‘I Need a BOY In That House,’ Nameless Finally Talks About His Desire To Have a Son (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Veteran Kenyan artiste David Mathenge, popularly known by his stage name as Nameless, is one of the most celebrated musicians in the local music scene.

Nameless has been around for more than a decade and is still going strong, but away from the music and fame, the Megarider hitmaker is a man dedicated to his family.

The talented singer is husband to fellow singer Wahu Kagwi, the mother of their two adorable daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge.


The celebrity couple has been able to keep their marriage going despite being in the limelight, and on 10th September 2017, they will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

Nameless and Wahu are proud parents to their lovely daughters. Tumiso will be turning 11 years in August and in the same month, the little one in the family, Nyakio will be turning 4 years.

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

In a recent interview that we conducted with the singer, he revealed that one of the things that he hates about his wife is how she takes longer to prepare and leave the house when they are going out, saying that he has to lie about the event time so that they don’t get late.


When asked if he wants to add another kid to the family, he said that it’s the topic of discussion between them, revealing that he really needs a son and would really love to have one.

“I love my girls, lakini, I need a boy in that house. I want another one as long as kuna guarantee,” said an excited Nameless.

They Are Inseparable: Nameless And Stunning Wife Wahu Celebrate Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

On how he has managed to keep his private life off the public radar, Nameless said that he had tried to balance the positive and the negative sides of being a public figure, adding that when there’s an issue out there, they deal with it by talking about it.


Nameless also talked about the secret to his long-lasting message with Wahu, confession that it’s not been easy, but the fact that they met when they were still young in the music industry and have grown up together has helped them respect each other.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy interview as Nameless opens up about his life, family, publicity, and his yearning for a son in his life.


‘My Parents Once Lived In a Mud House’ Singer Wahu Reveals As She Talks About Motherhood Struggles

Celebrated singer Wahu Kagwi is a household name in the Kenyan music industry.

The Sweet Love hitmaker is married to the love of her life and fellow singer Nameless and together they have blessed with two beautiful daughters Tumiso and the second born, Nyakio Mathenge.

Wahu and Nameless real name David Mathenge have been together for 11 years now and are still going strong despite being in the public eye and the limelight, and one thing about this couple is that they never talk about their issues on social media.

NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL! 6 Photos That Prove Wahu Kagwi Looks Hotter And Younger With Short Hair


We have to congratulate Wahu for keeping her family intact and sane, and more so for putting her hubby and daughters first even with her busy career and schedule.

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

Well, recently, Wahu took to her social media to engage with her fans and talk about motherhood and the future she wants for her kids in Kenya especially now that the general elections are around the corner.

In the process, her first born daughter Tumiso interrupted her live session on Facebook, which turned out to be a sweet, and hilarious moment, as she asked her mother if she could build forts in the house, then ended up getting comfortable in the video.


Tumiso even reveals that her mother claims that she’s not beautiful; “She says she’s not pretty, she thinks she’s no pretty. That’s why she puts on makeup”. However, her mother refutes the claims; “that is not true.”

He’s The Real Deal: This Is The Place Nameless Proposed To Wahu

When Wahu finally manages to chase her daughter away, though her fans still pester her to let Tumiso stay, she’s not obliged.


That’s when Wahu decided to talk about how her kids motivate her, and then revealed how her parents struggled to make it in life, confessing that they once lived in a mud house.

You know, my parents, their first house, the one my big sis was born into, was a mad house, it was a small kamatope house, and now we laugh because my mum tells me that when my big sis was a kid, the ting that she used to like to do was eating the ukuta, it was matope, so she comes and finds that the kid has matope all over and there was a hole in the house. 

She went on to talk about how the parents finally made it from the mud house to a wooden house and to then to their now beautiful stone house. Watch the rest of the inspiring story below.

He’s The Real Deal: This Is The Place Nameless Proposed To Wahu

Nameless has always been open about his life, especially when it comes to his wife, Wahu. Having been married for years, Nameless has grown to love his wife even more and learned how to keep their marriage safeguarded and beautiful.

Nameless and Wahu

A while back, he spoke to us and revealed that when he writes a song, the woman that is in his head or he is writing to is by all means his wife. This is a guy whom many ladies out here wish they could have, but unfortunately his heart belongs to only one.

EXCLUSIVE: Nameless Reveals What He Does To Stay Happily Married And Lessons You Can Learn From Him

We all know he got married and some of us even got the opportunity to witness them exchanging their vows. But before the wedding, there must have been a proposal.

Well, Nameless revealed where he proposed to Wahu; a place that many would never have even thought about.


