Newlyweds Share The Worst Things That Happened Just A Day After Their Wedding

A day after walking down the aisle, you should still be basking in a contented glow and looking forward to making the honeymoon period last as long as possible.

But newly married bliss was cut very short for these newlyweds who opened up on Whisper about how their marriage had gone very wrong within just 24 hours of saying ‘I do’. 

People unearthed secrets which would probably have stopped the wedding if they’d known beforehand, including a bride who discovered she’d been cheated on.

One new husband came out as gay to his wife the day after marrying her, while a groom had to endure his bride getting arrested for robbery the very next day. 

Other couples realised they weren’t right for each others just hours into their new marriage in a case of seriously bad timing.  

This wife found out that her new husband was gay just a day after their wedding day
This wife found out that her new husband was gay just a day after their wedding day
This newlywed couple's time together was cut short after the wife got arrested just hours later
This newlywed couple’s time together was cut short after the wife got arrested just hours later
This new wife didn't let her wedding stop her from returning to an ex and ending the marriage
This new wife didn’t let her wedding stop her from returning to an ex and ending the marriage

This man was reunited with the love of his life just a day after marrying another woman

By the time this bride found out her partner was cheating she had already married him

One bride was only interested in getting married to have a big day and left her husband quickly

This man was reunited with the love of his life just a day after marrying another woman

By the time this bride found out her partner was cheating she had already married him

The wedded bliss didn't last long for this couple, who got into a fight just a day after marrying

One new wife regretted getting married just a day after her wedding, calling it a 'mistake'

This newlywed's happiness was cut short after their little brother died a day after the wedding

This heartless husband told his new life he had never loved her a day after they got married

This bride found out that her boyfriend was only marrying her for a 'bet' and later got revenge
This bride found out that her boyfriend was only marrying her for a ‘bet’ and later got revenge

One bride realised that her marriage was a mistake just hours after it had begun


One tragic groom passed away hours after he got married after battling cancer

This bride chose to have a baby to fix her marriage, which collapsed the day after the wedding

In an unwanted blast from the past, this bide heard from an ex a day after getting married


Source: Daily Mail

Patience Pays! Lovely Couple Walks Down The Aisle After Dating For 13 Years (PHOTOS)

Ladies, how long would you take before you decide to walk down the aisle after dating?

In this current generation, most women are not patient, especially after an engagement, and if a year goes by without a wedding, the lady will start asking the man questions, demanding for the big day to happen.

But one couple in Nigeria has defied all odds and showed that patience is vital in a relationship and that love is indeed a beautiful thing.

The lovebirds have been dating for 13 years but only got married this year.



Adediwura Ojetunde and Olu Gbenga met in university and were friends for a while until love blossomed and they started dating.

The beautiful couple then dated for more than a decade, without making their relationship official, but in 2017, they decided to seal their love.

FORCED MARRIAGE? Unhappy And ANGRY Bride Refuses To Kiss Her New Husband In a Colourful Wedding (VIDEO)

Adediwura and Olu finally tied the knot this year in the presence of their family and friends, in a colorful wedding affair which saw them officially become husband and wife.

The inspiring couple decided to take the time to know each other well and understand the meaning of the union before walking down the aisle, and according to the family, they are very happy together.

Check them out below during their big day and when they were much younger.








You May Now Drink The Bride! Video of man kissing his bride goes viral and it’s hilarious

Weddings are such a happy occasion aren’t they? Especially when the presiding pastor announces the couple as man and wife, and gives them permission to seal their union with a kiss.

Well a video of newly weds kissing has gone viral. Probably not for a good reason. In the video, the husband can be seen savagely kissing his new wife, while looking around at the congregation. At one point, the pastor tries to stop them from elongating the moment, but it seems to me that the woman is happy her man is eating her.

Watch it below. Kenyans have reacted to the video with hilarious comments.

harrietmariah32…Hahaha this has made my night
shikukambugua…Mwathani ha😂😂
[email protected]_wanjiku …mzee wako….
[email protected] …sindwe
atieno_sierraWololo …kissement
lijowan…I’m over here dying!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
ikamene…Sema mtu kukunywa mate yote!!!
[email protected]_osoro.. Hahaha! 😂 @moraa_osoro
okakaodhiambo…Wooow, maina
rozlinm😀😀😀@reg_mburu, come here uone 😄😄
[email protected]…. I garra go! Wharathese Eeeeeeewww




‘Once My STUDENT, Now My Wife’ Man Gives TOUCHING Love Story Of How He Met His Elegant Fiancée As a Teacher

They say that love knows no boundaries, and this is the case for a certain Nigerian couple who are set to walk down the aisle soon, after dating for 5 years.

