“I was sad when Nameless and Wahu got married!” Mr. Seed admits

Mr. Seed is happily married to cutey and mother of his son, Nimo Gachuiri. The singer who started out in the gospel music circles has been more in the news for his controversies than for his lyrical prowess.

Just recently, the artiste revealed that he had a huge crush on Wahu. Yep, you read that right! He admitted that while in primary school he had Wahu’s photos in his list of artists.

He hilarious confessed that the thing that hurt him the most was their wedding; which meant Wahu was no longer available.

Posting a picture with Nameless, Seed opened up on his Instagram saying;

”So I told @namelesskenya vile alioa @wahukagwi ilinihurt sana 😂😂 na imagine nilikuwa primary school.. nilikuwa na picha za wahu kwa kitabu yangu flani ya wasanii .. nilikuwa a very big fan wa @wahukagwi design niliskia kinyongo na hiyo wedding 😂😂 but anyways .. @namelesskenya nilishakusamehea.. you guys inspire me so much .. GOD BLESS FOREVER”

Nameless reacted without any ill-feeling saying,

”😂😂😂😂💪🏾💪🏾… Si ni life! Happy for you though bro! Hivo hivo 👊🏾”

What is interesting is that Mr. Seed isn’t the only well-known celeb who has spoken about his affections for Nameless’ spouse, Wahu.

State House big-wig, Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted disclosed a few months ago that he actually met Wahu before she met Nameless and that he would have been “Mr. Wahu” had it not been for Nameless standing in his way.

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Nameless didn’t want Wahu to announce she had switched to gospel music

Singer Wahu who’s wife to Nameless, made a huge announcement in 2017 saying she officially dropped secular for gospel music.

At that time, so many of the female celebrities had made the same decision. The likes of Amani and Size 8 had also gone gospel.

Wahu further explained that her journey to salvation had been on and off, citing one of the reasons as discouragement from fellow Christians.

In a recent episode of her reality show with Nameless, ‘This Love’ the mother of two said that her husband was disappointed by her decision to announce she was going to do gospel music.

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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

“In 2016, Bien told us that we need to work on an album together and not a single. We were in the process of doing it. The issues came up when she said she wanted to do gospel music,” Nameless said.

Wahu laughing added that Nameless was like don’t do it.

“He was like ‘what if you do gospel today and later you want to do other genres’.”

Nameless  responded saying,

“I was like you don’t have to say you sing gospel, just say you are saved. I told her I think you are just excited and full of emotions.”

Nameless has since elaborated since this article was published that he just didn’t want Wahu to call herself gospel artis.


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“I almost stole Wahu from Nameless,” State House director of branding Big Ted reveals

The first episode of This Love features Thomas Kwaka aka Big Ted, who reveals that he actually met Wahu before she met Nameless and that he would have been “Mr. Wahu” had it not been for Nameless standing in his way.

This Love, musicians Nameless and Wahu’s new docu-reality series, is now streaming exclusively on Showmax, and it is loaded with some nostalgic moments and revelations.

Big Ted
Big Ted

Created and executive produced by Eugene Mbugua, This Love takes viewers into the lives of Nameless and Wahu, arguably Kenya’s most-admired celebrity couple, as they talk love, life and most of all, their shared passion for music that spans two decades.

While they were initially reluctant about the show when Mbugua first approached them with the idea in 2018, the couple finally agreed because they wanted to share what they had learnt during their 23 years together (and married for 15) which they’ve described as the “midlife” or “the first half of their lives.”

“We’ve been together for 23 years (and married for 15), and we’ve learnt a lot. we’ve gone through the ups and downs… you know how life is. that is what gave us the why, and we wanted to be authentic about this journey,” Nameless says.

With music playing a major part in their lives, Wahu reveals that viewers will also get a chance to see that side of them and how the process has been as they work on their first joint album together, also titled This Love.