In an interview with a local TV station, Nameless revealed that he actually proposed to Wahu at Arboretum Gardens. Yes, the one place that is used as a social ground for weddings, chilling or just doing exercises.

Nameless Reveals The Craziest Thing A Fan Asked Him To Do

He said, “Arboretum is a very nice place by the way. Do you know I proposed to my wife in Arboretum? Mimi ni yule msee. We used to go to Arboretum when I was in campus. The reason I proposed to her at Arboretum was because it was more sentimental. Tulikuwa tunaenda huko tukiwa campo kuchill since its near main campus (UON).

Nameless Reveals The Craziest Thing A Fan Asked Him To Do

What would you do to grab the attention of your favourite celebrity?

Adoring fans can sometimes take things too far, and so singer Nameless recently revealed to us. He undoubtedly has a huge fan base, having been in the industry for 20 years, and when he shows up in public, it’s to be expected that fans will want to either get the kaselfie or an autograph. I know I’m guilty of this.

Nameless is doing press rounds to promote his latest song, Inspire, a blend of Afro pop and dancehall. The song has been received very well, with Kenyans expressing delight at the love song, which he attributes to his gorgeous wife Wahu. After releasing the song, he posted the sweetest message about his bae:

‘You inspire my heart, my body, take over my mind and now you captivating my soul, the way you move your body to the beat give me heat, you make any man to loose control…Baibie you #inspire me.

The father of two recounted how years back, while performing at a club in the coastal city, a fan recognised him and approached him.

She was so excited to meet him, she asked for an autograph.

Nameless described the funny encounter, saying:

“There is a place we used to perform in Mombasa. That place was hectic hardcore, everyone was hardcore even the hottest chick, so when I was leaving one chic approached me with a request saying, ‘Yo yo yo Nameless, uhmm nipatie autograph.’ Manze and I’m like, I didn’t have a paper and I was like, ‘Uko na kalamu?’ Then she’s like shaking her head saying, ‘Sina kalamu sina kalamu’. So I asked her ‘so unataka tufanye nini’? So she says, ‘Ahh..we niambie tuu nitakumbuka..’

I was so shocked I was like, ‘Eh, ati nikuambie autograph utakumbuka?’

Super awkward, right? What celebrity do you admire and what have you done when you met them in person? Leave your comments below.

EXCLUSIVE: Nameless Reveals What He Does To Stay Happily Married And Lessons You Can Learn From Him

David Mathenge better known by his stage name Nameless, is a top Kenyan pop artist. He came out to the limelight with his first hit song Megarider back in 1999, and later collaborated with the late Esir on the hit song Boomber Train that topped the charts countrywide. Nameless’ other songs include Sinzia, Salary and Butterfly.



The multiple award winner is a graduate from the University Of Nairobi where he studied architecture. Nameless is happily married to fellow singer Wahu and together they have two beautiful daughters, Tomiso and Nyakio. They celebrated their 11-year marriage with a vacay in the Coast.

We all know marriage is not a bed of roses, couples experience different phases and some end up giving up leading to break ups and divorce.


Nameless and Wahu got married in 2005 and years down the line they are still blossoming in love unlike many other celebrity marriages that don’t work out. In an interview with this writer in our studio, he shared his experience in marriage.

He said that those who have stayed in marriage for long tend to disagree on decisions and issue but couples must compromise and understand each other.

This is easy he notes because of the friendship that exists between the couple. Growing together career wise has partly contributed to their successful marriage because they both got into music career at the same time.


Being in the same industry has made it much easier for the two because they both understand the demands that come with the industry like taking photos with fans, acting in the music videos with both male and female actors.

Nameless said that his wife is normally on set during her music shoots and she doesn’t get insecure, as she understands the nature of the music industry.

When asked what he loved about his wife he was quick to say that they love similar things from movies and much more.

As we drew to the end of the interview the one thing he disclosed is that after being with someone that long there are things you may dislike about your significant other but one needs to know how to deal with weaknesses. He said his wife is the reason they get late to most functions but over the years he has learnt to deal with it.





TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

There’s no doubt that Wahu Kagwi and her celebrity husband David Mathenge aka Nameless make one of the cutest couples in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The musical stars have been in the industry for more than a decade and still rule the airwaves when they release songs.

Wahu and Nameless have been married for 11 years now and are blessed with 2 lovely daughters, first born Tumiso and their last born, Nyakio Mathenge.

The two have been going strong in the last 16 years of their relationship, despite a few rumours a year back that they were on the verge of a separation, claims Nameless denied.


In an interview back in 2016, as Nameless talked about his wife, he revealed that he would love to add another child to the family, and not just a kid but a son.

