Meet handsome son and sexy wife to Classic 105 biggest fan Wakanai

Classic 105 biggest fan Wakanai is loved and hated in equal measure, but nothing beats the fact that he is a dedicated family man.

In one of his posts, Wakanai advises that in life all a man is supposed to do is be the man his woman needs him to be.

A man doesn’t need to be perfect to make a woman happy. All he needs to do is to be the man he said he was when he first met her.


Wakanai has on a few occasions left many shocked given that he is a ‘big’ man something many do not expect. His advice to them is

No need for gym time. S#x in the morning is equivalent to having spent the first few hours in the morning at the gym. It is believed that an hour of sex can burn as much fats as a 30-minute jog.

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Wakanai may pass for a joker but he is a serious family man whose son graduated from High school in May 2019.

Taking the chance to congratulate his son, Wakanai penned a touching post on how proud he is of him.

Congratulations son you have made dad and mum proud as you graduate to college.


In another post, he shares a photo of him and his son captioned.

Don’t they grow so fast 

Classic 105 fan Wakanai and his son
Classic 105 fan Wakanai and his son

Below are photos of Wakanai’s beautiful family.

Wakanai with his wife in blue) and sister
Wakanais son
Wakanai and his better half

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‘I pity you for being a bachelor’ Mwalimu King’ang’i tells Maina Kageni

Today’s morning conversation was based on an article in the standard newspaper by Anne Muiruri which highlights the struggles single people go through.

According to Anne, single women are often bashed and victimized by family and friends over their status.

Mwalimu King’ang’i took the chance to express how sad he was that Maina Kageni is a bachelor .

Maina I really pity you. I don’t know how you survive we are constantly worried on whether you have eaten or not.

Even when you are sick we are constantly worried wondering whether umepona ama bado. We constantly pray ufanikiwe kupata mwanamke.

‘I was feeling suffocated’ Lilian Muli on why she divorced her first husband

Maina who is a proud bachelor was quick to tell off Mwalimu King’ang’i adding that shocking as it may seem he is better taken care off than Kenyan CS’s.

I am well taken care of than most CS’s. My house is sparkling clean and I get to eat the best of cuisines.

I have hired someone and I am very OK being single.


Exclusive: Maina Kageni finally reveals why he is not getting married

Wakanai also calleda indvising Maina Kageni to change the kind of friends he hangs out with.

Change your friends especially your lady friends.

Start looking for slay queens so that you can start a life.Why are you calling those women you hang out with  single?

They have been with men they have bore children wakaachwa.

Every Easter you refuse to go home because you grand mother will want to see your woman na hauna.

I can attest that you cry every day over your bachelor status.

You go to work at 5 am and if you were married your woman would be waking up at 4 am to prepare you for work. I don’t know if you have kept pets to wake you up in the morning.

Maina responds to Wakanai by stating

I have never ever cried because I am single

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At one point they used to worship men before things

Meet Maina Kageni’s biggest fans on Classic 105

They are his most loyal fans who call in diligently every morning to respond to topics discussed on air by Maina Kageni and we can’t help but appreciate them.

You have probably heard their contributions, some give fans a reason to laugh each day while others leave fans fuming.

Like Harmonize says we will post their photos na wasiopenda itawacosti.

1. James Baragu


2. Masha Wa Taxify


3. Kush  Zuma


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4. Jamo Wa Matunda


5. Robyn Wa Kitengela


‘My heart just broke ‘Jahmby Koikai opens up on recently suffering a Lung infection .

6. Kipleting Manuela


7. Wakanai


8. Mary Kibe


9. Douglas Kiplagat

Douglas Kiplagat

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10. Captain Kale


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Here is why women would kill to have kids with Wakanai alias daddy wa murio (Audio)

Stock City footballer Saido Berahino is causing havoc after fathering three kids within two months yet he has only scored 1 goal in 913 days.

Maina Kageni cannot wrap his head on why women get kids with men who are serial baby givers like in the case of Saido who already has  6 other kids with different women.

At only 52 he has 9 kids and Maina is shocked

Exposed! Here is the man who won Ciru Muriuki’s heart (Photo)

Stock City footballer Saido Berahino
Stock City footballer Saido Berahino

On the other hand, Mwalimu Kingangi thinks some men are just blessed adding that

“Sitasema ni Waluhya wale watoto wako nao huku Nairobi pekee ni wengi, but some people are blessed,they just touch you and you imediately get pregnant.

Wengine hata akikuwekelea mkono you get pregnant .But women also know who they want to get babies with.”

Here is what Classic 105’s fans had to say

“Those with the abilities to give babies lets do it kabisa.”

‘I ask mortuary attendants to bring her body to me, observing it satisfies my heart’ Sharon Otieno’s dad confesses how he is coping with grief

Another adds

“Women will never care whether a man is married or has other children morality will never get into the way of women getting easy money through child support. That’s the name of the game.”

Couple flirting
Couple flirting

Another male fan says

“It’s all about money they instigate everything for money using kids as bait. I told you ni own goals unajifunga tu.”

