Madness as bride shows up for her wedding in a coffin (video)

It seems that more couples are aiming to make their weddings as unique as possible and thus more memorable. One bride made her wedding so bizarre that many on Twitter were left scratching their heads.

This scene is seen in an undated video, shared on Twitter by @ Postsubman with the caption,

“Bride arrives at her wedding in a coffin.”

The bride, who is clad in a shiny golden gown, finally makes her appearance when the white coffin is opened by an unknown man with guests cheering and clapping.

WEIRD! Vampire Couple Who Feed On Each Other’s BLOOD And Sip It From Goblets Insist Their Bizarre Fetish Is a Sensation Like No Other

The crowd keeps cheering at the bride who is clearly very happy. The identity of the bride and groom remains unclear. Watch the video below;

– Bride arrives her wedding in a

— Postsubman (@Postsubman) November 16, 2019

Below are some reactions from Kenyans about the video;

MAAZI ‘LyonS 🦁👑 At a point, I expected thunder to strike her so she could be dead for real. This is sick

R∀GNAR❍K “Till death do us part” ???Nah. “Even in death, we parteth not”

MRMAN 🔊 It’s a lie, I am done . I no marry again ooo

J Cole’s birthday mate😁 And they re screaming and clapping 🤦

Alhaji kez Mad

Ira She just put “over my dead body will I marry him ” into actions




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KTN News presenter ties the knot in a lavish traditional themed wedding

KTN News presenter Fridah Mwaka on Saturday 10, August 2019 formalized her engagement to her fiancé in a ‘traditional’- themed event in Kibwezi, Makueni County.

The union came two months after the lovebirds got engaged at a private event in Nairobi. Ms Mwaka joined KTN News back in March 2018, after, Mashirima Kapombe, then later switched to Citizen TV. If that isn’t enough, the talented News anchor went ahead to make her mark after she impressed the judges with her fluent Kiswahili speaking skills during KTN’s the presenter show.

The Daystar University alumnus also worked as a radio presenter at Kubamba radio, where she worked alongside her close friend and music producer, Saint P.

Although Fridah Mwaka has managed to keep her love life and camera-shy fiancé private from the world, her close and very dear friend and music producer Saint P posted the couples first-ever picture together on his Instagram page expressing his joy in their union of love.

“I cannot explain how happy and excited i am for u. I am happy that u have started a new face in ur life. I am happy for you sana.
May God bless you. I pray for joy, happiness… oneness… You are blessed.
I am confident in the man that is your husband now. I am happy that he shall he has chose to love you.. to take care of you and care for you sooo much.
Occupy this chapter with gladness, that God has done it, has won it… and has Loved it for you.
I love you my dear friend and all love an success for me.
Nawapenda.” Saint P wrote.

‘All groomsmen backed out before my wedding day’ – Pastor Chris Atemo

Sources close to Fridah Mwaka have revealed that the couples official church wedding is set for late November this year.

(Photo: Kate_shiks photography)

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Check out how Anne Waiguru dressed up for her traditional wedding – Photos

Photos of Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru rocking the wedding traditional wedding attire have emerged.

Anne traditionally wed her city lawyer fiancee Kamotho Waiganjo.

Posh and class at Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru’s traditional wedding -Photos Screen Shot 2019-07-13 at 12.13.07 PM

Anne had in the past hinted that she is doing a traditional wedding to keep up with traditions.

It is expected in the Kikuyu culture to observe the rights of passage, of which marriage makes a part.

It is also to honour our parents and the extensive Mt Kenya community.

From Uhuru Kenyatta to Itumbi here are guests attending Anne Waiguru’s wedding today


We have been best friends and partners for 10 years. Very little will change after the wedding.

The much-hyped traditional wedding well known as ngurario is being hosted at Kiamugumo Primary school.

This comes after a private dowry ceremony was held in February.

Anne was rocking beads on her forehead,and a brown gown adorned with beads.

Accompanying her was Beatrice Elachi.

Below are photos

Waiguru 1

From Uhuru Kenyatta to Itumbi here are guests attending Anne Waiguru’s wedding today

Untitled-1Waiguru3 (1) Untitled-1waiguru

Among those in attendance include President Uhuru Kenyatta, Muranga Women Rep Sabina Chege and Kirinyaga deputy governor Peter Ndabiri.