“The other thing that we want to do in this docu-reality series, even as we share our story, is to also share our 20-year journey of being musicians. we want viewers to pick a lesson from us (if you’re able to), and there’s no better avenue than this love,” Wahu says.

In this episode, Nameless and Wahu take us back to how they first met by visiting their alma mater, the University of Nairobi.

In subsequent episodes, the 13-part series will also see Nameless and Wahu pay tribute to the late legendary rapper E-Sir, who was a close friend of Nameless.

The show will also see the couple revisit their famous wedding in 2005 and the elements that threatened to break them apart, as well as how they’ve managed to stay together, and so much more about their past and present, their family life and what it takes to finally make music together.

This Love is now streaming exclusively on Showmax, with new episodes releasing every Monday.

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Nameless would bring me flowers and cake at 11 PM all the time! Wahu gushes

Celebrated Kenyan musician Wahu Kagwi and her husband Nameless have a marriage that most people would envy, something rare in this day and age of toxic relationships.

And it isn’t by mere luck, the two have worked hard at it and one can still see the great rewards that they have reaped over the 15 years they have been married.

Nameless and Wahu wedding
The couple’s wedding day

This week the couple were interviewed and Wahu didn’t waste any time regaling the interviewers with anecdotes about her hubby’s romantic side.

‘He wasn’t sure how to hold me,’ Wahu speaks of a day her dad met Nameless in her room

According to Wahu, Nameless was so romantic that he used to surprise her with her favourite cake, Black Forest regularly while they were still in campus.

Wahu and Nameless in a loving embrace
Wahu and Nameless in a loving embrace

That’s not all, the lanky singer would also go over to her hostel at 11.00 pm to deliver the gifts and of course, some love and laughter.

”Nameless used to make me laugh. He knew I love Black Forest cake. I remember I was in Chiromo. He used to come, he was in ADD but he said let me go and check Mah, its like 11.00 pm. He went somewhere and bought me cakes and flowers and come to my room all the time,” Wahu said.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

The two who have been blessed with two daughters seem to be growing from strength to strength as the years go. This year the power couple released their first-ever collabo in the many years they have worked together.

The song aptly titled “Te Amo” was a hit with many of their fans showing that the veteran musicians still got what it takes to rule the chats.

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Wahu warns fans that Nameless’ Instagram account has been hacked


David Mathenge alias Nameless has fallen victim to hackers.

This information was shared by his wife Wahu, who told his fans to disregard any post coming from Nameless’s account.

His account was hacked hours after the couple participated in a successful ‘HelpAyah’ campaign yesterday, that generated over a million shillings in three hours.

Wahu posted on her page;

Hey fam.
We are working to resolve the issue but for now please disregard any posts coming from Nameless kenya account.

Nameless account has over one million followers.


Wahu had earlier on posted an appreciation post to all who took part in raising money for baby Ayah.

Yesterday’s fundraising session to help @little.ayah was such a huge success! through the beautiful music, mchongoano, and laughter, And in spite of our power blackout we managed to raise over 1.3m! I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to my people @chikikuruka @bienaimesol @nanaowiti @allthings_chris @thekingkaka @namelesskenya for making yesterday so much fun and so successful.
Thank you to all the fans and friends of @little.ayah who turned up! Big up yourselves!! Thank you for being so giving! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mama Ayah and your team, may God continue to give you strength through this process. To little Ayah…May your life be full, happy, healthy and long in Jesus mighty Name..
Blessings to you all..
Keep winning fam.

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Nana Owiti & Wahu speak candidly about being molested when they were both 9-years-old

King Kaka’s wife Nana Owiti and Singer Wahu Kagwi have spoken about the heartrending topic of being molested at a young age.

During their narration, Nana said that she had been touched inappropriately by a cousin, when she was 9 years old.

She said that it was something that she will be starting therapy in order to heal and that she regretted not sharing the information with her late mother in “black and white”.

