‘I was gang raped by 12 men in front of my kids, it was harrowing,’ City woman narrates

You have probably heard the phrase ‘Unyama umewaingia binadamu’ and this rings true for one woman who has been gang raped thrice.

For Celine Njoki, things will never be the same again as she is constantly haunted by the faces of those who raped and sodomized her.

Recounting her ordeal on Switch TV she says,

“My first rape was two years ago after I was released from prison where I had been remanded for buying a second hand phone which I did not know had been stolen.
After my release, no one wanted to stay with me hence, I was stigmatized and my kids were traumatized, with no where to live I started loving on the streets.
When I got money we would sleep in a lodging and when I lacked I started sleeping on the streets.”

She adds

“One night I was gang raped by 12 men, while sleeping on the street, up to this day I do not know how my kids were able to sleep throughout the whole ordeal I do not know.
I was treated at Kenyatta National Hospital where I had three operations, and had my counseling sessions. Just when I thought that I was healing calamity struck again.
I now had a house in Lower Kabete, one night while walking towards home, I met some men who casually said ‘Hi’. Thinking that maybe they might know me I answered back in the affirmative.
A few steps away from them I heard them calling me back and ordered me to stop adding that ‘Ukijaribu kupita hapo tutakuua.’ One of them even showed me a gun.

Out of fear, I gave them my handbag and one of them sarcastically asked me who had told me they needed my handbag. One came on my right and one on my left and they ordered me to walk towards a place with a river. It was not the rainy season so the river was dry.
They raped me and sodomized me as if that was not bad enough they put sticks in my private parts it was around 9:30pm.”

Abused and helpless, Njoki goes on to sadly narrate that after gaining consciousness she discovered that they did not steal anything from her and that they just wanted to violate her.

“When I woke up it was around 11:30 pm, I called my sister in law and told her what had happened and where I was, I told her that if I managed to pull the sticks out of me, I would crawl; but if not then she would have to call somebody to come help me.
Eventually, help arrived and they first took me to police station and that is when my trauma started.
The police kept asking me what I had worn, if I knew them, If I had a grudge with anyone, the most humiliating thing was there was no privacy thus people who had come to report other cases, I was bleeding so bad as the molesters had cut me up, when the doctor saw me he frankly told me that I could not go back home and that I needed reconstructive surgery.”

‘I can’t stay without sponsors in my life, it is adventurous’ City women brag about why sponsors are bae

It is said that lightning does not strike the same place twice, but this time it did.

Just when Njoki was recovering from her second ordeal of gang rape, she was gang raped yet again. This time round it was worse than the first time.

“In 2018 when I was just recovering, I moved to a new house far from where I was living before. My children had traveled and on April 27th I heard people talking in the house and my first thought was ‘they might kill me, with the rains they might drown me.
They took me to the sitting room and raped me, sodomized me, broke glasses and cut me up, my thighs are full of marks, they put a rolling pin (mti ya kupika chapo) in my private parts and strangled me then left. Defeated and helpless, I called a friend and asked him to call an uber for me and when I went to the police station they asked me how come it is me who is always raped.”

‘They rebuke me without love all they have is hate’ DK kwenye Beat on being cyber bullied over his weight


On how her life has changed since the ordeals, she say

“I can’t stand for long, I experienced a lot of stigmatization, I have to depend on friends too. I stopped working because I cannot sit for long, the stigma is real with some of my friends saying that I paid people to rape me so that I could get sympathy from people.”

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Very Inhuman! Bitter Police Officer Mercilessly BATTERS His Ex Girlfriend Then Leaks Her NUDE Photos After She Dumped Him (PHOTOS)

In the last couple of months, a lot of rogue police officers have been exposed to their violent nature, and in most incidents, when they take another person’s life, they end up killing themselves too.

Love Gone Sour? University Student Commits Suicide In Mombasa After Spending The Night With Her Boyfriend

Sadly, most of these victims happen to be women, who are either violently beaten up or killed, and the main cause is usually a love triangle.

This time round, an administration police officer has been accused of beating up his former girlfriend then forcefully taking her phone and leaking her nudes.


The police officer and the victim had apparently fallen out, a move that left him a bitter and angry man, leading him to revenge in the worst way ever.