Cabinet Secretary for sports Amina Mohammed, Dennis Itumbi, Former MCA  for Ngewa Wark Karungo wa Thangwa.

Also in attendance is Raila Odinga, Terry Mungai, Miss World Kenya CEO.

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‘I keep my girlfriend away from social media to protect her,’ Confesses Moji

Gospel artiste Moji Short Baba has revealed that he is planning on getting married soon.

He revealed that he has been in a serious relationship despite hiding his bae.

Moji confessed that despite keeping his better half away from the limelight he is happy.

I will get married soon. She is not known by the public and I also do not want her to be known.

All people should know is that I am in a relationship. I am not keeping her away from the limelight because I am afraid she will be snatched from me.

Moji Short Baba
Moji Short Baba

I am doing so because I am trying to protect her and myself.

I have learnt from my friends that sometimes people close to you can be used as a target when things go wrong.

He adds,

True love waits and I am waiting.

Asked on whether he has ever been trolled Moji said,

As an artiste there are moments when  you are trolled. When Kelele Takatifu broke up and I was trolled because people automatically assumed that I was the reason for the break up.

By virtue of me being outspoken people made their own assumptions.I however told myself that with time people would come to understand where I was coming from.

There are people who can never understand no matter what you tell them. I use the feedback from my fans as my motivation.


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‘He married someone else after I paid off his 3 million debt,’ cries betrayed city woman

A Kenyan woman has been left licking her wounds after finding out her man married someone else despite all the sacrifices she made for him.

This is despite the fact that *Stacy* sold everything she had to support her man.

Stacy narrates,

The way I am feeling now I am so scared I will be on the national news for killing someone.

I sold my car and sold my mums only land my father gave us before he died and gave it to my boyfriend.

Meet governor Mutua’s stunning sister-in-law Angie (Photos)


This is because his friends came to his house to beat him up for owning them and threatened to kill him.

Stacy adds she would not have found out about the wedding if she did not accidentally see the wedding invites.

 I sold all I had and raised 3 million and still borrowed 400,000 to add up just for him to pay them off.

Only for me to give him this money on Monday and he told me he was traveling to see his sick mum. On Saturday I came across his wedding invite, he got married yesterday.


Stacy admits that she does not know how to revenge.

I have planned how to deal with him and it will be bloody, to worsen it he has been picking my calls.

He even called me this morning and we spoke, but I have evidence of his wedding pictures.

How do I handle this?.

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Bonnie and Clyde! Bride steals roses to use in wedding reception

I know of some wedding committees that were left with egg on their faces after leaving out the most essential commodities in their budget.

Well looks like the same thing happened when a gardener was left horrified when a bride cut down all of her prized roses and expensive blooms, before using them at her reception.

The woman, who posted her heartbreaking story on social media, said she only found out the truth about her chopped buds when a neighbour saw photos of a wedding on Facebook.




A few weeks after the incident took place a neighbour told the gardener that she had spotted similar flowers to the ones in her garden on Facebook.

Apparently, her neighbour had got married the weekend my garden was looted.

Upon further inspection, she noticed the bride and two bridesmaids were carrying bouquets of pink, white and yellow hybrid tea roses.



When the gardener reported her she was fined a mere Ksh 5,000 for trespassing and nothing for the theft of the roses.


The woman said if the rose thief had only bothered to ask for some flowers she would have been happy to supply them at a reduced fee.

If they only knew my man was cooking for me during Okari’s wedding -Betty Kyallo

TV siren, Betty Kyallo has had it rough on social media but says that even Jesus was hated by a lot of people so who is she not to go through a lot of hate?

She noted she’s noticed that people who troll others do so because they are also stressed and unable to deal with the challenges in their own lives, so she just lets them be.

Her ex-husband Dennis Okari got married about a month ago and instead of people focusing on his wedding, many people were out to troll her that her man has completely moved on.

Just after the wedding, Betty unleashed a sneak peek of her man and just like Jalang’o said on Up Close with Betty, he is not black. Could be Caucasian, American, Spanish but definitely not a black man.