Well, the reason this particular love story is unique and amazing is that the groom was previously a teacher to the bride-to-be.

The Nigerian man is set to wed the love of his life, who is his former student after meeting her back in 2012, though he has been teaching since 2008.


Zion Oshiobugie and Elohor Omohiro will be getting married on the 22nd of July, 2017 after meeting at his Learning Centre in Ekpoma, Edo state, and the two could not help but share the amazing love story and journey on social media.

Love Endureth All: Skinny Young Kenyan Man Shows Off His ‘Momo’ LOVER, Looking Very Happy (PHOTOS)

The teacher is also a radio and an on-air radio personality in Nigeria, and from the post, he shared, with a beautiful picture of his beautiful wife, there’s no doubt that he’s indeed happy.

She was my student!
I have been teaching since 2008. The job is challenging, mind bugging and mentally demanding, as such you may not have time for yourself.
Fast forward to 2012 a student came to my leaning center to buy JAMB form and it sparked a very great relationship which lasted for years, ups and downs but then this student did a one year internship with me before gaining admission into ekpoma, (ambrose Ali University). She had passion, she had similar dreams to help students most of all she made sure we hit our goals every single time she came back from school.
She was so dedicate to the business that we grew from one learning center to three learning centers in less than 3 years.
We all have various reasons why we get married but for me I am getting married to my student who has been there for me through thick and thin, hard times, sad times, depressing times to say the least.
We count down to 22nd July 2017. My other half is Elohor Omohiro, once my student but now my wife. God don put better thing inside my kpangolo. Very soon I go sing “somebody is on the way o bigi Bigi bouncing baby”.


Elohor Omohiro, also shared her side of the amazing and touching lives story with her former teacher, now lover, with this sweet post, and it looks like the lady is pregnant or is planning to get pregnant as soon as they make it official, as per the last part of the post,.

He was my teacher!
He has been teaching since 2008.
Fast forward to 2012 I went to his leaning center to buy JAMB form and it sparked a very great relationship which lasted for years, ups and downs but then i did a one year internship with him before gaining admission into ekpoma, (ambrose Ali University). I had passion, i had similar dreams to help students most of all i made sure we hit our goals every single time i came back from school.
I was so dedicate to the business that we grew from one learning centre to three in less than 3 years.
We all have various reasons why we get married but for me I am getting married to my teacher ,who saw great potentials in me,who believed in me during thick and thin, hard times, sad times, depressing times to say the least.
We count down to 22nd July 2017. My other half is ZION OSHIOBUGIE , once my teacher but now my husband. God don put better thing inside my kpangolo. Very soon we go sing “somebody is on the way o bigi Bigi bouncing baby”.

We wish the lovely couple all the best as they start on the journey of marriage and family.


No INFORMAL Relationships! Cohabiting Couples In Burundi ORDERED To WED By The End Of 2017

Cohabiting couples in Burundi have until the end of the year to get married or face legal consequences.

The government order comes after President Pierre Nkurunziza launched a campaign “to moralise society”.

A government spokesman said a crackdown on informal relationships was needed to combat a population explosion.

He said too many schoolgirls were getting pregnant and men were taking advantage of women by cohabiting with several simultaneously.

Burundi has been in crisis since 2015 when Mr Nkurunziza, a born-again Christian, announced he would run for a controversial third term.
Whiter Wedding

‘We want order’

Interior ministry spokesman Terence Ntahiraja told AFP news agency that church and state-sanctioned weddings were the solution to the country’s population explosion – and a patriotic duty.

“We want Burundians to understand that everyone is responsible for his life, we want order in this country,” he said.

“All this is done within the framework of the patriotic training programme,” he said, referring to an initiative launched by President Nkurunziza.

It is not clear exactly what sanctions those not tying the knot will face.

However, one farmer quoted by AFP said local officials had already threatened him and his partner with a fine and said any child born out of wedlock would not qualify for free education or medical treatment.

The farmer, named only as Pierre, said he had not married because he could not afford the bride price demanded by his partner’s family.