Crazy World! 13 Year-Old Boy Found Guilty Of Killing His Girlfriend By STABBING Her Three Times

The officer, who is said to be stationed at Korogocho, did not accept the decision of the young lady dumping him, and instead of accepting the breakup, he decided to take action into his own hands.

The police by the name Nur Nucho (on Facebook) went berserk and gave the lady, Carol aka Mum Shylin, a painful beating to the point where he disfigured her face while at it.


As if that was not enough, the police officer then used her phone, which he had confiscated to get to her Facebook page and leak her nude photos there and on Whatsapp.

This prompted one social media user to expose the inhuman police officer, by revealing that he was bitter because the lady had left him after falling out of love with him.

The user, Loyd Selemani, then shared photos of the man and the victim.

This is Nur Nucho (fb names),a Police Officer from Korogocho who has fallen out with his girlfriend Carol..beaten her up and disfigured her face then amempokonya Simu yake,logged into her FB page,and uploaded innapropriate photos ,same applies to her WhatsApp. Guys really, mwanaume amekaa Administration POLICE Training College in Embakasi for 6 months anaweza behave hivi?Let’s give him a shame guys!!

It’s sad that a man can result to such just because of a heartbreak.



Wow! Jealous Man Viciously Beats Up His Ex After Faking Cancer To Lure Her To His Flat

A woman who rushed to her ex-boyfriend’s side when he said he had cancer discovered it was all a ploy when he brutally attacked her with a baseball bat.

Harley Wells, 23, from Kent, England was left bloodied and bruised after Perry Morris beat her when he found out she was in a new relationship. The hairdresser’s former partner was not sick at all but had invented the sob story to get Harley alone and interrogate her about her love life.

He flew into a jealous rage after she admitted to having a new man in her life, attacking her with a foot-long baseball bat and a crash helmet: ‘I’d gone over to his house believing he was dying, but ended up being the one nearly killed.’

Harley dated Perry Morris (left, with her, in 2014) for nine months

The horrific photographs show Harley’s injuries from the brutal attack, leaving her with a broken knuckle, black eyes, and huge bruises all over her body.

When Harley first started dating Morris in February 2014, she said there we no signs of what he would become. ‘He seemed sweet and romantic, but just three months in, he became possessive and controlling. He would grill me about other men and hated me seeing friends or family.

After nine months together, Harley ended their relationship and things took a darker turn: ‘He was devastated and begged for another chance, but when I refused, he swore I’d regret it. It was a sign of things to come.’

Just weeks later, Morris spotted Harley driving and charged after her with a baton. ‘He ran at my car waving the truncheon and I swerved to avoid him – crashing into another vehicle,’ she recalled. I wasn’t hurt but it was terrifying.’

Harley Wells

She reported Morris to the police in November 2014 and he was sentenced to five months in jail for harassment and banned from contacting Harley for five years. With her ex locked away, Harley moved on and started a new relationship.

In July, after four months of being brushed off, Morris called Harley, saying he had just been diagnosed with cancer and begged her to see him so he wouldn’t be alone.

‘I was expecting abuse or for him to ask for me back, but instead he told me he had cancer. I believed him, as why would anyone lie about something like that?’ she said.

They arranged to meet at a beach and Morris even appeared to take a call from the hospital about his treatment. Morris then lured her back to his flat for a ‘private chat’ – but once they arrived, his demeanour changed. ‘At first he seemed calm, but then accused me of getting off with his friend.’


‘I initially denied the fling, but he promised he’d release me if I admitted it, so I confessed. He screamed that I was a slut and punched me in the face. When I staggered back, he punched me again in my other eye. I tried to scream for help through the window, but he dragged me away by my hair and punched me until I fell to the ground.’

‘I jumped down eight steps at once and ran down the street in my top and pants. I could hear him chasing me and was desperate to get away,’ she said.

Morris grabbed her, but the neighbours intervened and called an ambulance to take her to William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, Kent. Morris escaped but was arrested two days later after Harley put a photograph of him on Facebook.

He pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent, harassment, breaching a restraining order, and false imprisonment – as well as attacking another young woman in March 2015 – and was sentenced to 11 years in jail.