To make things clear to those hating on her, she said she is dating and is happy. Though she made sure he is not a guy in the limelight because she has learned her lesson.

i promised myself i will not date a man in the public limelight. i am very happy

So of course from the trolls on Dennis’ wedding against Betty, many people would say she will be crying in the toilet. She clapped back saying little do they know she was having the time of her life.

if they only knew my man was cooking for me some goodies while we watched Netflix. he then dropped me at work,I had a good show and then picked me up later. so please everybody apabamane na hali yao.

Betty Kyallo

One thing Betty kept emphasizing to Jalang’o is that she is very happy with life.

We can only but wish her all the best.

When is your wedding? Fans ask Dennis Itumbi after his brother walks down the isle

One Itumbi down!

David Itumbi, who is Dennis Itumbi’s younger brother, is now someone’s husbands after walking down the aisle with the love of his life, Dorris.

Love and laughter flowed at the exclusive wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends.

In early February, David and his bride Doris held their ruracio in a ceremony that was also attended by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria which was also low key.

Sending his congratulatory message, comedian Jaymo Ule Msee who was sharply dressed wrote:

Congratulations itumbi david and Doris on your union. May God bless your marriage.

The newest couple look happy but Kenyans are already giving Dennis Itumbi pressure on when he will be walking down the aisle.

He had been rumored to be dating Jacque Maribe but he came out to address those rumors claiming they are just that, rumors. Dennis Itumbi is a close friend to Jacque and we saw this at the last court hearing on Monica Kimani’s death where he was present.

We wish David and Dorris Itumbi a blessed marriage.

Are you getting married? Weddings trends to look out for in 2019

We all love weddings and the vibes that come along with it. The glam, the glitz, the mood and of course the bride’s dress. Wedding parties always call for celebrations.

Now, if your are planning on getting married this year, here are some of the trends you should look out for.

1. Cathedral veil

Wedding veil

Cathedral veils have become the latest trends in weddings. Ladies, if you are getting married this year, this is should be in your bucket list. You won’t go wrong with a long veil.

2. Mermaid Wedding gown


Wedding 1

A mermaid gown will definitely show off your beautiful body. Something else that will work in your favor is the dress detail and its upper design. Apart from the groom, everyone else awaits the bride in her beautiful dress. And it gets people talking and complimenting her. You don’t want to disappoint.

3. Wedding colors


Wedding colour

Simplicity is key. Quiet colors are the bomb dot com currently. Nude especially has been embraced widely in weddings.

4. Natural hair


Wedding hair

Working with your natural hair is much easier. You can be sure that your natural hair wont let you down. Spice it up with a shiny head piece or even a crown. That is the only day you will wear a crown and it wont be awkward

4. Nude Make up


Wedding makeup

You don’t want to look ridiculous on your wedding day. Simple nude make up will enhance your beauty and you wont look like your make up is overdone. Again, simplicity is key. What makes everything go wrong is using the wrong shade of foundation. Make sure you are comfortable with your makeup.








Elderly couple ties the knot after 35 years so they can ‘be in heaven’ together

An elderly couple who met in 1983 have finally tied the knot after 35 years of unmarried bliss so that they can be ‘in heaven together’.

David Wiese, 77, popped the question to Carolyn Gabbard, 83, on February 5 when she was moved to a hospice after having a stroke in January.

The bride and groom, who have 17 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren between them, exchanged vows in front of 40 friends, family and fellow residents at the RiverStone Health Hospice Home in Billings, Montana.

Old romantics: David Wiese, 77, and Carolyn Gabbard, 83, tied the knot on February 9 during a wedding ceremony that took place in RiverStone Health Hospice Home in Billings, Montana

The bride said it was ‘about time’ he got down on one knee, as she finally celebrated becoming Mrs Wiese.

David, a retired delivery driver, said that although he has lived with Carolyn for the last 35 years, he believed the belated marriage would also unite them in heaven.

David explained: ‘I’ve considered myself married to her for all these years.

‘That’s the way that I conducted myself.

‘But I wanted to be with her in heaven too, and now we can be.’

The tardy groom admitted that he waited so long to pop the question because he had already been divorced four times when he began dating Carolyn in 1983.

At the time, both Carolyn and David were both living in Belgrade, Montana.

He said: ‘The reason we didn’t get married before now was because it hadn’t worked for me in the past, I was afraid it wouldn’t work again.

‘It took me a long time, but I finally got past that.’

When he proposed to Carolyn in her hospice room on February 5, she immediately said ‘yes’.

