The Color Of Love: NBA Star Dirk Nowitzki Opens Up About Wedding A Kenyan Woman And The Culture Shock During The Dowry Ceremony

The five Kenyan women were covered from head to toe as they stood in front of an African garb-wearing Dirk Nowitzki.

One was the love of the Dallas Mavericks forward’s life. The others were decoys who if incorrectly chosen, would cost the 13-time NBA All-Star a goat as punishment. The 7-foot German nailed tough shots in the NBA Finals and the Olympics, and on this occasion he did the same, correctly picking his bride Jessica Olsson.

“It was awesome,” Nowitzki told The Undefeated. “They took my wife away. They brought five or six girls out and they were all covered. So the first thing I had to do was find my wife. So I’m walking around and looking at how tall they are.

“I guess it’s one of the traditions. If you get it wrong, you got to pay the parents a goat or something. So I was lucky. I smelled her to find the right one. So, I got lucky there. But that was just an experience that I’ll never forget.”

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Dirk Nowitzki and his wife Jessica Nowitzki attend the premiere of the film 'Nowitzki. Der Perfekte Wurf' at Cinedom on September 16, 2014 in Cologne, Germany.

Nowitzki is a worldwide known basketball name. He is the Mavs’ all-time leading scorer, the 2011 NBA Finals MVP, the 2007 NBA MVP and a two-time FIBA Europe Player of the Year. Basketball also introduced him to his wife.

The two met at a charity event for the Sports for Education and Economic Development (SEED) Project on a snowy night in February 2010. It was an NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas. The Senegal-based nonprofit uses basketball as a platform to engage youths in academic, athletic and leadership programs.

Nowitzki was tricked into raising his hand during an auction that resulted in him making a major donation in exchange for a Rolando Diaz painting. He also agreed to go on two dates for charity. But he was also hoping to get a real date with a beautiful woman he met that night named Jessica Olsson, who was working at a Dallas art gallery.

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Dirk Nowitzki arrives at the 2011 ESPY Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on July 13, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Jessica Nowitzki is the daughter of a Kenyan mother and Swedish father. Jessica was raised in Sweden with her younger twin brothers, Marcus and Martin, who are both professional soccer players in England and have also played for the Swedish National Team.

“What made her so special? What made me fall in love with her? First of all, she’s got to be attractive. That’s obviously part of it,” Nowitzki said with a big smile. “And I think we just clicked intellectually. She likes art, she likes sports. Her brothers both played soccer, they were professional.

“She grew up around sports. We both love tennis and we love to travel. We both love kids and family.”

Although race wasn’t a big deal to Nowitzki and Olsson, it became a topic when their relationship became public.

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Nowitzki and Olsson made their first big public appearance on July 13, 2011, when they were on the red carpet at The ESPYS awards together. They received a lot of comments on Twitter when he kissed her after winning an award during the televised show. The Twitter chatter was not necessarily negative, but it was race-related.

Dirk Nowitzki and his wife, Jessica, on their wedding day on July 20, 2012 in Dallas, Texas.

Olsson asked that Nowitzki keep an open mind to the Kenyan wedding. To no surprise, the free-spirited, comical and fun-loving German relaxed, danced to African music and even had an encounter with a helpless goat.

“Her mom threw a wedding party and that’s where some of those photos came from where I had the outfit on with a hat on,” Nowitzki, who loves Kenyan stews and barbecue, said. “It was a special experience. I’ve never, obviously, been a part of anything like that, the dances, the whole experience, the tradition of a wedding down there.

“It’s different. You have to cut a goat. Lots of symbols, all the different things. They really threw us a really traditional Kenyan wedding.”

So what did Nowitzki — a multimillionaire certainly financially capable of providing for his wife — pay in dowry?

“We kind of faked things,” Nowitzki said. “They gave me a little Kenyan shillings and I paid them that. It was literally like a whole-day event. There were hundreds and hundreds of people there.”

The Nowitzki family has quickly grown, as they now have three children, a girl and two younger boys. The plan is for the Nowitzki children to spend time in Kenya and Germany yearly to learn their heritage. Olsson’s mother has died since the wedding, but there are still a lot of family members in Kenya whom the Nowitzkis want their kids to know.

