Hearty Composition that Wahu’s daughter wrote about her mother

They say that the love between a mother and her children is undefinable and unbreakable. Wahu has just confirmed that through a heartfelt composition that her daughter wrote while she was 8-years-old.


Wahu is a blessed mum to two adorable little girls together with her husband, Nameless. She recently shared a photo of her daughters composition about her mother and we fell in love with it.

“#TBT 😭😭 tumiso’s essay when she was 8 years old 😭😭
S/O to all the mums! We are doing the best we can! More power to us!”


Tumiso is the one who inspired the hit song by wahu ‘Sweet love’ that was bout her daughter. Nameless and the wife have been together for more than a decade and they definitely inspire us. Well, time flies. Just the other day when they got married and are now blessed with two babies. for sure they are aging gracefully.

Wahu recently switched from secular to gospel music. She has not stopped her music career, she continues to minister using her music. Well, we can say she is doing well in the gospel music industry so far.


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Going natural has become the new thing in town. In a world where Melanin queens are appreciating themselves, it has all started with our nappy African hair. These celebrities however prefer having short hair and they rock it like queens. Oh, and we are not complaining.

Here are some celebrities who rock short hair like the queens they are,

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‘Happy birthday my sweet love’ Wahu to daughter Tumiso as she turns 12

When gospel artiste Wahu released ‘Sweet Love’ a decade ago and she did not imagine that parenthood would turn out to be this sweet given that she was expectant

She was expectant with her first-born Tumiso, who just turned 12. Wahu has another daughter named Nyakio.

Otile Brown slams fan who accused him of using Juju to lure Vera Sidika

Gospel artiste Wahu with her daughter Tumiso

She celebrated her daughters birthday with this beautiful message

“I give God all the glory for this my baby girl who gave me the title of “Mama”, 12 years ago today. cannot believe how time has flown!!! Practically my height now and turning into a fine young lass. Happy happy birthday my Sweet Love.. may God continue to bless you, be a light unto your path, and may favor always follow you, in your going and coming. We love you to the Moon and back! Fam help me wish my baby girl a happy 12th birthday!


In an earlier post, Wahu had stated that she is loving the motherhood journey despite the fact that it can get confusing at times. She also took the opportunity to encourage other young mothers out there.

‘You are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces’ Govi’s mum pens to him on his 18th birthday

She wrote

“It’s crazy how time flies….look at my child turning into a beautiful young lady. I’ve been loving this journey from day 1, and no matter how confusing it gets, I know that God’s got us.
To all young moms:


You’ve got this on lock down, in spite or despite your circumstances. That child didn’t come as a surprise to God. And from the minute God placed that baby in your womb, He gave you all you need to make sure that he/she succeeds in life. So trust your journey. And trust the Father. He’s got you!”

Wahu is married to secular artiste David Matheng’e alias Nameless and they are among the most celebrated celebrity couple in Kenya.

Here are bitrthday wishes from Wahu’s fans to her daughter Tumiso

sarahwambua.sw…Happy Birthday Tomiso

margaretndungu.nm…Happy birthday baby girl

esthertheequeen…Happy Birthday!

[email protected] …amen! Thank you

iam_the_real_champ…Happy Birthday to that Little but fast growing lass.

mwathakui…Happy birthday beautiful girl. Blessings

[email protected] …thanks dear! And thank you for all the guidance you offer her and the rest of the kids every Sunday. We always get to hear about her Sunday school lessons! God bless you mightily dear

_diane_deivan..Happy birthday Tumiso..more years baby girl

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‘Women considered abortion but my songs changed their mind’ says Wahu

Gospel singer Wahu songs have been hitting the airwaves and many have shown her support and love as she sings songs that relate with their lives.

One thing that surprised many is that she has been saved for a very long time and she started out as a gospel artiste then turned to secular and she has now turned to gospel.

After 13 years of marriage, Wahu shares some relationship advice

During an interview with Classic 105, when asked if she had received any public backlash from people due to her spiritual convictions hence doing gospel music and leaving her secular music behind.

Wahu said,

“Peoples will always have opinion, however popular or not. They could be good or bad and am not trying to influence anybody’s opinion, ultimately am here trying to live my life, am here trying to do the thing i feel i was created to do trying to have a relationship with my God. God’s opinion is what really matters.”

Wahu has no problem performing her old secular music and she believes she also had a good impact during the time but at the moment she wants to do what makes her happy and that is gospel music.

