We got a wake-up call! Wahu says on serious risk of Nameless getting diabetes

Musician Wahu is one of the few celebs who not only have a great marriage, a great career, and a wonderful family. One of the reasons she is so successful in all these areas is her open communicative nature to not only those close to her but to the public.

She will share intimate details in her life that not only resonate with Kenyans but also endears her to them as a normal person who goes through the same things average people go through.

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Just recently, the “Sweet love” showed more of that side of her when she revealed that a random medical check-up with hubby gave them a wake-up call.

“I almost stole Wahu from Nameless,” State House director of branding Big Ted reveals

She said that Nameless’ doctors had warned her husband that he risks getting diabetes if he won’t change his lifestyle.

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Writing on her Facebook page, Wahu urged fans to go for random check-ups and find out their health condition before it’s too late.

Today has been a wake-up call for us as a family. I am glad that we did a medical review, even if we were not in pain or discomfort. It is not easy to get into the habit of doing regular checkups as we are not cultured this way. There is not enough publicity around taking preventative measures for your health or prioritising a healthy lifestyle. The doctor told us that if hubby didn’t change a lot around his eating and fitness habits, in a few years we would be facing diabetes. Thank goodness we went. Thank goodness it is not too late.

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She said that from now, the couple will have to undergo a complete lifestyle change.

“You do not have to join a gym. Just walk or run. Drink your water guys and finally reduce on those processed foods. It is also more economical. If you have insurance, please check if it allows you to do an annual checkup. Take full advantage of this to know your health status,” she said.

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Wahu speaks about her beauty secrets and her political aspirations (exclusive)

Wahu Kagwi is one of the most beautiful women in Kenya at any age. And what is more impressive is that she has maintained her looks even after been blessed with two daughters with her husband David Mathenge aka Nameless.

How has she been able to keep herself looking so youthful throughout the years? What has been her secret? The “Sweet Love” singer humbly said that even though people might feel that her skin is goals for them that she still doesn’t feel that her skin is that great.

“I don’t think I have great skin. As we speak, I am getting my make-up done.”

Adding, “I put on a bit of foundation. I honestly don’t have even skin. I would be lying if I told you that I do. It’s not the break-out type of skin but it’s not as perfect as I would like it to be.”

And what does she do to keep her skin looking camera-ready? “I use pregnancy masks and I also hydrate and I do a lot of veggies and exercise. I do put on a bit of foundation,” reiterated Wahu.

Wahu reveals the books that have inspired her successful 15-year marriage (exclusive)

The singer has been in the music industry for many years and has ascended the rungs of success along the way. Does the singer have other aspirations, political maybe? I put the question to the singer who was cagey at first telling me that she didn’t want to comment.

But after some cajoling, she went on to say that the thought had crossed her mind.

“I don’t think I would run in 2022. The thought has crossed my mind once or twice but not in the near future.”

And why didn’t she want to run in 2022?

She replied, “I am not saying that there is anything holding me back. It’s just that I have not decided. It’s just something that I look at and say, I am passionate about ABCD…Considering it doesn’t mean I am going for it.”


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Wahu reveals the books that have inspired her successful 15-year marriage (exclusive).

Wahu Kagwi is a veteran of the Kenyan music industry. The gospel singer has seen it and done it all inspiring many young girls and women to strive for better in their lives.

She has been a great role model for many with her remarkable career and her blessed marriage showing that the oft-repeated phrase, “having it all” can indeed happen.

The singer who recently celebrated her 15th wedding anniversary was a candid interviewee, answering the first question I asked her about the book/books that had really helped her in her long marriage with Nameless?

She said that it was two books. 7 habits of highly effective people. 7 habits of highly effective families, the Bible and the power of a praying woman.”

Aging like fine wine – Wahu’s throwback photo titillates Kenyans

Nameless who had himself praised, “7 habits of highly effective people” in the past convinced his wife to read it, “He preached it like it was the Bible,” she giggled.

