‘I do not appreciate people calling me fat ‘ Anerlisa to her trolls

Anerlisa Muigai has been a victim of body shaming, something that she doesn’t appreciate given that she has put much effort to lose weight.

She has never shied away from talking about her struggle with weight and the process of losing it with those who care to listen.

Taking to social media, she has expressed how she doesn’t like it when people comment that she is fat. She went on to say that she’s human just like everyone else and the mean words really hurt her.

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She wrote,

You should be very careful what you say to others. I do not appreciate when people comment on my picture calling me fat and all sorts of words to do with body sized. I am human and I get hurt like everyone else. I am very open with you all on my page but some sort of respect too would be appreciated. #PositiveVibesOnly.”

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She adds

Last year, she took to social media to share with her fans her transformation having lost 60kgs.

Two years later I never thought I would look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today, I am 66 kilograms from 124 kilograms. It’s not been easy but I made it. In January, I would like to give everyone who wants to lose weight a chance to do it my way and also do it with me.

Anerlisa Muigai

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Meet the Kenyan celebrities who’ve lost weight and look hot!

Weight loss is a very big milestone especially for individuals who have struggled with it.  To maintain the patience and discipline so as to see good results at the end is not easy, however, these individuals managed and are now quite happy with the whole process and they don’t regret a thing.

Below are some of the celebrities who lost weight drastically.

1. Anerlisa Muigai

Anerlisa is famously known as the CEO of executive still water and the daughter of Keroche Breweries C.E.O Tabitha Muigai. She struggled with weight loss for a while and once took to Instagram saying,

Nothing bad in life is permanent… Today i don’t even want to talk about my weight loss journey…. i want to address everyone who thinks whatever they are going through at the moment is permanent.

If your seated somewhere thinking you will never be successful, you will never be rich, you will never be your own boss, you will never be accepted, you will never get a job, you will never get married and have a family, you will never be beautiful, everyone will forever look down on you, you will never be confident…i want you to know it’s all in your thoughts, everything you ever wished for will come to be true, keep a positive mind and trust in God.”

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She continues,

My life has been what it is today because of believing that it is possible and putting God first. I am sending hugs to everyone feeling low today and i always want you to remind yourself this”




2. Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted

Big Ted’  said he won the weight loss battle through a Gastric bypass procedure. This is a non-invasive procedure that ‘reduces’ the size of your stomach


During his weight loss journey, he tried every trick in the book to lose weight; from juicing, high protein diets, crash diets to toiling in the gym in vain he isn’t 162 kg anymore and has drastically lost weight.

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3. Maureen Kunga

Maureen Kunga invested in her weight loss journey to a point where she went quite on social media but indeed came back with a bang.

She shared her weight loss journey with her fans on Instagram saying,

Making small, healthy choices makes the #journeytohealth so much easier! It’s a marathon – not a sprint (cliché though it may sound, it’s very true!!)

I know most people are thinking they’ll start in 2019. Me too! I’ll “turn it up” in 2019, or so I say (procrastination!!) 🙈 but what are you doing NOW? Even a small thing! Do something sustainable today. ALSO, my YouTube channel has some great healthy recipes, and is a great forum to discuss health and wellness!



4. Nazizi Hirji

She is a music legend in Kenya with her genre being reggae. She has also invested in her weight loss as she lost a lot of weight.

She still continues workout even after her weight loss as she took to Instagram to say,

No filter becoz thats wat happens wen u put in work…i want to know u story to help u loose weight…dm me you’re videos telling me how much u weigh and what your target weight is and i will help and advise u as much as i can..lets go fit fam


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Food blogger Miss Mandii has opened up about a mini depression

Food blogger Mandi Sarro known to many as Miss Mandii has opened up about a mini depression over her excess weight.

Far from the sexy photos she posts on her social media, she had never been close to owning  the body she has now and it took a little push from her friend Nancie Mwai to start the weight lose journey.