“I want to do what am comfortable doing, and what am com doing is moving forward and creating this God centered music.when i was secular artist I didn’t created bad music, I think God is amazing, when I did sweet love I had women inbox me and tell me I was considering having an abortion but after listening to your song I decided to keep it. When girls look up to you and want to live their life as possible isn’t that God.”

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Wahu releases second gospel song with a confession about family

Wahu Kagwi who was famously known for her song Sitishiki left the secular music industry recently.

After the singer/songwriter turned her life to Christ, she released her first song Sifa.

It will be interesting to see if her hubby Nameless – a secular artist – if he  he too will want to turn the tables.

After her last gospel hit Sifa, she has again released a great heart melting song know as My Everything.

The new song My Everything was inspired by a true story.

wahu kagwi

“My Everything talks of a woman who sought Gods intervention when her husband and father of her children suddenly fell ill, on an ordinary morning as the family went about their normal morning routines. At her point of desperation, and realizing that her husbands life was on the balance, she called on Jehovah Rapha, God our healer to reveal Himself …. and He did” 

The song was written by gospel artist Peterson Ngetha famously known as Pitson famously known for his song Lingala ya Yesu and  Wahu herself.

Wahu posted on social media.

“God hears us, even when we don’t think He does. He is no respecter of persons, personalities or positions. All He requires is an honest heart that seeks His face fervently. Sometimes, God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we expect, sometimes He does. But it is amazing to rest in the knowledge that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord. Make Him Your Everything, and you will be awed at how much He has in store for you!”

Her fellow gospel artist who also turned her life to Christ had to say this after she has her friend and sister has released a new song.

“Morning ig family hope you are well I’ve woken up to this powerful anointed song by God [email protected] watched the video and as it was playing i found myself crying to God and saying truely his my everything when I remember how many things he has seen me thru waaaaaa my God is my everything. Am not just posting to post this song but to get you to go watch this song let God minister to you thru [email protected] And @urembo_creations great job. I can’t stop listening to this song. I call you my reedemer my protecter. When I am so low u pick me up God you bring me back.”

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Aging like fine wine! Wahu turns 21 as Sanaipei Tande Clocks 33


The funny twists about birthdays is that they  were major, huge celebrations when we were kids and we couldn’t wait to celebrate them with other kids but as we grow older we prefer having small parties with friends and family or even stay home and watch a movie and sleep.

Wahu Kagwi and Sanaipei both turn a year old and they both look stunning for their age.

Wahu went on social media and wished herself a happy birthday in a hilarious way.


“So i finally decided to go from 18 to 21 years of age!!! I’m grateful to God for the faithfulness mercy and kindness that He has bestowed upon me all these years. Happy 21st birthday to me.”

She also went on and appreciated fellow celebrities like Akothee who wished her a happy birthday.

“My darling you’re simply the best! Thank you!”

Her hubby Nameless also did not forget his wife’s special day as he posted on social media,

nameless and wahu

#My Queen May God continue guiding your life steps! You are blessed! And I am blessed to have you in My life… HAPPY BIRTHDAY Babe!

Sanaipei Tande also took to social media to wish herself a happy birthday and she didn’t forget to wish her long time friend and birthday mate too. Talk of self love.


“I thank my God for my 33 years today! He has & will always be my ROCK! Now, no more tequila please!!!!! 😂😂😂 I’m so finished!! Ooohhh and Happy Birthday too Aunty!! @wahukagwi❤❤.”


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A letter to my late father – Wahu

Celebrated female artiste Wahu is one lady who never speaks out much. She chooses her words carefully and her lifestyle is quite different from other celebrities.

Wahu in Black

Just like the rest of us, Wahu is a daughter and her father passed away a few years ago. She took to social media to shower her father with nothing but love, stating that she can now visit his grave side without shedding a tear, considering how hard it was for her to deal with the loss.

She wrote, “Remembering my daddy. It’s been five years today since you went to be with the Lord. What can I say. I finally can go to your grave side without shedding a tear. It took a minute, but I finally can.
Thank you for raising us the way you did. You did real good!! 😊😊. Such an honor to be the daughter of a hard working, descent, loving, warm father.”

wahu's father

She continued to narrate how excited he was when she told him that she was expecting Nyakio, “Im so glad that God chose me to be your daughter. I’m glad I told you that I was expecting Nyakio, just before you went to be with the Lord. I can still remember the look on your face when you heard you were going to be a grandfather again. Priceless 😊. I miss you. I miss you I miss you I miss you. But I do have the assurance that I will see you again daddy. Until then, continue to rest in peace. I love you forever, baba Wahu. 💙💙💛💛💜💜.”