“It’s a really good book. This book is about being effective in every area of your life. I drew a lot of parallels with the Bible. There is a lot of content that mirrors the teachings of Christ in 7 habits.” she explained.

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And whose advice had really helped their marriage? Wahu stated that her older brother who was a motivational speaker was that person, saying;

“I can’t really say a couple. We have had friends that care and we’ve known them forever. They are good for bouncing off ideas. Of course, my brother who is a life coach. There are all these rules about not letting a family member be the person we go to but we told him to figure it out and deal with it. We told him that we liked him and that he should be balanced as he is my big brother.” she said as she laughed.

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This I how I would like Wahu to remember me in the end – Nameless speaks (exclusive)

I recently spoke to lanky musician Nameless. The veteran singer was open and candid as he delivered well-thought-out answers.

One question that I asked him was how would want his wife, Wahu Kagwi to remember him at the end of his life. His answer was that she would remember him as an ideal life partner.

“I would want Wahu to say, “This was the person who was my ideal life partner.” We were just talking about it.”

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What defines a marriage? What is a life partner?  For me now I redefine it as having a life partner you go through life with and not an overly romanticised version of marriages. That is what makes modern marriages struggle.

Nameless reveals the biggest thing he has learnt about Wahu this year (exclusive)

The man also mentioned how else he would like his wife to remember him by, saying,

“She helped me find my strength and we merged together. She gave me good vibes and helped me achieve my best potential. We came far from our campus days, we had our struggles then find ourselves.”

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Finishing off by stating his own desire for himself, “I was the best life partner she could have had.”


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“I was sexually molested at the age of nine years by my cousin” Wahu emotionally narrates

Gospel singer Wahu says she was sexually molested by her cousin at the age of nine.

The mother of two narrated the dark days of her life saying how it has affected her when it comes to trust issues.

Wahu says that her cousin whom at the time was approximately 20-years-old.

Her mother left her with her cousin to look after her. She had gone to the garden to get Sukuma Wiki when the incident happened.

“I was sexually molested by my cousin, my mum had left me in his custody. I was nine years and he was probably 19 or 20 years. We were in shags and she went to the shamba and she left me with this guy. The guy touched me inappropriately. I was angry and his way of apologising was like ooh am sorry, si then you also touch me the same way.
I was nine years old and it still hurts and upset me when I think about it.”

Khaligraph Jones’ ex Cashy accuses singer of child neglect


She says she is telling her story to create awareness, especially among parents.

”I am saying this now because as parents we have to be so watchful and careful of who we let into the space of our homes and the space of our children. Am more concerned as a mother of girls. I can’t let any guy into my house. That one innocent act can lead to a lifetime of a young girl growing up with pain, anger, trust issues. My message to all parents is to be more hands-on with our children. Don’t trust because its a relative,” She said.

She also urged parents not to be so quick to trust anybody just because they are relatives or close to them. She added that most reported cases of molesting have been from people that are close to the family.

Don’t trust because its a relative.

Create an environment where your kids could be open up to you about anything.”

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I have been reevaluating a lot – Wahu speaks about relationship with God (exclusive)

Wahu Kagwi has had a long and established career in the Kenyan music industry. The mother of two shifted to gospel music a few years ago after belting secular hit after hit.

Wahu reveals the books that have inspired her successful 15-year marriage (exclusive)

Her move to the gospel industry came as a shock to many Kenyans who hadn’t seen it coming. But for the musician, God has always been a very important part of her life.

She told me in a recent interview,

It’s only God who can play that role in your life. Finding your center in God is important and learning from that truth about who you are and your center. I have a very strong Christian foundation. Of late I have been reevaluating a lot about what I was taught and what are my truths. You know there are things that you are told when you are younger that you have to make sense of.


“Like in CRE (Christian Religious Education), you are told God made the world, in Science you are told evolution. You need to find where these things meet and where is the truth.”