Heads Up Guys! Here Are 8 Signs You’ve Found THE Woman You Should Make Your Wife

Women – you can’t live with them; you can’t live without them. Although a catchy aphorism, it’s rather useless. If you can’t live with a woman or without her, then you’re basically screwed. Fortunately, it is most definitely possible to form a bond with a lover strong enough to last a lifetime.

While each man will be attracted to a different sort of woman, there are a couple of signs that you should pay especially close attention to.

Here are some ways of knowing that the woman you’ve found may very well be the last woman you’ll ever need:

You Trust Her

Although it’s a given, trust is a crucial aspect of any relationship. What’s most important to keep in mind is how fragile the trust between two individuals is – especially between two individuals who are intimately involved with each other. If you found a woman whom you trust entirely and, more importantly, a woman with whom you can’t imagine breaking that trust, then you may have found the one.

She’s A Positive Force In Your Life Rather Than A Negative Influence

When you’re in love, it can be difficult to understand exactly how an individual impacts your life. Because love is blinding and distracting as it is, realizing the negative impact a person has on you can be almost impossible. If your woman is one of those who will point out flaws with such a negative tone that it’s perfectly evident that their only wish is to hurt you, then break away as soon as you can. The ideal woman is a woman who motivates you both actively and passively to be, and to do, better. One of the greatest gifts a woman can bestow upon a man is a reason to be a better man

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She Never Makes Excuses When You Need Her

Dependability, although often incorporated with trust, is a beast of its own. Is your woman the kind of woman whom you can depend on? Some women are more interested in what you can do for them than what you mean to them.

The Sex Is Really, Really Good

There is a certain level of physical chemistry that I believe necessary for a marriage to work. This is one reason I could never understand remaining celibate until after the wedding day – if the sex is really bad then you’re going to have a difficult time being happy within the partnership.

You Both Want The Same Things In Life

This is yet another crucial aspect of relationships that many overlook until it’s too late. It’s easy to love a woman when you don’t fully understand her – and to understand her, you have to understand exactly what it is that she wants out of life. It’s difficult to spend your life with someone when the paths you need to take separate.

Her Husband Became A Woman But Wife Reveals How She Coped

You Love Each Other Deeply

Before you go ahead and say, “Yes, of course we do!,” make sure that you understand what loving deeply means. To truly love each other is to love not only who the person is as an individual, but also to love what that person means to you. You have to love the person for who that person is as well as what that person does for you. The deepest love is a love that can combine both unconditional and conditional love to form a bond that cannot be broken by outside force – a mutual love that can last the test of time.

Is This The Stingiest Wedding EVER? Bride And Groom Charge Guests For A CUP OF TEA

There have been weddings left, right and centre this season but 1 disgruntled wedding guest took to the Internet to ask if it was reasonable to be outraged at being charged for tea at a wedding.

‘Recently attending a wedding of a friend…I just felt it was a very poor and stingy wedding, at the reception they had a “hot chocolate bar” – they were charging for this (and tea, and coffee….)’ the woman, who went by the username of StingyWedding, wrote.

‘Am I wrong to think if you invite people to a wedding you actually host and therefore provide for your guests? Not expecting a free bar but some table wine and soft drinks surely?’

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The woman provided a picture advertising the hot chocolate bar.

Many people on the Mumsnet forum agreed with the original poster, saying they thought that charging to tea was ‘tight’.

‘If you can’t afford it you don’t charge people more than something costs! £2.50 for a coffee!’ commenter LelsieKnope45 said.

However others thought the issue was a storm in a teacup, saying the woman was being unfair to the couple and that weddings should be about celebrating love.

‘Maybe they just couldn’t afford to cater for everyone and given that places hike prices up for wedding functions I don’t blame them,’ one woman said.

‘It was probably a choice of have guests pay for their drinks etc or not invite them at all. I’d be thankful for the invite. If you don’t like it you can always not buy drinks and just go home.’

I’m not too sure how this would go down in Kenya but hopefully, the couple would have enough support from family and friends to cover the costs….Something to think about.

Wedding canceled after bride refuses to swear she won’t cheat on her man

A Nigerian wedding was yesterday cancelled because the bride refused to swear she’ll never sleep with another man apart from her husband.

