JB Masanduku sets a very special date to marry his fiancée

In three months time, comedian JB Masanduku will say ‘I Do’ to his new love.

Comedian JB Masanduku’s wedding plans are all set. JB was to wed his fiancée Jackie Karanja during her birthday on August 24, but has postponed it to November 11.

“That is my late mum’s birthday and I want to honour her as I honour the person I love,” JB told Word Is. He says his fiancée always speaks about how she would have wanted to meet her.

“I have talked to my people and the plans are all set. She chose to honour my mum,” he said.


JB says his mother was the most generous person he knew and taught him that,

“Whenever there is a problem, I don’t need to be quick to react and that has helped me.”

Among the people he has invited to the wedding is Deputy President William Ruto. “Ruto was easy when I invited him,” he said.

Others include comedian Churchill, Teacher Wanjiku, DJ Shiti and TV presenter Betty Kyallo. The wedding will be purple-themed, and the comedy legends who worked with his father will attend.


JB and Jackie, an actor at a local TV station, met last year and paid dowry early this year.

“It was love at first sight because when I looked at her, I knew she was the one and she is a nice lady,” JB said.

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Loulou Hassan blissfully happy as she toasts ten year anniversary


Citizen TV anchors LouLou Hassan and Rashid Abdalla are honoring their ten year wedding anniversary in a special way.

Exclusive: ‘It’s fun’ Rashid Abdallah opens up on working with his wife Lulu

Loulou shared an intimate photo of their hands, showing off their bling.

She wrote an emotional message that read

Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm.



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Thank you for always being my rainbow after a storm. #10yearsstrong #HappyAnniversary

A post shared by lulu Hassan (@loulou_hassan) on

Mipango yangu yote ya kando ni wakikuyu, Sonko confesses

Lulu Hassan met Rashid back when he was working at QTV, and another radio station.

He’d heard her voice on Radio, and he was eager to meet her in person. This was just after Lulu Hassan lost her mother, and he was there for her through her grief.

“When I remembered my mother I would cry a lot and Rashid was always there to offer me a shoulder to lean on. With time I grew so close to him. The rest is history,”


‘Not a good example’ Sarah Kabu criticizes Manu Chandaria for cheap wedding 


Kenya is the fourth most expensive country in the world to do a wedding according to 2018 statistics.

The average price of a wedding in Kenya is $34,854 (Ksh 3,500,000).According to a 2018 survey by Samantha Bridals, the current average cost of a wedding in Kenya is about $34,854. However, the report also reveals that many couples try to stick to a budget of $14,900 (Ksh 149,6209) or under.

On Friday, industrialist Manu Chandaria formalized his relationship at the AG’s office.

But popular travel expert Sarah Kabu of Bonfire Adventures does not agree with his choice at having a cheap wedding. She wrote down her opinion on Instagram, but was quickly criticized by Kenyans.

Billionaire Manu Chandaria finally weds after 64 years of marriage

She wrote

DR. Chandaria I know you are not a Christian but even Jesus turned water into wine in a wedding to allow the couple make merry at their wedding evening parry… billionaires are you so mean to throw a big wedding party for your friend’s and relatives to enjoy the fruits of ur labour …


.this is not a good example to the young couples being mocked for asking help to do a big community wedding… we all look forward to walk our kids down the aisle after graduation… this is the next right of passage actually traditionally and biblically ur parents should help pay dowry….youths msiogope kufanya big weddings na kama wewe hutaki kuchanga for a friends or relatives wedding please dont attend the wedding.. u dance and eat like nobody’s business. even Jesus changad for a wedding

Dear KOT, does the sound of a ‘budget’ wedding make you cringe?

‘You have married a hardworking woman,’ Uhuru Kenyatta praises Anne Waiguru on wedding day

Her fans reacted differently
He has done no mistake.. We are all at liberty to live our lives how we deem fit. He wanted his marriage officiated that way…he did not ask anyone to emulate him…who died and crowned us judges??kila mtu aishi atakavyo.simple.
I agree with you and him. In short, live and let live. Wale wanataka kuchangia wenzao wachange. Wale hawataki wasichange. Wale wanataka ndoa kubwa wafanye. Wale wa “come-we-figure-this-out-together” pia wajibambe. Let’s accommodate everyone’s decisions. That way, we live peaceably with all.