Giving Back: Wahu And Daughters Tumiso And Nyakio Spend Their Day With Kids With Down Syndrome (Photos)

Wahu Kagwi, one of Kenya’s most celebrated female artistes, shocked many when she revealed that she is now saved. This came as a shock, considering how successful her music has been over the years.

Her family went through a rough patch after Nameless fell ill and was rushed to the hospital, but he’s recovering pretty well.


She released her first gospel song, Sifa, which has been well received by her fans. In an interview she had with Kiss FM, she revealed the real inspiration behind the song, saying that a few things did influence her creation. She said that her hubby’s sickness among other things inspired her to write the song.

Well that and other things that you look at and say, ‘In all honesty, some things are not in your control. There’s so only so much you can do as a human being,’ and I consider myself a kinda clever human being. I can solve many problems but then some things are really beyond your ability…they take you down to your knees and you say…God, let’s now talk about it,she revealed.


Well, Wahu is an amazing woman and she has taken her time to give back to the community. She and her daughter Tumiso, took their time to spend a day with parents and kids with Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. It is typically associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features and mild to moderate intellectual disability.

She took to social media to share with her fans how the day went.

She wrote, “#earliertoday , at a tree planting ceremony organized by Down Syndrome Society of Kenya….was amazing spending time with the parents and kids of DSSK, doing something good for the environment. 🌲🌲💚💚 #gogreen #itseveryonesresponsibility #greener254 ☘️☘️.”

Check out photos from the ceremony;






More Wahu Stories


Nameless makes his first public appearance after hospitalization

We have all been praying deeply for Nameless to feel better after he was admitted to hospital following a massive headache when he was in a PRISK board meeting. His friends, Daddy Owen and Nonini had to rush him to hospital because of the likely danger of a prolonged headache.

He later on explained after he was discharged that he was diagnosed with a life threatening condition called  subarachnoid hemorrhage.

Nameless in hospital

He explained, “I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache.”

Mungu Halali: Nameless Now Out Of Danger, Recovering Well

But the doctor later on told him that his condition didn’t need surgery and the right medication would work for him and after an MRI test was done, it showed that there was no more leaked blood in the brain and was discharged with medication.

Well, inspite of being discharged, he was advised not to do any strenuous work so that he can recover well.

Nameless and Family

The Lord has been faithful to him and his family and he was able to take some time and head to church with his beautiful family. He can’t drive so his wife took over the wheel as they headed to church.

Still not allowed to drive so my lovely home nurse 😊😊driving us to church.” Nameless explained.

Nameless Narrates His Experience In Hospital

Nameless has been in hospital since last month. He wrote on his facebook page pleading for his fans to pray for him and also revealed he would not attend a mega show in Uganda.

He wrote;

“I was really really looking forward to this Ugandan show with Eric Omondi . UNFORTUNATELY I will NOT be able to make it due to doctors orders. Been admitted in hospital since last week… Still undergoing treatment and observation and thus looks like tommorrow I can’t make it to Kampala. However I have talked with the promoters there and for sure we will organize another Kenyan Takeover once I get better. For now Eric Omondi is still going to represent us kesho very well (as we all know)accompanied by other top Ugandan comedians… Otherwise what I need from you fam is your prayers in this my recovery manenoz🙏🏾🙏🏾 💪🏾

Also read; Pray For Me: Nameless To Miss Grand Show After Falling Ill

The star known for hits like Butterfly and Sinzia was saved by the quick action of Nonini. They were attending a board meeting for PRISK when he had a persistent headache that would not go away. He was rushed to hospital where doctors made the decision to admit him.

Well, he was discharged from hospital on Sunday.

The couple has taken it to their social media to open up about the experience, after he was discharged from hospital.

