These photos of Vitimbi actor Mogaka show he is living his best life

Vitimbi actor Julius Nyambegere popularly know as Mogaka is one of the forces to reckon in the local showbiz industry.

Mogaka, who is one of the pioneers of Vitimbi, a program that left us entertained and glued to the screen back in the 90s, is living life with a big spoon.

The multi-talented actor is a presenter at Qwetu FM and apart from that, he’s also a brand ambassador for a Safaricom product together with his TV wife Nyasuguta.

Mogaka and Nyasuguta

Mogaka has worked with other corporates as well and he’s milking millions thanks to his clean image. He drives a Toyota car brand.

Below are photos which prove that Mogaka has indeed transformed.


















Mogaka Vitimbi actor


Mogaka Vitimbi actor


Mogaka Vitimbi actor


Aged To Perfection: Vitimbi actress Mama Kayai is getting better with age

Mama Kayai and the late Mzee Ojwang captured national attention years back.

We all loved the relationship the two had as husband and wife, and parents to Kayai.

Legendary TV comedian Mary Khavere aka Mama Kayai was among the big winners during this past weekends Riverwoods Movie awards.

Mary Khavere took photos with Fatuma Hirsi, Principal Secretary, Broadcasting & Telecom. and she hasn’t aged one bit.

The Ps has praised Mary Khavere saying;

She is consummate. She is fluid and she is real. She, for the longest time, was not only the defining face of Kenyan situational comedy on TV but was also the only source of training and learning on how to act and express on TV. This is because when she reigned, there was no other training school for acting other than watching her and her TV husband act alongside other pioneer TV artistes. At some stage the real wife of legend Ojwang Hatari, Augusta Wanjiru Wanjau expressed worries that her husband might have been stolen by this charming silver screen star. Unknown to many, the ultimate Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe acted as her daughter. She has inspired many more. The Kenyan TV and Kenyan people owe it to her. She is the undisputed Queen of Kenyan and East African SitCom who articulated public policy and home realities that humanized and warmed at times morose situations. The history of Kenyan film and theatre can never be complete without mentioning her. She is the Grand Warrior of Riverwood and star of all times. She is Mary Khavere and She is Mama Kayai 

See the picture of Mama Kayai



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Vitimbi actress Nyasuguta blasts her baby daddy for disowning her

Former Vitimbi actress-cum-politician Nyasuguta born Eunice Wambui is going through a rough time raising her  8-year-old son after her baby daddy David Otieno ‘resisted her’.


According to Nyasuguta, she and Otieno, an employee of a Dubai Government agency, dated for 15 years and their relationship was sealed with a baby.


Well, Nyasuguta claims that Otieno has absconded parental responsibilities for two months now after “the opposition coalition, NASA appeared to suggest that its male supporters’boycott’  women from certain communities.”

“Every time I call and ask him for child maintenance, he tells me: ‘Our leaders in Nasa told us to boycott women from certain communities, one of them being yours. That is exactly what I am doing,'” said Nyasuguta.

Adding that;

“I have come to terms with the fact that we can no longer be together as lovers. But, he should be there for his son, just as he used to be there for him until two months ago.”


The mother of one described her baby daddy as a good man and blames politics for separating them

“I really loved Otieno! When we were dating, he was a good man; unmatched in several aspects. That explains why I named my son after him. However, our political differences have made me see the other side of him that I did not know about. He says he is Nasa damu, and would do everything that the Party wants him to do as a supporter.”


Nyasuguta also revealed that, when she was running for Embakasi South parliamentary seat on a Jubilee ticket in the August elections, Otieno threatened to stop supporting their son if she didn’t back out of the race but unfortunately, she lost in the nominations stage.

“When I was running for Embakasi South Jubilee ticket in the April 2017 Party primaries, he told me to back out of the race, failure to which, he’d stop giving me child support money. I disobeyed his call, and since then, things have never been the same. He stopped paying for our son’s school fees, meals in school and much more two months ago. He told me: ‘I won’t associate with you if you continue supporting a political party which is opposing Nasa.”

The ‘yellow-yellow’ veteran actress cannot take care of her child alone and further claims that several women, whose baby daddies are NASA supporters, have also absconded responsibilities and she is calling upon the opposition leaders to do something.

“I am not in this mess alone. Other women have called me on phone, while others have interacted with me on a personal level, saying their baby daddies, who are Nasa supporters, have left them since Nasa called for boycott of products, which the coalition alleges are manufactured by firms friendly to Jubilee. Sadly, one Nasa MP even encouraged his supporters to use and abandon women from certain communities. It is a big shame!”


Nyasuguta, who still doesn’t know why Otieno has neglected his son despite being well off, said that she is contemplating dragging him to court.

“He is well off, very well off. I fail to understand why he has chosen to neglect parental responsibilities, knowing very well that my son attends an expensive academy. I will drag him to court because if I don’t, he won’t send me money anytime soon, given the political stand-off in the country currently.”


The interview was done by eDaily


Flashback Friday: Was this Mzee Ojwang’s first appearance in Vitimbi?

Kenya lost a great legend Benson Wanjau popularly known as Mzee Ojwang’ in the comedy scene last Sunday. Ojwang’ 78 died while undergoing treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital where he had been admitted.

While he will be remembered as a great entertainer who graced our screens for over 3 decades he is also remembered for setting the groundwork for modern day comedians.

Ojwang’ started acting on the show Darubini in 1980 but is mostly known for his role in Vitimbi that started airing in 1985.

Check out this flashback episode of Vitimbi that is believed to be the first episode he ever appeared in

Also check out the video below when he introduced himself on Vioja mahakami

When the late #MzeeOjwang introduced himself on #ViojaMahakamani. Anyone thinking of an Ojwang' Hatari Scholarship for studies in ethnic relations? We never realised that he was a Kikuyu who everybody always thought was a Luo. We should honour Ojwang' by ensuring that no upcoming artist suffer the way he suffered despite being so successful in making us happy. Mzee Jalang'o Mwenyewe Jacquey Wilbroda Nyaminde Kazungu Matano Daniel "Churchill" Ndambuki aka Mwalimu King'ang'i George Orido

Posted by Robert Alai Onyango on Thursday, July 16, 2015