Jacque Maribe questioned by police after admitting to taking fiancé to hospital with gunshot wounds amidst allegations he is involved in Monicah Nyawira’s murder

Just when you think you have heard enough a female caller confesses on how she is dying to get babies with her crush.

“His name is Karanja and he is so handsome I hope he is listening. I want his babies, not only 1 but 3, he is not married and I want to be the first one to get his kids.

I know he cant marry me because I am not his type, he loves slay queens yet I am a mature woman but I still want his babies. I will try my best before the year end.”

Funny as it may sound Mwalimu Kingangi thinks that the Karanja in question might be Wakanai, further arguing that women drool over him.


His reason being women would kill to have Wakanai’s kid with the Machismo gene that he proudly brags about.

Listen to more on the audio below

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‘Wauze inchi wanipee portion yangu nikaishi Somalia’ Wakanai to the government after MP’s pass Finance Bill 2018 (Audio)

President Uhuru Kenyatta has signed into law the Finance Bill 2018 that was a matter of contention in Parliament on Thursday evening.

MP’s voted to pass the new tax laws that wananchi say will increase the cost of living.


Maina Kageni is bothered that his fan Wakanai atakondeshwa na uchumi mpaka apate six pack.

During the morning show on Classic 105, Wakanai called in giving his opinion on the issue, saying

“There was Kibaki goverment which had no MCA’s nor Governors but the current government Leaders only thinks bout themselves.

As Citizens we are also to blame for electing such leaders. People should emulate China where corruption is not tolerated.

Kilimani woman found slaughtered, body dumped in bathtub only days after returning from South Sudan

People should be shot and hio story iishe but for now we will keep complaining because the same crop of leaders will keep coming back.

It’s supposed to be a collective responsibility and as much as people keep blaming Uhuru we are all to blame.

Waambie wauze inchi wanipee potion yangu nikaishi Somalia”

Wakanai is known for his controversial contributions but it seems like he has also had enough of this tax burden being placed on mwananchi.

Listen to more on the audio below

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‘Mpaka nimekonda sasa’ Classic 105 fan Wakanai confesses as he talks of physical abuse

A discussion on the emotional and physical abuse Kenyan men undergo in the hands of their women has generated quite the debte.

Over the weekend a video of a man being thoroughly beaten by a woman in what appears to be tussle over Sh200, has been circulating and men are furious.

Kenyan men are calling for swift action to be taken, just like the same was done when a Makueni man last week beat his wife over inifidelity.

David Nzomo was arrested after being recorded assaulting his wife Winnifred Mwende.

Maina Kageni and Mwalimu Kingangi opened up debate of this topic, and many recalled physical abuse in marriage and relationships and here is what they had to say

“Men get beaten every day its very usual its just that men keep it a secret women don’t so when a man is being worked on and keeps it a secret what’s wrong?Men are even being beaten mentally.”


Another listener disclosed a friends personal experience saying, ‘I know a friend of mine in the plot, he is beaten everyday and he can’t say anything, he has become confused.’

The next one shocked many by suggesting that he sleeps in the car

“Don’t be surprised some of us sleep in our cars and its not that we don’t have homes its just that the torture is too much especially wakichochwa na hao wamama wa plot it becomes a problem.”

Wakanai, who is one of the biggest fans of Classic 105  also called in  saying that he is also a victim and that is one of the reasons he has lost weight, prompting others to question his confession.

‘I didn’t know people with fat lips also talk too much’, Akothee responds to an abusive fan

He said

“Ukiona mwanaume akijiongeleshe barabarani sio kupenda kwetu ,women have devised a way of torturing us both mentally and physically.I told you that we are an endangered species we are being fought from all sides from the house huyu anakumaliza ukitoka nje serikali inakungoja.

Being a Kenyan man should be recognized world wide we even deserve a Nobel Peace prize, i am losing weight mpaka people are starting to ask kwani ameumwa na nini?No it is this mental torture .”


He goes on to add

“Talking on behalf of Kenyan men we are suffering ,this is a case that should even taken to United Nations so that they can come up with come up with regulation even in our houses.Twateseka sana tumedhoofika mbaya sana, he concludes.”

Listen to the audio below

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Classic 105’s biggest fan Wakanai celebrates wedding anniversary with beautiful wife Martha

Wakanai aka Big Poppa Pimpin is a frequent caller in the Classic 105 morning show by Maina Kageni  and Mwalimu Kinagangi. He is loved and loathed in equal measure.

Despite how good the situation might be he always finds an excuse or a reason to paint women in bad light , something that has left many wondering if he is married and if yes to whom.

To clear the doubt on women’s mind – yes – Wakanai is a married man and he is not only married but happily married to top it all to a woman identified as Martha(below).

It may be a bitter pilll to swallow, but he does adore and lavish praise on her as they enjoy each others company.



Willy M Tuva connects with woman he saved from being killed by husband

He took to his social media page to celebrate his wife and give us some marriage advice. He wrote the caption below followed by a photo of him and his wife

“Marriage is sweet when husband and wife are best friends…Happy Anniversary.”