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Her such for truth has made her question a lot about what she learnt previously. “I have always been spiritual and now more than ever I am trying to get my truth and not be grouped in a herd mentality. I have questioned a lot of religious teachings.”

Finishing off by saying,

I have questioned a lot of religious teachings and have been asking God to show me what the truth is and not what we are being told. That one that won’t change 2000 years from now. Being a mother and your kids also raising questions makes you delve deeper.

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Wahu reveals the two most important lessons learnt in her 15-year marriage

I recently interviewed Wahu Kagwi and she was a wealth of wisdom. One of the areas that she spoke about was the experiences she has had during her successful 15 years of marriage.

She told me she had had 2 major lessons that she had learnt during her marriage. One of them was that one shouldn’t come into a marriage with crazy expectations for it.

“You come into a marriage with a lot of expectations and with unrealistic expectations about what should happen according to society and maybe how you were raised,” Wahu opined.

She added,

“At the same time, you are two different individuals with a different set of issues that you are bringing into the marriage. Lesson number one is that everyone has some work to do dealing with their own baggage. Everyone plays the blame game in marriage but married people should take the initiative to work on themselves to become a better partner.”

She said that self-work is important for a marriage to grow. “Your marriage will only grow as much as each partner can grow individually. If one person is growing and another isn’t then the growth of the marriage is retarded.”

Her second lesson was that people realise that their significant other cannot satisfy every need and desire that they might have. A person should have a life apart from their significant other.

“Another human being(no matter how perfect they are) isn’t equipped to be the centre of your life. They can’t. I can’t be the center of my daughter’s life for example. I am human and one day I will disappoint her despite my not wanting to.”

She finished by saying,

‘And so it’s my desire and obligation to know that my opinion isn’t her centre, her opinion is her centre. It isn’t cute for a spouse to ascribe things like, “Without you, I will die,” or “you are my everything” to their significant other. I know that it sounds harsh but your spouse can’t be that to you.’

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I had terrible self-esteem issues! – Confident singer Wahu narrates

“The fault in our stars”. This is an American phrase that is used to warn people who admire celebs above all else to remember that everyone has some skeletons they are/have been fighting.

The phrase can be used to describe any Kenyan celebrity that we have among us. And it even isn’t a dig to say as much as human beings in every part of the world have shared experiences that mirror each other.

Yesterday, Kenyan songbird Wahu Kagwi decided to remind us of the veracity of this statement by peeling back the onion that is herself, showing that even those who burn bright also have issues like most of us do.

Wahu Kagwi in purple
Wahu Kagwi in purple

In a post on Instagram, the musician has for the first time disclosed that she had self-esteem issues as a teenager. The mother of 2 remarked that she never thought she would amount to anything in life and she felt ugly and unintelligent.

I am just growing fat, I don’t want a baby anymore – Wahu Kagwi reveals

That was not all, the chocolate beauty narrated that she would assure her 17-year-old self that everything would eventually be fine if she could go back in time;

“As a teenager and into my early twenties, I had terrible self-esteem issues. I felt ugly, unintelligent and unworthy of being loved. I never thought I’d amount to anything much in life. I wish I could go back in time and tell 17 year old wahu that everything’s gonna be more than ok. That God is on her side and she will overcome,” she said.

Wahu Kagwi in Maasai print in a file photo
Wahu Kagwi in Maasai print in a file photo

The singer who started doing gospel a few years ago was sharing her story in an attempt to motivate and encourage young people who might be going through different challenges in life, noting that God’s love is unconditional and nothing can stop it from reaching anyone.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but don’t believe the lies the devil will throws your way. Gods got you young girl…Gods got you young man. And there’s nothing like being worthy of God’s love..no..his love is unconditional. It knows no religion, no “I’m good or I’m bad”…no “I don’t deserve good things to happen to me”…no. And the bigger your test the bigger your testimony,” said Wahu Kagwi.

Wahu Kagwi

Say what you will but the singer has done well for herself not only in her successful solo career. Her personal life has also been a boon to her with her 15-year marriage to Nameless blessing them with two beautiful girls and wonderful memories.