Nameless has narrated his whole experience in hospital while thanking fans for their prayers;

Lovely visits from my galz would always lift my spirits… I have finally been discharged from hospital and now I am recovering well at home. I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern..It’s important to clarify some details of what took me to hospital in the first place. Three weeks ago towards the end of a PRISK board meeting I was overcome by and extremely painful headache and neck pains. I knew this was not just any kind of headache and knew something was wrong because the pain was escalating at a very high rate. Thank God for my fellow directors Daddy Owen and Nonini who quickly dashed me to nearest hospital.. I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache. After afew more tests my doctor realized that fortunately my condition didn’t need surgery. What I needed was to be closely monitored in HDU and given the right medication to allow the leaked blood to dissolve , the raptured vessels to heal and the pain to be controlled . After about 2 weeks I was sent to the ward for afew more days of monitoring and pain management. I then did some MRI test that showed that there was no more leaked blood in the brain and that I could be discharge with some medication. Doc however advises me not to do any strainous works or air travel for some weeks until I am fully recovered. So that is why I have had to cancel all my October shows including Churchill in showground this passed weekend and a US mini tour that was going to happen from 20th October till November 4th. For me I am just thankfull to be alive and well .That whole experience has made me see life in a whole new perspective. Thank you again for your prayers and best wishes. For now let me take it easy and follow doctors orders…#GodlovesMe

His wife Wahu Kagwi also shared a message

“Last Sunday my husband was discharged from hospital. Nyakio told everyone from the hospital security, to the nurses that she has come to take her daddy home! 😊😊. Joyful moment for all of us. Grateful for all your prayers and thanking God for His goodness. 1st peter 2:24- by His stripes we were healed”

In the picture which the wife posted, it is evident that Nameless was forced to cut his dreadlocks.




Here are some comments from his fans;

Tabby Kimani ..Amen God is owesome! I prayed for mathenge cz ilove you as a couple you are a role model to many ….may God hide you where enemy cannot see you may he fully recover in Jesus name!

Moniqar Wangú ..Waow my role models are here now I love this family no vituko no maringo may good Lord continue blessing you guys and healing upon nameless

giladmillo.. Great news sending all of you lots of love energies and wishing you only good health & happiness ❤

blessednjugush.. Ameeeeen to life

purity__fine_grand_ ..To God be the glory,Nyakio is so sweet😍 i can picture her saying all that…love you guys,you inspire many, May God stand in for your family trials ..

fridahtus All will be well and we thank God you out of danger.get well soon.




Nameless Speaks Out For The First Time From His Hospital Bed

Nameless has spoken out for the first time from his hospital bed after undergoing brain-related surgery.

The star known for hits like Butterfly and Sinzia was saved by the quick action of Nonini. They were attending a board meeting for PRiSK when he had a persistent headache that would not go away.

Nonini helped rush him to hospital.

“That was a close call. I thank Go that i am out of danger,” Nameless told Pulse.

When he got to hospital he was diagnosed with an “artery burst that caused a blood clot in his brain”. Thanks to the swift action of his doctors, he was rushed into an operation room and underwent surgery.

NamelessNone of his fans had an inkling as to what had happened, they only found out when he announced that he was in hospital.

Nameless wrote on his instagram, “I was really really looking forward to this Ugandan show with Eric Omondi. UNFORTUNATELY I will NOT be able to make it due to doctors orders. Been admitted in hospital since last week… Still undergoing treatment and observation and thus looks like tomorrow I can’t make it to Kampala. However I have talked with the Uganda promoters Alex Muhangi and for sure we will organize another Kenyan Takeover once I get better. For now Eric Omondi is still going to represent us kesho very well (as we all know)accompanied by other top Ugandan comedians… Otherwise on this my recovery manenoz🙏🏾🙏🏾 💪🏾💪🏾.”

Wahu: Why Nameless fans shouldn’t worry

He is currently admitted and under close supervision of his doctors. He is expected to be out of commission for another 30 days before the doctors can release him.

“My fans should know that I’m doing better and will soon be out of hospital,” Nameless assured his fans.

‘I Need a BOY In That House,’ Nameless Finally Talks About His Desire To Have a Son (EXCLUSIVE AUDIO)

Veteran Kenyan artiste David Mathenge, popularly known by his stage name as Nameless, is one of the most celebrated musicians in the local music scene.

Nameless has been around for more than a decade and is still going strong, but away from the music and fame, the Megarider hitmaker is a man dedicated to his family.

The talented singer is husband to fellow singer Wahu Kagwi, the mother of their two adorable daughters, Tumiso and Nyakio Mathenge.


The celebrity couple has been able to keep their marriage going despite being in the limelight, and on 10th September 2017, they will be celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary.

