From trolls to stigma: 8 little known struggles overweight people deal with 


A popular local media girl was the subject of debate online this week after her photo in a bathing suit went viral. Trolls took her on for her weight.

They said many nasty things we don’t care to repeat.

This is one of the challenges that overweight people face from day to day. Other challenges include;

Tokeo la picha la overweight trying to fitting clothe

Finding clothes that fit

This is the most common challenge. The advantage of being skinny is that you will never miss something to wear. The ready made clothes are normally of small or medium size hence getting one will become a challenge for bigger people.

Health problems

There are an increasing growing number of health and related risks for obese people. They have a harder time dealing with this so be kind.

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Excessive sweating 

Having excess body fat is considered unhealthy and with it comes challenges such as sweating.

Limits when it comes to work

They have a harder time finding work and may be limited to what they can do. For instance an overweight girl can’t model, despite having the passion for it.

This can kill ones dreams in life because they will feel discriminated against.

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Suicidal thoughts

This can happen especially due to rejection. For instance when such a guy approaches a girl and is rejected, his first thought is if it’s because of his body. This can really hurt someone’s emotions if they never get someone to appreciate and love them as they are.


Studies conducted show that obesity can be one cause of infertility.

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Low self esteem

This happens when people make fun over your weight. Sometimes they tend to do it as a joke which finally turns into killing someone’s esteem.

Social discrimination

Stigma against overweight people happens alot in school settings especially with young children. Children innocently tease not knowing their actions will hurt the other person.

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