Hundreds of people have since died since Mr Nkurunziza launched a bid for a third term. But the country had been relatively calm in recent months.










Willis Raburu Finally Weds His Stunning Fiancée After Being Dumped By Sally Mbilu (VIDEO)

Renowned media personality Willis Raburu has finally said “I do” to the love of his life after keeping the relationship off the public radar for a while now.

The Citizen TV news anchor is known for his humorous nature and personality mostly on social media, and if you watch his show 10 Over 10 you will realize how he’s a favorite to the young people.

Willis Raburu walked down the aisle in a private ceremony to exchange vows with one beautiful lady by the name Mary Ngami Irungu at an undisclosed location.


From the videos, the small wedding affair was attended by close friends and families of the bride and groom, who looked ecstatic and overjoyed to become husband and wife.

Willis Raburu was clad in a purple African attire and black trousers, unlike the usual suit and tie kinda dressing while his beautiful bride wowed in a sleeveless, laced-white gown with a short tail, accompanied by white pearl earrings and glittering silver bracelet.


Apparently, Raburu proposed to Mary back in February 2017 and a few weeks later, they have now become one. Willis Raburu’s close friend Chris and his wife, Cate have shared a few videos and photos from the wedding.

Willis Raburu was once engaged to his workmate Sally Mbilu about a year and a half ago but sadly, she called off the engagement but the main reason for the breakup was never revealed.


But it looks like Raburu has moved on and he’s very happy and delighted to have Mary, who is astonishingly gorgeous, as his wife. Check out their ravishing wedding below.


From Grass To Grace: This Is The Humble Story Of The 100 Bob Wedding Groom

Many have talked about the 100 bob wedding couple. Their simplistic life and pure love for each other has touched everyone who has come across their life story. Well, here is a background story on the 100 bob groom, Wilson Mutura Wanjohi.

Wilson was employed as a fruit seller at Kasarani. Note: He did not own the fruit stand, he was an employee. That did not stop him from loving his job and executing it to the best of his abilities.

According to social media activist Ndungu Nyoro, Wilson was passionate about everything he did from his job to serving the church as a choir member.


The couple had a grand do-over wedding on Valentine’s day surrounded by friends and family. Check out the photos in the link below.

From 100 Bob Wedding To Sh 3.5M Ceremony, Check Out These Heartwarming Pics

Wilson is still stunned at how his life has changed. He doesn’t have to go back to his job as a fruit vendor but rather, he can become a supplier of fruits and fresh produce to his former boss. They got a 1 million bob wedding present that will cater for that.

Posting a photo of his days as fruit vendor beside the photos of his honeymoon, Wilson wrote on his Facebook page,


Wilson Mutura

After 100 Bob Wedding, Young Kenyan Couple Receive BIGGEST Surprise Of Their Lives (PHOTOS)

The Kenyan couple who caused a lot of excitement on social media after holding what many would consider as a cheap wedding on Sunday, January 22, 2017, have received what may be the biggest gift in their entire lives.

The wedding between 27-year old Wilson Wanjohi Mutura and his 23-year-old fiancée (now wife) Anne Muhonja cost Sh100 only (that is for the two rings each at Sh50).

However, the couple, who met three years ago, never anticipated that a simple wedding would be broadcast to every Kenyan who has been online in the past few days.

For a man who could not proceed beyond class 8 because of the economic status of his family in Ndunyu Njeru (Kinangop), Wilson says that he’s the most learned in his family. He’s the 5th born in a family of 8 siblings.

But his new wife from Karandi in Nyahururu completed high school in 2015.

The two had planned to tie the knot in December 2016 and all their church’ members were looking forward to it.

On the Sunday of January 22, Wilson had Sh200 in his pocket. He went to church as usual but waited after praise and worship session then dashed to a malimali shop where he bought the rings at Sh100.


“The remainder is what we took for our first supper as a married couple,” he says.

Following the excitement on social media, Kenyans have come out to sponsor the couple with a lavish wedding, among other surprises.

An events planning company has offered a fully sponsored wedding to give Wilson & Anne an opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.

A well-established tours and travel company has offered an all expenses paid honeymoon package for the couple.

A Kenyan cinema production house has offered to provide a free make-up artist and free photoshoot on Valentine’s Day, for the couple.

A Kenyan in U.S has pledged start-up capital for a small business for the two.

An M-Changa account has also been set up to pool funds to assist the young couple set up a small business enterprise.