“There is this cousin that my mom really trusted and any time she will send food it will be this cousin to bring… so my mom trusted this man to share beds with me… So this man at night touches me inappropriately, and I knew it was wrong and I tell him to stop. I was in class 3, that’s around 9 years as well. So I ask him why are you doing this and he says si hata wewe unishike, then he told me ukiambia mama yako utaniona. Then we didn’t have a relationship with my mom growing up, because she was very strict, yaani she was just a cop.”

“So the next day, I don’t know how to tell my mother, but one day I got courage to tell her and I was like person ananichunachuna usiku. And she jokingly told him wewe kwanini unanichunia mtoto, usinichunie mtoto and that was it. And it was the same circle. I dint tell anyone up until I was pregnant with my son and that’s when I told King Kaka.”

“This is like a trauma I have carried for so many years and I was telling King as the year began I definitely need to see a therapist concerning this” said Nana.

On her part, Wahu disclosed that she was also molested by her cousin at the age of 9.

“This usually a very difficult conversation for me because it’s easier to heal from a physical wound, but an emotional wound, sometimes we don’t have tools to deal with my emotional wounds. So what happened used to happen is whenever I could remember it just takes me to a dark space.”

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)


“He was 19, I don’t want to go into details but he molested me and I knew it was a bad thing and I was 9. I was angry, felt violated and I was a kid. That moment stayed with me and it has stayed with me has something very painful… thankful when my mom came back I was crying …. but I got courage to share with my mom and she told my dad. Dad was very angry and he likes to talk things out but my brother who was like 16 said mimi sina time ya kuongea… he went beat his guy” said Wahu in part.

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Lovy Longomba finally meets with old friends Nameless and Wahu after 16 long years!

Lovy Longomba lost his brother Christian mid this month, something that has spurned him on to come and visit a country they both called home for a long time.

Lovy and his late brother were the famous members of the group, the Longombas that dominated the Kenyans charts with their catchy rimes and tunes.

The two took a hiatus and left the country more than a decade ago, with many wondering what had happened to them? But after Christian’s death, interest in the group was re-ignited and Lovy decided to visit Kenya, something he said that he and his brother had purposed to do later this year.

Fans and Celebrities mourn the death of Christian Longomba

Upon arriving in the country, the Prophet took to social media and revealed that it felt so good to be back home. ”It’s good to be home,’ he wrote.

In his memory, Lovy has kept the promise and has been traversing the country meeting old chums and pals. Some of the bigwigs that the musician turned pastor met included the likes of music giants Nameless and Wahu on Monday, whom he visited at their humble abode.

Nameless shared their sweet reunion on Instagram, with his caption reading, “Meanwhile was good to see @prophetlovy of longombaz today after Sooooo many years!! Was so good to remember the good old days of Ogopa tours and stage performance competition amongst the artists…hawa longombaz walikuwa wanasumbua kwa stage 😅😅😅.”

Not only that, the camera-friendly Lovy also met with singer Colonel Mustafa, showing that despite the time and the distance apart the two still had much love for each other.

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I was in love with Nameless even though sponsors pursued me-Wahu comes clean

Singer Wahu and Nameless have been one of the best couples in the country. The couple who have been blessed with two kids have been married for over 15 years and they still look stunning and in love.

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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

In a recent interview with Jalang’o, Wahu disclosed something that most people weren’t aware of and showed how deep her love for Nameless went.

”They were there but me I was in love… The thing about it is, what is that sponsor bringing to you? Money. Most likely you are not the only one. I normally tell girls, build for yourself. Whatever that guy is making, imagine you can also make it yourself.”

This I how I would like Wahu to remember me in the end – Nameless speaks (exclusive)

She went deeper adding that the reason she wrote the song, ‘Sitishiki’ was because a man working for the UN had approached her trying to scuttle her relationship.

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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

Nameless himself says that he first saw Wahu on TV while she was doing a commercial and fell in love with her. After then, they made a follow-up on each other through a mutual friend. Wahu is currently 40 years old while Nameless is 44.