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In her post she says

“It’s transformation Tuesday!!! May 2017 vs June 2018!.
This is a temporary post for a number of reasons. After a month of working out, I didn’t “see” any results & that bothered me just like everyone else who is starting their fitness journey. Once the first month was up, life came at me so hard I battled a mini depression. For 3 weeks,

Miss Mandi before and after weightloss
Miss Mandi before and after weightloss

I locked myself in my house, I cried, drank & barely ate. If I had to leave the house I would put on a “brave” face. As I wallowed in my dark days, each day nancie mwai would call me & apart from checking up on me she would say “don’t you think if you went to the gym you’ll feel better?” I would always answer no.”

Mandi goes on to add that after wallowing in a pity party she decided to take that bold step and gave in to start working out.

“For those 3 weeks, the gym was the last place on my mind. I continued being in my shitty cycle. After the 3 weeks were up, I woke up one morning & said enough. I gave myself a major pep talk telling myself I can not quit on me & on that same day I went to the gym. I vowed to commit to myself as much as life was going according to “plan”. See, I’ve never shared this because this is me being at my most vulnerable & I know the business I’m in loves to tear people over stuff like this.


The trolls usually have a field day. Im usually a very private about my personal life because that’s my form of self care. I’ve contemplated time & time again about sharing this post however after a year of being my own cheerleader & overcoming what I went through I knew I could share and be free. “

For many of us who have not started this journey Mandi shares what has worked for her

“I’m constantly asked to share what motivates me & if I’m being honest, I don’t have many pointers. I am my own motivation, I can not quit on myself, I love to show off my body to myself, it makes me feel really good & lastly fitness has instilled discipline. Every day I want to be the best version of myself because at the end of the day, nobody’s got me like me. Last year was a lot for me & im so glad I overcame the Hump. I’m so thankful for my friends for being there for me & as for shiv of justgymit thank you so much for encouraging me throughout this journey.#BeYourOwnBodyGoals”

Going by her current photos Mandi is slaying all the way leaving trolls in shame.


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Losing That Stubborn Baby Fat

Baby fat is a constant worry with every pregnant woman. From the onset of pregnancy when the food cravings kick in and the weight begins to pile. The plan on how to lose those extra kilos when the baby finally arrives begins. However losing that extra weight isn’t as easy as some may make it seem.

Before one starts on a weight loss journey after the baby comes, they should consult their doctor on the exercises that are safe at that point in time.

Here are proven ways to help you lose the stubborn baby fat

1. Breastfeed
Some women are lucky enough to drop all the baby fat through breastfeeding. According to research, a woman can burn between 600-800 calories from breastfeeding alone.

2. Watch what you eat
Watching what you eat involves avoiding empty calories such as sodas, chips and substituting them with nutrient-rich foods such as whole grains, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

3. Walk
Walking is an amazing exercise that may not sound like a workout. Bringing the baby along during the walks is also an advantage as it adds extra weight and also minimizes your chances of constantly worrying about their state. WWhetherit is an easy stroll or power walk you will feel the impact.

4. Hit the gym
A gym here is code for a place where you exercise be it your house or at the neighbourhood women’s ‘chama’. Incorporate aerobics with some strength training exercises. Find a group of moms on a fitness journey with you and share some helpful tips that work.

Here are a few Kenyan Celebrities who have managed to shed off the baby weight

betty Kyalo now
Betty Kyalo
Silvia Njoki
Talia Oyando
Julie Gichuru

“I just wanted to look like my beautiful sisters”

Growing up with three slim sisters Holly McHale, 25, always felt like the ‘ugly duckling’ having struggled with her weight from a young age.

After two of her sisters got married, the office manager from Shrewsbury resolved to make a lasting change to her lifestyle and spent £10,000 on bariatric surgery.

Having once weighed 21st and worn size 24 clothing, today she is around 13st and can fit into size 12 dresses.