According to Toni who shared the story:

A friend went for a wedding today only to call us and say it was canceled.. 😳😳
Like a “wedding” canceled…
guess why my people 😭😭😭😭

.they gave the lady palm wine and told her to swear that she’ll sleep with no other man but her husband.. babe no gree talk 🤗🙆🏽‍♂️😳🚶🏼
And wedding was called off…
like a WEDDING..
and this did not happen in a movie.

What’s your take on this Classic 105 fam?


Nigerian President Buhari Stops Daughter’s Wedding Over Dowry

The wedding ceremony of Zahra, the 21-year-old daughter of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, earlier scheduled for this weekend has been postponed.

According to Dailytrust the postponement was as a result of President Buhari’s insistence on a low-key wedding as he is not comfortable with the attention the media is giving to his daughter’s wedding.

A couple of days ago, there were reports that the family of the groom, Ahmed Indimi presented about 30 Louis Vuitton bags, worth about £120, 000 (N47,144,502) to Zahra and were said to have been delivered in 30 exotic cars.

However, findings by THISDAY, have revealed that the wedding was postponed following the physical altercation during the delivery of the dowry boxes.

Ahmed Indimi and Zahra Buhari

The trouble started on November 18, during the traditional introduction ceremony, when the sister of the groom, Yataka Indimi, insisted on taking her mobile phone into the Presidential Villa, Abuja, contrary to security protocol.

Yataka wanted to record all the proceedings, including the delivery of the boxes made by the French luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, with her mobile phone, despite the fact it was against standard security protocol in the villa.

In line with the Hausa/Fulani tradition, the boxes, according to sources, contained cash, jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes and other gifts valued at several millions of naira for Zahra and the first family.

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However, a struggle ensued between the grooms sister and the security officials who tried to compel her to comply with protocol; only for her to resist. The incident attracted the attention of other dignitaries who tried to stop the scuffle.

According to a reliable family source, the argument degenerated to a scuffle, compelling the wife of a State governor, Mrs. Tanko Almakura, to step in to stop the altercation from getting out of hand and may have injured her arm in the process.

“As of today, we learnt that the Nasarawa first lady is still nursing her wounds and is being treated for a dislocation,” the source said.

The incident was so embarrassing that it incurred the wrath of the president over the behaviour of the Indimis.

Indeed, Buhari was reported to have threatened to return the boxes and stop the marriage ceremony that had been scheduled to climax on Sunday, December 4.

“We learnt that the president who was displeased with the development and behaviour exhibited by the Indimi family, vowed to return the boxes and not approve of the marriage.

“The president was also of the view that the gifts were too expensive and incompatible with his modest lifestyle and has asked the Indimis to take the boxes back.

“I think we must give it to the president for taking this stand;  and cementing his reputation for not tolerating indiscipline,” a source close to the presidency said.

However, elders close to the Buhari and Indimi families are at the moment trying to prevail on the president not to return the boxes, as he would be bucking tradition.

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They are also working on resolving the tension that has arisen since the altercation, so that the wedding could go ahead as planned, if not this weekend, then as soon as possible.

Further findings revealed that while Buhari might not be favourably disposed to the idea of marrying out his daughter to a wealthy suitor, the wife of the president and her daughters, who are more liberal, are rooting for the marriage.



A look inside President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding invitation to his son’s itara

This surely is expected to be the wedding of the year hands down.

Jomo Kenyatta and his fiancée Achola are set to walk down the aisle soon.

Achola Fiona Ngobi the wife of Uhuru Kenyatta’s first son Jomo is the daughter of Raychelle Omamo’s sister.

News of their relationship broke when photos of their families went viral on social media in late October this year.

Below is a photo of the dashing young lad as he visited Machakos Governor Alfreed Mutua last week.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta have started sending out wedding invitations for their son, Jomo’s, traditional wedding.

The wedding in Kikuyu is referred to as Itara and symbolises that the couple are married.

Check out the invitation below to see how a President invites guests to his/her wedding;

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-04 at 20.10.28


Getting Married? – 3 Simple Tips That Could Save You ALOT Of Money

Congratulations: You’re engaged! You’ve promised to spend the rest of your life with your soul mate, and now you’re likely to spend tons of money celebrating that fact. Yes, weddings are magical and filled with love and happiness, but getting married is also a major money suck.