He confessed that he would like to have a Mathenge junior and when they decide to have a third child, they will do everything to make sure it’s a baby boy this time around.

As for Wahu, though she has been on and off music in the last couple of years, she is also a businesswoman running a renowned salon and beauty parlor in Westlands.


Though they both have busy schedules, they always find quality time for each other and the children. Wahu recently turned a year older, and during their Dubai trip, Nameless jotted a sweet birthday message that read;

Your birthday finds us in Dubai working and experiencing life adventures together… You are such an amazing woman and I thank God he brought you in my life… we have been through alot together… always remember I got your back.. Happy birthday babe ..to many more wonderful advetures!! Fam help me wish this african beauty @wahukagwi a happy birthday!!!

Away from that, I’ve come across a few photos of their last born daughter Nyakio, who turned 3 years in 2016, and I can’t help but notice how tall she is growing. They do grow up too fast I must say.

Check out her latest photos below. How cute.


Happy Birthday Wahu Kagwi! Hubby Nameless Sends Her A Heart-Warming Shout-out

She is celebrating turning a year older, and as a March baby we wish her a happy birthday.

Singer Wahu Kagwi and her celebrity boo Nameless are currently in Dubai where they were performing at a concert. The power couple have the most enviable relationship, and are parents to their adorable daughters Tumios and Nyakio.

wahu kagwi and nameless(1)

As she celebrates her born day, Nameless has sent her the cutest birthday wish, that will warm your heart. Check it out below;

namelesskenyaYour birthday finds us in Dubai working and expiriencing life adventures together… You are such an amazing woman and I thank God he brought you in my life… we have been through alot together, and always remember I got your back.. Happy birthday babe ..to many more wonderful advetures!! Fam help me wish this african beauty @wahukagwi a happy birthday!!!

wahuand nameless

Cute right? Wahu has also not forgotten to wish herself a happy born day with the most hilarious hashtags.

wahukagwi and nameless

Here’s why we celebrate her

  1. Her inspiring hairstyles; whether she is on TV or on her social media, she regularly switches up her hairstyles.
  2. Her nails are on fleek. There is nothing as good as seeing a woman with her nails looking flawless.
  3. She and hubby Nameless give back to society; they lend their support to disadvantaged kids alot.
  4. She always gives special shout outs to other celebrities.
  5. Her wardrobe is to die for girls. From rocking kitenges, to casual or formal look Wahu has a way of looking stunning.


Kenyans Rally Around Ailing Big Kev After He Reached Out To Them – Here’s How Much Was Raised

A fundraiser planned to raise funds for ailing celebrity Big Kev went down last night. Fellow celebrities and Kenyans turned up to raise money after the ailing Trublaq founder, also known as Kevin Ombajo, appealed to Kenyans to help raise funds.

Singer, Nameless, was among those who showed up and talked about how he meet Big Kev and Big Ted.

He opened up about how he had gone to an event with Wahu and his three brothers and they were seated chatting. He then went on to disclose that two big burly men came and made Wahu walk away with them.

Artiste Wahu Kagwi Sends A Heart-Wrenching Message To Ailing Big Kev, Reveals One Of His Biggest Dreams In Life

big kev 6

“I was in shock. They just carried her and left. They were to go to this for a show.”

“My three brothers were looking at me like we left the house for this? And your woman has just been swept off her feet. That was the first time I meet Big Ted and Big Kev. I respect them as big brothers to my girlfriend.”

big kev 2

At the evening event, Nameless, and Redsan were auctioned for Sh300k to an events company that provides screening equipment.

big kev 8

Bruce Odhiambo the brain-child of the project said;

“6 years ago, I had a heart surgery and 2 years later another once it years you to shreds. I’m from a community we are proud. You don’t seek health and die like a man. I watched big Kevin go through the first second and 8th on how do you pull through that? I was hoping for 60-80 people for nyayo stadium for prayers but this I did not expect. You are all God sent.”

big kev 7

They raised Sh4million. Hongera sana!


They Are Inseparable: Nameless And Stunning Wife Wahu Celebrate Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

The date is 10th September, the day that Wahu Kagwi and David Mathenge aka Nameless exchanged their wedding vows to become one, and today, they celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary.

The celebrated power couple has no doubt one of the longest lasting marriages in the Kenyan music and showbiz industry, having been together for almost 16 years now.

Wahu and Nameless


Wahu and Nameless – who are both popular musicians in East Africa – are going strong despite allegations a year ago that they were separating because their marriage was on the rocks, something they both strongly denied.

This is how Wahu and Nameless Marked Their 10th Anniversary- Photos

The loving couple have been blessed with two adorable daughters, Nyakio Mathenge and the first born, Tumiso. Nyakio, who is the baby of the family, turned 3-years-old in August and even started school, which was a big joy to the family.