The couple planned their wedding in just three days, with the help of friends, family and the hospice’s staff.

David rented a tux for the big day, a local dress shop donated Carolyn’s black and gold wedding gown and a florist provided free floral arrangements.


Love wins! These are the Kenyan politicians who walked down the isle in 2018

Unlike 2017, when politics dominated the headlines, 2018 saw Kenyans turn a new leaf, more so politicians.

From hitting the campaign trail the previous year, a number of them made 2018 another memorable one for them and their loved ones by walking down the isle. Some of these weddings even saw the head of state grace them!

Senator Kang’ata


Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata tied the knot with his wife, Mary Wambui back in September in a colourful wedding graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The wedding was held at Gathinja Catholic Church in Kahuhia constituency, Murang’a county.

The couple picked nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura and his wife Mukami as the best couple for their yellow-themed wedding.

MP Ng’eno

DP William Ruto congratulates newly weds Johanna Ng'eno and Nayianoi Ntutu after their wedding at Emurua Dikirr Primary school in Narok County, August 18, 2018. /DPPS

August this year also saw Emurua Dikirr MP Johanna Ng’eno bid farewell to bachelorhood after he married the love of his life Nayianoi Ntutu at a colourful ceremony that was attended by DP William Ruto.

The wedding ceremony was held at the Emurua Dikirr Primary school in Narok County.

The ceremony was a mix-up of Maasai and Kipsigis cultures, symbolic of Ngeno’s political leadership as a Kipsigis MP representing a constituency in Maasai land.

Cornelius Kibet

shortest mca marries 2

Kenya’s shortest MCA Cornelius Kibet aka Sarasar married his lover Mercy at his home in Kapkeringon Village in Nandi county in December.

Naisula Lesuuda

Naisula Lessuda

Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda’s wedding was probably the highlight of the year.

The hot MP tied the knot with the love of her life, Robert Kiplagat in a green and gold themed wedding which was held in Samburu and attended by close friends, family and politicians.

The wedding took place in November.

Senator Muthama’s daughter

Particia Muthama with her husband and her husband Evans

She may not be a politician (Maybe she is aspiring to be one) but we could not wrap up this list without mentioning about this colorful wedding.

In August, Patricia and her longtime boyfriend Evans Omondi Odiero walked down the aisle in a flashy ceremony that went down at Rea Vipingo.

Top politicians attended the wedding.

Love is beautiful! Kenya’s shortest MCA marries long term girlfriend (PHOTOS)

Love is sweet, love is truly a beautiful thing!

A politician believed to be Kenya’s shortest MCA’s married the love of his life in a colourful wedding, that caught the attention of KOT.

Cornelius Kibet aka Sarasar married his lover Mercy at his home in Kapkeringon Village in Nandi county.

The MCA is a plum job that comes with a fairly decent salary, a car loan, mortgage and juicy per diem and sitting allowances. This formed the basis of the opinion and remarks of Facebook users.

Read below;

Mary Nix Bora pesa….hats Mimi nikipata shorter than him with more money than him I wouldn’t mind

Xexy Martinez …Alafu utasikia wengine wakisema ety true love… Hahaha …….

Chiching Ching ..At first I dint see the short guy  I thought u guys were talking about the guy in the brown jacket

Abu Hamour ..Wanawake wanaangalia pesa tu huyu demu hajapenda huyu mutu

Hidaya Latif ..Haha kila mtu ana taste take
And money talks

Maureen Ekumo ..Hehe height muhimu..Uwe MCA unabaki kwa office but height ni forever..spare me oooh.

Katerina Kieferova ..Wacha tu ikae. Money is not everything

shortest mca marries 2
Kenyas shortes MCA Cornelius Kibet marries

Mbuani ..Why is nobody talking about the other short dude at the background?? Issa family thing
Damarizy Henry Hehee…. A lady with a vision…. But with that hight hio vision wacha ikae

Lyndah Mamji ..Pesa ni sabuni ya roho

Samm Sam ..Lazma Uyo Dem Atakua n Side Dude Wa Kulamba iyo Lolo.

Winny Vinny Vintecious ..Are these guys short everywhereasking for a friend

Teach us your ways! Kajiado man praised for marrying two brides in a historic wedding

A moran in Kajiado married two women at one wedding on Tuesday.