God surely answers prayers in mysterious ways.

A look inside President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding invitation to his son’s itara

This surely is expected to be the wedding of the year hands down.

Jomo Kenyatta and his fiancée Achola are set to walk down the aisle soon.

Achola Fiona Ngobi the wife of Uhuru Kenyatta’s first son Jomo is the daughter of Raychelle Omamo’s sister.

News of their relationship broke when photos of their families went viral on social media in late October this year.

Below is a photo of the dashing young lad as he visited Machakos Governor Alfreed Mutua last week.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta have started sending out wedding invitations for their son, Jomo’s, traditional wedding.

The wedding in Kikuyu is referred to as Itara and symbolises that the couple are married.

Check out the invitation below to see how a President invites guests to his/her wedding;

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-04 at 20.10.28


Furious bride-to-be, 24, bit her fiance’s ear and slashed his face with a broken glass when their wedding planning sessions went horribly wrong

Did I hear bridezilla?

A bride-to-be bit her fiancé before slashing him with broken glass during what was supposed to be a romantic evening planning their wedding.

Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, launched bricks at Scott Williams’ van in a drink and drug-fuelled rage in March this year.

When they tried to patch up their differences in May, Allen bit him on the ear and repeatedly hit him.

And when the couple met for a romantic night at a seaside hotel in July, Allen launched another attack, biting him on the nose and hitting him with a broken mug and glass.

Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, attacked Scott Williams (pictured here together), on two different occasions 
Exeter Crown Court heard Sian Allen, 24, attacked Scott Williams (pictured here together), on two different occasions

Allen, of Paignton, Devon, caused some £450 worth of damage to the room where she threw Mr Williams into the bath and smashed cups and glasses.

The court heard the room was left with blood stains on the walls and curtains after the incident.

The 24-year-old telesales agent has now been banned from contacting him and their wedding has been cancelled.

Allen admitted two offences of causing actual bodily harm and three of criminal damage and was ordered to receive three years probation by Recorder Mr Andrew Maitland at Exeter Crown Court.

He told her the only reason he was not sending her to jail is that she has already served the equivalent of a 16 week sentence while remanded in custody.

Miss Caroline Bolt, prosecuting, said the first incident happened in March when Allen turned up at Mr Williams’ home drunk and threw bricks at his van when he would not let him in.

They carried on seeing each other and were discussing wedding plans at a friend’s house when they had a violent argument in May, during which Allen bit him on the ear and hit his face and arms.

She claimed she was angry because he had been using cocaine and she over-reacted when he started the violence and hit her in the face.

The third incident was at the Trecarn Hotel in Torbay where they went to patch up their differences in July but had another argument after drinking heavily in the bar.

Allen bit Mr Williams on the nose, slashed at him with the broken cup and glass, pushed him into the bath and dragged him back when he tried to leave the room.

He banged on the walls to try to get help but nobody came and he eventually escaped the next morning and raised the alarm.

He needed stitches to a cut in his arm and other injuries were glued in hospital.

Mr Joss Ticehurst, defending, said Allen had never been in trouble before she got into the relationship but reacted badly because she had been a victim of domestic abuse in the past.

He said she accepts the relationship is over and has attended anger management and mindfulness courses while on remand.

Please choose one – beef, pork or CHILD? Fancy wedding RSVP accidentally adds an unsavory third meal option

A photo of a poorly worded wedding invite has surfaced online.

A soon-to-be married couple accidentally offered their guests a child to eat at their wedding reception – all due to a poorly worded invitation.

A photo of the RSVP card surfaced on Reddit Thursday, in a post titled: ‘I’ll have the 10-year-old, please, medium rare.’

The invitation asks guests, as is customary, to tick a box to indicate whether or not they will attend.

On the following line, guests have to pick one of two entrees – but an unexpected third option makes a surprise appearance.

A photo of the RSVP card (pictured) surfaced on Reddit Thursday. It asks guests to pick between two choices of entrees - and makes it seem like children are also on the menu
A photo of the RSVP card (pictured) surfaced on Reddit Thursday. It asks guests to pick between two choices of entrees – and makes it seem like children are also on the menu

Right after ‘beef’ and ‘pork’, the card appears to give them the choice to pick ‘child (12 and under)’.

A polite note adds: ‘Please let us know of any dietary restriction.’