Kila mtu apambane na hali yake, kwanza wale wa kuweka watu kwa committee za harusi na kuwekewa targets without consent.

A look inside President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding invitation to his son’s itara

There is nothing wrong with an AG’s wedding. This is what they decided to show us, we don’t know if there was a grand celebration later on. Some people prefer privacy.

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Fascinating facts about the late Tom Mboya’s wedding 


The late Tom Mboya was a charismatic man who eloquence grabbed the attention of everyone.

His wedding to Pamela Arwa Odede at Nairobi’s Saint Peter’s Clavers Church on January 20, 1962, was named the wedding of the decade.

His groomsmen was also the ultimate boys club. The late Prof. David Wasawo was the best man in the wedding, with Charles Mugane Njonjo among the groomsmen. The wedding was presided over by Nairobi Archbishop, JJ McCarthy.
In April 1962, Ebony Magazine published a lead feature on the January 1962 wedding of Tom Mboya and Pamela Odede

The lucky couple received an apostolic blessing from Pope John XXIII and a message from the Aga Khan.

He was the most sought after bachelor at the time.


tom mobya weddign 3




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8 Lessons Dj Soxxy’s wife has learnt in marriage

DJ Soxxy and wife Ciiku wa soxxy have celebrated their 8th year in marriage with a trip to Dubai.

They are one of the celebrity couples who have given other young couples something to admire in marriage.

Ciiku wa Soxxy took to her social media to pen a long beautiful message to hubby which read;

#tbt❤️ To 8years ago when I chose to stick by this guy @djsoxxy..

Before I got married, I read somewhere ‘marriage is not for the faint of heart’ and I thought kwani how hard is marriage..


It’s the only institution you get a certificate before you even start the course….

Some of you have inboxed me and requested I do my 8 lessons in 8years and I will take up the challenge..

May it be interactive and let’s all learn from each other…

Look out for my next post #1of8 
#8in8 #family #marriagelessons#marriageisworkbutworthit#marriageshouldthrivenotsurvive


The long lesson post read,

I started my marriage journey by standing in front of God and man. So God should always be an important person in your marriage. Looking back and seeing the toughest bumps we have crossed or overcome.. I doubt we would still be standing were it not for God. 

It’s important for you as the wife to have your own spiritual nourishment, for the husband his own, for the 2 of you together, for the children individually and for the whole family together.

Prayer has calmed me when all I wanted to do was yell, prayer has sorted out stuff even before I knew what was coming my way and prayer has healed us when we didn’t know whether healing would occur. So I can’t emphasize this enough… Pray, seek God all the time. 

Some lady contacted me asking me how can I make my husband do date nights with me and I told her you can’t make or change him, pray about it.

I could tell that’s not the answer she wanted to hear, she contacted me around 3/4 months later she prayed about it everyday and God started moving and they were doing their 3rd date night.

Guess we love to complicate things, overthink, over analyze.. Relax and just Put God in it… #1of8#marriageshouldthrivenotsurvive#marriageworks#marriageisworkbutworthit



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A message on wedding planning from Bien of Sauti Sol

Two months after proposing to his girlfriend Chiki, Bien of Sauti Sol has opened up about their wedding plans.

Sauti Sol’s Bien is looking forward to wedding his fiancee Chiki this year.

Speaking to Word Is on Friday, he said, “I will be having the wedding but about the progress, I have left my fiancée to do the planning.”

Adding, “I can’t avoid one because I love this lady so much.”


Bien-Aime Baraza proposed to his long-term girlfriend, Chiki Kuruka, early this year in an intimate cinema date.

Meet governor Mutua’s stunning sister-in-law Angie (Photos)

Bien went on his knee at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The African vocal star made sure they had privacy. He hired an entire cinema hall at the mall and made sure only a few friends witnessed the proposal.