Tom Mako alias Junior, 27, comes from a family with a history of polygamy.

Such has never happened in Maa land that stretches from Masimba in Kajiado East to Trans Mara in Narok.

In a colourful ceremony at Kisaju, Mako wedded his brides Elizabeth Silamoi, 24, from Enkorika in Mashuuru and Joyce Tikoyian, 23, from Empakasi near Kitengela.

Mako met Silamoi while grazing his cows two years ago at her home. A year ago, he met Tikoyian while also grazing his animals in Empakasi.

Tikoyian went to school up to Form 4 while Silamoi made it to Form 3.

In Maasai custom, paying pride price is done before marriage. Mako accomplished that before their grand wedding.

He said he married under customary laws, but he and his brides dressed in Western style. His wives wore wedding gowns while he was dressed in a suit with a matching tie.

“I want to clear the air. My wedding was customary and had nothing to do with the Church. There are people posting misleading information on social media that my wedding was presided over by pastors,” said Mako.

He said he chose to marry two wives because both of them loved him. He did not want to offend any of them.

“This is a message I’m sending to modern cheating husbands who pretend to love one woman and yet they have others on the side,” he said.

“I’m being sincere to my wives because I will not have any other reason to marry another woman. I believe the two will satisfy me.”

Silamoi said, “I love him very much because before he brought Tikoyian, we discussed at length. I gave him my blessings. I love her as well.”

“I started courting with Mako two years ago and I’m satisfied he is my total man. He is a man of his word, and I know that he will not let me down on anything.”

Tikoyian, who spoke to the Star in the presence of her co-wife and husband said; “He is our love, we chose to do what he wanted – the two of us are his wives.”

She said her parents approved of her marriage with Mako because they trusted him. They believe he will take care of her and their children, Tikoyian said.

The groom’s father, Mako Busabus and his mother Sintiyio, said they could not believe their son’s proposal to have two wives in one wedding, but it came to pass.

“At more than 90 years, I have never seen such a thing in Maasai land because we always do things differently. Normally, a man who wants to marry a second wife must stay for at least one or two years before bringing in a second one,” Busabus said.

Mako’s agemates and guests who attended the wedding consider him a hero. He did what no moran has done in Maa land.


Congratulations! Samburu West Mp Naisula Lesuuda walks down the isle! (PHOTOS)

Gorgeous Samburu West MP Naisula Lesuuda finally said ‘I do’ to her long term lover Robert Kiplagat on Saturday, November 17th 2018 in a colorful ceremony.

lesuuda 1

The invites only wedding ceremony took at Lesirai, Samburu county, 7 kilometers from Suguta Town in front of the couple’s friends and families.

The wedding comes just 8 months after Lesuuda announced her engagement.

She wrote;

“Here’s to new beginnings. When we made a decision to not only run for Member of the National Assembly for Samburu West but also on a KANU ticket, we knew that it was not going to be an easy task. However, with your support and prayers, we made it against many odds.

“A lot was said about our candidature and even our chances to clinch the seat. You the people of Samburu West believed and together, we made it happen. Thank you.


“I pray that 2018 will open a new chapter to all of us. We will all work together for the common good of our people endeavoring to implement my Campaign pledges. Education remains my number one priority. Research has shown that where you invest in education, you invest in the entire community. It is in this regard that I am putting all efforts to personally meet the school fees of the needy students who did well in Standard 8 and have no means to go to high school as we await CDF allocations from treasury.

“All said and done, I thank God for the growth that I have experienced both politically and in my personal life. Yesterday, marked an important day in my life… I said YES. Blessings in double portions. Here’s to love and light in 2018,” wrote Naisula Lesuuda.







Check out the details in the invite sent out below.

Naisula Lesuuda wedding

From the team at Classic105 we would like to congratulate both Lesuuda and Robert on their nuptials.

Rest In Peace: Captain Barbara Kamau was planning her wedding before fatal Fly Sax plane

Capt. Barbara Wangechi Kamau was planning her wedding before the fatal Fly SAX plane crash occurred.