Rather than an incitement towards cannibalism, the couple likely meant to ask their guests whether they wanted a child’s meal.

But the unfortunate wording gave the RSVP card a whole other meaning.

Reddit users made fun of the situation in the comments, with one saying he’d had his main course ‘free roaming and gluten free’.

Another decided: ‘I’ll have the Hansel and Gretel.’

The couple likely meant to ask their guests whether or not they planned to bring their child - but the unfortunate wording gave the invitation a whole new meaning (stock picture)
The couple likely meant to ask their guests whether or not they planned to bring their child – but the unfortunate wording gave the invitation a whole new meaning (stock picture)


Woman runs mad and strips during her ‘ngurario’

A ngurario is a traditional kikuyu wedding. Such ceremonies are usually an elaborate affair involving families of the love-birds.

The bride-to-be choses this day to dress to impress, and understandably so.

Anyway, a woman in Uganda is alleged to have run amok, during such a ceremony on Saturday August 20th.

According to sources, who seem to be on the know, the beautiful bride-to-be was dancing with her man only to suddenly go wild, struggling with her family members to remove her clothes to the apparent astonishment of the seated guests.

It was gathered that while family members tried to bring her under control she overpowered them and ran away half-naked.

See more photos below: Bride Goes Mad, Strips During Her Wedding Ceremony  Bride Goes Mad, Strips During Her Wedding Ceremony  Bride Goes Mad, Strips During Her Wedding Ceremony


Courtesy 360nobs


Gloomy! Newlywed Shares Lonely Pictures Of Herself Holidaying Solo After Her Husband Was Denied a Visa For Their Dream Honeymoon

A woman has shared hilarious pictures of her ‘husband-less honeymoon’ after her new spouse was denied a visa for their holiday.

Huma Mobin and her new husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt, from Lahore, Pakistan were scheduled to go on a second honeymoon to Greece last month.

Going abroad: The couple had planned to travel to Greece with Mr Bhatt's parents for the 10 day trip

But Ms Mobin’s husband didn’t get a visa in time for the trip. Initially, the young woman didn’t want to go without her beloved, but since the entire holiday was already paid for the couple decided she should see the country.

This meant she was left to see the sights with her in-laws for 10 days as Mr.Bhatt was left at home in Pakistan.

Tradegy: Huma Mobin (above) was supposed to go on a second honeymoon with her husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt but his visa didn't come through in time

In order to share the trip with Mr Bhatt, she snapped some photos of her time abroad at the destinations she visited.

Second chance: The couple (above) did get to have one honeymoon after their wedding last December when they visited the Maldives

Rather than smiling and enjoying herself, the young woman posed with a distraught look on her face. In most photos she also had an arm outspread as if hugging her absent husband, making for hilarious holiday snaps.

Wish you were here: Ms Mobin went on the trip without her husband, and posed at various tourist spots with her arm around an empty space he would have occupied

To add to the tragedy, halfway through the trip the young woman then accidentally lost her phone, dropping it in the Aegean Sea, so then started posing for photos showing that she missed both her husband and her device.

The photos went viral soon after Ms Mobin posted them to Facebook, with strangers finding the pictures adorable.

'Nooooo': After his visa was denied, Ms Mobin considered not going on the trip, but it was already paid for

Although the couple missed out on the holiday together, they did get one honeymoon after they were first married in December 2015. The first time around the couple visited the Maldives and thankfully had no visa issues.

Partners in crime: Her parents-in-law took the photos for her so she could send them back to Mr Bhatt

Double tradegy: Halfway through the trip, the young woman also lost her phone after she dropped it in the Aegean Sea

Oh no: After this she started posing with her arms around both her missing husband and missing phone














Daily Mail


Awww! Bride Shares a Heartwarming Photo While BREASTFEEDING Her Baby During Her Wedding Ceremony

A heartwarming photo of a bride breastfeeding her nine-month-old baby girl during her wedding has been shared by thousands on social media.

Christina Torino-Benton, from Montreal, Quebec, married her now-husband Danny Benton on June 18 and decided to breastfeed her baby, Gemma, in the middle of the ceremony.

At the churchit was like 40 degrees, Gemma was hot, she missed her nap and was overall really crabby,’ Mrs Torino-Benton, 30, told Daily Mail.