“I had previously told some of my girlfriend’s family members and her close friends to do a video saying why they love her. Every one of them said a beautiful thing about her, and I made a collage video from their videos,” Bien said in a previous interview with Word Is.

“It was dark so she could not see where we were seated. The movie started and the first video that appeared was from her father, followed by the other videos of her friends. And that is when I walked over,” Bien said., adding that he had also composed a love song for his four-year girlfriend.

A day after he proposed, Bien for the first time shared a few details on how he met his love.


“One day I met a girl outside a club on museum hill,” he posted on Instagram.

“She was hanging out with @emmanueljambo and I thought to myself ‘wow she’s hot as hell.’ About a month later we bumped into each other again at a party and had a conversation. I was mind blown. I had never met a better combination of beauty and brains. She has a heart of gold. My niggah, my ride or die, my shoulder to cry.”

Bien will be the second member of the boy band Sauti Sol to marry after guitarist Polycarp Otieno walked down the aisle with his Burundian girlfriend Lady Mandi last year.

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Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Kenyans shout after Kikuyu dowry list goes viral


A list of the requirements a man should pay for a bride according to Kikuyu customs has upset KOT.

Meet Joho’s beautiful niece whose dad asked for only Ksh 250 as dowry

The list is outrageous according to KOT who say in these harsh economic times, a wedding is an expensive affair. Read the breakdown of what it would cost to marry a woman from the house of Mumbi.

ruracio details
Kikuyu dowry list on Twitter

Man offers his kidney as dowry for DJ MO’s stunning sister

The list has elicited debate and KOT are quite clear they are not ‘boarding’.

Check it out below and drop your comments, while also reading those shared by Kenyans on Twitter.

Wangui Martha.. My opinion is parent should never ask for anything from their kids they should bless them to have a good stable life kids should only appreciate a parent but not be given conditions so many marriages are failing coz of such conditions

Samuel Mburu Chege… Never unless 18years and a virgin plus very beautiful with a God fearing family and a family lineage that produces twins and triplets and very humble with a low tone .

REVEALED: President Uhuru postpones paying of dowry

Nimo Gathogo-DeBor ..I can’t allow this kind of thing to be done. Some cultural practices are just being exaggerated In the wrong way, for my daughter I want nothing but love & respect from the person she ends up with.

Lucas Kibuchi …This is not fit for a daughter from the mountain, too high 😂

Lorenzo Lawrence ..This is daylight robbery and total madness..
Is she avirgin?

Ngugi Isaac… And you ask why there are so many single mothers. Women who never got married in their life.

Rhoda Love… Someone handsome should pay a quarter of this tuoane😂😂😂

Terry Wanjuguna …Total is 170k you wife’s one month or few months salary plus your parents blessing. What are you people complaining about

Sam May B Artlis …Not big deal…provided unabuy nani…sikifagio ya kila mtu….always my cupcake b mine whether nko near or far but how do i know?? Nigute

Patrick Bor… Ikae,then after a month,mnaskia filing divorce?

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Husbands and wives reveal the BRUTAL SECRETS they keep from each other



A number of married people have revealed the biggest secrets they keep from their spouse.

As part of its Marriage: An Investigation series, The Cut asked a total of 16 married people to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets they keep from their partners.

Not knowing what their partner does for a living, despising their mother-in-law and stealing money from their significant other were among the responses given to the publication.

43-year-old Anton, who has been married for five years, said he never told his wife how much he loved the woman he cheated on her with.

He said: ‘My wife knows I had an affair, but doesn’t know how much I loved the woman I cheated on her with.’

Married for 40 years, Laurel, 65, said she regularly steals money from her husband without him knowing.

‘I’ve always stolen small amounts of cash from my husband and hidden it. I once got up to $1,300 and bought a couch,’ she said.

Another respondent, Vincent, who has been married for 18 years, said he ‘stalks’ his partner’s emails, texts, and bank account.

‘On some days I follow her every move,’ the 60-year-old added.