Her fiance Austin Munyalo Mbalo paid a glowing tribute during the mass at St. Paul’s University Chapel on Thursday:

“Goodbye my beautiful purple flower.
I know you had to heed the father’s call,Capt. Barbara Wangechi Kamau was planning her wedding before the fatal Fly SAX plane crash occurred. Her fiance Austin Munyalo Mbalo paid
And even though I only had you for the shortest hour,
I thank the Lord for the most beautiful queen of all.”

She and First Officer Jean Mureithi were killed when the plane hit a hillside in the Aberdares.
The two were among 10 people who perished in the plane crash.

Barbara Kamau

Capt. Kamau was laid to rest in Karura Kanyungu, Kiambu on Thursday while First Officer Mureithi will be buried on Friday.

Families and friends have been urged to be patient as they await the outcome of investigations into the plane crash.
The ill-fated Fly SAX plane had left Kitale for Nairobi on June 5 but went missing an our later.

A search and rescue team was immediately deployed but had to be called off due to poor weather conditions.

The plane was only spotted two days later by a Fly SAX chopper that was conducting aerial surveillance in the Njabini area.

Is Ali Kiba’s wife open to him getting a second wife?

Uhmm..ok. aren’t they muslims, and men are allowed to marry multiple wives? Correct me if I’m wrong.

In a recent interview on Clouds FM, Ali Kiba and his new wife opened up about their relationship.

The media shy wife, confessed that she would not want him to marry a another wife.


Amina Rikesh revealed where she met the hunky singer.

‘Mara ya kwanza kukutana na Ali Kiba ilikuwa kwenye ndege na hatukuzungumza. Mara ya pili, kaka yangu binamu ndiyo alinikutanisha nae maana walikuwa marafiki sana na hapo ndiyo tulianza urafiki wetu kabla ya kufika hapa tulipo,

This was back in 2016, when things got serious between them.

She was asked if she would allow the singer to marry another wife, she paused then replied;


‘siwezi mruhusu japo mungu ndiye anapanga’.

Ali Kiba has been sued by a fourth woman, who claims he has not been paying child support. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

The two love-birds are currently in Tanzania, and we do wish them well. In the meantime, listen to his new song Mvumo wa radi. Is it a hit or a miss?


We Didn’t Get married We Play Too Much! Otile Browns Refutes Claims He’s Dating Sanaipei Tande

Otile Brown has come out to strongly deny rumors that he and fellow musician, Sanaipei Tande have an intimate relationship.

This comes barely weeks after photos of Otile and Sana dressed in wedding attires and kissing surfaced on social media. With fans waiting in bated breaths on the official announcement of the celebrities’ wedding, they were surprised to learn that it was just a video shoot for their new song, ‘Chaguo la moyo’.

However, even after the revelation, their fans still haven’t come to terms that the two talented artists did not actually get married with some even calling and sending Otile messages regarding the ‘wedding’ rumours.


Otile took to his instagram to clarify that the two are just friends adding that there’s nothing between them claiming, ‘we just play too much’.

Read his post below.

I still receive inboxes & calls concerning the wedding rumours, because some people fell for it.

I would like to let some of you know that@sanaipeitande and I are just friends. We didn’t get married, that was just
a wedding set up for our Song#chaguolamoyo. There’s nothing between us, we just play too much. Wikendi njema

Woman Overcomes Confidence Issues By Marrying Herself

A yogi who overcame crushing confidence issues by marrying herself even appointed three friends as witnesses when she recited her vows into a heart-shaped mirror on an idyllic beach.

After being inspired by a relationship guru to tie the knot, Mickie Monroe, 28, claims her love for herself has deepened every day since her wedding.

Proudly wearing her $100 (£56) wedding ring, Mickie, who lives on Australia’s Gold Coast and was married on its Miami Beach, said: ‘If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago about self-marriage, I’d have thought it was narcissistic.

‘But now I realise it’s nothing to do with narcissism, which focuses on what other people think of you. It’s more about self-awareness, and how to deal with those negative, critical thoughts everyone has about themselves.

‘If I can be kinder to myself, then it has a ripple effect and will, in turn, make me a more loving person to others.’

Growing up, Mickie said she didn’t ‘like or look after’ herself.

Ballooning in weight, she hit 15st at her heaviest, battling with her size as well as having alcohol issues.

She continued: ‘I was so disconnected from myself, and very lost and angry.

‘I abused cigarettes and alcohol and was so critical of my own body. My way of dealing with the world was just to numb myself out.’

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