Despite the lengths they have gone for each other, last week Nameless explained that their marriage had also encountered some issues contrary to the image that it was perfect.

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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

He disclosed that they had even separated for a period of 3 days.

“We don’t call it separation, but I have moved out for a short just to have a break. We were fighting a lot and had a lot of issues, and you don’t know how to deal with that, so you just take a break. But it’s short then after sometimes, two, three days you are back in,” Nameless said.

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Has Wahu backslidden!? Singer responds after new hit love song

The life of a gospel singer in this country is one filled with a lot of mines and landfills. People are just waiting for you to stumble, then they come out with their pitchforks ready.

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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

That is something that musician and all-around piece of joy Wahu Kagwi is experiencing at the moment. The mother of two has been lambasted in some quarters this past month after claims emerged that she is back to singing secular music following the release of her new song ‘This Love Ya Wahu’.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

The hilarious song which features her husband, Nameless, Bien and his wife Chiki Kuruka has been a joy to savour for those who don’t have sticks up their bu*ts.

‘I left for three days’, Nameless reveals he had separated from his wife Wahu

But that criticism has forced the chocolate-skinned singer to come out and defend herself.

In a recent radio interview, Wahu explained that she is still in Christ and has always been born again even before she transitioned to a gospel musician.

“I have always been born again. What happened in 2016 is that I rededicated my life. Meaning I just decided, let me now be more intentional about my journey as a Christian,” she said.

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A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

She also dismissed claims that she had reverted to doing secular saying it doesn’t really bother her what people think.

“I’m still here with my Jesus. If people see the song and start assuming that I am back sliding, it’s okay. Anybody can think whatever, I don’t really care much but for me I’m all about creating positive content, happy content.

“I have seen people asking what is going on and I’m like you know what, I still love Jesus, I want to sing about love, sometimes I want to do worship, sometime I want to sing about love…. I mean I have been married for 15 years, wouldn’t it be wrong for me to sing about my journey?” she posed.

Nameless, who was also present during the interview, had this to say about how they make their relationship work with regards to faith.

“One thing I can say about marriage is people are different, their perspective in life is different. You can’t find someone who is exactly the same as you. I have realized the way you handle each other is also different with that consideration in mind.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi)

“So I personally have a different understanding of how I view God and so does she depending on how she is brought up. We often debate about it because we have to find a middle ground and understand why the other person views life as they do,” he concluded.

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5 times Nameless has proved he loves to troll his children

Nameless enjoys poking fun at his children in a good way and the father of two leaves his 1.1 million followers in hysterics because it’s so loveable.

Singer Nameless is proof that celeb parents are cool and can have fun while at it, it’s not always business.

The Mathenges as we know them have two children, Tumiso the teen and Nyakio the baby of the family, who is so adorable I must add.

The way he relates to them is so brutal and funny, we thought it interesting to shares the times he has trolled them on social media and we love it.


  1. Even Khaligraph was tickled at the humor abd dug in

2. Here is another time he hilariously said something that left us in stitches


3. Again we are cackling at this




4. He boldly shared the joy of parenting again




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Nameless reveals the biggest thing he has learnt about Wahu this year (exclusive)

This year has been one that has exposed many relationships. Some have fallen and others have become more formidable.

One of those is the long-lasting marriage of Nameless to his wife Wahu. I recently spoke to the musician who revealed some of the things he had learnt about their marriage.

The biggest one according to him was the different worldviews that he and his wife had that he wasn’t aware of before the pandemic forced them to be together for great periods of time.

We are trying to align our worldviews. That is something that causes issues in relationships that people don’t realise. We have started reflecting. Being together has forced us to learn and unlearn things. One thing I realised is that we are normally set up to fail in life, in that society gives you rules and the wrong tools to succeed.

Adding, “They tell you how you should do, how you should believe, when you should get married, how you should raise your kids. All these things with the wrong tool and you end up struggling in life. That’s when you take a step back and re-evaluate all the rules and tools that you were given, to see if you can get better ones.”