Simple as that: 'When she started crying I couldn't focus on my wedding. All I was thinking about was taking her and nursing because I knew that was the only solution,' Mrs Torino-Benton told Daily Mail

‘I don’t pump or bottle feed and I’m all about secure attachment parenting. She’s never left to cry so when she started crying I couldn’t focus on my wedding. All I was thinking about was taking her and nursing because I knew that was the only solution.

‘Once I got her in my arms, I was able to calm down and focus. A lot of people think that my feeding her mid-ceremony was a bother but actually it was nice having her up there with us. She is always a joy to have around.’

'I'm about attachment parenting': Christina Torino-Benton, from Montreal, Quebec, married her now husband Danny Benton on June 18 and decided to breastfeed her baby, Gemma, during the ceremony (pictured)

The mother-of-two later shared the snap on a breastfeeding support group she is part of where it received over 7,000 likes.

‘Talk about feeding anytime & anywhere. That moment when you’re getting married and your baby gets hungry. Feeling SO proud of myself! Fighting that good fight!’ She captioned the photo.

'Fighting that good fight': The mother-of-two later shared the snap on a breastfeeding support group she is part of where it received over 7,000 likes

The proud mother said the response has been ‘mixed’ on social media. ‘A lot of people are asking why I didn’t pump and have someone give her a bottle… I just don’t respond well to a pump so I never got into that,’ Mrs Torino-Benton said.

‘Some people are just plain rude. Some people compare breastfeeding to all sorts of ridiculous things and have really weird points of view on the topic.

‘I’m a bit surprised, to be honest. Before I posted this I had never felt negativity or judgement towards breastfeeding at all!’

Spreading her message: 'I think sharing photos like this is important. Things like this do happen. I'm not the first and I won't be the last and hopefully people will be more accepting and understanding,' she said











Daily Mail

No Time Wasting! Man Weds His Girlfriend Just Two Days After Proposing So She Doesn’t Turn Into A Bridezilla

This must be the wedding of the year, with a whirlwind engagement with the most heart-felt of endings.

A New Zealand resident, Moses Atigi proposed to his partner of nine years Chanel Whareumu, and had more in mind than simply slipping a ring on her finger.

The stealthy groom had spent the past eight months planning the wedding, and two days after he asked for her hand in marriage they tied the knot in front of family and friends.

The wedding was a complete surprise for Mrs Whareumu, who was left with nothing more to do than to pick out the perfect wedding dress.


‘I feel very blessed that he took the initiative to plan this entire thing for us with my family, to make me happy,’ she told New Zealand Herald.

‘Most women wouldn’t like the idea of their partner planning their whole wedding but it takes the stress away. I’m glad I won’t be a ‘bridezilla’.

The couple, who have a young son, wed on Thursday. Mrs Whareumu told the newspaper that she came home two days ago to find petals scattered on the floor and chair.


With her entire family watching on, Moses put on a slide show that showed him and their son expressing their love for Mrs Whareumu, before he asked her to be his wife.

Mr Atigi had planned the entire wedding, from catering to hair and makeup, through The One Stop Wedding Shop in New Zealand’s Whangarei.

Mr Atigi said he initially planned to pop the question a week before the wedding but joked he didn’t want the bride, who is a perfectionist, to be a ‘bridezilla’. The groom said they had been together for nine years and he probably should have ‘popped the question earlier’.






Daily Mail

For The Love Of Diamonds! Woman Refuses To Return An Engagement Ring Worth KES.3M To Ex-Fiance

Here’s the scenario: girl meets guy at a bar, guy proposes to girl three months later with $30,000 engagement ring, girl breaks up with guy, guy wants engagement ring back, girl doesn’t want to give it back.

I mean, which girl would you want to?

This is exactly what happened between Philip Langer and Ashley Jae Chesler. According to the New York Post, Philip Langer wants the custom ring worth 30k back from his ex-fiancée.

Of course, Ashley is like, “Over my dead body, buddy.” It’s been months, and she’s still holding onto the stunner. According to court papers, the custom ring is a “2.52 carat diamond surrounded by 34 rubies and another 55 smaller diamonds,” so it’s clear why she isn’t giving it up easily.


Now Philip is suing Ashley for the ring (or the $30,000, whatever works), saying that New York State law requires her to.

But seriously, getting engaged to a chick he met in a bar after three months was probably a terrible idea. It didn’t work for Khloe and Lamar, and it’s probably not going to work for you. And did you really expect her to just hand the ring back over?

