagram the actress opened up about saying;

ThrowBack Thursday…❣️❣️❣️

#NiMwendoWaViparaaaaa 🤣🤣🤣
Ila kama ni kuthubutu jamani nilijuaga kuthubutu kwakweli… Para Para kama ngozi… Afu nilikuwa naingia anywhere, anytime, anyhow… Nikioga naskia rahaaaa…🤣🤣🤣 Afu wakati huo aliekua mpenzi wangu akawa anakihusudu kipara pia basi mambo yakawa BullBull… Maisha haya…. 🤣🤣🤣

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Wema Sepetu pens love letter to late Kanumba despite aborting his babies twice

Wema Sepetu, one of the most popular Tanzanian actresses, has penned down a heartfelt tribute to her late ex Steven Kanumba, as the world marks 8 years since his demise.

Why I said, I have AIDs, Wema Sepetu comes out clear after losing weight

For those of you who can’t remember, Mr. Kanumba died after an accidental fall during an argument with his girlfriend actress Elizabeth Michael for which she was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Elizabeth Michael with Kanumba in a file photo
Elizabeth Michael with Kanumba in a file photo

The award-winning actress was accused of pushing Kanumba violently where he fell sustaining a fatal blow to his head. She was 17-years old at the time and was arrested. In May 2018, Lulu was freed from jail and allowed to serve a community service sentence.

Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba
Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba

Ms Sepetu opted to celebrate the late Kanumba with a special love letter remembering their good old days when they were madly in love and the awards the actor won before his death.

“Keep Resting Easy My Booboo…🥰❣️🥰…In our Hearts Always & Forever… . Picha ya Kwanza- Kwa mara ya Kwanza Booboo wangu amepata award yake ya Kwanza ya John Reeber… .Picha ya pili- Moja katika scenes za movie yetu ya kwanza pamoja “A point of no return” Picha ya tatu- moja kati ya scenes za movie ya Pili “Red Valentine”.Picha ya nne- tulikuwa Kwenye Band Akudo Impact…🤣 Booboo alipenda sana Mziki wa Band… We used to have a good time… 🥰🥰 Picha ya Tatu- Mapenzi Tele… Ona macho yetu…🥰🥰🥰Tulikuwa sooo inlove… I miss you so much… Loving u all day, eerday booboo…!!!” reads Wema Sepetu’s letter.

Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba
Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba

Earlier this year, Wema confessed that she had aborted the late Kanumba’s pregnancies, twice.

The actress disclosed that the first abortion was an agreement between them (Wema and Kanumba) but the second one was done secretly without Kanumba’s knowledge.

Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba
Wema Sepetu with Steven Kanumba

Her explanation pointed out that she opted to have the abortions on grounds that she was still very young and not ready to be a mother.


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‘I have aids,’ Wema Sepetu tells fan in clapback

Tanzanian beauty queen Wema Sepetu has had enough of people talking about how much she has lost weight. The former Miss Tanzania shared a photo of herself with her relatives on social media, which left fans talking.

Sepetu engaged in an online war with the fans who were concerned about her health. One fan commented

“POLE MADAM UNAUMWA MKONO AU?”  (Sorry, does your hand hurt?)

Sepetu answered,



Other fans went on to comment about Sepetu’s look and she gave them a dose of the medicine. Check out her responses

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Wema Sepetu’s dangerously thin frame at brothers funeral shocks fans


Wema is mourning the death of a brother, and just like the rest of us, she shared pictures clearly showing her grief.

Her fans however noticed something else about her.

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Her frail frame, and looking dangerously thin is what appeared to shock her fans more than her grief.

Wema Sepetu mourns brother

Wema shared pictures from the funeral looking way too thin and everyone started getting worried and blaming drug abuse, eating disorders, or other health issues for her state..

In three photos, she showed off worryingly thin arms (below) despite hiding her skeletal frame behind a lose dress.

Wema has been under so much scrutiny since undergoing cosmetic surgery in 2018.

Wema has been slammed for flaunting their thin frames and accused of promoting unhealthy behavior and anorexia.

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Perhaps her desire to be a size 0 might finally go away after all the shocking comments?
wyasmin_95…wah!!!!!this wema??😢😢😢😢lord have mercy!!!!!!!!something must be wrong somewhere let’s pray for wema😢😢😢😢

nashantr…Ooooh my God wema iyo n mikono zako ama n fananisha 🤔🤔
official_athumani_iddi…Ila Kiukweli Wema We Ni Mgonjwa Unahitaji Vipimo Zaidi Sivyo Tutakukosa Kabla Hujaolewa…Sepetu umepungua sana

kingkizwele..Wema pendeza sana mdogo ila kiukweli umeoungua sana punguza dayat mdogo wangu unatakiwa usipungue sanauzito kwasababu wewe nimrefu mdogowangu

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mens_shirt_store….Jamanii wemaaa ivi sio ukimwii huu jamaniii anakuwa kama njiwa aliye mwagiwa maji maskini 😂😂😂 duuhh
charie515…Duuuh iyo mikono yako kamaa vishkio vya kachoriiiiii khaaaaa ifunike na kanga mbele za watu
purity9281…Wema na umekonda excess. Hata Kama nikuslim hiyo apana

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