From Willy Paul going secular to pregnant stars, here are predictions for 2019

Some things are hard to ignore especially from our favorite celebs who keep us entertained with their dramatic lives.

We predict some of the things that might happen in 2019.

The predictions are based on the fact that some of these celebs are so clueless when it comes to matters privacy hence we added one plus one to come to these conclusions.

1. Tanasha Donna getting pregnant

The only way to determine how fertile a man is by getting a woman pregnant and 2019 might the year where Diamond Platnumz tests this on Tanasha.

Well getting pregnant is not such a bad thing we are just worried that if she gets paged it might limit her chances of fully exploring her new bae.

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Tanasha Donna

2. Willy Paul going secular

The signs have been there all along, it’s just that he does not have the guts to go secular, maybe for the fear of what people might say.

His latest songs lack a gospel touch and his increased collaboration with secular artistes makes us think come 2019, Willy atakua anakamatia chini.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

3. Anita Nderu wedding

The stunning lass has been in a long term with her dude and we feel like 2019 will be her year to say ‘I DO’

‘How does he expect me to go out and not cheat yet I am so beautiful!’ Shouts city woman (Audio)

4. Ethic will split

Ethic is famous for hits such as ‘Lamba Lolo’ which is the newest anthem in town  , sadly we predict that come 2019 they might break up.

They might end up like Camp Mulla, MOG, Kelele Takatifu, Deux Vultures, Gidigidi Majimaji, Tatuu, Cash Money Brothers (CMB), Kymoh and Stiga famous for their song ‘Thitima’.

5. Nai Boi,Kaligraph Jones and Guardian Angel will dominate

Two in One hit maker Naiboi and Kaligraph Jones alias the OG will command attention and rule the air waves in 2019.

Love or hate them, they know how to entertain the crowd and their music is DOPE.

Guardian Angel on the other hand will dominate the gospel, his songs are uplifting.

Guardian Angel and NaiBoi

6. WCB will relocate from TZ

As you might know by now Wasafi artistes have made Kenya their home , with the likes of Diamond  Platnumz, Rayvanny, Harmonize, and Mboso spotted around town.

Things have been especially tough for Diamond and Rayvanny after they were banned from performing in Kenya and Tanzania until further notice.

Diamond responded by simply stating that

“If you ban my songs I will still perform them.If you still don’t want me to perform I will leave and perform else where.

I will move to another country because they wont follow me there.

You can’t block my songs both in Tanzania and Kenya because you don’t feed me or my children.”

Isn’t that a hint that he might relocate.

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7. Itumbi will not date Jacque nor spend valentines with her

Call him the love doctor, he always has the right answers to console and make his friend Jacque Maribe smile.

Despite the fact that the two have denied having any romantic relations, it is evident even for the blind to see that given a chance Itumbi would love to date Jacque.

But as they say, atakula huu na hasara juu coz believe you me come 2019, he will be spending valentines alone.

Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe
Dennis Itumbi and Jacque Maribe

But we can’t be too sure his poems might soften her heart.

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Beef Alert! Bongo singer Rayvanny sparks split rumors with his baby mama

There’s trouble in paradise. Another artiste from WCB is breaking up with his baby mama.I’m talking about Salome hitmaker Rayvanny.

It turns out that the Bongo kid has called it quits with long-term girlfriend cum b-aby mama Fahyma. The two welcomed their firstborn Jaydan Vanny in April this year.

Early this week, they exchanged blows on Instagram where they let fans know their love is no more.

Fahyma, the baby mama posted,


Rayvanny then took to social media to pour out his heart



Before wishing her the best in future endeavors, the Unikumbushe hitmaker told his baby mama to change her name. On IG, Fahyma has joined her name with that of the singer calling herself Fahy Vanny.



This comes months after Kenyan reality star Mishi Dorah revealed that she and Rayvanny made love in a popular hotel in Dar Es Salaam. A bitter truth that Rayvanny admitted to when interviewed by this writer.

