He’s going for a ruracio! Uhuru’s kitenge shirt inspires memes again

The Eleventh (11th) Presidential address on the  covid 19  was held on Wednesday 26th August 2020 at State House, Nairobi caught the attention of KOT all because of his shirt.

The shirt worn by President Uhur closely resembled many items we have in our homes. For instance the cushions below or are they called pillows?

pillow cases uhuru

But guys what if he has a secret account where he reads all the things we say about him? Last time he mentioned he has seen the meme’s and we were blown away. Anyho here are todays latest memes about the cushion t shirt he wore to address fellow Kenyans.

uhur shirt


Screenshot from 2020-08-26 16_15_10(1)

uhuru august shirt 2

uhuru august shirt 1

uhur shirt

Screenshot from 2020-08-26 17_45_38

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