WCW: Betty Kyallo, the queen of smiles and positive vibes

Betty Kyallo has been praised for her bright smile and we can’t help but acknowledge it. We are crushing on her today for the positive vibes that she radiates.

Betty Kyallo

The screen siren is a single mother to one very adorable little girl called Ivanna. She is a lover of family. Betty is the ex wife of the recently married Dennis Okari. She was born in a family of four, three beautiful girls and one boy.

Betty Kyallo sisters

Betty and her sisters

Betty Kyallo daughter

Betty and her daughter

Betty Kyallo is the one person we know who is is high on life. She started her own business last year after her business together with her best friend at the time was terminated. She has a beautiful lavish beauty parlor called Flair by Betty.

The TV girl is very passionate about her job in the media. She has her own show on K24 Called ‘Weekend with Betty’  after leaving KTN where she worked for 8 years.

Betty Kyallo 2

Lets talk about her fashion sense, she is a queen slayer. From her hair to her outfits, we lack words. Betty never gets a bad hair day, literally her hair is always on point.

She also seems to have found new love. Recently she took a weekend vacation on valentines with someone. She looked excited that’s for sure.

Betty Kyallo

To be honest, we want to know who is this that is melting Betty Kyallo’s heart but above all we want her to find love and experience it fully.


WCW: Nadia Mukami making major moves in the Music Industry

Nadia Mukami famously known as kanadia is making major moves in the music industry. Nadia is a new artist in the industry but she has adjusted and beaten all the odds.

Nadia Mukami

She has recently dropped a big tune featuring Arrow Boy called Radio Love. Radio love is a love song. Nadia is a songwriter, a vocalist, a singer and an very energetic performer. At such a young age she has been able to acheive so much. The song bird has released singles that picked up so fast in the industry. Indeed very Talented. This is definitely her first collabo and it is a big one.

Her determination and passion for music has opened doors for her. She even got to perform in one big Wasafi concert. She attended the Coke studio launch.

In an interview Nandy, The Tanzanian song bird talked about how she sees Nadia Mukami Going places because she has the drive and the talent.

Don’t we also love her sense of style.

Nadia Mukami 2


WCW: Amb. Amina Mohamed

Ambassador Amina Mohammed has quite the impressive CV. She is a lawyer and diplomat by profession and currently serves as the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs In Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Amina Mohammed previously worked as the Deputy Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and also served as the first woman chairman of the World Trade Organisation.

Amina is also a former Ambassador of Kenya to the United Nations and a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs.

Amb. Mohamed is married to Khalid Ahmed and they have two children together. Amina who graces the current cover of True Love magazine where she speaks on finding love and the life behind the cloak of power, is our WCW today.

Amina Mohammed (Photo courtesy, True Love)
Photo courtesy: The Star Newspaper


Photo Courtesy: World Trade Organization
Photo courtesy: newsomali.com

WCW: Kathy Kiuna’s Weight Loss Journey- Photos

Rev. Kathy Kiuna is one of the most influential women especially in the gospel fraternity. Together with husband Bishop Allan Kiuna, they run one of the most popular churches in Nairobi Jubilee Christian Church in Parklands.

Kathy has over the years struggled with her weight and seems to have now made better lifestyle choices as there is a drastic change in her weight and that of her husband. The couple who have never shy away from the camera have often said that they hit the gym and have also changed their diet in their journey to making healthier life choices.

Kathy Kiuna joins celebrities such as Nazizi and Sheila Mwanyigha who have made remarkable changes to their lifestyle and thus made amazing transformations in their weight.

Check out the before and after photos of Rev. Kathy Kiuna




Kathy kathy2 kathy3 10866076_1040338915979635_79834629280379584_o

WCW: Suzanna Owiyo

Suzanna Owiyo is one of Kenya’s greatest songstress who has entertained audiences the world over with her contemporary rythms. She describes her music as a fusion of traditional western Kenyan music with traditional African Instruments.

Suzanna was introduced to music by her grandfather who played the Nyatiti. Her song Kisumu 100 propelled her to fame and has performed for world renowned leaders such as for the late Nelson Mandela during his 90th and 91st birthday.