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Diamond And Zari Are Back Together Even After He Admitted Cheating On Her Live On Radio (Photo Evidence)

You are siting there and wondering if you could take back a cheating partner. For Zari Hassan, that is water under a bridge. Gone. Poof. Like magic.

The Ugandan socialite and business woman seems to have forgiven Diamond Platnumz for his indiscretions.

Zari Stole Diamond From Me, He Never Even Took Care Of His Kids We Got Together – Burundi Beauty Queen Cries

Diamond went live on radio and said he cheated on Zari with his video vixen Hamisa Mobetto and as a result the two have a love child together.

He even vowed to crawl back to South Africa and beg Zari for forgiveness.

On Saturday, he was in South Africa to celebrate Zari’s birthday.

Diamond pened a moving ode for his love.


Sooooo, Diamond has basically pointed out who is the main chic and who is the side dish. Pssst, Hamisa, please take note.

Diamond Platnumz Tells Off Those Who Thought His Shine Would Fade After Confessing His Infidelity

Zari Hassan’s son Lil Q also wished the mum a happy birthda, “🎁🎂🎊🎉🎈 it’s your day mummy dearest. Happy birthday to the best mother in the whole wide world. You have taught me a lot of things. Surely No one can ever take your place 💕💕❤️😘😍 you are the best thing in my life. I love you mummy. Thank you for all you do for us. You have a heart of Gold 😜😜 May you live to blow 100000000000000000000000 candles 🎂 I love you very very very much 🙏”

Videos have emerged of Zari’s impromptu birthday in South Africa. I say impromptu because she was dressed like someone who was just chilling at home and then people came with drinks and food and thus a party happened.

On her birthday, Zari posted a deep message about her “trials” on her social media.

It’s usually said 3am is the best time to pray and am usually up to give thanks and praise…. Regardless of the trials one goes through in life, giving thanks and still appreciating what’s left is a MUST. And am here today to thank God for my life, my kids, my family, my friends, my work and you my fans. Tonight was about thanking God for another year as many haven’t made it this far. Thank you God for my life and happy birthday to me. #Blessed #Grateful’

She added, “Thank you God, is all I can say!👏.”

Check out the video, where Diamond attempts to distract Zari but she ignores him.

Chics took to social media to comment about Zari forgiving Diamond…
jevarist: Jamani zari sie tulikua hatuli kwa ajili yenu hata fiesta sijaenda jamni,Leo nimefurahi kuwaona pamoja lakini tunajua diamond kakukosea sana tena sana lakini hembu yaishe iludishe furaha yako ya mombasa japo ni vigumu kuku bali sie tunapenda muwe hivyohivyo na I think diamond hatoludia tena coz mtampa nafasi kinuka chupi mkipendana ile ya mombasa, hata instr atahama kabisaaaaa maana hana jipya kazi kusuka twende kilioni na mashosti wameyaludia hayo mawig yao mpaka basi sijui ajiri ya kufulia omo,,mpendane mpaka sie Tuone wivu basiiiiii…

pee153: This is what we call keeping your circle small…less bullshit… innit miss zee? Enjoy your circle..enjoy every moment of your life 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘

arina_bish: Ok Diamond lied to Zari, whats itching u? Shes moved on. Have u asked them if they are married or not? For your information Diamond has been there for Zari’s children since conception & was present when they were born. Diamond proudly declares publicly his love for Zari. The other hes embarrassed & ashamed people to know he was with her, he insulted, denied even rejected her child in public. Shes now shunned by the the very people who plotted against Zari. U are so hurt desperately want to compare the two becoz u see Zari not bothered, that’s what set her apart from bitter people who never want to move on. Becoz u feel the humiliation it doesnt mean Zari feels the same, she has shown the ability to move on graciously and for that we commend her. Anyone who has been in Zari’s situation normally moves on even Maria Shriver ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger moved on. So u move on too. Has the president and prime minister of Greece told u that Greece is going to vanish off the face of the earth? Greece will be there today, tomorrow even next year, if Diamond and Zari want to go there they will go whenever they want. Must they consult u for all this? Who are u? And you sound as if u are about to announce u have also been impregnated by Diamond! Why don’t u take your medication & sleep now u have spewed bile. It will do u good.

