Wahu Gives Her Fans Touching Advice On How To Treat Their Mothers

Wahu know that having a mother is more than a blessing. That is why she took time to share with her fans the need for them to appreciate their moms.

The “Sweet Love” singer took to Instagram and posted a cute photo of herself hanging out with her mom yesterday.

Wahu cries buckets after daughter Tumiso writes her a letter

She proceeded to ask her fans to call their mothers, check on them and let them know that they love them. The response was AMAZING.


#earliertoday with mama. I learn so much from her, even now. Mums are true gems πŸ’Ž before you sleep, text/call your mum/mother figure (if you can) – let her know you love and appreciate her. – you’ll have made her night.

josh_josh_14 I pray to God that you will live to see that age and beyond
bnjagi1563 She has a beautiful dimble …
sherie_murigi Nice dimple😊….you look so sweet together :-*
mzuriiafrica Beautiful mummy-daughter goals
thedream_entertainment She is beautiful , say hi to auntie
samuel.mburu Namiss shush sana.msalimie umwambie ni Mburu was wahu wa kwa mama Kinyanjui
martinmi7287 U look alike….
amanemnizzo my cute sister
mwangiyvonne That is a lovely.idea
ririh254 I wish mines was alive…..😒😒😒. Now you made me miss her even more. I would def call her if she was around.
becky_awino Wooow!
freddykenya this Wonderful

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nameless ke

2017 was an interesting year… i learnt so much about myself and life. I learnt what matters and what I shouldnt stress about… i learnt that , on the real, every day you wake up alive is a gift from God… I avoid negative energy and stay postive and fearless! I learnt that alot of people love me and I love and appreciate them back!! #2018issaBlessedyear #saladpoolnimzitoJoh! #mwanaumenikubebawifebilakusita #newmusicdroppingkesho #DubaiwasFun #Godlovesme #feelsgoodtobeback