Daily Mail

“My violent husband paraded me naked in-front of our kids and house-help before beating me up,” woman confesses

Picture this…Your husband bans you from listening to radio or watching TV at home, beats you up in the presence of your children, accuses you of being a lesbian if you confide in your lady friends. He also labels you as promiscuous if you talk to your male friends and you can’t disclose your situation to your/his family because he’s threatened to kill you if you do so. It has been 16-years in this relationship…what would you do?

Maina Kageni received this depressing call from the lady above during the morning conversation with Mwalimu King’ang’i. He was seeking answers from Classic 105 listeners on what is the right course of action in such a scenario and the reactions were unbelievable.

From some messages saying that the woman must have done something to deserve the beating, to some saying that violence is unacceptable.

Ole Kasitet Jr. : Its not too late for that woman to leave that idiot n look for her own life…wanaume wengine wangeoa punda wapigane mateke, nkt!!!

Namboka Wa Odero: I had one like that. Mine was even worse coz being an orphan I dint know where to start especially with 2 kids. He used that to the maximum advantage of his abuse. I ran and will never turn back. 7 years down the line, I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage any woman in such a situation to take off. It may seem as a dead end to start over again but look at me now 7 yrs, 2 kids and being a family woman am now getting ready to walk down the aisle again.

Cate Mimi: Yawa gimme a break,should she wait to leave in a coffin or worse a body bag?16 years?????Sometimes you’re patient to a fault.Was she waiting for Maina to tell her to walk the hell out like a decade ago?Somebody give me lemon water!!!Kwani women waliacha akili home wakiolewa??eti till death do us part.Oh yes but lets define “death” first.That term is relative believe me.Ni hayo Tu kwa sasa

Susan Catherine Keter: I will give my honest opinion about this. I would really want to understand where this woman is coming from. Was she raised in a home where violence was normal? What values were instilled in her from a young age; that she is useless and voiceless coz she is a woman? What made her become who she is such that she accepts to be treated like dirt and she does not stand up for herself?

Sylvia Atieno: Maina i heard that lady callin u n it was sad n she made me cry..its so sad n she desperately need help…im on your side maina in helpin this lady…do watever it takes to take her out of that home with her kids….until u bkam a victim ul never know the pain

We received yet another depressing call from a woman who says that her violent husband brought her a knife, a rope and hot water and asked her to choose how she would want to die

6 Steps To Escape An Abusive Relationship

Tips for leaving an abusive relationship
1. Keep a diary
Leaving a relationship is a process. Even healthy relationships don’t end overnight. If you’re in an abusive relationship, keep a diary of the times that your partner becomes physical. Also, write down the times he uses verbal threats or makes threats towards your children, family, pets, etc. This will come in handy down the road if he or she tries to retaliate against you for leaving by telling lies to police, or taking your children away during the divorce proceedings.

2. Talk to someone
One of the most useful tools of abusers is isolation. In other words, they isolate the person they’re abusing from friends, family, and others who can help. Don’t let isolation occur to you. Talk to friends, family and other loved ones and let them know what’s going on. It may be embarassing but it really is helpful.

3. Set aside money and other personal items
The most common time a woman will get hurt in an abusive relationship is when she is about to leave. Because of that, when you do decide to leave you may need to do it in a hurry. Have some money set aside at a safe place (a family member’s house or safety deposit box) as well as clothes, medication, clothes for your children, etc. Set enough aside for about two weeks.

4. Plan where you’re going to go
Most couples talk about separating then plan who will live where afterwards, but because you’re most at risk for abuse when you’re about to leave, you need to do the opposite.This means, you need to plan where you’re going to go first then talk about it after you’ve already left.
Think specifically about where you’re going and who you’re going to live with. If you’re worried about being followed or stalked by your ex, don’t tell him where you’re going at all. Most women’s shelters, for example, don’t advertise their addresses because of angry exes.

5. Leave when your partner is not home.
If at all possible, plan to leave when your partner is not home. You can call later and talk about why you left. If he wants to meet to talk about it, don’t meet in private. Talking over the phone works just as well as talking in private, and meeting in a public place works just as well as meeting in private, too. There’s only one reason he’d demand to meet in private.