But before you go into panic mode, know that there are ways you can shrink your wedding bill without dashing your big-day dreams — or annoying your judgmental relatives. Various experts told that you should pick three things that really matter to you, whether that’s the food, the music, or your dress, and then figure out ways to cut the budget on all the other stuff. Here are ways to slash prices on all that “other stuff,” in ways that your guests won’t even notice. (And if they do, who cares? You’re the one who’s having your dream wedding.)

Save on DJ costs

If music isn’t one of your top priorities, it’s an easy place to save money. Just load up an epic playlist on your iPod/phone and hook it up to a sound system for the night—but make sure you’ve enlisted a friend to intervene in case of technical difficulties.

Dress for the back row. 

You might fall in love with a dress with lots of intricate beads and crystals all over it. But Stephanie Cain, an editor at The Knot, recommends considering silhouette instead of the tiniest details. After all, your relatives in the back row of the ceremony won’t know about the bespoke lace trim — they’ll just know you looked like a bride that day.

Ditch the giant floral centerpiece. 

“I challenge people when I’m speaking if they can remember any centerpiece at any wedding they have ever been to. The answer is universally no,” says Meg Keene, editor of A Practical Wedding and author of A Practical Wedding Planner. “Most memories I hear are about how they were so tall you couldn’t talk to people on the other side of the table.” Instead, opt for a few flowers in small vases, cheaper greens, or even just the table number. Your guests will get over it, and you can limit your flowers to just bouquets and boutonnieres.

Furious bride-to-be, 24, bit her fiance’s ear and slashed his face with a broken glass when their wedding planning sessions went horribly wrong

Did I hear bridezilla?

A bride-to-be bit her fiancé before slashing him with broken glass during what was supposed to be a romantic evening planning their wedding.

Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, launched bricks at Scott Williams’ van in a drink and drug-fuelled rage in March this year.

When they tried to patch up their differences in May, Allen bit him on the ear and repeatedly hit him.

And when the couple met for a romantic night at a seaside hotel in July, Allen launched another attack, biting him on the nose and hitting him with a broken mug and glass.

Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, attacked Scott Williams (pictured here together), on two different occasions 
Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, attacked Scott Williams (pictured here together), on two different occasions

Allen, of Paignton, Devon, caused some £450 worth of damage to the room where she threw Mr Williams into the bath and smashed cups and glasses.

The court heard the room was left with blood stains on the walls and curtains after the incident.

The 24-year-old telesales agent has now been banned from contacting him and their wedding has been cancelled.

Allen admitted two offences of causing actual bodily harm and three of criminal damage and was ordered to receive three years probation by Recorder Mr Andrew Maitland at Exeter Crown Court.

He told her the only reason he was not sending her to jail is that she has already served the equivalent of a 16 week sentence while remanded in custody.

Miss Caroline Bolt, prosecuting, said the first incident happened in March when Allen turned up at Mr Williams’ home drunk and threw bricks at his van when he would not let him in.

They carried on seeing each other and were discussing wedding plans at a friend’s house when they had a violent argument in May, during which Allen bit him on the ear and hit his face and arms.

She claimed she was angry because he had been using cocaine and she over-reacted when he started the violence and hit her in the face.

The third incident was at the Trecarn Hotel in Torbay where they went to patch up their differences in July but had another argument after drinking heavily in the bar.

Allen bit Mr Williams on the nose, slashed at him with the broken cup and glass, pushed him into the bath and dragged him back when he tried to leave the room.

He banged on the walls to try to get help but nobody came and he eventually escaped the next morning and raised the alarm.

He needed stitches to a cut in his arm and other injuries were glued in hospital.

Mr Joss Ticehurst, defending, said Allen had never been in trouble before she got into the relationship but reacted badly because she had been a victim of domestic abuse in the past.

He said she accepts the relationship is over and has attended anger management and mindfulness courses while on remand.

Please choose one – beef, pork or CHILD? Fancy wedding RSVP accidentally adds an unsavory third meal option

A photo of a poorly worded wedding invite has surfaced online.

A soon-to-be married couple accidentally offered their guests a child to eat at their wedding reception – all due to a poorly worded invitation.

A photo of the RSVP card surfaced on Reddit Thursday, in a post titled: ‘I’ll have the 10-year-old, please, medium rare.’