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“I told you I was pregnant,” Wahu remembers last moments with dad before death

Gospel singer Wahu is remembering her dad seven years after passing on. The “Everything” hitmaker took to social media to share with her fans, the last moments with him as she revealed to him that she was pregnant

” 7 years on….miss you, daddy. Miss your laugh, your phone calls, your advice, your prayers. I’m so glad we got to spend that last Christmas with you, and I got to tell you that I was pregnant with nyakio. I’m so glad we had that last family moment. Continue to rest in peace. Forever in my heart 💕🙏🏾,” wrote Wahu on Instagram

Wahu is currently one of the top gospel singers in the country after turning a new leaf a year ago but having been in the industry for years.

Wahu hosts Bobi Wine to heartwarming dinner

Wahu Kagwi’s throwback picture will take you aback

Gospel musician Wahu Kagwi took to her Instagram and posted a throwback picture of herself.

She is an accomplished singer, mother and shows us how being married for close to 14 years hasn’t aged her one bit.

I would say the petite lass still looks beautiful before and now as it seems she is aging gracefully.

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Life issa journey! 😅 #FBF

A post shared by Wahu (@wahukagwi) on

She recently announced her fitness journey where by her workout regimen includes two challenges: 100 days working out five days a week, and 40 days without wheat. Wahu told Word Is.

Wheat is not that healthy and I want to involve my family in avoiding it. Like for my kids, we have adopted a system of no junk during the week and only junking on Sundays.I have lost a kilogram in a week and am working to lose more. I have no target of getting to a certain level because I have done that before and failed, which left me feeling a failure.

She says,

“A few years ago, I used to work out for health purposes and I am back to it again.”

40 days no wheat! Behind Wahu’s new fitness regimen

The Lord has really been faithful to the secular turned gospel musician in her journey through life. This is something she never fails to acknowledge in her gospel songs where she honors the Almighty God with praises and urges that the Lord of mercy hears her plies of cry and that she has every right to lift his name High.

She is seen being more radiant and more energetic since she crossed over. This is something that her fans have noticed through her Instagram posts and also interviews that she’s called to conduct. Some of her fans commented below her throwback picture claiming that the Lord has clearly been faithful. One person commented, “Mungu ni mwema.” Another wrote, “You know that kasong “umenitoa mbali chini chini chini…..” hehehehe you still looked good though 🔥🔥”

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40 days no wheat! Behind Wahu’s new fitness regimen

Wahu Kagwi is one of those women that one can admire for the success she has had in many areas of her life.

She is an accomplished singer, mother and shows how great marriage can be having been with Nameless for close to 14 years.

Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace
Nameless, his wife Wahu and kids in a loving embrace

And that is because she is someone who is dedicated and diligent in whatever goal that she chases.

Her most recent one is that she wants to lose weight, despite her being one of the most petite female celebrities in Kenya.

Wahu on stage
The singer at the Groove Awrads

The gospel singer has already shed off one kilo in just one week, and has managed to rope in her family in her work out challenge.

“A few years ago, I used to work out for health purposes and I am back to it again.”

Wahu Kagwi

Her workout regimen includes two challenges: 100 days working out five days a week, and 40 days without wheat. Wahu told Word Is.

Wheat is not that healthy and I want to involve my family in avoiding it. Like for my kids, we have adopted a system of no junk during the week and only junking on Sundays.I have lost a kilogram in a week and am working to lose more. I have no target of getting to a certain level because I have done that before and failed, which left me feeling a failure.

What about her husband Nameless, was he on the same journey as the rest of the family?

She said that Nameless had joined her despite her husband having a sweet tooth.

Wahu family
Wahu family

Does Wahu’s new regimen of avoiding wheat make sense? It does and here’s why?

Wheat isn’t what it used to be because of the incessant tinkering with the crop to increase its hardiness and to develop characteristics that make the grain easier to bake with.