6. Talk through a mediator
Abusers are pretty smooth talkers. They didn’t start off by walking up to you at a bar and asking if they could begin an abusive relationship with you. Somehow, they subtly worked their way into your life and used words that made you love them and tolerate their abuse. Because of this, every time they talk to you, you run the risk of being manipulated by them again. This is what my friend meant when she tried telling me “I don’t want to get back together with him”. Don’t feel like you have to talk to him directly. Instead, you can have friends, family and even court appointed advocates talk to him.


Male victim of domestic abuse speaks out

The male victim of horrendous domestic abuse has come forward to show his scars, telling men: “Being attacked by a woman is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Ken Gregory, 65, suffered first and second degree burns to 14 per cent of his body last March after his now ex-wife Teresa Gilbertson, 60, tipped a kettle of boiling water over the back of his head.

Mr Gregory,  met Gilbertson seven years ago following the death of his first wife of 30 years.

On the anniversary of her death, Mr Gregory intended to visit her grave but he and Gilbertson argued, eventually agreeing to divorce.

It was then that Gilbertson, who is now awaiting sentencing for a conviction of serious bodily harm, went to make a cup of tea but instead returned with a jug of boiling water – which she poured over her husband’s head.

Mr Gregory wants to address the stigma surrounding men who are abused by their wives and partners. He added, “it should be the same message that they put out for women – don’t be frightened, you don’t have to put up with it.”

male victim 3 male victim1 male  victim

Credits : Independent

The “dress” is used on a domestic violence campaign

Last week a dress was trending worldwide as people couldn’t tell whether it was blue and black or white and gold.

It brought about so much debate that scientists gave in their opinion about it.

Well, for the an South African Salvation Army branch it was more than just a dress as it was used to depict the rising cases of domestic violence against women.


The advert has the tag line: ‘Why is it so hard to see black and blue?’

Underneath that it says: ‘The only illusion is if you think it was her choice. One in six women are victims of abuse. Stop abuse against women.’

Algeria passes law banning violence against women

Algeria’s parliament passed a law on Thursday criminalising violence against women, in a move criticised by both Islamist lawmakers as well as Amnesty.

The law makes inflicting injury on one’s spouse punishable with up to 20 years in prison, and allows a judge to hand down life sentences for domestic violence resulting in death.

The bill passed in a vote attended by more than half of Algeria’s 462 MPs, and the result drew the ire of some of the assembly’s Islamists.

Abdelallah Djaballah of El Adala party said the new law “takes revenge on the husband and on the man in general”, accusing the legislation of seeking to “break up the family”.

In contrast, a deputy from the ruling National Liberation Front told AFP that Thursday was “a great day” following the adoption of the anti-violence measures.

Between 100 and 200 women die each year in instances of domestic violence in Algeria, according to statistics published by local media.

Amnesty International called for an amendment dropping a clause which allows the survivor of domestic violence to pardon the perpetrator, warning it was “a dangerous precedent”.

“The provision fails to confront the reality of the power relations and inequality between men and women,” it said.

“A failure to withdraw it could expose women who come forward to report domestic abuse to serious risks of violence or coercion to force them to withdraw a complaint.”

Photo Credits : AFP

Stripped woman files to pardon attackers

A case in which six men have been charged with stripping a woman and violently robbing her in Kayole may be withdrawn from court. Regina Nyambura, the victim, on Wednesday  this week filed an application to withdraw the case, saying she had forgiven her attackers.

Michael Kamau, Zachary Gitonga, Kelvin Njuguna, David Kinuthia, Lawrence Kuria and Hosea Kassim are charged with stripping and violently robbing Nyambura of her mobile phone, 61 eggs and Sh950 cash – total value Sh10,290.

The prosecution, however, rejected the application, saying the matter was of public interest and violent robbery is a serious offence. Makadara principal magistrate Caro Ocharo, further said she does not see any urgency in withdrawing the case as Nyambura wants.

She urged Nyambura to consider the charges before withdrawing the matter. The case will be mentioned on March 11 when the withdrawal application will be heard.

Violence halts Cup of Nations semi-final

Play was halted eight minutes from time in the Africa Cup of Nations semi-final between hosts Equatorial Guinea and Ghana when missiles were thrown on the pitch.

Disgruntled home supporters had seen their team outplayed by Ghana, who were leading 3-0 through goals from brothers Jordan and Andre Ayew and Mubarak Wakaso.