The invitation asks guests, as is customary, to tick a box to indicate whether or not they will attend.

On the following line, guests have to pick one of two entrees – but an unexpected third option makes a surprise appearance.

A photo of the RSVP card (pictured) surfaced on Reddit Thursday. It asks guests to pick between two choices of entrees - and makes it seem like children are also on the menu
A photo of the RSVP card (pictured) surfaced on Reddit Thursday. It asks guests to pick between two choices of entrees – and makes it seem like children are also on the menu

Right after ‘beef’ and ‘pork’, the card appears to give them the choice to pick ‘child (12 and under)’.

A polite note adds: ‘Please let us know of any dietary restriction.’

Rather than an incitement towards cannibalism, the couple likely meant to ask their guests whether they wanted a child’s meal.

But the unfortunate wording gave the RSVP card a whole other meaning.

Reddit users made fun of the situation in the comments, with one saying he’d had his main course ‘free roaming and gluten free’.

Another decided: ‘I’ll have the Hansel and Gretel.’

The couple likely meant to ask their guests whether or not they planned to bring their child - but the unfortunate wording gave the invitation a whole new meaning (stock picture)
The couple likely meant to ask their guests whether or not they planned to bring their child – but the unfortunate wording gave the invitation a whole new meaning (stock picture)


Woman runs mad and strips during her ‘ngurario’

A ngurario is a traditional kikuyu wedding. Such ceremonies are usually an elaborate affair involving families of the love-birds.

The bride-to-be choses this day to dress to impress, and understandably so.

Anyway, a woman in Uganda is alleged to have run amok, during such a ceremony on Saturday August 20th.

According to sources, who seem to be on the know, the beautiful bride-to-be was dancing with her man only to suddenly go wild, struggling with her family members to remove her clothes to the apparent astonishment of the seated guests.

It was gathered that while family members tried to bring her under control she overpowered them and ran away half-naked.

See more photos below: Bride Goes Mad, Strips During Her Wedding Ceremony  Bride Goes Mad, Strips During Her Wedding Ceremony  Bride Goes Mad, Strips During Her Wedding Ceremony


Courtesy 360nobs


Gloomy! Newlywed Shares Lonely Pictures Of Herself Holidaying Solo After Her Husband Was Denied a Visa For Their Dream Honeymoon

A woman has shared hilarious pictures of her ‘husband-less honeymoon’ after her new spouse was denied a visa for their holiday.

Huma Mobin and her new husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt, from Lahore, Pakistan were scheduled to go on a second honeymoon to Greece last month.

Going abroad: The couple had planned to travel to Greece with Mr Bhatt's parents for the 10 day trip

But Ms Mobin’s husband didn’t get a visa in time for the trip. Initially, the young woman didn’t want to go without her beloved, but since the entire holiday was already paid for the couple decided she should see the country.

This meant she was left to see the sights with her in-laws for 10 days as Mr.Bhatt was left at home in Pakistan.

Tradegy: Huma Mobin (above) was supposed to go on a second honeymoon with her husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt but his visa didn't come through in time

In order to share the trip with Mr Bhatt, she snapped some photos of her time abroad at the destinations she visited.

Second chance: The couple (above) did get to have one honeymoon after their wedding last December when they visited the Maldives

Rather than smiling and enjoying herself, the young woman posed with a distraught look on her face. In most photos she also had an arm outspread as if hugging her absent husband, making for hilarious holiday snaps.

Wish you were here: Ms Mobin went on the trip without her husband, and posed at various tourist spots with her arm around an empty space he would have occupied

To add to the tragedy, halfway through the trip the young woman then accidentally lost her phone, dropping it in the Aegean Sea, so then started posing for photos showing that she missed both her husband and her device.

The photos went viral soon after Ms Mobin posted them to Facebook, with strangers finding the pictures adorable.

'Nooooo': After his visa was denied, Ms Mobin considered not going on the trip, but it was already paid for

Although the couple missed out on the holiday together, they did get one honeymoon after they were first married in December 2015. The first time around the couple visited the Maldives and thankfully had no visa issues.

