Amazing! Mama Baha of Machachari shows you how to rock shorts (photos)

Wanjiku Mburu  is a TV producer and an actress, who plays the role of a patient humble mum on the TV show Machachari.

In one of the interviews, Wanjiku revealed that growing up, she looked up to her elder brothers for guidance and over time she acquired a lot of attributes from them. This, she says, led to her becoming the tomboy she is today.

Because of this background, femininity has been a bit of a challenge for her:

“Until today, I have not embraced my feminine side; I am trying to; but I only see it coming through as ‘Mama Baha’ on Machachari. Once I am done playing the role, I get back to myself.” Adding, “Msichana saa ngapi?”

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Even in the show, acting a motherly and feminine charaacter was a bit of a challenge.

“I see my feminine side to be somehow boring; people expect me to sit, behave and talk in a certain way… Sina hiyo time.”

Well, that has been proven by her love of for itsy bitsy shorts. She is one woman who has on most occasions been spotted she steps out dressed in shorts.

Check out some of her pictures;


m baha 1


m baha


m baha 7


m baha 6

5.m baha 3


m baha 9


m baha 2

TV star Mama Baha shows you how to be young and hype in short dresses

Wanjiru Mburu is a TV darling to many. She is known as Mama Baha for her role in the TV show Machachari.

A while back, the interwebs killed Mama Baha and she had to come out and dispel the rumours of her death “which were greatly exaggerated”

“First of all I want to thank you for your continued love and support through all these years. I write to dispel malicious rumors spread by rudimentary minds that I am dead. I am appalled by individuals who use death to try to grow their bases or gain in some way,shape or form. Social media should be a place where we grow and interact and most importantly build people up not tear down and spread rumors that have far reaching effects. This primitive nature should stop Juu maze Si poa kutake watu for a ride Juu ya story ya kifo. Once again nawashukuru Sana Kwa kuwa loyal and true. Niko alive and by God’s grace I still have a lot to do as I fulfil purpose yangu.Thank you.#onelove #nikotuusawa.”

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Since Mama Baha is very much alive, she has been stepping out in cute short dresses that accentuate her figure.

Check out her photos rocking the stylish short dresses.






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