Another respondent, Panos, said they lied about the cost of their wedding.

The 39-year-old, who has been married for just two years, said: ‘I lied to my husband about how much our wedding cost. It cost close to six figures. He thinks it cost half that.’

‘I buy and sell things on eBay all night while she’s sleeping,’ 35-year-old Avi revealed about his partner of six years.

A reoccurring theme in some of the respondents’ answers revolved around their loves lives.

‘I don’t tell my husband how many pregnancy tests I take each month. We’ve been trying to get pregnant for two years, and I take the tests compulsively,’ 33-year-old Andrea, who has been married for seven years, said.

Alexa, 30, who has been married to her partner for two years, said: ‘I pretend I have a seven-day period so I can avoid sex a little longer.’

‘When we met, I told my mother and sister and all my friends about his big penis,’ added a respondent named Carolina, 55, who has been married for 20 years. 

50-year-old Jeff said he ‘despises’ his wife’s mother, while Dana, 43, said she ‘refuses’ to tell her husband about a threesome she had.

Dana, who has been married for six years, said:

‘I refuse to tell my husband the details of my threesome. I won’t say who it was with, or when it was, other than it was before we met.’


9 things you need to do after he proposes


Sauti Sol Biens girlfriend Chiki certainly had an eventful night after the singer got down on one knee and proposed to her.

So girls, now that he has popped the question, and you whole heartedly accepted Hooray!

Here’s what you need to do next:

!. Call your mum first, then call all your relatives. They can finally stop asking you ‘utaoa lini’?

2. DaydreamALOT. Think lovingly about the proposal and all the other stuff you want to do for your big day.

3. Celebrate the moment. You and bae can go on a night out, and just sip to the marriage proposal, just the two of you. Make sure your plans for the romantic night include telling him sweet nothings.

4. Agree on a budget for your nuptials. This also includes asking your respective parents how much should be allocated for the wedding.

5. Get your rings sized. If you are going for some expensive rings, don’t forget to insure them. These Nairobi streets are cruel.

6. Set a date, even if you have to move things around. That way you will be closer to your dream wedding.

7. Get a wedding planner or if you are not a fan of this, immediately plan who will be in your wedding committee.

8. Sit down and agree on how many guests you want. Although sometimes this is difficult as some guests are notorious and turn up with five other uninvited people.

9. If you have been dreaming of a marriage proposal now is the time to set aside some coin for the day. You also need to chip in, don’t wait for your dude and parents to do everything for you.

So girls, you are now set with these nine things. Congratulations on the proposal.


Langata MP Nixon Korir shares touching photos from his secret wedding


A day after it was revealed he got married a in a top secret wedding, the hunky Langata MP has take to his Facebook, to reveal how he feels about his big day.

We only had snippets of photos from the wedding.

He also shared heartwarming photos of his secret nuptials. The photos show us the decoration, the backdrops for their wedding party.

We can also now reveal who his guests were from DP William Ruto’s wife Rachel and their son Nick, to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett.

It looked like a classy affair

He wrote:

“Together is a beautiful place to be.”

Here are pictures giving us an inside look at the classy affair:

ixon korir 7

IG of police Joseph Boinnet
nixon k 6
Nixon Korir wedding procession
nixon k 5
The married couple
nixon k cake
The wedding cake
nixon k 4
The bride Beryl
nixon k 3
The couple and their parents
nixon k 2
DP William Ruto’s wife Rachel and son Nick
nixon k 1
Nixon Korir and bride place rings




The Sh14billion marriage proposal package that will make you drop your jaw

Wealthy and still single?  A French wedding proposal planner has put together a marriage package worth Sh14Billion to be done in the moon.

Whoever wants the package will do it while flying around the moon.

Former mother-in-law actress Oliver gets engaged to her new bae

The ultimate goal of the Paris-based agency being to “stage the craziest and most outstanding marriage proposal of the last 13.8 billion years“.