Partners in crime: Her parents-in-law took the photos for her so she could send them back to Mr Bhatt

Double tradegy: Halfway through the trip, the young woman also lost her phone after she dropped it in the Aegean Sea

Oh no: After this she started posing with her arms around both her missing husband and missing phone














Daily Mail


Awww! Bride Shares a Heartwarming Photo While BREASTFEEDING Her Baby During Her Wedding Ceremony

A heartwarming photo of a bride breastfeeding her nine-month-old baby girl during her wedding has been shared by thousands on social media.

Christina Torino-Benton, from Montreal, Quebec, married her now-husband Danny Benton on June 18 and decided to breastfeed her baby, Gemma, in the middle of the ceremony.

At the churchit was like 40 degrees, Gemma was hot, she missed her nap and was overall really crabby,’ Mrs Torino-Benton, 30, told Daily Mail.

Simple as that: 'When she started crying I couldn't focus on my wedding. All I was thinking about was taking her and nursing because I knew that was the only solution,' Mrs Torino-Benton told Daily Mail

‘I don’t pump or bottle feed and I’m all about secure attachment parenting. She’s never left to cry so when she started crying I couldn’t focus on my wedding. All I was thinking about was taking her and nursing because I knew that was the only solution.

‘Once I got her in my arms, I was able to calm down and focus. A lot of people think that my feeding her mid-ceremony was a bother but actually it was nice having her up there with us. She is always a joy to have around.’

'I'm about attachment parenting': Christina Torino-Benton, from Montreal, Quebec, married her now husband Danny Benton on June 18 and decided to breastfeed her baby, Gemma, during the ceremony (pictured)

The mother-of-two later shared the snap on a breastfeeding support group she is part of where it received over 7,000 likes.

‘Talk about feeding anytime & anywhere. That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry. Feeling SO proud of myself! Fighting that good fight!’ She captioned the photo.

'Fighting that good fight': The mother-of-two later shared the snap on a breastfeeding support group she is part of where it received over 7,000 likes

The proud mother said the response has been ‘mixed’ on social media. ‘A lot of people are asking why I didn’t pump and have someone give her a bottle… I just don’t respond well to a pump so I never got into that,’ Mrs Torino-Benton said.

‘Some people are just plain rude. Some people compare breastfeeding to all sorts of ridiculous things and have really weird points of view on the topic.

‘I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. Before I posted this I had never felt negativity or judgement towards breastfeeding at all!’

Spreading her message: 'I think sharing photos like this is important. Things like this do happen. I'm not the first and I won't be the last and hopefully people will be more accepting and understanding,' she said











Daily Mail

No Time Wasting! Man Weds His Girlfriend Just Two Days After Proposing So She Doesn’t Turn Into A Bridezilla

This must be the wedding of the year, with a whirlwind engagement with the most heart-felt of endings.

A New Zealand resident, Moses Atigi proposed to his partner of nine years Chanel Whareumu, and had more in mind than simply slipping a ring on her finger.

The stealthy groom had spent the past eight months planning the wedding, and two days after he asked for her hand in marriage they tied the knot in front of family and friends.

The wedding was a complete surprise for Mrs Whareumu, who was left with nothing more to do than to pick out the perfect wedding dress.


‘I feel very blessed that he took the initiative to plan this entire thing for us with my family, to make me happy,’ she told New Zealand Herald.

‘Most women wouldn’t like the idea of their partner planning their whole wedding but it takes the stress away. I’m glad I won’t be a ‘bridezilla’.

The couple, who have a young son, wed on Thursday. Mrs Whareumu told the newspaper that she came home two days ago to find petals scattered on the floor and chair.


With her entire family watching on, Moses put on a slide show that showed him and their son expressing their love for Mrs Whareumu, before he asked her to be his wife.

Mr Atigi had planned the entire wedding, from catering to hair and makeup, through The One Stop Wedding Shop in New Zealand’s Whangarei.

Mr Atigi said he initially planned to pop the question a week before the wedding but joked he didn’t want the bride, who is a perfectionist, to be a ‘bridezilla’. The groom said they had been together for nine years and he probably should have ‘popped the question earlier’.






Daily Mail

For The Love Of Diamonds! Woman Refuses To Return An Engagement Ring Worth KES.3M To Ex-Fiance

Here’s the scenario: girl meets guy at a bar, guy proposes to girl three months later with $30,000 engagement ring, girl breaks up with guy, guy wants engagement ring back, girl doesn’t want to give it back.