During the same month, her beautiful elder sister Tumiso turned 10 years, with their doting father also adding another year to his life on the 10th of August, which is clearly a blessed month for the family.


Well, these blessings seem to be multiplying for this popular family as Nameless and his stunning and down to earth wife, Wahu, celebrate another milestone in their marriage, being together for 11 years. They both shared adorable pics and loving messages on social media to celebrate this big day.

“Nani Kama Wewe Babe” Wahu’s Father’s Day Message To Nameless Is Too Sweet!

Nameless shared a pic of the family and thanking Wahu for her endless support through all situations:

I have alot to be thankfull for. @wahukagwi thank you for giving me 11 amazing years of marriage. Through the ups and downs you been by my side. What a journey we have had…my ride or die…to many more blessed years, Happy 11th anniversary babe. 😊😚


Wahu on the other hand shared a cute photo with the love of her life, expressing her endearing love for her main man:

How does time fly! My husband of 11 years😊😊. My best friend, father of my lovely girls, my partner for life. I love you with all that I am @namelesskenya happy anniversary babe! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Wahu, Nameless, Nyakio and Tumiso

Nameless Couldn’t Resist! Singer Wahu Was Still Very Sexy Back In The Day (Photo)

Wahu Kagwi is not only a talented musician but also a beautiful mother of two and a loving wife to fellow singer and her main man, Nameless.

The veteran singer and Nameless, real name David Mathenge, are one of Kenya’s celebrity power couples who will be celebrating their 11 year anniversary in September.

The love birds are blessed with two adorable daughters, their first born Tumiso, who’ s turning 10-years-old in August and all grown up now and 2-year-old Nyakio Mathenge.

Wahu’s Husband, Nameless And Their Daughters

The family has remained strong even in the midst of divorce rumours back in 2014, which they completely refuted and have proved with time that they are closer than ever and still deeply in love.

Wahu is not only a singer but also a songwriter, businesswoman, actress and a former model during her hey days as a student at the University Of Nairobi. She’s also very intelligent and graduated with a degree in Mathematics.

She looks nothing like a mother of two with her youthful looks and a stunning body. She recently shared a throwback photo way before she got children, with former top girl group, Tatuu and the talented Mercy Myra back in the day.

“Me and my girls Tatuu and mercy Myra! 🙈” she captioned the amazing photo. Check out the photo below with Wahu looking all sexy and glamourous!






“Nani Kama Wewe Babe” Wahu’s Father’s Day Message To Nameless Is Too Sweet!

Today, June 19th is a day that’s set aside to honour the men in our lives for the great role they play.

Well, celebrated singer Wahu Kagwi, and celebrity husband and music artist, Nameless are no doubt one of the most long-lasting and celebrated couples in the Kenyan music industry.

The power couple have been blessed with two lovely daughters, the first born; Tumiso, who’s ten-years-old and the youngest two-year-old, Nyakio Mathenge.


Wahu and David Mathenge aka Nameless recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and their love seems to be blossoming more everyday, despite rumours a year back that suggested they were experiencing marital problems.

The ‘Sweet Love’ hitmaker has taken to her social media to thank the love of her life and the father of her kids, and wish him a happy Father’s Day with this sweet, loving message:

Nani Kama wewe babe. I LOVE the way you love our girls. You are such a wonderful provider, protector, cheerleader, advisor and mentor to them. We are so blessed to have you!! Happy Father’s Day babe. I love you forever. #myrideordie #no1fan #loveofmylife ❤️❤️❤️❤️

How touching.Here is the photo she posted alongside the message.


Parent Love! Nameless Sends His Father A Heart-Warming Message For His Birthday

A parent’s love can never be replaced and there is nothing as heart-warming as seeing your mother or father turn a year older and meet their grand children.

This is the feeling that veteran Kenyan singer, Nameless woke up with on Thursday, April 28 morning as he celebrated his father’s birthday, as he adds another blissful year to his life.

The ‘Juju’ singer shared a rare photo with his old man and alongside it, a sweet, moving birthday wish as he appreciated the support and parenting advise his dad gives him.

David Mathenge aka Nameless also professed his love to his daughter’s grandfather with this warm post;

Fam help me wish my Dad , my father, my pops, a happy birthday . 80 and stronger than ever…I continue to learn from you. To many many more, happy Birthday Dad. Love you.

Nameless is one of the most celebrated artists in Kenya and is husband to the beautiful singer, Wahu. The power couple are blessed with two adorable daughters Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge.