Nameless and Wahu are proud parents to their lovely daughters. Tumiso will be turning 11 years in August and in the same month, the little one in the family, Nyakio will be turning 4 years.

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

In a recent interview that we conducted with the singer, he revealed that one of the things that he hates about his wife is how she takes longer to prepare and leave the house when they are going out, saying that he has to lie about the event time so that they don’t get late.


When asked if he wants to add another kid to the family, he said that it’s the topic of discussion between them, revealing that he really needs a son and would really love to have one.

“I love my girls, lakini, I need a boy in that house. I want another one as long as kuna guarantee,” said an excited Nameless.

They Are Inseparable: Nameless And Stunning Wife Wahu Celebrate Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

On how he has managed to keep his private life off the public radar, Nameless said that he had tried to balance the positive and the negative sides of being a public figure, adding that when there’s an issue out there, they deal with it by talking about it.


Nameless also talked about the secret to his long-lasting message with Wahu, confession that it’s not been easy, but the fact that they met when they were still young in the music industry and have grown up together has helped them respect each other.

Listen to the audio below to get all the juicy interview as Nameless opens up about his life, family, publicity, and his yearning for a son in his life.


‘My Parents Once Lived In a Mud House’ Singer Wahu Reveals As She Talks About Motherhood Struggles

Celebrated singer Wahu Kagwi is a household name in the Kenyan music industry.

The Sweet Love hitmaker is married to the love of her life and fellow singer Nameless and together they have blessed with two beautiful daughters Tumiso and the second born, Nyakio Mathenge.

Wahu and Nameless real name David Mathenge have been together for 11 years now and are still going strong despite being in the public eye and the limelight, and one thing about this couple is that they never talk about their issues on social media.

NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL! 6 Photos That Prove Wahu Kagwi Looks Hotter And Younger With Short Hair


We have to congratulate Wahu for keeping her family intact and sane, and more so for putting her hubby and daughters first even with her busy career and schedule.

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

Well, recently, Wahu took to her social media to engage with her fans and talk about motherhood and the future she wants for her kids in Kenya especially now that the general elections are around the corner.

In the process, her first born daughter Tumiso interrupted her live session on Facebook, which turned out to be a sweet, and hilarious moment, as she asked her mother if she could build forts in the house, then ended up getting comfortable in the video.


Tumiso even reveals that her mother claims that she’s not beautiful; “She says she’s not pretty, she thinks she’s no pretty. That’s why she puts on makeup”. However, her mother refutes the claims; “that is not true.”

He’s The Real Deal: This Is The Place Nameless Proposed To Wahu

When Wahu finally manages to chase her daughter away, though her fans still pester her to let Tumiso stay, she’s not obliged.


That’s when Wahu decided to talk about how her kids motivate her, and then revealed how her parents struggled to make it in life, confessing that they once lived in a mud house.

You know, my parents, their first house, the one my big sis was born into, was a mad house, it was a small kamatope house, and now we laugh because my mum tells me that when my big sis was a kid, the ting that she used to like to do was eating the ukuta, it was matope, so she comes and finds that the kid has matope all over and there was a hole in the house. 

She went on to talk about how the parents finally made it from the mud house to a wooden house and to then to their now beautiful stone house. Watch the rest of the inspiring story below.

Popular DJ Lands In Trouble With Nameless After Being Caught On Camera Doing This With Wahu Kagwi (PHOTO)

Award-winning singer David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, recently took a slight swipe at a Kenyan disc jockey who was caught on camera holding his wife Wahu Kagwi.

A few days ago, his wife and the mother to his daughters shared a photo which showed her resting a shoulder on DJ Kym Nick Dee. Little did he know that it would land him in trouble.

The “Sinzia” hitmaker left a comment on the photo asking the Kiss TV deejay to go slow on his wife, with a light touch of course.

“Eh @djkymnickdee. Mshike pole pole… Huyo ni bibi ya wenyewe! ????????????,” Nameless wrote.


Nameless and Wahu have been together for more than 11 years. The couple, who are both musicians, are often referred to as Kenya’s Jay Z and Beyonce.

Hii Itafanya Uolewe Kesho!!! Here Are Female Celebrities Who Have The Most GORGEOUS Wedding Gowns Ever

When Bebe and Cece Winan’s song, “I Found Love” starts playing in a church, just know that the bride is about to walk down the aisle. It is a wedding, people!