I mean, which girl would you want to?

This is exactly what happened between Philip Langer and Ashley Jae Chesler. According to the New York Post, Philip Langer wants the custom ring worth 30k back from his ex-fiancée.

Of course, Ashley is like, “Over my dead body, buddy.” It’s been months, and she’s still holding onto the stunner. According to court papers, the custom ring is a “2.52 carat diamond surrounded by 34 rubies and another 55 smaller diamonds,” so it’s clear why she isn’t giving it up easily.


Now Philip is suing Ashley for the ring (or the $30,000, whatever works), saying that New York State law requires her to.

But seriously, getting engaged to a chick he met in a bar after three months was probably a terrible idea. It didn’t work for Khloe and Lamar, and it’s probably not going to work for you. And did you really expect her to just hand the ring back over?

Despite these dumb moves, it seems like Philip is right. According to NY State Law, “An engagement ring is considered a conditional gift, where the condition is that the marriage actually takes place. This means that if the marriage does not take place and the bachelor asks for the ring back, then the potential bride will most likely have to return the engagement ring to the bachelor.”

Next time he should wait a little longer before going down on one knee!



College Candy

Worst Wedding Photos Ever? Disappointed Bride Shares Her Hilarious Wedding Photo Album

Wedding albums showcase the most beautiful moments of the big day, with romantic and well-timed shots of the adoring couple and their guests and venue.

But one bride has taken to Facebook to share a selection of her disappointing yet highly amusing wedding snaps that prove there is a very fine line between candid and unprofessional.

‘So, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them?’ Bride Jaclyn Ying, from Singapore, wrote on Sunday.


‘Get angry? Check. Shed a few tears over them? Done. Post some of the best (of the worst) on social media for amusement? Absolutely!’

Mrs Ying and her husband purchased a wedding package that included photography from a ‘pretty reputable bridal shop’ and although they were told before they signed on that they couldn’t choose their photographer, were assured that the talent pool was consistent.


‘They looked alright, and so we signed on thinking, “okay la hor, how bad can they be” [sic],’ Mrs Ying wrote, adding that they were shown a portfolio beforehand.

The couple’s photographer then later posted an apology on Facebook, after being made aware of Jaclyn’s comments.






Check out the memes made out of the disappointing wedding photos;




Going For A Wedding Today? Please Don’t Do This..

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I know most of you are up and down, probably attending a wedding. According to this guideline below, there are so many rules we Kenyans break while attending someone else’s nuptials, that may ruin their big day.

So here is a list of five things you shouldn’t do:

1. Show up late

Unless it’s an absolute emergency (in which case you should always do your best to let someone know about it), always make sure that you arrive at a wedding well before the actual wedding entourage arrives.

For one, you don’t want to miss out on seeing the bride making her entrance, nor do you want to be the person who slips in at the back while the ceremony is taking place. If you might disrupt proceedings, rather wait outside and join the wedding when the ceremony ends.

2. Use the opportunity to propose to your significant other

Lately there’ve been scores of this, dare I call it, new trend that’s been going around the internet where people have suddenly started using other people’s weddings as the perfect backdrop to propose to their significant other.

I don’t know about you, but I frankly I wouldn’t want to be known as the couple who tried to upstage someone else’s wedding by getting engaged on someone else’s big day. Even if you did get permission.

Actually, why did you get permission? You shouldn’t have asked in the first place. The bridal couple are just being polite.

3. Complain if there are problems

Everyone knows that weddings usually don’t proceed without a few glitches.

From late bridal party arrivals to seating arrangement errors and misplaced decor arrangement pieces, there are certain minor issues that could easily go unnoticed and be overlooked without making an undue fuss about it.

However, there are things that the wedding party and vendors alike simply can’t control (the weather for example) and which you should just be gracious about.  So the food may not be all that great? Keep quiet.

Chances are the bridal couple may have already discovered their error, so you pointing it out will only make them feel bad.

And what if you’re sitting at a table you don’t like? You grin and bear it. Don’t like the music? Suck it up. The day is not about you.