Unfortunately, those changes have transformed wheat into a harmful ingredient for many people trying to lose weight.

Proud mother Wahu gushes about her daughter’s achievement

This is what wheat does to you;

Gut Inflammation

Research suggests that wheat contains nearly ten times the amount of gluten today as it did 50 years ago. Gluten can prompt your body’s immune system to attack the digestive tract, and that can lead to malnutrition, irritable bowel syndrome, and weight gain, according to research by the University of Chicago.

Faux Hormones

Wheat has its share of xenoestrogens, as well, thanks to the pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides that factory farms use on wheat crops. These chemicals encourage women’s bodies to store fat around the thighs, hips, and belly; xenoestrogens will swell a man’s waistline, and it can encourage the gynecomastia — the growth of breast tissue.

Thyroid Interference

Food manufacturers rely on a chemical dough conditioner called potassium bromate which gives bread  an airy quality. But this conditioner suppresses thyroid activity. A slow thyroid equals a slow metabolism, and when your metabolism slows down, you burn fewer calories and store more energy as fat.

Super Starch

Amylopecticn A, the name of the super starch. What’s so super about it? Amylopecticn A helps bread rise to amazingly fluffy heights.

But that texture comes at a cost: Your body can digest amylopectin A just as quickly as it does white sugar, driving up your glucose — blood sugar — and straining your body’s ability to produce the insulin needed to process all those calories. This leads to inflammation throughout your body and extra fat stored around your belly; this is also the first step toward developing diabetes.

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Wahu cries buckets after daughter Tumiso writes her a letter

Singer Wahu Kagwi’s daughter is now all grown. Tumiso brought her mum to tears when she penned her a letter that served sooooooo much wisdom.

Wahu revealed the details of the letter in a Facebook post.

“Tumiso recently wrote a me a heart to heart letter. In the letter she says that she happened to be on my computer, and she saw my Google search “how to help your 11 year old concentrate in class”. She said in her note that all the things that popped up were quite far fetched, and wouldn’t really do it for her.

She also said that she appreciates how hard I’m trying to help her, and it’s okay for me to not have all the answers, because, “after all mum, you’re still new at parenting” 😂 at this point, I look up at her in shock…

Wahu-DaughtersShe continues “ya mum, you’ve only been a parent for 11 years! That’s not long! But I see how u try, and I appreciate it. I think you are mamazing”.

Oh! This little one! ❣❣❣

To all my fellow mums and dads – they see us…and they do appreciate, whether say it or not. Keep pressing on, and in all our steps, let’s not forget to ask God for guidance and wisdom as we bring up our kids.”

Controversial prophet Bushiri compares his wife to his ex who dumped him for another man

tumiso.2.000Here are some comments from fellow mums.

Priscy Kairu: That was awesome, did you sob sob a little??

Wahu Kagwi: A lot!

Lydia Noreen: Wahu Kagwi I wanna cry myself too! Such sweet and strong words from an 11 year old! Wow… it’s so beautiful. The best kind of motivation for a mum is when her child think she’s amazing. It makes a mum strong and cry at the same time!

Linda Kabogo: Oh am in tears! I pray God gives you the grace and wisdom to bring her to be the best girl ever! We love you Tumiso always wishing you the best things! God bless you mama!


‘They even hate my imperfections,’ scoffs Betty Kyallo

Viny Kay: So parents Google this kind of stuff😂😂

Molly Margy Omaalo: My gals’ age mate …..at that age they see u as their best friend n my gal tells me everything they hear n are taught in class.

Marion Shish Gina: What an amazing kid wow

Kashiru Kamau: I can’t wait for my son to grow big I love the relationship have had with my parents and i will try hard enough to have the same kind of relationship with my kido

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NATURAL IS BEAUTIFUL! 6 Photos That Prove Wahu Kagwi Looks Hotter And Younger With Short Hair

Wahu Kagwi is one of the most celebrated and veteran Kenyan singers, having been in the industry for more than a decade and still going strong.

