Lupita Nyongo to be honored with star on Hollywood Hall Of Fame in 2019

Kenyan-born actress Lupita Nyongo is on the list of celebrities to be honored with a star on the Hollywood of Fame.

The high profile activity has been slated for 2019, and also on the list include actor/producer Tyler Perry, Terrence Howard, Guillermo del Toro, Lucy Liu, Cedric the Entertainer and more.


The new members were announced via livestream on the Walk Of Fame’s website

“The Committee always tries to select a group of talented honorees that appeal in various genres of the entertainment world,”

said Vin Di Bona, chair of the Walk of Fame Selection Committee.

“I feel the Committee has outdone themselves and I know the fans, tourists and the Hollywood community will be pleased with our selections. We are excited to see each and every honoree’s face as they unveil that majestic star on Hollywood’s most famous walkway.”


Here are fun facts about the Hollywood Walk of Fame, according to Mental Floss;






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Hol’ UP: KOT savagely attack Lupita Nyongo for saying she has never acted with ‘so many black people before’

The first black superhero movie, Black Panther, is setting several box office records this past weekend, after premiering across the world.

The cast has been making several appearances and among them was Lupita Nyongo who was in South Africa for a promo screening. She was joined by her father Kisumu governor Anyang Nyongo, who has written an opinion piece about the movie.

Lupita has revealed in an interview on the New York Times how she has never acted with such a large cast of black actors and actresses.

In the interview she is quoted as saying: “I had never been on a set with so many black people before and we were all so focused and I could feel a vibration in the air.”

She goes on to say, ’I’m even more excited about the celebration of pan-Africanism, because this movie is really about a contemporary Africa relating very intimately with a contemporary America via the characters of Black Panther and Killmonger. We’re talking about some really deep issues that we don’t often voice but we all feel.

“A moment when I really felt a vibration was when we were shooting [the waterfall scene]. There were hundreds of extras and we were all in these traditional clothes and there were all the tribal colors and drumming, and between takes, the drummers started riffing to [Snoop Dogg’s] “Drop It Like It’s Hot.” The whole crowd started to go [sings the melody] and we were all dancing as Ryan figured things out below.”

In that moment, I was like, “This is big.” I had never been on a set with so many black people before and we were all so focused and I could feel a vibration in the air. We all felt so privileged to have an opportunity to be a part of this moment in history.

This interview has not gone down well with Kenyan fans who have taken to twitter to express disappointment with her remarks.

lupita nyongo at marvel screening


Just read the comments below, and also leave your comments as well. Are KOT justified in attacking her for her remarks?
Rachel “hey auntie” Gichinga‏…Lupita grew up in a majority black country, acting with black casts and performing to black audiences. She did Queen of Katwe, shot in Uganda. There’s so much she could have said to enrich this conversation.

Troy Onyango‏..It’s actually possible that the statement is true. I mean, the production scale alone of Black Panther, I imagine, is bigger than all of Shuga combined. If you count everyone there, you could have more black people than she has, truly, ever worked with.

Desmond Bagaka‏…I think I understand her sentiments.When on set, the whites domineer you so much you feel like an outsider. Queen of Katwe was shot at home, she’s talking about her experiences out there

Noel Amoit‏…She is aiming to be or relate to African Americans now and she needs a moving back story. Kenyans and your Shugas, sorry it never happened

#MuthoniDrummerQueen‏…Yo! I have so many feelings. It makes no sense. Its terrible. It’s such a wasted opportunity.



lupita and black panther crew in seoul

 Betty Waitherero..I mentioned once on FB that Lupita doesn’t have a back story so invented one. Si I was lynched. Wololo. But see. I was right. Tea time!

Protas Nyabuti‏..Maybe she was colour blind when she was acting Shuga…

Biko Opondo..Context. It’s rather obvious to have majority black cast in a wholly Kenyan flick like Shuga or a movie with Ugandan setting like Katwe. Both don’t apply to BP’s context or generally her post-Shuga Hollywood experience, hence the statement. My two cents.

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