Most girl’s dream is to walk down the aisle towards the love of her life. These Kenyan female celebrities have proven that Kenyan ladies have good taste when it comes to rocking the most beautiful wedding dresses.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Here are nine gorgeous Kenyan brides who wowed with their wedding dresses.

Janet Mbugua

janet mbugua wedding dress

janet mbugua wedding

On 30th May 2015, Janet Mbugua walked down the aisle with the love of her life Edward Ndichu at a famous ranch in town. One thing that attracted the eye was her wedding gown, simple yet very beautiful.


5 years ago, Kambua walked down that aisle and said ‘I do’ to Pastor Jackson Mathu. The gospel artiste cum TV host wowed many with her gorgeous white dress which according to her was exported from St.Louis. What a gown!


Joyce Omondi

Award-winning sports journalist Waihiga Mwaura and gospel artiste Joyce Omondi wedded on December 2015 and from the look of things, Joyce’s wedding gown was one of a kind.

joyce omomndi

Sarah Hassan

The former Tahidi High actress showed off her good taste when she walked sown the aisle in a gorgeous gown at her garden wedding. Sarah who is known by her street moniker Tanya, tied the knot with her long-term fiance Martin Dale after dating for almost 4 years.

sarah hassan

Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia, a fashion blogger officially became Mrs. Leteipan in November 2016, a wedding that was held in Watamu. It was not only the beach wedding that captured the eye but also her wedding dress. It was more than beautiful!

sharon mundia

Vanessa Kiuna

Vanessa and her husband Robert met abroad while they were studying. It did not take long for them to fall in love and the rest they say is history. The two got married at their parent’s residential home in Kenya. Vanessa did not disappoint with her fitting designer gown.

Vanessa Kiuna Wedding

Wambui Kamiru-Collymore

This is what we call simplicity. Mid last year, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore found love and the lucky woman was Wambui Kamiru. We would expect her to come out with a huge dramatic gown but to our surprise, she rocked a simple white dress accompanied by an equally simple purse on the hand. Classy.

bob collymore

Wahu Kagwi

It is 11 years down the line since Wahu and Nameless sais their, ‘I dos’. The success of their union proves that celebrity marriages work and their wedding was one of the memorable ones. On 10th September 2005, Wahu came out rocking one of the gorgeous wedding dresses one could ever dream of. Till date, her wedding dress is still in fashion. Perfect besapoke dress that one.


Emmy Kosgei

She is one of the celebrities that had the most expensive weddings ever. Emmy Kosgei tied the knot with Nigeria Apostle Madubuko of Revival Assembly church at a colorful wedding. Her dress was one of the things she invested in and by the look of things, she never disappointed.

emmy kosgei

TOO SWEET! Have You Seen How Nameless And Wahu’s Last Born Daughter Is All Grown Up? (PHOTOS)

There’s no doubt that Wahu Kagwi and her celebrity husband David Mathenge aka Nameless make one of the cutest couples in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

The musical stars have been in the industry for more than a decade and still rule the airwaves when they release songs.

Wahu and Nameless have been married for 11 years now and are blessed with 2 lovely daughters, first born Tumiso and their last born, Nyakio Mathenge.

The two have been going strong in the last 16 years of their relationship, despite a few rumours a year back that they were on the verge of a separation, claims Nameless denied.


In an interview back in 2016, as Nameless talked about his wife, he revealed that he would love to add another child to the family, and not just a kid but a son.

He confessed that he would like to have a Mathenge junior and when they decide to have a third child, they will do everything to make sure it’s a baby boy this time around.

As for Wahu, though she has been on and off music in the last couple of years, she is also a businesswoman running a renowned salon and beauty parlor in Westlands.


Though they both have busy schedules, they always find quality time for each other and the children. Wahu recently turned a year older, and during their Dubai trip, Nameless jotted a sweet birthday message that read;

Your birthday finds us in Dubai working and experiencing life adventures together… You are such an amazing woman and I thank God he brought you in my life… we have been through alot together… always remember I got your back.. Happy birthday babe ..to many more wonderful advetures!! Fam help me wish this african beauty @wahukagwi a happy birthday!!!

Away from that, I’ve come across a few photos of their last born daughter Nyakio, who turned 3 years in 2016, and I can’t help but notice how tall she is growing. They do grow up too fast I must say.

Check out her latest photos below. How cute.


Wahu’s Birthday Message To Big Kev Will Make You Wish You Are Friends

Singer Wahu has posted the sweetest birthday message for ailing celeb pal Big Kev. She has never really held back sharing how she feels about him and her husband Nameless too has shown his support for Big Kev.