Nameless reveals the one book that really helped his marriage (exclusive)

The “Sunshine” singer explained that he was also learning how to see the beauty in the differences he and his wife shared. “I am also learning that there are strengths to our weaknesses and how am I benefiting from the difference instead of it causing conflict. That has been growth on our part and we want to work more and more together.”

Nameless told me that through his meditation and reevaluations had made him have a more cooperate view of family telling me;

You kind of have to look at your family like a company and you have to go through a reflection of what you believe is success. One person might think success is happiness while another might think that it is money. If you have different views of it then you will be clashing.

His focus was the success a couple can have when they work with synergy combining all their values and talents towards one goal.

How does a couple then look at what their joint belief system is? That’s when you borrow each other’s energy as a team and get something that both of you can successfully work at. I don’t think we went through that process in the beginning.

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Nameless reveals the one book that really helped his marriage (exclusive)

Nameless, real names, David Mathenge has lived a life that most would admire. The man has accomplished a lot; A great career, a loving wife and two beautiful daughters.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

I recently spoke to the celebrity and he was very candid with me about his marriage. He and Wahu have a very close friendship with DJ Mo and Size 8; who celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary earlier in the year. Like DJ Mo, I asked the ‘Nasinzia’ singer the best advice he had received regarding marriage and who had given him that advice?

Nameless, Wahu, DJ MO and Wahu
Nameless, Wahu, DJ MO and Wahu

His answer was fascinating with the singer saying that the advice came in the form of a book. At the time the couple was having issues and his brother-in-law called him to tell him to read a particular book, as he knew the struggles he was going through.

I had an emotional awakening and my brother-in-law told me to read the book, 7 habits of highly effective people. When i read it I was in a state of trying to search for what is my contribution to the issues in my marriage. My mindset at the time was like I was a mjuaji. But after reading the book I started looking at how I could improve myself in the marriage and not on the other person’s performance.

Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past
Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past

He added,

If you keep focusing on the other person and the other person focuses on you nothing changes. When your partner starts seeing you do that, they also want to replicate and it kind of spirals in a positive way. It was about increasing my emotional intelligence.

Nameless shares intimate and NEVER BEFORE SEEN photos of his wedding with Wahu

Clearly, it has worked as the couple recently celebrated their 14th marriage anniversary.

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Aging like fine wine – Wahu’s throwback photo titillates Kenyans

Wahu is a mother of 2 who has been married for close to 15 years. The singer who has always been a stunning chocolate beauty loves sharing throwback photos of herself to remind people of where she has come from and her experiences.

One constant theme that courses through her throwback photos is that she hasn’t aged a day and still looks as fine today as she did in the past.

Wahu Kagwi
Wahu Kagwi

The Kenyan songstress recently took to social media to remind herself about her younger self, way before motherhood and parenthood.

‘My ray of sunshine,’ Wahu celebrates her younger daughter Nyakio

In a post seen by Classic105.com on Wahu’s Facebook and IG pages on Friday, August 14, the mother of two shared photos of herself when she was very young, thin and still .

Wahu Kagwi throwback photo

In the photos she shared, the singer is seen rocking a white spaghetti top and a pair of jeans while holding a microphone during one of her performances while starting up.

”Short comments please. Flashback Friday,” she captioned. While the photos might show that she is still as beautiful as she was then they do not tell of the woman she would become-a mother, a successful singer who changed the genre she was singing in.