Check out Nameless and his father, who is aging gracefully and looks nothing like 80 years.



So In Love! This Has To Be The Hottest Photo Of Power Couple Nameless And Wahu

Celebrity couple Nameless and Wahu are no doubt one of the hottest love birds in Kenyan showbiz. The two have been married for almost 10  years now and are blessed with two beautiful daughters, Tumiso and  Nyakio.

Nameless and Wahu celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in September 2015, to remember the day they took the bold step of saying ‘I do’ and becoming a family.

David Mathenge and Wahu Kagwi are indeed very happily married and treasure their two lovely daughters: the first born, Tumiso who is now nine years old and the adorable Nyakio Mathenge who is now two years old.


The celebrated couple were at Daddy Owen and Faridah’s wedding about two weeks ago and they looked ravishing. They shared one of the stunning photos from the invite-only ceremony and captioned it thus:

Goodmorning from the Mathengez….

Check out the incredible photo below. Don’t they look charming?


Nameless Sends A Loving Sweet Message To His Beautiful Wife, Wahu, On Her Birthday

Veteran Kenyan singer Nameless and his beautiful singer and celebrity wife, Wahu, are one of the most popular couples in the country.

Wahu and Nameless have been together for the longest time and celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary in 2015, though they have dated for 16 years in total! Wow, so incredible!

The power couple are blessed with two very adorable daughters, the first born, 7 year-old Tumiso, who’s all-grown up now and their last born, Nyakio, who is now about 2 years, 7 months old.


Wahu Kagwi turns a year older today, March 22, and it’s incredible how she still looks 25 when she’s actually turning 36 years old and her husband, David Mathenge has taken to social media to send her a loving message.

He shared a beautiful photo of his wife, Wahu and showered her with this compliment;

Heyooooo Fam!! Help me wish this Hot mama a happy birthday… with every year you keep getting more and more beautiful and wonderful !!! I am blessed to have you in my life…HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE!!!! #thisaremythings #finewine #theworldisyours #likeaboss #myAfricanQueen





This is how Wahu and Nameless Marked Their 10th Anniversary- Photos

Celebrated entertainment power couple, David Mathenge aka Nameless and Wahu marked their 10th wedding anniversary last Friday. The couple who walked down the aisle on September 10th 2005 in Naivasha penned the most heartfelt anniversary messages to each other and it seems that is not all from the couple.

The couple who are wonderful parents to two lovely daughters Tumiso and Nyakio travelled to Mombasa to celebrate 10 years of marriage and posted photos giving us a snippet of what they were up to.

Check out Nameless and Wahu at Swahili Beach Hotel

11821875_1006843016005046_1002967066_n 11910029_1173471099336411_1796807180_n 11850368_495893090572359_193845062_n 11356701_706164426181255_162933378_n 11910194_430212393770147_1817825159_n 11881750_1022522487779959_108905566_n.000

Nameless And Wahu Celebrate 10th Annivesary

David Mathenge aka Nameless and his wife, songstress Wahu Kagwe celebrate their 10 year wedding anniversary today as they got married on September 10th 2005 in Naivasha.

Nameless and Wahu are currently the longest married couple in the music scene and have overcome a lot of controversy including rumors of divorce and separation.

Both parties denied and dismissed the claims and have proven to be stronger over the years and just recently Nameless serenaded his wife at the village market.

Today he posted a picture with a sweet caption dedicated to his wife on his instagram page.

New music alert: Wahu Kagwi is back with ‘Nenda’

Feels like forever since Wahu released a song but wait no more as her new single Nenda with Moti-Ice is out. Moti-Ice is a new artist in the Kenyan music scene whom Wahu collaborated with because she believes in his talent.

From the positive comments on the song on YouTube, it seems Wahu has captured her fans once again.

Watch the video below, is it a hit or miss?

Check out this 2004 throwback photo of Wahu and Nameless

Celebrity power couple Nameless and Wahu have been together for years and are one of the most celebrated relationships in music. But before the marriage came the dating and Nameless might have just shared why he put a ring on Wahu so fast.

Nameless shared the photo below of him and Wahu 11 years ago when they took their first USA tour. He even had a discussion regarding Wahu’s good looks back in the day with fellow musician Madtraxx.

madtraxx: Eeeeiiiissshhh @wahukagwi wololo… No wonder he put a ring on it! FAAAAAASSSST!
namelesskenya: Hahaha… @madtraxx I had to bro!!!
madtraxx: @namelesskenya she got you good bro! Whipped with one swing!

Check out the photo below

TBT 2004… First tour to stato.. went to visit some childhood friends… had a blast. !!

A photo posted by @namelesskenya on