At one end of the ground, Ghana fans came off the terraces to seek shelter behind one of the goals after objects were hurled at them by rival supporters.

A Ghana Football Association tweet read: “Police helicopter hovers above the pitch with the Ghana fans in real danger. It’s now like a war zone.”

As the delay continued, both sets of players stood in the middle of the pitch, kicking their heels while desperate officials debated whether or not to continue the game.

The winners of the match will face Ivory Coast in Sunday’s final.

Photo Credits : AFP

Police officer who stole Sh90,000 sentenced to hang for robbery with violence

A police officer was Thursday  sentenced to death for violently robbing a businessman of Sh90,000 three years ago.

Constable Gilber Chemosi, who was attached to Makongeni police station, was found guilty and convicted by Nairobi chief magistrate Hannah Ndung’u.

Ndung’u ordered police to take Chemosi’s fingerprints.  The convict has rejected efforts to get his fingerprints since his arrest.

The magistrate said prosecution produced overwhelming evidence that Chemosi robbed Otieno Odongo, who had withdrawn money from the Barclays Bank ATM.

Chemosi was guarding the ATM. The offence was committed on June 25, 2012 on Bandaz road in Industrial area.


Nyeri businessman shot dead Wednesday morning

A prominent Mweiga town businessman in Kieni, Nyeri County was Wednesday shot dead by three gangsters who stormed his shop at dawn.

Nathaniel Mutitu, 51 had just opened his ‘Mweiga Corner Shop’ at around 5am when three robbers posing as customers ordered clients to lie down before shooting him dead.

His shop is just over 50 meters away from Mweiga Police station. The gangsters first parked the Sienta vehicle outside whose registration number was concealed before storming the shop.

They also stole unknown amount of money and two cartons cigarettes. Shocked residents jammed at the scene in the morning and expressed shock over their safety despite the business being a stone throw away from the police station.

Local AP commander F.K. Mbogoh however defended police saying they were on patrol the whole night. He said two AP officers on patrol had already bought two breads at the shop about five minutes earlier before the crime occurred.

No arrest has been made so far.

Former Ivory Coast First Lady goes on trial for post election violence

Cote d’Ivoire’s former first lady Simone Gbagbo went on trial yesterday for “attempting to undermine the security of the state” in events leading to a bloody 2010-2011 crisis that left thousands dead.

Gbagbo, who has been held for three years and is also wanted by an international court for crimes against humanity, entered the Abidjan court where she is standing trial with 82 others.

The 65-year-old wife of ex-president Laurent Gbagbo wore a yellow silk dress and tressed hair as she faced the judge, while outside riot police were deployed and officers body-searched people entering the law courts.

The trial is viewed as the biggest judicial challenge faced by the post-crisis government of the West African nation.

Nicknamed the “Iron Lady”, Gbagbo is being tried for her role in events leading to months of post-election violence that left some 3 000 people dead and badly rattled the economy of the prosperous cocoa-producing nation.

Violence broke out in Cote d’Ivoire in 2010 when Laurent Gbagbo refused to cede power to his rival Alassane Ouattara, who was declared the winner of a presidential poll.

Laurent Gbagbo himself has been held for three years in The Hague facing charges of crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court (ICC). But Cote d’Ivoire has repeatedly refused to hand his wife over to the ICC on the same charge.

The presidential couple were arrested April 11, 2011 after five months of fierce fighting after a final push by French forces against their residence.

Simone Gbagbo had been held under house arrest in Odienne in the northwest of the country since

April 2011 but was transferred to the economic capital, Abidjan, on December 1 ahead of the trial.

Among those seated in the dock next to her, smiling for the cameras, was Gbagbo’s last prime minister Gilbert Ake N’Gbo and Affi N’Guessan, head of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) party. Proceedings yesterday were expected to be limited to jury selection, with hearings beginning in earnest on January 5.

“This trial has been rushed through to obtain five million euros pledged by the EU as part of a programme to rehabilitate the Ivorian justice system,” one defence lawyer said.

Simone Gbagbo’s fate has been at the centre of intense negotiations between Cote d’Ivoire and the ICC, with Abidjan refusing her transfer to

The Hague on the grounds that it would undermine the political reconciliation process and that the country is perfectly equipped to stage a just trial.