Apart from her music career Suzanna is also involved in Girls Empowerment and is a goodwill ambassador for the I am A Girl Campaign.

Check out our very talented WCW,




suzanna_owiyo_01 (1)


-Photos courtesy: suzannaowiyo.net

WCW: Fit Kenyan Girl Jane Mukami

Jane Mukami is a fitness enthusiast who began her journey back in 2008 after her bad eating habits caught up with her. She describes herself as a fit Kenyan girl that embraces a fit lifestyle and motivates others to do the same.

She is also an award winning Bake health blogger 2015 for her blog janemukami.com. Jane offers free workout and nutrition tips for anyone willing to transform their life by committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Check out our WCW the Fit Kenyan Girl




Jane Mukami




WCW: Nazizi Hirji

Kenyan queen of hip-hop Nazizi Hirji has been in the music industry for quite a long time. From her days with the Group Necessary Noize with hit songs such as “Kenyan Gal, Kenyan Boy” and “Bless My Room”. Nazizi has been making the news over the last couple of months thanks to her amazing weight loss journey. We must admit that the mother of one does really look stunning.

Check out her amazing photos


Nazizi Hirji








WCW: Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has been recognized in Africa and beyond for her contribution in African literature. The 37-year-old author has 4 books to her name including Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, The Thing Around Your Neck and Americanah.

She was interviewed by Nigerian website Pulse and here are 5 things you did not know about her

1. She dropped out of medical school to pursue writing
2. Her inspiration was Chinua Achebe
3. She has been organising creative writing workshops since 2008 to helP Nigerian youth.
4. Her second novel, Half of a Yellow Sun has been adapted into a movie
5. She doesn’t like being referred to as MRS although she is married to Dr. Ivara Essege

Check out photos of our very fashionable WCW

Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Image courtesy: onobello.com

Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Nigerian Author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 0-Chimamanda-Ngozi-Adichie-from-Lagos

WCW: Mayonde, The Super Talented Songstress

The super talented songstress, DianaNduba is popularly known by her stage name Mayonde.  She is an actress and songstress with such a beautiful voice you will just fall in love with her music.  Mayonde burst into the music scene three years ago with Just A band’s Boxing Day Special ‘Have You Seen Her?’

She is one of the backup vocalists on Coke Studio Season 3 and you just got to love her voice, beauty and personality. Her music videos are so full of colour and energy such as her second single Isikuti Love. Listen to it below

Check out our beautiful WCW below

WCW: Diana Nduba

WCW: Diana Nduba

WCW: Diana Nduba

WCW: Diana Nduba

Diana Nduba

WCW: Fashion Journalist Carol Odero

Carol Odero is an award-winning lifestyle and fashion journalist and former editor of Drum magazine. She is currently one of the panelists on Citizen TVs fashion watch and a fashion columnist for the Nation newspaper. She was recognized at the fashion awards 2014 as the Media Fashion Personality of 2014.

Carol is recognized for being one of the pioneers of fashion journalism in Kenya. Red hair is her trademark topped with a crazy sense of style. Odero is our WCW today, you got to admire her brains, wit, well-toned and athletic body.

Check out her photos below

carol odero
Carol Odero





WCW: The Stunning Sheila Mwanyigha

Sheila Mwanyigha the beautiful singer, TV and Radio Presenter has been in the limelight for quite a long time. From her singing days as Nikki to her really popular mid-morning radio show, the beautiful lady never seems to age and although no one really knows her real age, she still looks stunning.

The former Tusker Project Fame host has managed to shed off a lot of weight over the last couple of months and we must admit she looks really amazing. She recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Sociology (Medical Psychology) and is the perfect definition of beauty and brains.

Check out the stunning photos of Miss Mwanyigha.

sheila-M1-660x880 sheila1 sheila2 sheila3 Screenshot from 2015-05-20 07:57:25

WCW: Lyra Aoko

Lyra Aoko is a photographer, songstress, vlogger, blogger and a creative artist. The 23-year old describes herself as a lovely human being with a creative and artistic take on life. Lyra runs the lifestyle blog Cynosure and says it consists of carefully curated edit of photography and her personal thoughts on a variety of topics.