Wahu Kagwi in purple
Wahu Kagwi in purple

And her fans were more than impressed with the photo with the praise coming in spades;

themercymyra I soooo do rememba… hata siezi sema Cox you said keep comments short 😂

themercymyra You were fierce then and eeeeven more fierce now.. See how God is Awesome!!!

nanaowiti You signed my autograph as a 13yr old! Not to make you feel old 😂 😂 Yaani I still have it.
I want your genes 🧬 💙💙💙

donald.mboya2019 Ni kwa nehema ya mungu😂😂

dismas_ombuya Sitishiki na hizo hela zako …

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I am just growing fat, I don’t want a baby anymore – Wahu Kagwi reveals

Wahu and Nameless have one of the best celebrity relationships in Kenya. Not only are the couple real about their highs in their relationship, but the couple also speaks and showcases the travails that they face constantly.

They aren’t shy about describing the struggles couples go through but are quick to show that marriage is still worth it for those who still dream of it.

‘Nameless is not romantic,’ Wahu exposes her husband to fans

Wahu who is a mother of two beautiful daughters, recently spoke about having another kid. In the interview conducted by Word Is the 40-year-old singer revealed that she had closed that chapter in her life.

Wahu with her youngest daughter
Wahu with her youngest daughter

Despite being 15 years since their eyes met, the couple has had two girls and a full-stop to that. She said,

“I am just growing fat. There is nothing and I don’t think I want a baby anymore. A child takes at least 3 years of your life before you can finally appreciate they can do things on their own and learn new stuff but until then, you have to be their cornerstone.”

Wahu with her eldest daughter
Wahu with her eldest daughter

The singer added that the though of adding another child to the brood is a non-starter for her.

“I am okay. My last born Nyakio is almost turning seven years and I am enjoying the fact she is doing most of the things by herself. She baths herself, she feeds herself and all that. When I visit my friends with small babies and see how they struggle with them, I am like, I do not want to do this again. They are cute and babies are gorgeous but I do not want to go through all that again.”

Wahu Kagwi

She gospel singer explained that she knew blessings come with having children but is happy with the two she has.

“It’s pleasurable but I think I am good with the two girls,” Wahu disclosed.

Her stance goes against her hubby Nameless viewpoint who a few years ago said that he didn’t mind having a baby boy.  Let’s not lie, women ultimately control the size of the family. If Wahu doesn’t want another baby, they will not have one!

Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless
Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless


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Nilimngoja 1 hour! Nameless reminisces about first date with Wahu

David Mathenge aka Nameless and his wife and two kids like most other Kenyans have been forced to stay at home more than before with the couple unable to perform live.

Unlike many reports where couples are going crazy being forced to stay in each others company this quarantine period, some others are growing closer.

Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless
Wahu in the arms of her husband, Nameless

Nameless and Wahu are an example of that type of couple. Yesterday, the lanky musician decided to celebrate his memory of the first date with the woman who would later become his wife.

‘Nilimpiga busu na hizo lips akaingia box,” Nameless on luring Wahu

The date started late as Wahu came an hour late at Wimpy and since he was on a tight budget the “Karibia” singer had to order tap water as he waited for her.

The Wimpy
The Wimpy

Read his lovely message below;

Just came across this on the internet, …Manze wimpy TBT took me back…if you know, you know… My first date with MamaTumiKeo was here. She came one hour late🤷🏾‍♂️😠… Nilikuwa nimeboeka na hiyo story lakini singemshow juu nilikuwa nataka kumwingisha box… Nikamshow, “it’s ok”… Lakini kwa roho 😤….nikaendelea “infact I was just fine looking at the clock moving around and around😊” lakini kwa roho 🤷🏾‍♂️..Alafu I couldn’t buy alot before she came, because I had come with exact cash for lunch for two. So ilibidi ni agize maji ya tap nikimgojea… Kumbuka hakukuwa na smart phones kuuliza ” how far are you.” Unangoja date yako in FAITH 🙏🏿🤷🏾‍♂️. Basi tungoje hii Corona iishe in faith. 💪🏾👊🏾…#quarentineManenoz #Memories #payback🤔 #wimpykid #faithoverfear😊👊🏾💪🏾

Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past
Wahu and Nameless with their daughters in the past

Mathenge’s narration excited a good number of celebrities who joined that conversation to also share their experiences at the Wimpy – a restaurant that was very popular back in the days.

