Man humiliated 10 times after ‘kutuma fare’ remains hopeful 



‘You are gullible and shauri yako’ were the words Classic Maina Kageni uttered to a man who confessed to being conned for fare ten times.

Yes, you read that right. The man has been asked for fare ten times by the same chick,  and he still has hopes she will show up.

Gullible much? Here’s his sob story

I’ve been sending fare to this chick and she keeps telling me she is coming. There was even a time my phone fell and cracked the screen, I borrowed my boys phone to continue the conversation with her. Do you know even after all that she did not show up?

I felt like bewitching her, and she was so convincing, I sent fare ten times, and you see these people are very convincing about why she didn’t turn up the last time, and promised to show up. then I find myself sending more money, I don’t know how I will learn.

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date 2

He is not alone in being gullible. Another male caller who identified himself as a doctor said

I am a doctor and out of experience wamezidi, I have sent many times, esp to a virgin and I was so happy knowing leo ni leo, I sent a thousand shillings fare, but she kulad fare. I asked myself kwani even virgins kula fare like the others? She looked so innocent. I still communicate with her and send her money and she tells me ati she will tell me when she’s coming

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There is another one I sent for three time, her excuse was I haven’t done my hair, or she spent it somewhere else, there was another one who told me she fulizad, weuh, these women

When will men learn? Anyway tume fare bro.

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