So if you’re looking for friendship goals, Wahu is a breathing example. What really struck me about Wahu is that during his fundraiser, she and her hubby made their support and friendship with Big Kev very visible. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear that right?

She posted as he marks turning a year older;

“Better late than never!! Happy birthday to one of the bravest men I know. @bigkevkenya your strength and positivity through this journey is nothing short of admirable. Happy happy birthday my brother. We love you, we celebrate you, and uphold you before the Father now and always.”

For those of you who don’t know events organiser, Kevin Ombajo, commonly known as Big Kev, since 2010, has suffered from brain tumors, and so far, 14 tumors have been removed. This news saw fellow celebrities and Kenyans of good will come out and raise funds for him after he made a public appeal for financial assistance.

Kidum and big Kev

Sadly that wasn’t the end of his medical woes. Big Kev also lost his eye sight describing it as optic atrophy. The legend wrote the news on his Facebook, something that really touched the hearts of Kenyans.

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Kenyan artiste, Wahu Kagwi, reached out to him writing a message recollecting the ‘good old days’ and his biggest dream in life.

This is what she wrote at the time;

“I remember clearing 4th form and falling into this group of guys, amongst them my big brother @bigkevkenya. I remember vividly him showing me a book that outlined his vision for his life. Looking at your life Kev, I’m so proud to say that Many of those boxes have been ticked. one of the things though that is still pending, is you wanted to one day become the president of Kenya. Anyone who knows Kev knows he makes for an excellent leader! This country would be blessed to have you in leadership! So I am vouching for you Kev! for your sake, for your daughter and wife’s sake, for your sisters and brother’s sake and for the country’s sake. Get well soon my broda!”








Wahu Kagwi Reveals The Tactics She Uses To Discipline Her Daughters

Wahu Kagwi is an amazing female artiste who has managed to make a name for herself in the music industry. She started singing at a young age and is still at it big time.

Apart from being a musician, she is a wife to fellow artist, Nameless, and a mother to two beautiful girls, Tumiso and Nyakio.

Being a parent, of course, has its challenges especially with a demanding career at hand. Work and taking care of the kids are two things that shouldn’t mix and Wahu tries as much as she can to juggle both.

As a mother, she has the upper hand when it comes to disciplining her kids as she sees fit and she has narrated how she does it. It’s pretty impressive if you ask me…


The mother of two wrote about her discipline tactics for her kids on her blog. In one part of the posts, she wrote, “Last night I heard my daughter, Nyakio, threatening my little dog, that if she didn’t stop barking, she would go to the naughty corner! Lol! It’s her new thing these days! Anyone or anything that upsets her is in danger of the naughty corner! Just proof that my new disciplinary tactics are working ( Hehehe!).

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Nyakio is her 2nd born daughter and her discipline tactics might not work so well with her older daughter Tumiso. She realised this when Tumiso was 5 years old after she was told to go to the naughty corner and instead of being sorrowful about being in the naughty corner, she caught her humming a happy tune.

It wasn’t easy to figure out immediately how to go about disciplining an older child, but with time and research, the tiered or layered punishment approach has proven to be quite effective, especially with Tumiso. This approach simply means different degrees of wrong-doing deserve different degrees of punishment,” she narrated.


She has however mastered a plan for punishments according to the wrong one has done, “I’ve gone ahead and split punishable acts into two; “capital crimes” and “lesser crimes.” For the Mathenges, capital crimes constitute disobedience, lying and disrespect. Tumiso is at an age where she knows that any of the above are wrong. So these we punish without a warning.”

But of course, as a mother, she gives her daughter the opportunity to give her side of the story before instilling some discipline.

I however give her an opportunity ya kujitetea; its only fair. But if it is established that she committed a capital crime, then she definitely has 2-3 spankings on the butt, and possible withholding of privileges. Now, before and after I spank, I ensure that I’ve explained the reason for the punishment. I also make her state the capital crime aloud, followed by an apology. Lesser crimes in our house include forgetting to do her chores and/or not doing them well. Also not doing homework well, not respecting other peoples time and such like things. For these the discipline measure is to hold back her privileges, such as TV, going outside to play, gadget time (gadgets such as computer, play station or any other electronic games) etc. The magnitude of the lesser crime will dictate how many privileges are to be held back, and for how long.”