Mdomo ilikaa bakuli ya jela – Kingangi reacts to Tyson Fury’s TKO of Deontay Wilder


Classic 105’s Mwalimu Kingangi hailed Tyson Fury’s victory over Deontay Wilder on Saturday night.

He told an excited Maina that

Huyo black American alikula ngumi mdomo ikakaa kama bakuli ya jela, unajua alikua anaongea matope na hiyo accent yake, weuh huyo jamaa mzungu Fury alimsifia lakini wacha tuu waingie hapo kimenyano, hawezi fungua mdomo ahh huyo ameisha. Unajua before alikuwa ana jifanya anajua ati ata smash mzungu round one, weuh 

wilderfury 1
Fury and Wilder


Tyson Fury produced the most destructive performance of his boxing life to end Deontay Wilder’s five-year reign as WBC heavyweight world champion in seven thrilling rounds of their Las Vegas rematch.

‘We are chased away’ Late Tanzania mogul Reginald Mengi’s widow blocked from accessing grave

BBC reports that the 31 year old Briton fighter pummelled his rival in a way few could have imagined following their 2018 draw, flooring him in the third and fifth rounds while constantly backing up the most-feared puncher in the division in a way no-one has done before.

Fury dropped Deontay Wilder twice Saturday night in their heavyweight title rematch, to win the title when Wilder’s corner threw in the towel as he was taking a beating in the seventh round.


Blood was pouring out of Wilder’s ear for several rounds before Fury went in for the shoulder lick.

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Lava Lava denies WCB exit

Tanzanian singer Lava Lava who is signed under Diamond Platnumz’s WCB  has denied that the label wants him out.
Talking to LilOmmy, the singer denied the rumours that he is not making money for the label.
“There is no truth in that. People just talk. Diamond is a businessman and he knows the ups and downs of the business. The management may not share with fans what they are planning for an artiste that’s why people keep on talking.”
He admitted that last year was not good for him in terms of the music business
“2019 wasn’t really good for me music-wise. I have to accept that my business was down. I didn’t release songs back to back and I was following up on family issues. I had family responsibilities.”

He went on decline that he is planning to follow Harmonize’s step by having his own Record Label “Bite Gang”.

‘Couldn’t believe my eyes’ Kenyan man left furious after seeing girlfriend groping Lava Lava

 Rayvanny’s baby mama opens up about marrying the superstar


Rayvanny and his baby mama Fahima are couple goals to many.

They stay away from controversy unlike their peers in the Wasafi team.

Recently his girlfriend Fahima says she has converted to Christianity from Islam. She opened up about her faith for the first time in an interview with Yo Fave.

Rayvanny girlfriend Fahima

“Honestly, I have changed my religion. I didn’t change because I want to forcefully get married. I changed because my boyfriend and kid are Christians, my grandmother was Christian and my mum was brought up in a Christian home,” she said.

Asked about tying the knot, she said,

“The wedding is there, people should just wait. It will be as soon as possible.” Fahima has sired a child for the WCB signee rapper.

Rayvanny, wife and son

Apostasy in Islam is commonly defined as the conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through a deed. Islamic scholars differ in their opinions on the definition and whether and how it should be punished.

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Meet the children of the greatest boxers of all time (Photos)


They are considered the best among the sport and more than that they are parents.

These boxers have let us into their lives, showing off spouses and children and we love it.

Go through my list and see how gorgeous their children are:

1. Fatuma Zarika

The WBC Super Bantamweight Champion has two gorgeous daughters whom she praises.

Zarika Fatuma's daughters

2. Laila Ali

She is daughter to Mohamed Ali. Laila is a fitness guru, whose diets are world famous. Mohamed also has another daughter named Hana, who leads a very private life.


3. Floyd Mayweather

His daughter Money Yaya is a model lives a very flashy life like her famous father. She shows off money, watches, cars and airplanes that she owns. He has other children who live private lives.


4. Amir Tyson

Son to Legend Mike Tyson. The handsome young man is an entrepreneur in his won right.


5. Lennox Lewis’s sons


Lennox Lewis describes himself as a Olympic Gold Medalist, Retired Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World. Boxing Hall of Famer. Husband, Father, Businessman.


Hit and dump? WCB artiste Lava Lava denies impregnating girlfriend

WCB artiste Lava Lava has rejected claims he impregnated his long-time girlfriend, Flavianna.

She insists that she has been dating the Tanzanian star for eight months after they met at an event.

The lass, who is 23-years-old, told Dizzim that the star would often send the night at her house while they were in a relationship:

“I was in a relationship with Lava Lava, we have seen each other for eight months. He used to come to my place and sleep. I also used to go to his place.”

She spilled the beans.

“I have his pregnancy.We had s3x without protection because we trusted each other.”

Lava Lava WCB

After getting pregnant, Flavianna says the WCB artiste refused to pick her calls and has since blocked her.

“From that day, I used to call him and he wasn’t picking my calls. I call him and his phone is always busy.”


“I just want us to come together and talk just like we came together in bed.He is a man with many women but he told me he would introduce me to his family. I want to tell him to just behave like a man.”

 Lava Lava WCB

Another star? Meet WCB’s new kid on the block

When asked about this issue by Bongo 5, Lava appeared to be angry and defensive saying he was not ready to speak about the issue.

“Siko tayari kuzungumzia mambo ya huyu msichana. Hainihusus kabisa.”

Lava Lava WCB

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Another star? Meet WCB’s new kid on the block

Mbosso is the name. I’m talking about the new kid in Diamond Platnumz’s WCB label record.

Mbosso is currently making airwaves in Tanzania with his hit song Watakubali after making a comeback as a solo artiste.

You’ll probably remember him in the famous group Ya Moto Band, a boy band that broke up due to what was termed as irreconcilable differences.


In his new song, Mbosso has revealed the struggles he went through after the group broke up. He talks about getting into a life of crime, something he says is based on a true story.


The simple advice Maina Kageni has for Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz

The songs has hit over a million views on Youtube.

Check out the song;