faizoldizzo: You look good but I just don’t like it how in a video diamond is forcing himself to look sorry n in love with u…tena mbona umekonda ivo..seems stress mob.

hassani9416: @zarithebosslady can’t believe your ass keep going back to someone who disrespect alot of time, you’re such foolish fool for letting him play you like a Puppet #fishbrain

munamattaka: Enjoy your day zari, kufanya kosa sikosa, kosa kuripiti kosa, msamehe, muendelee, hakuna alie mkamilifu katika dunia hii, vuta subra

mokogoti: In a world where humanity seem cold and selfish,women like Zari gives us hope and inspirations .YOLO Zari. Enjoy your life to the fullest, allow no room for detrimental. People can talk rubbish trying to knock you down, but let those fall on deaf ears.You beautiful personality with beautiful kids and plus beautiful kids to match with..Focus on your business, family-friendly and your good networks of connections…..

Here are photos from the birthday party in South Africa

Harmonizers! The Hunk Singer Has A Fresh One For You

The Tanzanian star has just dropped a new one.

After his recent hits Show Me and Happy Birthday that received too much love, Harmonize has released another one. The song goes by the name ‘Sina’. It is an emotional song that will definitely definitely get everybody’s feelings moved.

He talks about how youths get easy cash and behave like they have it all, forgetting their parents while spending stacks of cash showing off to their friends, buying them drinks and partying all round the world.


They forget that money is like water, once it’s poured it can’t be recovered and the people you spend your hard earned money on really matter. Many people forget family comes first and they are the ones who will always be there to lift you up when you fall. When rich you will have friends, but when broke they all will disappear.

Harmonize is also scheduled to perform at The Nakuru 032 Youth Concert to be held tonight at Nakuru athletics Club in Nakuru, Kenya .

‘Sina’ will surely be a hit considering it was released yesterday, July 27 2017 and just within a day it has already gained 153,904 views on you tube. It reveals the true picture of the current world. The artist seems to have made his way to the top and is not coming down soon.

Is it a hit or miss? Leave your comments below:

Will He Turn Secular? Diamond Platnumz Does Something Amazing For Gospel Singer Willy Paul

Controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul is one of the most loved and celebrated young singers in Kenya and though he’s full of scandals, he still has a massive following of fans who adore his songs.

The Tam Tam hitmaker recently dropped a new wedding song I Do with Jamaican songstress Alaine, that led to alot of criticism because of the fact that she is a secular singer, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t watch the music video or listen to the song.

LOVE ON TOP! Willy Paul And Jamaican Singer Alaine Are An Item, Check Out Their Beautiful Nuptials (VIDEO)

As we speak the song is currently at 1.2 Million views on YouTube and so far, this is the biggest collaboration in 2017, making it his first official song to get at a million views in less than a month.

Willy Paul real name, Wilson Abubakar Radido recently revealed that he had signed a contract with renowned Bongo artiste Diamond Platnumz, though it wasn’t clear if he had signed to his record label, WCB.

Later on, it was revealed that he was going to be part of Diamond’s online music distribution platform,, where his songs will be posted for download, and trust me, this is a big move for Willy Paul.

Could He Be Cooking A Collabo? Willy Paul Pays A Visit To Diamond Platinumz

However, this did not go well with his fans, who felt that it was a big mistake to sign a deal with a secular record label, telling him that he had ‘killed his own gospel career’.


Willy Paul, on the other hand, seems to be very happy and content with the move and feels no remorse whatsoever, more so, after Diamond Platnumz endorsed his music to his 3.4 Million followers.

Diamond Platnumz put up a photo of Willy Paul’s song with Alaine, telling his fans to go to the music site and download it with this caption: “AFRICA!!!! Now you can get I DO by @willy.paul.msafi & @alainesinga and all @willy.paul.msafi Hits on @wasafidotcom”

Well, Willy Paul couldn’t help but repost it with this simple caption: “Diamond just said it guys… get the song now!!” Let’s see how this impacts his musical career and if it puts him on a new pedestal.