Exclusive: Being a hawker really humbled me, it was a difficult job – Vivianne

Vivianne has opened  on what her first hustle was to encourage young people not to be ashamed of their humble beginnings.

Speaking during an exclusive interview she says

I have done a lot of activation’s for companies and supermarkets.I also sold cutlery on the streets I did it once and I sold everything that day.

I was working for a company that paid very little commission.

That is one thing that discouraged me otherwise I have always been aggressive.

Its difficult you really have to humble yourself. I had studied marketing but I had to settle for that job. I decided to try and see what comes out of it.

It’s important to embrace opportunities.

Exclusive: ‘My husband is OK with me communicating with my ex’ Vivianne


Vivianne and her husband Sam West
Vivianne and her husband Sam West

Diana Marua also recently opened up on what her first job was. Driving through Hurligham, she took a video of the place where she says she worked as an Mpesa agent.

The place is now Goodlife pharmacy next to the total petrol station around DOD.

I used to work at this pharmacy before it was renamed Goodlife as an mpesa agent…my first job. This far I call him Ebenezer.

She gives thanks to God for her success saying she started from somewhere and she has now made it.

Use what you have as a stepping stone to your next level. It takes time to grow

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Exclusive: ‘My husband is OK with me communicating with my ex’ Vivianne

Vivianne has opened up about being physically abused by her ex in an interview with Classic 105.

Vivianne revealed that she is lucky enough to have walked away before it was too late.

I have been in an abusive relationship before. The silver lining was that it happened once and I managed to get out of that situation.

People stick to this relationships and they are very unhealthy. I shared my story because I wanted people going through it to understand that it is not healthy to stay, walk away.

After sharing my story I was able to meet professionals who deal with women who go through abuse and give them counselling. It is happening a lot in Kenya.



Vivian goers on to state that one of the many reasons she kept her daughter away from the limelight is because she wanted to concentrate on her music.

I was keeping my daughter on a low key because I was new to the music industry I was trying to get my footing.

Sam West is a fine young man. We are very honest with each other so he is not problematic that I talk about my ex occasionally because of my daughter.

He (Sam) also has a very good relationship with my daughter.

What attracted me to Sam is he was very ambitious from a young age. He has a lot of ideas and he is very supportive of my career.

When you get a good thing unashikilia.

Sam West
Sam West

Vivianne goes on to add that it is important for young people to abstain

There is an element of preservation that is very important. It is good to first grow yourself as an individual and you cannot be able to do that if you keep engaging in s3x with every other guy.

Women become easily bonded during intimacy so imagine being attached to almost 100 guys?

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‘My zip iliraruka’ Vivianne narrates the most embarrassing things that have happened while performing

Being on stage is not easy. Vivianne says is not easy since you have to impress a huge crowd and  pray that you do not fall or crack your voice at that high note.

Well, that has not happened to her but something she will not forget is when her zipper tore during a vigorous performance. Probably why she has decided to focus on rompers when she performs, they are safer.

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Vivian told her story to Massawe laughing as she remembers one of the most embarrassing moments in her life as an artiste.

“I once had my zipper torn while performing and had to stop my performance and go make it. Sam came on stage and made it for me, a great challenge of managing female artiste. It was the most embarrassing thing on stage”

Just recently Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny were left in pain after falling off stage during a performance. Weeks ago singer Aslay also fell off stage during a performance in Kisumu.

That goes to show that you can’t be too careful as a performer.

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Can we also acknowledge the fact that Sam West, her husband is such a sweet man who’s a hands-on manager?

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Rip!!Female artiste Vivianne in mourning after losing her dad

Female artiste Vivianne is in mourning after losing her dad,the artiste took to her social media to announce the sad news.

she wrote

“Dad has gone to be with the lord.
I would have wished to have many more talks to learn and grow from you but I will keep in heart all you’ve left behind. #RIPDrWeston We will surely miss you.”

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Her fans took the chance to condole with her and below are their messages.

leihzkhandommy258:My sincere condolences to you and your family

mukami_mwema:My condolences Vivian..

vocalistnessa:May His Soul Rest In Peace.God be with you and your family through this

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daquintez:May his soul rest in eternal peace. Take heart viviane_ke

celia.ombui:My condolences to you ans my family may God console you

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Vivianne cancels hyped Kitengela show after suffering serious allergic reaction

Female artiste Vivianne is recuperating after suffering a strong allergic reaction which has left her all swollen making her cancel her show in Kitengela.

In an earlier post she had excitedly posted about the event which was to take place at Club 411.She wrote

“This Friday the 22nd of June, I’m gonna be performing @club411kitengela .Don’t Miss Out coz you’ll be left out! It’s gon’ be lit!❤❤
Repost for all my fans to see😘”


But the show did not happen after the damsel got sick which made her cancel her show leaving most of her fans disappointed.

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She informed her fans of the news through her instagram ,She wrote

“My Kitengela people, I hope you will forgive me for not showing up tonight. I fell sick on my way. My allergies blew over. I am however optimistic I will get better as I am already on my antihistamines. I hope to come perform next week.”

Here are a few photos of Vivian as she recuperates





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