Lyra shares her thoughts on art, food, music, fashion and travel. Lyra has collaborated with several artists in her music including Nick Mutuma in the 254 anthem and Wyre in the song Happy.

Check out her photos below







Photos courtesy: http://lyraoko.com/

WCW: Fashion Blogger Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau is a mother, wife, career woman and fashion blogger who runs the blog  The Kenyan Fashionado. She is among the best bloggers in Kenya and has mastered the art of color blocking very well.

Lucia admires the first lady Margret Kenyatta and would be honored if granted an opportunity to dress her one day. We celebrate women following their passion by doing what they love effortlessly. For that reason, Lucia is our Woman Crush Wednesday.

Check out her photos below,

lucia1 lucia2 lucia7 lucia5 lucia8 lucia3


Photos courtesy: LuciaMusau.com

WCW: Natural Hair Enthusiast Sheila Ndinda

Sheila Ndinda is a natural hair enthusiast, obsessed about healthy skin, hair, makeup, beauty and fashion.
She recently started a blog African tresses and treats where she documentS her hair journey and gives styling tips for all those struggling with maintaining their natural hair.

Speaking about her hair journey on her blog, Sheila says, “With so many women deciding to return natural for cosmetic and health reasons, it’s important that they put a lot of thought into this journey which is occasionally filled with disappointments.Take time to think the whole process through. Going natural is about embracing your individuality.”

We recognize Sheila for appreciating the beauty of the African hair and encouraging other women to join in the journey. Check out our very beautiful #WCW

sheila8 sheila3 sheila4 sheila7 sheila6 sheila5 sheila1 Collages6-1024x575 sheila2


Photos Courtesy: Sheila Ndinda Instagram

#WCW Mercy Myra

Mercy Myra was part of the Divas of The Nile , that featured four Kenyan female musicians. The others were Suzzana Owiyo, Achieng Abura and Princess Jully.

Myra moved to the United States in 2005 and later hooked up with her ex husband Malimo Chahonyo Andega aka Attitude with whom they have a daughter with.

She has perfomed on various platforms including the including the 2004 Zanzibar International Film Festival and Festival Mundial in Tilburg, the Netherlands in 2002 and 2003.

Mercy who is almost 40 years old, seems to be ageing like very fine wine.

Image courtesy of Nairobiwire
mercy myra1
Image courtesy of kiss.co.ke

WCW: Musician Amani

Cecilia Wairimu better known by her stage name Amani is one of the pioneers of good music in Kenya. She classifies her genre of music as Afro Pop sound and has continued to release hit after hit with her latest addition song Kizunguzungu released a week ago.

The 35, year old artist has several accolades to her name, in 2009 she was named MTV Africa Music Awards – Best Female, she was also nominated for the Channel O music awards 2009 – Best Female Artist. Song Of The Year. Best Artist – East . Music Video Of The Year

Some of Amani’s classics include; Without You – Amani ft CJ, Missing My Baby – Amani, Usiwe Mbali Nami -Amani ft AY, One thing – Amani ft Wyre and Tonight

Amani who recently admitted to dating a Nigerian man is our #WCW today, we salute her for staying relevant in the music industry over the years.

amani amani2 amani3 Amani-Kenya

Meet Maina Kageni’s #WCW

Maina Kageni has revealed his #WCW today and t’s none other than NTV’s Sheila Mwanyigha. Sorry if you had  a crush on him, now you know his stand. Maina describes Sheila as experienced, favoured, influential and consistent and you can see why she is his woman crush wednesday.

Sheila has been in the entertainment industry spanning more than 15 years first as a musician named Nikki, then radio presenter on Easy fm now Nation fm for their mid morning show. She was also the Tusker Project Fame MC for five seasons and currently she hosts NTV’S breakfast show AM Live alongside Kobi Kihara.

We must admit Sheila is really talented and also very beautiful. Check out Maina’s post below

Screenshot from 2015-03-04 10:18:25