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Ni forehead unaficha! Nameless told after posting steamy photo with Wahu

Nameless and Wahu have been reminding fans this past week of the love they have for each other through numerous snaps on their Instagram pages.

The couple has been posting intimate photos of their Valentine’s week vacation impressing fans with the love and sensual passion that they still have for each other.

Wahu and Nameless during their vacation
Wahu and the lanky singer during their vacation

But yesterday, the couple took the snaps a notch higher when Nameless posted an images of he and Wahu in a bathtub. The two sizzling photos were accompanied with the caption below;

Gai… Nimeingia jaccuzi na kofia🤦🏽‍♂️.. ebu nifanyie favour fam, pliz juu mikono zangu zimejaa povu, can you pliz help me remove my hat by swiping left 🙏🏿😊…. Thanks .🙏🏿…. Aaaanyway😜…. It’s been an amazing 2 day Valcation … Manze thanks  for helping me prove the “myth” wrong 😜 Viva👊🏾💪🏾#checkIGstoriesforProof😜😎….ata naona nikipakiwa suitcase kuenda men’s conference kesho… Nimeongeza Bonga point na hii trip👌🏾. Ama namna gani my frens.

Wahu and Nameless in the bathtub

The fans went bonkers about the sultry photo but others were more concerned with Nameless’ refusal to remove his hat, with some speculating that he was afraid to show off his forehead, something men and women from the mountainside normally have in abundance.

Nameless explains why warming Wahu’s bed should earn him free services

Don’t forget that Nameless has never been seen in public without a hat. Wonder why?

Bahati posing with Nameless
Bahati posing with Nameless with his hat in tow

Read some of those comments below;

Kofia na shades hadi kwa bathtub….manze tunakupenda lakini unachoma😂😂😂😂

vin_kibet Boss ni forehead unaficha hivi? 😂

vanessah_254 Acha tuone forehead tu😂😂

cirukw But when will we see your hair from the front?Wahu, kwani Nameless anakipara

amos_480k At least for 20yrs we haven’t Seen what you hide in the Kofia🤣😂👏💦🔥🇰🇪

marluxjunior Kofia kwa submarine… Yawa pthooo

keitafabio Ata ndani ya jacccuzi digaga n kofia haitoki

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Kikuyu men aren’t romantic? Nameless and Wahu share cosy vacation(photos)

David Mathenge aka Nameless and his wife Wahu Kagwi have had one of the longest marriages among Kenyan celebs. The two will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this year and decided to spice up their romance this week of love.

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The two spent a pre-Valentines holiday at the coast with Nameless captioning the photos he shared by cheekily asking, “Who said Kikuyu men were not romantic?”

Nameless with Wahu

He went on to joke that he will attend the highly publicized, non-existent men’s conference and that he should not be judged.

“Ati alikuwa anasema Nini juu ya Wakikuyu na Valentines🧐…. @mamutravel thanks for coming through with the quick deal ….siwezi kubali kuambiwa hivo.😠… Men’s conference Bado na come by the way 🙈, musini-judge, #KikuyusCanBeRomantic😠,” wrote Nameless.

Nameless with Wahu
The lanky singer with Wahu

This comes after Wahu had made the mistake of trolling Kikuyu men over their perceived handicap in matters romance. She posted a viral meme that reads: “Has your man made Valentine’s day plans ama ni Mkikuyu?”

Nameless with Wahu

Wahu went ahead to caption the meme: “My fellow ladies…mambo kwa ground inakaaje? 🤭😄😇”
Before this, Wahu had posted a TBT photo asking Nameless if he had made plans for Valentine’s.

“Babe umepangaje valentines? 🤷🏿‍♀️#tbt #2010” she wrote.

Nameless with Wahu
The lanky singer with Wahu

With all eyes now on him, Nameless stepped up, bagged a deal with travel company, Mamu Travels, and took Wahu to Mombasa.


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