Despite Wakanai’s public comments on women, it is obvious that he is smitten by his wife and he does not mind spending time with her given the fact he flaunts her to all who might care to see.

While most of us are busy waiting for discounted offers, Wakanai goes all the way to make sure the love of his life has seen it all.

Here are photos of the couple for those who might be finding it hard to believe.


‘Epuka ufala’ Pastor Burale slams fake Kenyans who ‘enjoy’ others funerals




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Classic 105’s biggest fan Wakanai aka Big Poppa treats wife to fancy birthday getaway


Classic 105’s biggest fan Wakanai took a break from the airwaves to do something special for his wife. Who knew he had such a soft heart?

Wakanai aka Daddy Murio tells mpango wa kandos not to expect money from him

Listening to Classic 105 every morning from Monday to Friday, one cannot miss hearing the un-mistakable voice of Wakanai aka Big Poppa Pimping. He contributes daily to Maina Kageni’s conversation, and while his comments drive many crazy, he has another side to his big personality.

Over the weekend, Wakani took his wife to Dubai to celebrate her birthday.

His wife Martha was turning a year older, and the big bodied Classic 105 fan admitted to having had a blast.

He said

‘Mapenzii ilikuaa juu mbaya’.

The trip courtesy of Bonfire adventures saw the couple take an adventure to the desert. If you are ever in Dubai, one of the most thrilling things you can ever do is ride the quad in the desert.

A Dubai desert safari is the ultimate travel experience, out most comprehensive tours come complete with 4×4 dune bashing, camel rides and a mouth-watering barbeque dinner accompanied by a belly dancing performance.

Check out the enviable vacay pics courtesy of Bonfire adventure;

wakanai dubai 4

Uzuri wa mwanamke sio urembo ni tabia explodes Wakanai aka Big Poppa

wakanai dubai 3

wakanai dubai 2

wakania dubai 1

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“Responsible Or Not He Fathered” Wakanai Tells Mothers Who Keep Attacking Dads

Fathers day was celebrated yesterday all over the world. Women of course took their time to wish all responsible fathers a happy fathers day including the women who play both roles leaving out the dead beat dads out of the list.

Classic 105  breakfast show number one fun Wakanai alias ‘Daddy Wa Murio‘ is at it again. He took to social media and posed a question asking why women are wishing a happy fathers day with conditions. He says he has never heard of responsible women or those who have aborted being wished the same, he labeled women as selfish and said whether responsible or not they are still considered as fathers.


“Cant women wish men a happy fathers day without conditions?

Ati happy fathers to all responsible bla bla bla…..
I have never heard happy mother’s day to all responsible women or to women who didn’t abort??? How selfish??
Responsible or not he fathered.”

See The Fabulous Life Wakanai Is Living In The UK (PHOTOS)

This generated mixed feelings among his funs both men and women

Shiks Njuguna: Fatherhood is a great responsibility and not to be taken lightly the great father’s should be celebrated and the great woman who play both roles too coz if anyone is a father he knows what he goes through to provided for family and what the wife duties are some of use do that all alone

Carlpeters Muigai: go around town and see how many women have dumped their children so that they don’t interfere with their coveted lifestyle.

Charles Njere: Hope wasikia wanajipeda xana

Wainono Wa Ngafu: Exactly

Wakanai is based in the U.K and lives in Leicester and is known for his lavish lifestyle. He regularly calls to contribute to the hot topics on the breakfast show. He is known for speaking his mind and has gained both love and hate due to his controversial views that always leave women mad at him.




Check out photos of Wakanai’s aka Big Poppa’s beautiful wife

Classic 105’s number one fan Wakanai aka Big Poppa aka Waka Waka is off the market. He is someone’s bae. Sorry ladies. He is in love with a beautiful Kenyan woman.

Just like other men out here, Wakanai is romantic. He posts photos of him and his lovely wife on social media. The lad is always globe-trotting and unlike some of the men who leave their wives behind, Wakanai is different. He is proud of his wife and they always travel together. The super couple has become the envy of the town as every woman wants to have a piece of Big Poppa but too bad, his heart is somewhere else.

Well, below are never before seen photos of Wakanai and his better half, go through








Waka 59889




Wakanai 8890


Meet Wakanai aka Big Poppa – Classic 105’s Biggest Fan

We all know Wakanai aka Big Poppa, especially if you are a fan of Classic 105. He is one of the biggest fans of the celebrated Classic 105 Breakfast Show hosted by#MainaandKing’ang’i which commands a huge following among Kenyans.

Wakanai, who regularly calls in to the show to respond to the morning conversation, is never afraid of speaking out his mind. He has managed to gain both ardent fans and haters due to his controversial views on the hot topics discussed on the morning show on Classic 105. His comments often leave women mad at him. Well, today Maina Kageni introduced him to the online community leaving many wagging tongues.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Wakanai… Big Poppa Pumping…. Daddy Wa Murio!!!!! Kari kii!!!! Tundu wa kii!!!! Kinako!!!!!” he posted accompanied by the photo below