Wahu is married to the love of her life David Mathenge aka Nameless and the love birds have been together for 11 years now and they seem to be more blissful every year.

They Are Inseparable: Nameless And Stunning Wife Wahu Celebrate Their 11th Wedding Anniversary

The elegant and sassy singer is a proud mother of two lovely daughters, Tumiso 10 years and the last born Nyakio Mathenge, who turned 3 years in August 2016.


Wahu’s hubby some time last year revealed in a TV interview that he would love to get a son, setting the rumor mill abuzz that the Sweet Love hitmaker was expecting their third child (which has not been so) but I bet they are working on that.

Although Wahu is not so active music wise, she still gets a few projects going on here and there with her recent music being a collaboration between her, Sudi Boy and Dj Creme dubbed Hadi Lini and Yeye with Ugandan star Cindy Sanyu all from 2016.

But away from music, you have to agree with me that Wahu has done a good job when it comes to taking care of her body and looks.


The youthful singer switches up her looks frequently, and at times, she will just do a simple headwrap but my favorite look is when she spots a clean, short haircut, which brings out her beauty.

I honestly feel that she should maintain the short hair look more often, and to prove that she actually looks way hotter and younger with the said hairdo, I will share a couple of pictures.

Check out some photos of Wahu rocking the elegant hairstyle below.

Wahu Kagwi Reveals The Tactics She Uses To Discipline Her Daughters

Wahu Kagwi is an amazing female artiste who has managed to make a name for herself in the music industry. She started singing at a young age and is still at it big time.

Apart from being a musician, she is a wife to fellow artist, Nameless, and a mother to two beautiful girls, Tumiso and Nyakio.

Being a parent, of course, has its challenges especially with a demanding career at hand. Work and taking care of the kids are two things that shouldn’t mix and Wahu tries as much as she can to juggle both.

As a mother, she has the upper hand when it comes to disciplining her kids as she sees fit and she has narrated how she does it. It’s pretty impressive if you ask me…


The mother of two wrote about her discipline tactics for her kids on her blog. In one part of the posts, she wrote, “Last night I heard my daughter, Nyakio, threatening my little dog, that if she didn’t stop barking, she would go to the naughty corner! Lol! It’s her new thing these days! Anyone or anything that upsets her is in danger of the naughty corner! Just proof that my new disciplinary tactics are working ( Hehehe!).

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Nyakio is her 2nd born daughter and her discipline tactics might not work so well with her older daughter Tumiso. She realised this when Tumiso was 5 years old after she was told to go to the naughty corner and instead of being sorrowful about being in the naughty corner, she caught her humming a happy tune.

It wasn’t easy to figure out immediately how to go about disciplining an older child, but with time and research, the tiered or layered punishment approach has proven to be quite effective, especially with Tumiso. This approach simply means different degrees of wrong-doing deserve different degrees of punishment,” she narrated.


She has however mastered a plan for punishments according to the wrong one has done, “I’ve gone ahead and split punishable acts into two; “capital crimes” and “lesser crimes.” For the Mathenges, capital crimes constitute disobedience, lying and disrespect. Tumiso is at an age where she knows that any of the above are wrong. So these we punish without a warning.”

But of course, as a mother, she gives her daughter the opportunity to give her side of the story before instilling some discipline.

I however give her an opportunity ya kujitetea; its only fair. But if it is established that she committed a capital crime, then she definitely has 2-3 spankings on the butt, and possible withholding of privileges. Now, before and after I spank, I ensure that I’ve explained the reason for the punishment. I also make her state the capital crime aloud, followed by an apology. Lesser crimes in our house include forgetting to do her chores and/or not doing them well. Also not doing homework well, not respecting other peoples time and such like things. For these the discipline measure is to hold back her privileges, such as TV, going outside to play, gadget time (gadgets such as computer, play station or any other electronic games) etc. The magnitude of the lesser crime will dictate how many privileges are to be held back, and for how long.”