Here’s the program, according to an article published on the website:

– Twelve weeks of pre-requisite technical and physical training.
– Takeoff on D-Day from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
– Richard Strauss’s “Thus spoke Zarathustra, Op.30” (Theme from 2001 Space Odyssey) resounding in the two space tourists’ helmets when the first effects of weightlessness are felt.
– Arrival in lunar orbit, three days later, flying over the satellite’s grayish surface at only 200/300 kilometers altitude.
– Cut-off of all communication with Earth for around thirty minutes while the capsule flies over the dark side of the Moon.
– The Frank Sinatra song “Fly Me to the Moon” played halfway through the orbital flight, allowing the suitor to make his marriage proposal far from any form of human life (engagement ring secretly hidden in his spacesuit).

Harusi tunayo! Grace Msalame announces that she is now engaged!

– A spectacular Earth-rise seen from behind the lunar craters and return trip of nearly four days before atmospheric re-entry and final touchdown.

The flight-plan followed by the space capsule will mirror that of the mythical Apollo 8 mission in 1968. The spacecraft, traveling at a speed of up to 38,000 km/h, will be equipped with eight cameras allowing the couple to immortalize their entry into the history of the conquest of space and the conquest… of love!

8 Photos That Prove Ken Mijungu And His Wife Are Couple Goals

NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu last Saturday said ‘I do’ to his longtime girlfriend Laureen in a colourful wedding ceremony at Fuschia Gardens in Limuru.

The ceremony was attended by the who’s who in the industry with his family and close friends present to witness their holy matrimony. The wedding was an invites only affair and if you didn’t get a card, you weren’t going to be part of the awesome ceremony.


His colleagues Dennis Okari, Trevor Ombija and Andrew Ochieng were on the line up as his groomsmen. How cool is that though?

Not much was known about Ken’s bride, but one thing we can all agree to is how cute and pretty she is. Ken scored major on this one.

The two are couple goals, but Laureen mostly steals the spotlight. Well, the two are now one but we can’t help but admire how cute they look together.

Check out these 8 photos that prove the newly weds are couple goals;

‘HE’S NOT SOUTH AFRICAN’ Sarah Hassan Clears The Air On Her Husband’s Nationality And Name

Celebrated Kenyan actress Sarah Hassan aka Tanya recently walked down the aisle and said “I do” to the love of her life Martin Dale.

Sarah Hassan and her husband have been together since 2015 and in October of the same month, the reserved yet handsome man went down on one knee to ask his girlfriend, now wife, to marry him.

The lovebirds then relocated to the US after Tanya revealed that she was going to further her studies at the prestigious New York Film Academy as part of her journey to pursue a career in Hollywood.


Sarah and Ndale then came back to the country secretly where her friends and family surprised her with a bachelorette party and a few days later, the lovely couple would exchange vows in an elegant wedding ceremony at Karura Forest on February 25th.

The celebrated actress did not reveal any details on their honeymoon but from a recent photo on her social media, it looks like the newlyweds are back to the US and happier than ever.

EXQUISITE! Check Out These Behind The Scenes Videos And Photos Of Sarah Hassan’s Glorious Wedding Affair

Sarah Hassan has always kept her private life off the public radar and no one has information about her man, but a lot of people have been speculating that her hubby is a South African.
The other thing that most writers don’t get right is her husband’s second name, with other calling him Ndale or Ndela and it looks like Sarah Hassan has had enough of the confusion and speculation and decided to clear the air.

This happened when she saw a story on one of the local dailies that had called her Mrs.Ndela, at the same time, informing readers that they would relocate to South Africa where the hubby supposedly comes from, allegations Sarah has vehemently denied.

Sarah Hassan started by thanking the newspaper for the congratulatory message, then decided to correct a few issues;

So, I decided to just correct a few things that keep spiraling in the wrong direction.
1: The name is Dale not Ndela or Ndale.
2: He is NOT South African.
3: We are NOT relocating to South Africa
4: Our wedding footage/ rights to the footage has NOT been and will NOT be sold to a private production group!
#LoveAndLight 💜💜💜✌

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the man is not South African.