4. Bring a plus one when the invitation didn’t ask you to

You would be surprised by the amount of people who flagrantly ignore the specifications on wedding invitations and end up bringing a partner when they’ve specifically been asked not to. I’ve been at weddings where the tension could literally be felt in the room because vendors had to scramble around to make arrangements for these unexpected new numbers, all because the headcount is now far more than was catered for.

Keep in mind that when couples send out wedding invitations, they do so with a budget in mind. And it doesn’t include having to pay extra for a guest that wasn’t invited to the wedding in the first place.

And budgets aside, couples choose the people they want to share their day with carefully, so bringing a complete stranger into the mix is just plain rude.

5.  Drink too much

Yes, wedding celebrations are all about partying and indulging in a bit of fun, but that doesn’t mean that this is an invitation for you to now drink yourself into a state of oblivion. You don’t want to be that person who had to be carried home because you could barely walk, much less maintain any semblance of balance, right?

Trust me, these drunk party animals in the link below are probably still cringing about the fact that they ended up on YouTube.



Wedding Expenses: Who Should Pay For What?

The wedding industry in Kenya is estimated to be a billion shilling industry. I’m sure you have at one time or another attended a wedding and heard horror stories of the amounts involved to pull off the big day. The mind-boggling amounts often times leads to tension among brides, grooms and their respective families.

What’s even worse is when one spouse wants a mega event, while the other prefers a low key nuptials, but no one can agree who will pay for what. So, is there a guide to how the hefty bills should be settled amicably for the sake of the newly-weds?

Financialsamurai has a really great tip to follow, and it’s called the 10 per cent wedding payment rule to help you focus on financials for determining who pays for the wedding given gender discussions can get touchy:

There are two parts to the Wedding Payment Rule:

1) Spend no more than 10% of your combined gross income on the total cost of your wedding.

According to, the average wedding in the United States costs between $25,000 and $30,000. In other words, most Americans are paying way too much. This does not include the cost for a honeymoon either. Spending more than 50% of your annual gross income on a wedding that lasts less than 24 hours is absurd, don’t you think?

The whole idea of the 10% of gross income rule is to keep your emotions from getting the best of you financially. When you are in the heat of passion, lust, and love, it’s easy to spend way beyond your normal budget. You want everything to be perfect. Then things cool off and you’re stuck with a massive credit card bill.

2) Split the costs of the wedding proportionate to the incomes of the newlyweds. Once you’ve calculated your combined gross annual income and set your wedding budget equal to 1/10th of your annual gross income, simply split the cost proportionate to your income split.

Given you want to start your marriage on the right foot, splitting costs between the two of you based on income cuts out all the problems that tend to come up when family is involved. It’s your wedding, so you should pay for it. Your parents are also protected from further financial burden and the awkwardness that comes with discussing money with family.

Of course if your parents want to gift you money on the side, buy a house, or buy you a car, then great. But once you start accepting money from one set of parents, then you are pretty much obligated to their desires.

From Engagement To Marriage…How Long Should You Wait?

The question of whether to have a short or longer engagement has been with us for quite some time now. Both experts and couples each make their case why a short or long term engagement will be beneficial to your relationship or marriage.

The thing is every relationship is unique, so it’s entirely upto the lovebirds to determine how much time they need from the time the question is popped to the time the couple walk down the aisle to say ‘I DO’.

But for those wondering what the deal is here are Pro’s and Con’s of short and long term engagements according to several online wedding sites. Jeniffer Lane from WeddingVibe lists the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Short Engagements


There isn’t enough time to get nervous

You don’t have time to overwhelm yourself with too many options or choices

Keeps your wedding more streamlined with less time to over think and

Helps you to keep your budget under control


Many of the 100s of options available to brides with long engagements will not be available on such short notice; fewer options available to you on a short turn around

Less locations with availability to choose from

You may not get what you’ve been dreaming of for your wedding day

Long Engagements


You’ll have more time to make careful selections/ choices to custom create your ideal wedding day

You’ll have every option under the sun available to you; within budget

You’ll be able to have more time to save more money and space out payments to the professionals assisting you in creating your dream wedding


You usually go over budget

Most brides change their mind a couple of  times on everything from décor, location, menu, colors and many of the other 100s of choices available to todays brides

You have time to get nervous and as a result; a couple of mild break downs

Parents have time for the realization that their little girl is leaving home

Family and friends will try to talk you out of what you envisioned