Despite these dumb moves, it seems like Philip is right. According to NY State Law, “An engagement ring is considered a conditional gift, where the condition is that the marriage actually takes place. This means that if the marriage does not take place and the bachelor asks for the ring back, then the potential bride will most likely have to return the engagement ring to the bachelor.”

Next time he should wait a little longer before going down on one knee!



College Candy

Worst Wedding Photos Ever? Disappointed Bride Shares Her Hilarious Wedding Photo Album

Wedding albums showcase the most beautiful moments of the big day, with romantic and well-timed shots of the adoring couple and their guests and venue.

But one bride has taken to Facebook to share a selection of her disappointing yet highly amusing wedding snaps that prove there is a very fine line between candid and unprofessional.

‘So, what do you do when you finally receive your actual wedding day photos and find yourself sorely disappointed in them?’ Bride Jaclyn Ying, from Singapore, wrote on Sunday.


‘Get angry? Check. Shed a few tears over them? Done. Post some of the best (of the worst) on social media for amusement? Absolutely!’

Mrs Ying and her husband purchased a wedding package that included photography from a ‘pretty reputable bridal shop’ and although they were told before they signed on that they couldn’t choose their photographer, were assured that the talent pool was consistent.


‘They looked alright, and so we signed on thinking, “okay la hor, how bad can they be” [sic],’ Mrs Ying wrote, adding that they were shown a portfolio beforehand.

The couple’s photographer then later posted an apology on Facebook, after being made aware of Jaclyn’s comments.






Check out the memes made out of the disappointing wedding photos;




Going For A Wedding Today? Please Don’t Do This..

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I know most of you are up and down, probably attending a wedding. According to this guideline below, there are so many rules we Kenyans break while attending someone else’s nuptials, that may ruin their big day.

So here is a list of five things you shouldn’t do:

1. Show up late

Unless it’s an absolute emergency (in which case you should always do your best to let someone know about it), always make sure that you arrive at a wedding well before the actual wedding entourage arrives.

For one, you don’t want to miss out on seeing the bride making her entrance, nor do you want to be the person who slips in at the back while the ceremony is taking place. If you might disrupt proceedings, rather wait outside and join the wedding when the ceremony ends.

2. Use the opportunity to propose to your significant other

Lately there’ve been scores of this, dare I call it, new trend that’s been going around the internet where people have suddenly started using other people’s weddings as the perfect backdrop to propose to their significant other.

I don’t know about you, but I frankly I wouldn’t want to be known as the couple who tried to upstage someone else’s wedding by getting engaged on someone else’s big day. Even if you did get permission.

Actually, why did you get permission? You shouldn’t have asked in the first place. The bridal couple are just being polite.

3. Complain if there are problems

Everyone knows that weddings usually don’t proceed without a few glitches.

From late bridal party arrivals to seating arrangement errors and misplaced decor arrangement pieces, there are certain minor issues that could easily go unnoticed and be overlooked without making an undue fuss about it.

However, there are things that the wedding party and vendors alike simply can’t control (the weather for example) and which you should just be gracious about.  So the food may not be all that great? Keep quiet.

Chances are the bridal couple may have already discovered their error, so you pointing it out will only make them feel bad.

And what if you’re sitting at a table you don’t like? You grin and bear it. Don’t like the music? Suck it up. The day is not about you.

4. Bring a plus one when the invitation didn’t ask you to

You would be surprised by the amount of people who flagrantly ignore the specifications on wedding invitations and end up bringing a partner when they’ve specifically been asked not to. I’ve been at weddings where the tension could literally be felt in the room because vendors had to scramble around to make arrangements for these unexpected new numbers, all because the headcount is now far more than was catered for.

Keep in mind that when couples send out wedding invitations, they do so with a budget in mind. And it doesn’t include having to pay extra for a guest that wasn’t invited to the wedding in the first place.

And budgets aside, couples choose the people they want to share their day with carefully, so bringing a complete stranger into the mix is just plain rude.

5.  Drink too much

Yes, wedding celebrations are all about partying and indulging in a bit of fun, but that doesn’t mean that this is an invitation for you to now drink yourself into a state of oblivion. You don’t want to be that person who had to be carried home because you could barely walk, much less maintain any semblance of balance, right?

Trust me, these drunk party animals in the link below are probably still cringing about the fact that they ended up on YouTube.