Cote d’Ivoire recently appealed an ICC demand to hand her over on the grounds that the authorities “were not taking tangible, concrete and progressive steps aimed at ascertaining whether Simone Gbagbo is criminally responsible” for crimes against humanity. — AFP.

One killed, several injured as Majengo youth in Mombasa avenge killing of murder suspect Guti

One person was killed and three others seriously injured after they were stabbed by angry Majengo youth who went on the rampage to avenge the killing of Hassan Guti on Saturday.

Guti, who is said to be the leader of a gang in the notorious Majengo neighbourhood, was shot dead near Saphire hotel along the Mwembe Tayari Road in Mombasa on Saturday afternoon.

Chaos broke out after the stone-throwing youth attacked motorists and pedestrian after they buried Guti at Kikowani cemetery.

A team of General Service Unit personnel dispersed the youth who attempted to barricade Jomo Kenyatta Avenue, in an operation led by Mombasa police boss Geoffrey Mayek.

Tension remains high in Majengo after Guti’s followers vowed to further avenge his death.


Gor Mahia’s woes persist as FKF locks fans out of matches

Still reeling from the ban from Machakos, KPL table toppers Gor Mahia now face the unenviable job of having to play their last two games of the season in an empty stadium.

Football Kenya Federation made the decision after reviewing Sunday’s events where Gor fans rioted and destroyed property following the 3-2 loss to Sofapaka at the Machakos Stadium.

The FKF statement signed by Secretary General/CEO Michael Esakwa further imposed a half a million shilling fine on the club which is payable within seven days.

Sofapaka did not escape punishment either as FKF castigated the club for failing to provide adequate security during the match as the home team. As a result, Sofapaka will have to pay a fine of Sh300,000 to FKF.

FKF further directed Gor Mahia to provide the identity of a steward fan who broke into the pitch during the match and assaulted the Sofapaka goalkeeper for individual action to be taken against him.

On Monday, Machakos governor Alfred Mutua banned Gor Mahia from playing any matches in Machakos and demanded that the club pays Sh10 million for the damage caused by its fans during the Sunday game.


Seven die, four injured in Baringo attacks

Seven people were killed while four other were injured in a shoot-out in  Baringo county on Saturday.

Among the dead are three GSU officers who were shot while they were assisting to recover more than 600 livestock that were stolen on Friday at the Tiaty-Turkana East border.

The officers were in two Land rovers pursuing the raiders when they were ambushed. One resident was seriously injured on the head during the six-hour battle.

Inspector General of police David Kimaiyo toured the area on Sunday and issues a shoot to kill order. He ordered more police to be deployed to the area.

Baringo county commissioner Peter Okwany and county police commandant Hassan Barua were unavailable for comment.

Source: The Star

3D gaming makes you angry – study

Playing video games in 3D can immerse players in an environment like never before.

But a study has claimed that in so-doing, the violence in violent video games is amplified.

This can cause anger in players more so than those who just played in 2D, suggesting the immersive effects of 3D gaming could be dangerous.

The research was carried out by Professor of Communication and Psychology Brad Bushman at The Ohio State University and published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture.

READ MORE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2803118/Does-3D-gaming-make-ANGRY-Three-dimensional-video-games-boost-aggression-immersive-study-claims.html

Dowry related violence

Dowry-related violence is a serious problem that affects the lives of women and girls.Dowry which may come in form of  gifts, money, goods or property given from the bride’s family to the groom or in-laws before (depending on the culture), during or any time after the marriage.In most African cultures the dowry is given to the girl’s parents. The United Nations Division for the Advancement of Women defines dowry-related violence or harassment as “any act of violence or harassment associated with the giving or receiving of dowry at any time before, during or after the marriage.”

While dowry is practised in many different of the world, dowry-related violence is most prevalent in South Asia, in the nations of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The most common forms of dowry-related violence are battering, marital rape, acid throwing, wife burning, and other forms of violence. Perpetrators may also use methods of starvation, deprivation of clothing, evictions, and false imprisonment as a method of extortion.

This kind of violence is on the rise in Britain and alot of women are suffering in silence, as they are often caught in between the inlaws crossfire. Police have now launched investigations on the matter.

Read more : http://www.scoopnest.com/out/?url=http://t.co/1Cx31btNqH&id=523435636221825024